CMLL on CadenaTres #299 (08/24/2013) 
Recapped: 08/31/13

Announcers are Enrique, la Sombra, Karla, and Gerrardo. I don’t think Sombra is sticking around for the Akuma match. Sombra says he's taking Volador's mask at the anniversary. Roberto does replace Sombra for the matches.

Match 1: Bengala & Sensei vs Akuma & Ramstein
Arena Mexico, 08/20/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:28
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Sensei/Ramstein mat work includes Sensei standing Ramstein on his head while putting him in a sort of cloverleaf. Akuma & Bengala are not that interesting. First two come back in, for a pair spot that has Bengala leaping off Ramstein's back only to be caught by Akuma. Valagueza there, Ramstein slam and double legdrop on Sensei for the other pin. That was a really long fall. Crowd boos.

2: Rudos stay in control for a couple minutes, then Sensei gets in a heel kick on a corner charge to start the comeback. Bengal backdrops Ramstein a few times. Sense gets in a kneebar out of a casita, and Bengala gets a cradle.

3: Bengala headscissors Ramstein around. Sensei scares Akuma around the ring with kicks, then Akuma just spears him. Sensei pulls off the spin escape, a push off headscissors, and his kick blocks. Akuma tries to take the slide out on his chest, and ends up rolling more instead. Bengala dropkicks Ramstein a lot, teases a dive, but Akuma cuts him off. Bengala cradles him instead for a near fall. Bengala gets in a reverse rollup with bridge for three, and Sensei takes care of Ramstein with a an enziguri and a submission.

Match 2: Dalis la Caribeña, Estrellita, Goya Kong vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 08/20/2013

  1. técnicas
  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 15:42
Rating: below average
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Comandante messes with Tiffany's hair before the match, which may be the most entertaining thing here. Tiffany and Estrellita have a perfectly fine sequence to start. It does feel like they must've done this on 200 AAA spot shows, because they go from spot to spot fast and knowing fully where there other person is going to be, making it more like one long spot. Dallys and Seductora is not that at all and seems all messed up in the end. Comandante takes over after Seductora gets spanked, and we are treated to slow motion armdrags and very telegraphed cooperation. Goya is too big for Comandante down, Comandante goes down hard from a Goya shoulderblock. Comandante throws herself in the corner and holds herself up by the ropes so Goya can spank her. Very helpful. Seductora doesn’t last long. Tiffany runs away from Estrellita as the tecnicas win.

2: Estrellita again looks like the best out of this tecnica crew in her showcase to start the fall. Rudas randomly swarm Goya in the corner to take over. Rudas go thru the técnicas without trouble. Rudas toss Goya off the top rope, and Tiffany uses a totally illegal hair pull mecedora on Goya, and it's not clear if Tigre Hispano rules it an illegal hold or calls the submission. He may do both. Comandante giant swings Dallys around and wins on a the pinfall after that. Rudas get their arms raised, and I don’t think Dallys could possibly be captain, so they probably called that submission.

3: Holding and hitting. A lot of holding. Seductora manages to hold Goya Kong and punch her in the corner all by herself. Rudas run Dallys into Goya, which seems like the wrong way to go about it. Goya boots Dalys into a headscissors the second time, and that starts the comeback. Goya taking the flip to the apron takes a lot of effort and doesn't look particularly good. Comandante misses the trip from the outside onto Estrellita, but she falls down anyway. Tiffany and Goya have a big faceoff, Goya drops Tiffany near the center of the ring, then comes off the middle rope with a splash to beat her.

Tiffany's strechered out, but has trouble keeping a straight face all the way to the back.

Match 3: Delta, Hijo del Fantasma, Tritón vs Boby Zavala, Sangre Azteca, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Mexico, 08/20/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:15
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Pairs are Delta/Sangre, Fantasma/Zavala (Zavala wearing all purple and Fantasma not!) and Triton/Okumura. Last pair barely lasts before Okumura sends Triton out, Delta dropkicks him, and the rudos jump the other two técnicos. Delta's knocked out of the ring quick, Fantasma take a little longer to dropkick. Triton is flipped with a backdrop and a fast dropkick from Zavala. Rudos in no hurry to actually finish the fall. Okumura cranks Delta's arm, makes the tag, holds it out for Sangre to kick, and Sangre kicks Delta in the leg. I dunno, communication issues? Sangre beats Delta up, dropkicks him in in the head, then blocks Delta form being able to roll out or make a tag, just so he can taunt the técnicos. Sangre lets Fantasma tag in about twenty seconds later. Rudos all swarm Fantasma and stomp him, knock Triton away when he tries to help. Estecas Aztecas on Fantasma. Triton almost starts the comeback, but instead gets flipped into a Okumura backbreaker,t hen held up for a super Estecas Azteca for the pin. Fantasma punches Okumura down, but Zavala knocks Fantasma over with a chop. Spinebuster, submission, that's it

2: Zavala dropkicks rule the day. Fantasma slips in a quebradora on Boby, but the other rudos attack him from behind. Delta fights back with chops, but Sangre subdues him with a questionably low blow. Zavala holds Delta from outside so Sangre can add in a dropkick. Triton comes in so he can have his turn of being beat up, though the rudos are lax enough to let Fantasma in too. Fantasma's sent into the corner, but moves and Sangre throws himself out on a corner charge. Quebradora for Zavala, trip for Zavala, tope on Sangre. Delta headscissors Zavala out, ducks Okumura and moonsaults out of the corner onto Boby. Triton springboard plancha Okumura, dumps him in the corner, and connects perfectly on the 450 splash.

3: Delta pulls off his rolling over the ropes apron headscissors on Zavala. Triton shows off tricky armdrags with Sangre. Fantasma bit includes Sangre flipping off a corner missed dropkick, taking a monkey flip, Zavala coming in to check on him, Fantasma kicking Zavala in the head, and then Triton running in from nowhere to do his springboard moonsault dive out onto Okumura. Tecnicos instantly win.

Match 4: La Sombra, Super Porky, Thunder vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Rey Escorpión
Arena Mexico, 08/20/2013

  1. técnicos
  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 8:47
Rating: ok for what it was
Notes: Rudos have evidentially jumped the técnicos. Zacarias is with the rudos. Tirantes is referee.

1: Volador throws Sombra around ringside. Negro tries to do his best to choke Thunder and keep him from moving, but that it doesn't last. Tirantes helpfully tells everyone to go back to their corners, except for Volador and Sombra, so Negro is saved. Volador goes after Sombra's mask, gets in the superkick. Thunder wanders back in when Volador takes Sombra outside, but Escorpion and Negro handle him, barely. Volador holds Sombra for the Zacarias 619. Sombra Devitt's the comeback (which really should be Sombra-ing the comeback) and the other técnicos get the insta win. Volador runs.

2: Volador bails on Sombra, of course. Escorpion manages to backdrop Porky, Porky (somewhat) manages to roll out of a sunset flip, and Porky flattens Escorpion with a corner splash. Thunder tries a Negro heel kick, and Negro escapes rather than take any more. Thunder walks after him, but Negro is done. Other rudos try to help Volador with Sombra and just get taken out. Volador kills poor Negro with a superkick, and Karla marks out at the announce desk. Sombra sends Volador out, rudos take him out before he can dive, Thunder clotheslines Casas & Escorpion, Porky splashes the rudo form the apron, and Thunder does a top rope plancha for some reason. Escorpipn pretty much has to catch hit himself, and it's not a good time for him. Captains back in, Volador flipping run right into Sombra's German suplex, Volador flips out of it, Sombra clothesline misses, Sombra takes off his own mask and tosses it to Volador, Volador has the mask in his hand when Tirantes turns around. Volador is very sad. Rudo announcers are very upset. Sombra is proud of himself.

Sombra briefly says Volador's losing his mask on 09/13 and walks off. Volador is much longer and angrier about it. Sombra takes a seat on the stairs while mockingly listening Volador. Volador demands a one fall singles match. Sombra considers, then takes off his shirt and comes back. Tirantes and everyone else is long gone. They do face off, Volador misses a clothesline, Sombra headscissors him out, and lands a tope con giro. Sombra poses, Volador grabs his left arm and gets back on the ramp, and Rambo and Tigre Hispano get in between them to stop the fight. Rambo's wearing a really heavy coat for August, like he's a Dinamitas member.

Stellar Moments

El Castigo: Psicosis senton on Marco Corleone.

La Combinacion: Máximo and Thunder do dives onto Morphosis & Kraneo (mostly missed) and Marco lands Aereo Italiano on Psicosis.

El Lance: Valiente tope on Ephesto

El Triunfo: La Mistica on Averno

La Llave: Blue Panther nudo lagunero on Solar

Match 5: Dragón Rojo Jr. vs Niebla Roja
Arena Mexico, 08/20/2013

  1. Dragon Rojo casadora cradle (2:20)
  2. Niebla Roja corner flapjack chest kick (4:00)
  3. Dragon Bomb (11:38)

Winner: Dragon Rojo Jr.
Match Time: 17:58
Rating: good
Notes: Dragon Rojo waits at the bottom of the steps for Niebla Roja, and Roja meets him with punches. Dragon still wins the brawl and throws Niebla into the ring. Referee is Maya.

1: Dragon kicks Niebla around. Snap mare to set up the mask yanking. Dragon only gets it a slight way, because it's at tough mask, but the right eye covering is pulled off. Corner whip, corner clothesline, repeat, and then Niebla thrown into the center of the ring. Niebla sent into the corner, and dropkicked low. Niebla moves out of the way of a corner charge, and springboard dropkicks Dragon to get in some offense. Running flip double kick to the head connects more in the center of the ring, but Dragon wraps up Niebla with a casadora cradle before he can do any more.

2: Roja and Rojo brawl near the steps. Dragon wins the fight, and tells Tigre Hispano to slow down his count. Niebla thrown back into the ring to start a second straight fall. Dragon batters Niebla with chest kicks. The left side of Niebla's mask is very ripped up now. Niebla rolls thru a sunset flip and dropkicks Dragon to get advantage back. Dragon kicks Niebla away, but Niebla still kicks him in the midsection, snap mares him, and rip Dragon Rojo's mask up. Niebla is much better, ripping the top of and decimating the mask. Dragon fight free, spears the post on a corner charge and Niebla dives on him with a tope con giro. Both make it back in, Niebla rushes Dragon in the corner, Dragon move out, Dragon rushes in, Niebla presses him up, and drops him down into his chest kick. That's enough for three.

3: This time, it's Niebla throwing in Dragon to start the fall. Dragon chops Niebla down once they get back in, but Niebla fires back with a chop of his own. Dragon drops Niebla gain with a chop, pulls Niebla up, and Niebla chops Dragon down. Niebla celebrates, and gets forearmed by surprised by Dragon. Corner clothesline by Dragon, but corner chop misses, and Niebla back elbows them. They're both selling tired, but do some evasion to set up a Rojo spinning faceslam for two. Dragon hammers Niebla with corner clothesline, Niebla fights back and leaps off the middle rope, Dragon powerbombs him for another two counts. Both moving slow. Not quite Ultimo Guerrero slow at the end o a match, b getting there. Dragon whips Niebla, Niebla slide out and taunts Dragon, Dragon goes out and Niebla goes in – and out with a tope. Niebla tries to crawl in first, but Dragon pulls him back and throw shim into the barricade so he can climb in first. Niebla up on the apron in plenty of time and fighting of Dragon. Springboard dropkick knocks Dragon down, and Niebla hooks both legs as he covers, one two NO. Niebla double underhook cristo faceslam, one two NO. Niebla disappointed his big move wasn't enough. Dragon bails to the ramp. Niebla swings, at him, Dragon blocks and smashes Niebla's head into the buckle. Double stomp connects, Dragon Oklahoma roll one two NO. Dragon with forearms to the face, into the ropes, but Niebla cuts him off with a side kick. Niebla charge,s Dragon flips him to the apron, springboard clothesline to knock Niebla off the apron and a running tope con giro from there. Replay. Niebla thrown back in, Dragon Rojo double stomp – seems like it may actually miss, but they go with it, one two Niebla gets his feet on the ropes. Dragon punches Niebla in the chest and pulls him in position for something. Dragon to the apron again. Climbing up slowly. This is a bad idea. Top rope double stomp, Niebla moves, swings, misses, Dragon Rojo dropkick to the knee, casita is shoves off,, Niebla Roja huracanrana, Dragon Rojo rolls thru one two NO. This is much better than I thought it'd be. Crowd mildly into it. Dragon with some knees, off the ropes, and into a Niebla powerslam. Niebla going up now, middle rope legdrop! Niebla says that's it, leans on top for the pine one two NO. Niebla can't believe it. Niebla pounds Rojo on the mat, springboard splash, roll off into a quebrada one two th-NO. Was that an Angel de Plata spot? He doesn't use many of them (and they weren't that memorable except for the reverse campana.) Dragon clothesline blocked, Niebla kicks him, running cutter, one two NO. Niebla angrily shoves Tigre Hispano, who shoves him right back. Niebla just can't finish Dragon. Corner charge misses, Dragon lifts Niebla on his shoulders, Niebla fights out, German suplex, Dragon breaks free, Niebla huracanrana blocked into the Dragon Bomb one two three. Everyone know that was it.

Dragon Rojo takes Niebla Roja's mask after the match and circles around him until someone gives him the microphone. Dragon asks for the mask versus mask match and taunts Niebla Roja for his boasts last week. Dragon tosses the microphone, tosses the mask (which gets back to Niebla Roja) and does some jumping jacks on the ramp to show he's still plenty fine.

Announcers wrap up.