CMLL on Televisa #1167 (08/17/2013) 
Recapped: 08/19/2013

Announcers are Leonardo, Miguel, and Riano (who's making weird faces.) HYPE for the Anniversary tag match, which will not be on today's show. HYPE for interviews on Televisa Deportes at indeterminate times, though apparently Místico was interviewed this past week. Interview guy introduces us to Korean boy band MBLAQ and Mexican band REIK. Eventually, they get around to talking about the matches which will actually be taking lace today.

Match 1: Titán vs La Máscara in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 08/09/2013

Winner: La Mascara
Match Time: 7:28 (7:34 on the clock)
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Edgar

Battle on the mat includes Titan escaping a Mascara headscissors attempt and getting on his own. Mascara knocks Titan down, Titan kips up and poses. Corner whip reversals and escapes (Titan backflip), Titan back bends under a clothesline, blocks a clothesline now a wristlock, and runs up the ropes to – nothing, Mascara kicks him and suplexes Titan into the corner. Cover, only two. Replay of the painful looking suplex, and probably an edit. Máscara backs up, charges Titan, and eats foot. Máscara charge sin,s pears the post. Titan springboards up to the top rope, almost looses his balance, and jumps into another springboard into a plancha on La Mascara on the outside. That one had the element of danger. Máscara makes it back in and slaps Titan as he stands on the apron. Titan blocks the turnbuckle smash, giving Máscara one of his own. Titan tries to suplex Máscara out, but that's not going to happen. Titan keeps on trying, and Máscara puts the break on the middle rope, then suplexes Titan in! Deep cradle, one two no. Máscara seems frustrated. Video error here. Máscara kick caught, Titan slips under the leg, sort of twisting back suplex one two NO. Titan can't believe it. Titan off the ropes, dropkick misses. Máscara flipped to the apron, Titan spins into a swing kick to Titan's head. Titan runs, Mascara ducks down, Titan dives out and rolls onto the ramp, then headscissors Máscara out. Máscara tumbles to the floor. Titan backs up on the ramp while Máscara recovers, runs, and – misses the ramp dive tope con giro! He rolls thru, so he's not dead, but he is after Máscara topes him with a forearm to the face. Replays of that. Mascara gets caught reaching thru the ropes by Titan, who kicks him a few times. Titan climbs up, Máscara fighting him up there. Máscara wins, forearming Titan in the upper back. Let's look at the ref as Máscara sets us something up. It's taking some time – but Mascara powerbombs Titan on the buckle! Well then. One two NO. Mascara unhappy with that count. Suplex, no, Titan reverses to a small package, one two NO. Mascara has to finish this, he's about to get caught. Mascara puts Titan up top, chops him, and Titan almost falls off. Máscara secures Titan, then ask the crowd if they want another. One more hard chop. Titan is hurting. Máscara backs all the way, rolls to the corner, and leaps into a Titan dropkick! Bad plan by Mascara! One two NO. Titan misses a clothesline, Máscara waistlocks, shrugged off, evasion, Titan tries for Titanics, Mascara reverses the roll and turns it right into the campana. Aww.

Mascara rips off his shirt post match because he's actually exciting about the win. Máscara checks on titan after the match and they stick with it long enough to see Mascara help Titan back up to his feet and raise his arm.

27 Days.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday – Arena Mexico, Rush, La Mascara, Titan vs Terrible, Rey Bucanero, Vangellys (“nuevo TRT”)

Match 2: Blue Panther ©, Rush, Super Porky vs Averno ©, Felino, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 08/09/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:31
Rating: good for it was
Notes: Monito is with Super Porky. No Zacarias with Peste Negra! Averno walks out wearing a Blue Panther mask, but strips it off, rips it up and stomps it. Panther charges, and gets booted in the face. Brawl breaks out, and breaks the rudos way. Referee is Maya.

1: Well, Rush doesn't let the brawl go against him too long. He and Negro are more even. Rudos get it together to triple team Porky. TV crowd shot edits Porky running. It's obscene. Averno quickly submits Panther.

2: Panther gets a hold of Averno, but Negro kicks him away. Averno gets in a big slap on Panther and celebrates bigger. Felino cheap shots Panther from the outside. This is a rudo team with a lot of hate for Blue Panther. Panther does get in a punch to Averno's head, and knees him without the rudos helping out. Rush runs in, kicks Averno himself, then scares away the Casas brothers. They let the técnicos triple time Averno, Porky flattening Averno in the corner. Rush gets in his corner dropkick on Negro, who sells it like death. Felino takes Rush's belly to belly suplex, and Porky's belly splash – only for Averno to smack Panther with a wood sign. Maya argues, Averno shoves him down, Maya calls for the DQ once he gets up.

Replay. That might have been the Peste Negra sign Felino had earlier.

3: Panther recovers quick, tears up Averno's shirt, and chokes him with it. Very staged punches to the face. Porky and Felino pick up the match with their usual comedy. Felino escapes the sit down, but Porky still falls backwards on him in a waistlock. Felino can not slam Porky. Very obvious edit into Rush versus Negro, Rush getting in his corner slap, then chasing Negro out to send him into the barricade. Rush bangs Negro's head into the barricade a few times. Another edit, to Averno slapping Panther down in the corner. Averno's shirt is even more ripped. Panther reverses a corner whip and clotheslines Averno into the corner. Corner charge, Averno puts Panther on the top roe, Panther jumps off and headscissors him. Panther figures up, turns around, and gets knocked down by Felino. Felino chops Porky as he comes in, and corner clotheslines him. To the other corner, Porky is too fast, but Felino still mange to dropkick him. (Porky kind of/sort of sells.) Porky flips Felino the apron, Porky knocks Felino to the floor, and then jumps off with a splash. Rush stomps all over Negro and kicks his invisible head into the crowd. Rush shoves into the corner, corner whip, Rush right into Negro's heel kick. Rush flipped to the apron, forearmed off, Negro silla is caught, Rush almost looses him, and then just flattens him on the ground. Someone's messed up in the editing, because the sound is now 15-20 seconds ahead of the audio. Music is play for the finish we haven't even seen yet. Back to Averno and Panther in, Panther catches Averno in an elbowlock, and that's the finish. Announcers sound very familiar!

Blue Panther tells Averno to get ready, because the same thing is going to happen in their match. Averno again says Panther got lucky and the people are idiots for supporting.

27 days.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – Dragon Rojo vs Niebla Roja

Ephesto handles the Invitado Especial

Match 3: La Sombra ©, Mistico, Valiente vs Mephisto, Mr. Niebla, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 08/09/2013

  1. rudos

  2. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 6:46
Rating: good for it was
Notes: Volador hits Sombra with a chain (Mr. Niebla's chain?) as the match is joined. Rudos are beating up the técnicos, which seems very familiar. Tirantes is referee. Zacarias works the main event.

1: Volador goes for Sombra's mask as the other rudo take care of the other técnicos. Tirantes clears everyone but the feuding too their corners. Trying to get Volador to strip Sombra's mask is harder. Niebla distracts, then runs out to the floor slap Místico in the face. Valiente in, taken down, and dropkicked off apron. Corner clothesline and boots to the face for Místico. Rudos help out Volador by slapping Sombra from the outside, then setting him up for the three man powerbomb. Volador lifts Sombra up and drops him for a second, then a third! Rudos all celebrate, do not try for the pin. Volador still hasn't taken off his ski mask. Mephisto attacks Valiente from behind and drops him with Devil's Wings. Mephisto waits for Valiente to rolls aways, then covers him for three. Volador slams Místico, and Niebla adds his splash for the fall.

Volador passes up getting his has hand raised to attack Sombra on the outside. Mephisto helps crotch Sombra on the post. Volador finally takes off his ski mask.

Sombra is somehow on the wrong side of the barricade as they come back from replays. Volador is taunting from the outside side of the barricade, so it's not much of a mystery. Niebla seems to be messing with Valiente on the barricade as Volador drags Sombra by. No second fall whistle, we'll just make something up.

2: Volador drags Sombra in and superkicks him. Sombra's mask is half ripped. Volador stands on the ropes over Sombra and points at the crowd. Mephisto comes in to flapjack Sombra and Volador kicks him in the head. Niebla knocks around Valiente. Sombra Devitts his way into starting the comeback, everyone hits everyone and Sombra boots Místico into the ring for a ramp running headscissors. Valiente topes Mephisto on the outside. Niebla knocks down Místico with a clothesline and dances. Spit is – in a million different directions, so no catch. Niebla poses on the ropes anyway, gets dropkicked out, and Místico tope con giro – hits Valiente, oops. Sombra and Volador in, both fired up. Sombra misses a clothesline, Volador flipping run, Sombra lifts Volador on his shoulders, Volador back elbows his way free, Volador clotheslines misses, Sombra jumps and huracanrana him. Sombra goes for the mask, but Tirantes gets involved to argue it. Sombra doesn't care, and ripes that mask up. Volador charges, Sombra slips under and behind – Brillante Driver. One two Niebla pulls Tirantes out. Tirantes and Niebla argue on the outside, while Volador puts something on his ands – big punch to the face. Volador shows off Silver knuckles to the crowd, hides them in his hand, and covers while Tirantes counts – one two three.

Volador poses in the corner with the weapon. Místico argues, but Tirantes is totally oblivious. Volador puts the knucks on, and even has them on his hand as Tirantes is raising them. Sombra is still out on the mat and the doctor comes in to check on him. Volador finally puts his weapon away when he gets the microphone. Tirantes finally goes to check, but Volador tells him not to and Tirantes decides that's good enough. Volador asks the crowd how they're doing as Sombra is being loaded onto the stretcher. Volador promises more for 09/13, then pulls Sombra off the stretcher as they try to take him away. Tecnicos try to fight him off, but the other rudos take care of them. Volador hits Sombra with the stretcher once before Tirantes gets it away. Tirantes has figured out what's happened and is very unhappy about it. Volador grabs Sombra's mask and lulls it off as Edgar and Terror Chino hit the ring to try and break things up. Cut to Sombra being stretchered away - and Volador splashing him on the stretcher! Refs and security have to sort things out again. Replay of the splash, and the rudos are finally escorted away. Replay of the punch of doom, which includes Volador licking the knuckles after using them.

Volador yells at the Sombra mask and shows off the knucks.