CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #405 (08/24/2013) 
Recapped: 08/25/13

Match 1: Diamante Azul vs Euforia in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 08/18/2013

Winner: Diamante Azul
Match Time: 6:08
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Edgar.

Azul gets to his monkey flips quick. Corner senton hits Euforia hard, but Euforia rolls out rather than take a second. He helpfully knees on the floor, and Azul gets in his ramp dive. Azul running out of trademark spots at a rapid pace. Unsure what he'll be able to do the rest of the match. Euforia tires to get back in, Azul kicks him out, and follows with a plancha. Replays of that. Euforia is doing not so well here. Azul comes back in and stops to pose facing away from Euforia, Euforia jumps up on his shoulders, and Azul drops his Euforia on his stomach. Azul holds Euforia down with a chinlock, then twists Euforia's knee. Euforia crawls and grabs the bottom rope. Azul flips Euforia with a dropkick to the knee, covers for two. Azul is surprised he hasn't finish Euforia, after doing moves on him for the last three minutes. Azul tries a huracanrana (?) and Euforia powerbombs him, finally getting a move. Still a two count, and Azul recovers to press him up. Euforia escapes, but still gets slammed. Azul takes his time going up, and Euforia catches him with a tope. Super armdrag. Euforia suplex, almost losing Azul but finishing the move, one two NO. Azul charges Euforia, Euforia waves him by and puts on a waistlock, Azul back elbows free and gets his own waistlock, Euforia back elbows free. Euforia tries shoulderblocking Azul, Azul catches him in a cobra clutch, flips him over his back, and puts him in a camel clutch for the win. Euforia gives up quick.

Diamante Azul says the win was very tough but not impossible, and everyone gives up to his hold.

Tecnicos talk about the next match. Místico talks fast. Rudos also talk about this match.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Mr. Niebla, Pólvora
Arena Mexico, 08/18/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:48
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Monito is with the técnicos to counter balance Zacarias.

1: Dorada and Dragon Rojo start, but the rudos all get into an argument with Valiente, and Niebla lays him out with a slap. Valiente is knocked silly. Valiente recovers to toss Pólvora around and ram him head first into the post. Niebla slaps Valiente down again and dances, but Místico cuts him off with a springboard headscissors and goes out with a big tope con giro. Técnicos try to finish, but the rudos block their moves in ones of their owns for the win. Pólvora slams Monito and Niebla legdrops him.

2: Rudos stay in control. Máscara Dorada takes his backdrop. Rojo kicks and knees Místico around. (Edit in here?) Valiente takes one more Niebla slap. Místico is flapjacked, but comes back with a headscissors on Pólvora and Dorada follows with his springboard moonsault. Místico huracanrana Niebla, and Valiente submits Dragon Rojo.

3: Mascara Dorada shows off a double bounce twisting armdrag on Dragon Rojo. Valiente and Pólvora combine for a bad casadora armdrag before Niebla lays out Valiente again. Spit is – caught. Valiente catches him with a flying headscissors and sends him out. Místico gets the better of both Revolucionarios, including a Pólvora dropkick that doesn't come too close to Dragon Rojo. Pólvora struggles with a headscissors right after, forgetting the head part. Niebla slaps Místico, but falls off the apron, and the técnicos land their triple dive. It looks very good. Valiente turns a backdrop into a sunset flip on Dragon Rojo. Valiente tries for a huracanrana, but Dragon Rojo turns it into the Dragon Bomb and Valiente is done.

Dragon Rojo tries the same on Mascara Dorada, but he turns it into a huracanrana for three.

Mascara Dorada huracanrana on Pólvora, Pólvora rolls thru and holds on for two. Dorada springboard headscissors sends Pólvora out and crazy impressive torito follows. Místico in with a springboard plancha on Niebla, La Mistica shoved off and Místico dropped hard, Niebla top rope splash one two three.

JCR interviews the losers. Crowd booing is turned down in the post match promo, but still audible. They do cut out from the interview befor JCR talks about how the crowd loves these guys.

JCC interviews champs.

Match 3: La Máscara, Rush, Titán vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Vangellys for the Mexican National Trios Championship
Arena Mexico, 08/18/2013

  1. TRT
  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:58
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Comandante is with the rudos.

1: Vangelis and Rush start, Rush escaping an armdragging Vangelis around. Vangelis has white gear with his logo and the TRT logo. Vangelis and Rush break down into a chop fight and go head to head for a moment Vangelis backs off. Terrible mocks Rush from outside and Rey Bucanero cheap shots Rush and Mascara. That brings in Mascara in, giving Bucanero quebradora after quebradora. Bucanero is eventually able to armdrag Mascara away and tag out. Titan and Terrible and the last ones in. Titan headscissors Terrible from the mat and rolls to his feet, only for Terrible to slap him right down. Titan gets up and shoves Terrible, Terrible shoves him down, Titan kips up and shoves Titan, and Terrible shoulderblocks Titan down again. Rush tags himself in and dropkicks Terrible, stomping and kicking him before a big Terrible mocking pose. Chops, whip, Rush charges, Terrible flips him to the apron and Valiente spears Rush thru the ropes. Titan huracanrana on Terrible blocked and powerbombed , while Bucanero submits Mascara .

2: Rudos kick around Rush. Terrible chops and slaps Mascara. Bucanero slams him and lands his twisting senton. Máscara tries to tag out to Titan, but Bucanero holds him back and knocks Titan to the floor. Vangelis suplexes Máscara, then gives him a blockbuster suplex too. Stomps and yelling. Terrible back elbows La Mascara, letting him leave. Titan in, chopping Terrible, but Trey Bucanero distracts him into a Terrible hard shot. Terrible kicks and stomps Titan before knee dropping him repeatedly. Terrible struts around and makes the belt motion. Vangelis goes out to the ramp, and Bucanero tosses Titan out into a dropkick to the chest. Rudos hold Rush in the corner, hitting and occasional biting. Vangelis chops Rush, while Rush tries to hit the other rudos. Vangelis dropkick knocks Rush down and sends him rolling out. Mascara back in again, but cornered and whipped. Máscara sidesteps Terrible's charge, superkicks Bucanero, quebradora Vangelis. Terrible kicks him down, but Rush dropkicks Terrible. Vangelis takes a corner clothesline and a bulldog (or maybe a cutter) out. Crowd shot, and back for the double superkick on Mascara. Tecnicos drag Terrible over to the corner, and Titan adds a 450 splash. It's not one he does often and it shows, as he lands knees to the chest on Terrible. It's enough for three.

Titan seems to be hurting after he gets his arm raised

3: La Mascara armdrags Terrible, Terrible shoulderblocks him repeatedly, Máscara ducks the clothesline and jumping enziguris him. Vangelis stops Máscara with a spinning faceslam, dropkicking him in the head to send Máscara to the apron. Rush in, facing off with Vangelis. Chop fight is loud, and Rush wins via dropkick. Rush stomps all over Vangelis and kicks the invisible football head. Cut to people giving Rush the thumbs down. Rush connects with the big elbow smash. Vangelis whipped into the rudo corner, Rush stops short and slaps him him. Vangelis down in the corner, and dropkicked hard in the chest. Replay shows Vangelis covered up at the last instance. Back live, Bucanero gives Rush a modified frontcracker. Titan in and evading, Titan tries the run up the corner armdrag, blocked, Titan lands on his feet and tries to suplex Bucanero, but Bucanero blocks it and suplexes Titan into the corner. Bucanero celebrates, puts on a headscissors submission. Mascara, Vangelis, Rush add their own in turn. Terrible goes up, and his splash hits Mascara. Bucanero rolls up Titan when he tries to break up the pin, Vangelis is supposed to do the same with Rush but doesn’t so Rush just breaks up the pin. Terrible is confused. Everyone is slow up and wandering around for a moment. Not sure what's up with Vangelis, but he doesn't want to be involved for the moment. Bucanero and Terrible are whipped into each other on a reversal, Mascara and Titan put on a inverted star, Titan huracanrana Vangelis in the corner for two. Bucanero and Vangelis suplex Rush. Mascara and Titan bridge pins on those two rudos while while Terrible pins Rush, and everyone kicks out at two. Titan headscissors Rush into the a group of bodies, which Bucanero evades to roll out. Terrible and Vangelis beat up Titan, then wander around into position for a Rush boost dropkick. Técnicos run, though Titan has to swerve around into position for a triple dive. Edit here. Máscara in, superkicking Bucanero and jumping on his shoulders to roll in the campana. He gets it on, and Bucanero gives.

Vangelis in, dropkicking Mascara out. Titan springboards in, plancha lands on Vangelis. Dropkick to Vangelis' shoulder. Corner whip, reversed, Titan charges in, Titan puts him on top, hits him here, backs up, runs, top rope huracanrana is blocked, then blocked, Titan finishing his move. One two NO. Titan off the ropes, casadora blocked into a Buca Storm for three.

Rush dropkick Vangelis out, Terrible dropkicks Rush, Mascara comes in to face off with Terrible. Shirt off time. Terrible mis a clothesline misses back elbow and Máscara headscissors Terrible out. Mascara topes Terrible into the barricade, and the match is back to Rush and Vangelis. Rush misses a clothesline, Vangelis does not miss his wheel kick. Rush talking on the mat. Vangelis double underhook backbreaker one two NO. Vangelis kicks Rush, off the ropes, into a Rush superkick. Rush Driver, that's that.

Replays and that's it, no post match.