AAA on Televisa (Regional) #94 (08/25/2013) 
Recapped: 09/01-03/2013

7 October 2012 – Heroes Inmortales: La Secta vs Los Perros in a cage match, where Halloween lost thanks to Faby Apache and other people.

17 March 2013 – Rey de Reyes: Cibernético and Perro Augayo Jr. fight a lot

some undated time (Xalapa) – la Secta and Cibernetico have meetings.

Announcers talk about la Secta versus Los Mirreyes and Hijo del Perro Aguayo versus Cibernético in a no disqualification match. Jesus is rooting for Perro, Andres for Cibernético.

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08/30: Naucalpan
09/05: Toluca

Next taping: Naucalpan

Recap of the mixed tag team title match.

Match 1: Faby Apache, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Taya Valkyrie
Gimnasio Juan De La Barrera, 08/02/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:37
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Mamba has a rainbow flag and new gear. It's still weird hearing the Abismo Negro music. Hijo del Tirantes is referee. Pimpi's new dress has a ten foot long train to it, it's amazingly long.

As the match starts, there's a split screen to Cuervo entering the building and walking somewhere. In the match, Octagoncito hiptosses Mini Abismo into submission. Octagoncito can't get up, and so Mini Abismo kicks him in the back a couple times and tells him to roll out. Faby faces off against Mini Abismo, and their sequence is missed so we can see Cuervo watching Faby wrestle her match. When they get back to the match, Pimpi is kissing Mini Abismo. Mamba and Taya assault Pimpi and the rudas to take over the match. Faby's kicked and slapped down too. Rudos stop stomping down Octagoncito only to all pause. Mamba has apparently learned the secret of Apache's loud hard slaps because he's doing many of them this week. Break as Faby's choked on the ropes.

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Later: Perro vs Cibernético.

Next taping: Naucalpan

Back to the match. Slaps for Faby hair toss for Pimpinela. Pimpi gets her backside up on a corner charge to start the comeback. Rudos all laid out, including Faby giving Taya a quebradora and Octagoncito spanking Taya. Faby and Hijo de Tirantes have their moment. Everyone settles down to their sides, and this match is proceeding much faster than the run time would indicate. Octagon rope bounce armdrags Mamba out. Mini Abismo drops Octagoncito with a clothesline, but the técnico comes back to headscissors him out. Taya slaps and elbows Octagoncito, but takes the spinning armdrag (in odd fashion.) One more spank for her. Pimpinela's showcase is next, and includes him going 1 on 2 versus Mamba and Taya. Mamba takes a hard backdrop on the floor, then she and Taya kick each other down. Tirantes escapes the kiss. Faby is in the least, still boots Abismo in the face and drops him with a spinning DDT. Mamba surprises Faby with a kick to send her out. Octagoncito springboard headscissors Mamba out and drops down to let Mamba throw himself out, and follows with his own Asai tornillo. Mamba sort of catches Octagoncito, then drops him and stomps. It's very odd. Tirantes cuts Pimpi out form a dive, then gets kissed and helps set up the apron silla on Mamba (oh, that's why.) Taya's top rope moonsault just gets far enough. Abismo and Faby to finish it, Faby torito but into the ropes and Tirantes won't count (fair call.) Faby goes for the armscissors, Abismo fights off, Abismo gives Fabi a badly time clothesline for one. Abismo up top, missile dropkicks gets Tirantes by mistake. Octagoncito takes care of Mini with a huracanranra on Abismo while Faby submits Mamba. Tirantes counts thee pin, Octagoncito stands up to celebrate, and gets his legs taken out by Faby rolling around with her hold on Mamba (which is totally beside the point as we know it.) Octagoncito lives but something didn't go right.

Tecnicos celebrate, and everyone but Faby leaves. Cuervo surprises everyone by sliding into the ring (to his music) and lays in ab ig kiss on Faby. Fbay is unhappy and shoves him away. Cuervo doesn't argue and just walks off, licking his lips.

Jesus talks to Faby, who recaps Cuervo's changing moods – angry about Drago and then that kiss. Faby is not a fan of Cuervo's big show kiss and it sounds like they may be breaking it off.

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Later: Perro vs Cibernético.

Next: tag team title match

Next show: Naucalpan

(and I skipped that match because we saw it last week.)

La Secta/Cibernetico video package. They do their best to not show Billy and Tabu, who no longer exist.

Match 2: Alan Stone, El Elegido, Toscano vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
Gimnasio Juan De La Barrera, 08/02/2013

Winner: Mirreeyes by DQ
Match Time: 9:46
Rating: ok
Notes: Mirreyes are doing the Chipendale act even more so. Piero is ref. Secta and Piero abandon the ring so the Mirreyes can dance with women out of the crowd. They would do this all night if AAA didn't finally turn off the music. Women leave, and La Secta attack the técnicos.

Secta beat up the Mirreyes pretty quickly, focusing on kicking and stomping. Catapult into a double dropkick on Alan almost works right. Rudos go back to kicking, but switch in some slapping. Double dropkick to hanging Toscano. I guess it's supposed to be a big deal that the Secta are rudos here, but they switch back and forth depending on the match anyway. Corner clotheslines for Elegido, only Cuervo spears the post when Elegido misses. Elegido does ducks a double clothesline, but not in the right direction, and has to turn to go tope Cuervo on the outside. (Or maybe Cuervo went the wrong way?) Other Mirreyes springboard dropkick the other rudos. Alan rope grap tope con giro on Ozz. Fans boo something while Toscano and Escoria are back in. Toscano does the stop sign pants removal, stopping to get the crowd to clap. He's got Hector size trunks on and does a dance move while Escoria freaks out. Escoria finally recovers enough to jumping heel kick him. Chop, whip, Toscano quebradora con giro only Cuervo takes it like an atomic drop some how. That was amazing. Headscissors sends Cuervo out. Ozz and Toscano take turns doing chops in the corner, Toscano either mocking Ozz or the Rock, I'm not sure. Definite spit hand pose going on. Toscano armdrags Ozz out and dances out of his dive fake. Elegido's sequence is not as good, and the slow motion replay show off the help he get on a headscissors/headlock double spot. Escoria takes quebradoras the same way from Elegido, so it's something he's doing on purpose. Escoria pulls Elegido's trunks, but still gets dropkicked out. Alan dances too soon and is wiped out by a Escoria clothesline, which definitely gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Alan fights back with better versions of the same offense Elegido used and more failed rudo teamwork. Big Atlantida into a backbreaker by Alan gets a near fall and requires a Secta save. Elegido sit down powerbombs Ozz for two, Cuervo making the ave and covering Elegido for a two before Toscano breaks it up. Toscano gets in his cradle on Cuervo, and it's Escoria's turn to break it up. Escoria stomps Toscano low to do it, and Piero wastes no time calling the DQ. That was a lame finish.

La Secta, with the power of being rudas, beat up the tecnicos after the match. Escoria low blow elbow drops Toscano, then missile dropkick Elegido. Alan Stone seems to run off of screen, and the Secta are left posing. Replays. They cut to backstage, where La Secta (now with Espiritu) are destroying Mirreyes after the fact, throwing garbage and heavy trunks on them with Espiritu. (Some editing in here.) Mirreyes are left laid out.

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Later: Perro vs Cibernético.

Next taping in Naucalpan.

Match 3: Cibernético vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo
Gimnasio Juan De La Barrera, 08/02/2013

Winner: Cibernético
Match Time: 10:53
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Cuervo is back out with Cibernético. Daga and Hijo de Tirantes are with Perro Jr. Perro finds all the Perros fans he can to pose with them. Perro somehow gets the jump on Cibernetico, helpfully standing there and doing nothing.

Daga grabs Cibernetico's leg from the outside to help out Perro. Cuervo goes after him, so Perro goes after Cuervo and sends him into the barricade. Cibernético grabs Daga, but Perro throws a chair at his rial to break that up. Perro is a big fan of throwing chairs at people's heads. Fans happily pass in chairs from the crowd. Daga switches and smashes Cuervo into the barricade. Another tossed chair shot. Chair to Cuervo's back. Perro goes inside to pose as Daga beats up Cibernético and returns him to the ring. Perro kicks Cibernético in the head, notices Cibernetico's head is bleeding, bites the cuts, wipes blood on his hand and licks his hand. More chair tossing. Daga and Perro attack the cut. I don't know where Cuervo went now. Perro puts some of Cibernetico's blood on his finger and tries to paint a message on the camera lens, but the cameraman wants no part of that. They argue a bit. Cibernético fights back, but is subdued. Daga finds Cuervo and beats him up while Perro holds Cibernético near the barricade for punches. Walking. Telling people to clear out. Whipping Cibernético in the barricade, only Cibernético turns it around and Perro goes over. Cibernético cracks Perro in the head with a chair, and hits him while he's down. Chair shot into the crowd. Perro, bleeding snow, fights back and they go back over the barricade towards the ring. Cibernético punches him back into the ring. Cuervo seems to be fine now. Perro is bleeding a lot. Nicho and Eita rush in, attacking Cibernético. Daga decides to join them in stomping Cibernético. Cuervo tries to come in and he's stomped. Crowd seems to be anti-Perros right now. Cuervo's whipped head first into a wedged chair. Eita waves for something – ah, it's Daga with a table. Crowd cheers as La Secta rush in to make the save, clearing out the other Perros with dropkick and leaving Perro in alone. La Secta back out and leave Cibernético and Perro to brawl in the ring. Perro shakes, Cibernético kick wham stunner, one two Nicho breaks it up but Perro was kicking out anyway. Cuervo grabs Psicosis and suplexes him onto the ropes, then punches him to the floor. Eita in, Gori special into a front faceslam. Espiritu kicks Eita and gives him a backcracker. Daga twisting brainbuster on Escoria, Ozz flapjack kick on Daga, Perro dropkick on Ozz, and Cibernético back in to face Perro. That was a nice intermission. Chop fight, Cibernético chokeslam. One two th-NO. Crowd is loud. Tirantes is playing this completely fair. Cibernético walks around the ring, frustrated, then setting up for something as soon as Perro gets up. Spear., one two NO. Nicho confirms that was only two. Daga slides a chair to Perro, who jabs it in Cibernetico's midsection. Perro drags Cibernético to the corner, places the chair on top, and slowly goes up. Psicosis encourages him to hurry, but Perro's got to look around at the crowd to show off his covered in blood face. Perro all the way up, top rope stomp lands. Perro drops on top, one two NO. Perros del Mal slide in that table from earlier, then actually someone into help set it up. La Secta argue from the outside, which seems very weak. Tirantes fights to keep them out for whatever reason. Perro, Nicho and Eita set up the table handing on the ropes in the corner, then finally get the legs set up and pull it back towards the center. Perros are still move the table as Perro puts Cibernético on the middle rope. Perro uses the blood from his head to make a big X on the table – and takes a foul. Super chokeslam thru the table. One two three.

Perros are shocked. La Secta comes in to help celebrate. What better time to put the telepehone number on the screen? I dunno. Perros check on Perro Jr. Ozz gets the microphone. Looks like a fan came into the ring, and is kindly asked to leave by security. Ozz says everyone in the crowd supported Cibernético in the match, and they have a surprise for Cibernético and all the people. “We don't want leaders.” They quit the Bizarros. Cibernético questions if they all feel that way, and Espiritu, Escoria, and Cuervo leave Ozz's side and go behind Cibernético. Cibernético thinks this is great, they're on his side, no one's turning on him. Ozz informs him he's wrong, and the three guys attack Cibernético from behind. La Secta rip off their Bizarros shirt and show off new La Secta shirts. (Escoria didn't have one, but Ozz hands him an extra.) Nicho runs in (???) and gets beat up. Double suplex on some chair. Tirantes is busy clearing out furniture as La Secta are beating people up. Wheelbarrow DDT on Daga. Ozz Driver on Eita. Nice to know you, Eita. Cibernético comes back in but his I quickly subdued. Lots of thrown chairs on him. Perro grabs a chair, looks around the crowd to get a reaction, keeps looking, thinks about it, keeps looking, and goes back in. Chair shot for Escoria, chair shot for Espiritu, chair shot for Ozz, but Cuervo gets Perro from behind and everyone stomps down Perro Jr. Secta go back to stomping down Cibernético. Mesías out for the save, F5 on Cuervo, DDT for Espiritu, bad powerslam on Escoria (Mesias's offense here is not good), Straight to Hell on Ozz. Everyone laid out and Mesías stops to look at the crowd, only La Secta pop up and beat him up too. Stomping and chair shots for him. Ozz throws a chair at Cibernético at ringside. They get some time to beat up Mesías before Joe Lider runs out limping grabbing a table. He does not lay out everyone, and gets beat up rather quickly. Tirantes checks on Mesías and get some message form the back. The wood panel is setup in the ring, and Lider takes his backdrop thru it. Crowd reacts to that big. Ozz went to eh back for some reason, but comes back and Faby Apache is right in after her. Faby in and shoving Cuervo. Tirantes gets her the microphone, and Faby questions what he did it. They argue, Cuervo putting his hands on her and Faby slapping Cuervo. Cuervo kicks Faby, and the Secta all stomp her. Crowd very upset now. Mesías crawls in to cover here up, so the La Secta just stomp them both. They try playing La Secta's music, but they just keep stomping, then stop to pose. Escoria and Cuervo put to someone else coming in, but AAA cuts away.

Announcers recap what we just saw. Andres agrees the beatdown was really bad, but is happy Cibernético beat Perro at least. Jesus cares about the post match attack a lot more than Cibernético. Highlights include the técnicos (with Jack and Metal) posing after the attack for about a split second.

One more recap.