CMLL on Televisa #1168 (08/24/2013) 
Recapped: 08/25/2013

Rey Bucanero joins the announcers this week.

Volador did the Televisa Deportes chat this week.

Diego interviews fans.

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Trinfunador – La Sombra beats Felino

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Idolo – Volador does a big dive on Sombra

CMLL Cartela - 08/25 Arena Coliseo – Atlantis, La Mascara, Máximo vs Terrible, Pierroth, Tanahashi

Blue Panther is honored before his match. His two sons are introduced.

Match 1: Atlantis, Blue Panther ©, Negro Casas vs Black Terry, Negro Navarro ©, Solar I
Arena Mexico, 08/16/2013

  1. CMLL
  2. Independents
  3. CMLL

Winner: CMLL (2-1)
Match Time: 15:15
Rating: good/great
Notes: Blue Panther is wearing his mask for the duration. Referee is Babe Richard. This is Solar's first match in Arena Mexico on a CMLL show since 2003. Navarro was on the 2006 CMLL vs Indies show put on for the Teleton. Black Terry, under that name, hasn't wrestled in Arena Mexico as long as I have steady records for it. I have him showing up in 1982, but that can't have been the most recent appearance.

1: Solar and Panther start, battling over wristlocks. Panther get waistlock on the mat, but Solar escapes and grabs on to Panther's back. Panther spins free, can't stay free, but can armdrag Solar away. Panther puts on a wristlock as they go split screen to show Rey Bucanero talking. Panther cartwheel and rolls out, then steps over to put on his own armscissors. Another crowd shot, seemingly covering up an edit. Panther tries to tie up Solar but can't get him – a lot of that here. Solar knocks over Panther with a shoulderblock, Panther drops down to his back, Solar picks him up and impressively side belly to belly suplexes him. Face off and both go back to their corners for tags. Negro versus Negro. They circle and pause for a reaction. Lockup, no, Navarro with a single leg, Casas with one of his own, Both up, both tripping each other up again. Navarro blocks a Casas clothesline, Casas breaks free and chops, Navarro chops back and they're off. Navarro ducks and knocks Casas over with a punch for zero, Casas back elbows for zero, Negro wrenches Casas leg from the mat, they each kick each other as they try go get up, and face off. Atlantis and Black Terry are last. Lockup, break. Lockup, Atlantis trips up Terr,y, they roll around on the mat looking for pins and can't get it, but Terry does armdrags Atlantis away. Terry with a leapfrogs to sends Atlantis rolling for a moment. Terry sets up for another, but instead trips up Atlantis other leg. Whip, Atlantis back with an armdrag, Terry armdrags Atlantis clothesline him and covers for two. Terry clothesline blocked, Atlantis turns it into a tricky pumphandle cradle and sits on top for a surprise three count. Terry is very unhappy.

Solar slingshots in to face Panther. Panther gets a hammerlock, Solar jumping snap mares him, armdrags him, jumping side snap mare, Panther catches Solar with slam but misses an elbow drop, Solar covers for zero, Solar sunset flip, Panther rolls thru – nudo lagunero. Best looking one of those in a while. Negros brawl with each other, with Bane Richard barely keeping them apart and giving up on the whole thing.

2: Solar armdrags Negro and puts on a reverse armscissors. Negro is a lot of pain, but manages to turn out of it, and stacks Solar up on his shoulders. Solar escapes and does the same to Negro, who has to bend on his head to avoid being pinned. Negro pulls himself up and over for a sunset flip, Solar rolls thru and tries up Negro in a nudo, but Casas breaks free. Casas on Solar with chops and the heel kick. Casas stop to pose, and Solar kicks him away. Solar grabs Casas by his hair - and yanks him around – flying hair beal. Solar with a beautiful on armed quebradora. Atlas pose as Casas rolls out. Atlantis in, with Navarro. Atlantis bends Navarro over, leaps over his back, slips thru his legs, steps over Navarro's arm and goes for a cradle, but Navarro turns it around into a crucifix cradle of his own for a zero count. Atlantis and Navarro with pin reversals and a face off. Panther and Terry in. Terry drops the straps! Lockup, Terry puts on a waistlock, Panther shot off, Terry lands a clothesline. Terry shoves Panther into the corner and slaps him there. Corner whip, reversed, Panther charges in, Terry gets in a back elbow. Terry out, middle rope headscissors sends Panther into the middle of the ring. Panther walks into an armbar, turns into a a hammerlock and Terry reverse bodyscissors Panther to lock it on for the submission. Panther's captain, that's the fall.

Casas & Navarro again brawl, this time on the mat and to the outside.

3: Joined with Panther and Navarro rolling on the mat, battling for leg holds. Panther traps Negro in an armbar, Negro breaks free, Panther rolls it around and get it again, then rolls Navarro over for a pin, only for Navarro kicks him away. Navarro finally ties up the legs as he's been trying, and gets a tapatía variation. Panther breaks free quick – all the holds are being broke quick – and puts the same version of the hold on. Both are pinned, one two no. Crowd cheers. Panther offers a handshake and they do touch hangs. Casas and Terry in and shoving. Kicks back and forth lead to chops. Hard and loud. Negro wins via heel kick and holds Terry in a front facelook. Around into a sleeper, and Terry looks for away out. Back to the front facelook, Terry out with armbars and a headlock. Casas tries to shove Terry off, but Terry holds on. Casas breaks free, knees Terry, off the ropes, into a trip. Terry dropkick misses, and Casas gives Terry a kneebreaker. Casas kick to chest. Casas tries for a kick to the head, Terry ducks too late, and gets winged by Casas's boot. They repeat the bit, Terry ducks under, inside cradle, for zero but he kicks Casas in the side of the head. Casas with kicks to the chest, Terry blocks one, spins Terry around one two NO. Terry tries for a leg submission, Casas breaks free immediately and puts on a STF. Terry gives.

Terry is slow out. Casas and Navarro have a chop battle, Casas misses a charge and is chopped out. Atlantis miss a dropkick on Navarro, Navarro holds him in a double underhook and Panther breaks it up. Solar gives Panther a running tope, Panther knocks Solar to the apron, Solar back up – top rope plancha, Pantera rolls thru one two NO. Solar evade corner charge, waistlock bridging cradle one two NO. Solar hammerlock cradle, but Babe Richard won't count because panther's shoulders aren't all the way down. Crowd boos. Panther backdrops Solar all the way to the floor runs, and Navarro cuts him off with back elbow. Navarro whips Panther, and Panther topes him anyway. Atlantis with a rolling Anibalina on Navarro, and Navarro goes. That's it.

Atlantis brings Panther back in to get his arm raised. Panther unties his mask and removes it afterwards. Tons of coins thrown in. Clip to Panther going ringside for money.

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Consagrado – Ultimo Guerrero beats Villano V

20 days

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Consagrado – Ultimo Guerrero beats Villano V

CMLL Cartela: 08/27 – Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – Thunder, La Mascara, Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, Gran Guerrero

Sagrado handles the Inivitado Especial

Match 2: La Sombra vs Volador Jr. in a super libre (no rules) match
Arena Mexico, 08/16/2013

  1. Volador backcracker (1:31)
  2. DQ Volador Jr. (3:28)
  3. Volador Spiral (7:24)

Winner: Volador (2-1)
Match Time: 12:23
Rating: good/great
Notes: Picked up with Sombra waiting for Volador to walk down the stairs, only for Volador to come out of the crowd and attack him from behind. Referee is Tirantes. Volador is wearing a half Panther/half Volador mask.

1: Volador goes up the stairs and lands a plancha from there. Replay of Volador's loaded punch and attack on Sombra last week. Back live, Sombra is down in the center of the ring, and Volador is talking into join him. Volador boots Sombra in the face. Volador smacks Sombra down. Kick to the chest, superkick, backcracker, Volador covers Sombra for three.

Volador dumps Sombra over the barricade during replays. They replay that too.

2: Both back in before the whistle. Volador puts Sombra up on the top rope goes for the mask. Sombra fights him off, but Volador chops him in the back and rips the mask up. Sombra keeps trying to fight, and Volador smacks him in the back of the head few times. Sombra falls off the buckle and onto the apron. Volador pulls Sombra back in by his mask, snap mares him over, and rips up the other side of Sombra's mask. Volador is very focused. Wait, now he's standing and posing. Corner whip, Volador corner clothesline. Corner whip, Sombra bounces out and lays Volador out with a huge clothesline. Strong boos, more a Volador crowd. Volador leas to Sombra's shoulders, and turns int into a huge Canadian Destroyer. Sombra struggles to his feet, and Volador breaks him in half with a backcracker. Volador says that's it and makes the piledriver like motion. Volador sets up for the martiente, Tirantes waves his finger no, and Volador lets go for Sombra to argue. They argue about if for a while, Volador hops on Sombra's shoulders and gives him a Volador Spiral, more or less. Volador lifts Sombra back up and goes for the martiente, but this time Tirantes break it up himself. Volador shoves Tirantes, Tirantes hits the ropes and tackles Volador, then gives the fall to Sombra. Crowd is displeased. So is Volador.

Volador gets to microphone to complain about Tirantes. They'll be a referee on 09/13 but he doesn't want one tonight. The commisioner says no.

3: (Edit?) Volador superkicks Sombra down and unties his mask. Volador pulls Sombra out. Volador tries to whip Sombra over the barricade again, but Sombra turns it around and Volador goes toppling over. Sombra wants more – springboard off the barricade into a tope con giro on Volador! Sombra shoves Volador back over the rail and comes back in himself. Replay of Sombra's leap. Edit? Both are tired in the ring. Volador misses a clothesline, Sombra back spin headscissors and a high velocity tope con giro after him. Sombra picks Volador up on the floor, and whips him in the barricade. He's not quite as good as Puma at it, doesn't stand close enough and Volador's head (and not his side) smacks into the wall. Sombra throws a hurting Volador in. Back live, Sombra is down and Volador is up. Sombra cartwheel into backflip double kick to the head! What in the world was that. Sombra rips up Volador's really nice mask, which is a shame. Both guys are hurting. Sombra loads Volador up on his shoulders, drops him forward gore the German, but Volador breaks free. Volador charges Sombra, Sombra tosses him over to the floor. Volador needs a moment to recover. Sombra waits for Volador to get up, leaps to the top, and Volador knocks Sombra off the ropes into the ring. Running boot to the face. Volador pulls Sombra into the center, one two NO. Both slow up. Volador misses a corner charge, Brillante Driver one two th-NO. Sombra leaps up tot eh top rope, Volador follows him with a big swinging kick to the head. Spanish Fly, one – no, Tirantes won't count because Sombra's under the ropes. Crowd is livid with Tirantes. Volador leads the reaction. Replay shows Sombra's arm was indeed under the bottom rope. Sombra misses a clothesline, Volador hoops in on his shoulder, Sombra drops him down and backwards for the German suplex, one two NO. Sombra not happy with that count either. Tirantes smiles. Sombra lifts up Volador with a fireman's carry, Volador escapes, Volador of the ropes, Sombra powerslam, double moonsault meets knees. Sombra stagers to the corner, Volador Spiral, one two three. Volador loses no falls.

Volador yells at Sombra and punches him more on the mat. Sombra breaks free and they back away.

Announcers wrap up.

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Leyenda – Atlantis beats Villano III

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Idolo – Volador super high ramp dive on La Sombra.

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Consgrado – Ultimo Guerrero beats Villano V

CMLL 80th Anniversary: El Triunfador – La Sombra beats Felino