CMLL on CadenaTres #298 (08/17/2013) 
Recapped: 08/20/13

Announcers are up to four this week – Enrique, Gerardo, Karla and Roberto. They are excited for the main event.

Match 1: Dalis la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Luna Mágica vs La Comandante, La Vaquerita, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 08/13/2013

  1. rudas
  2. tecnicas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 16:39
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Goya has crazy hair.

1: Dalis and Vaquerita start, are very rehearsed, slap and kick at the end of their exchange, and it turns into a beatdown. It's uncoordinated at first, but the rudas figure out what they're supposed to be doing. It takes both Vaquerita and Tiffany to lift Goya Kong up for Comandante's axhandle (which wasn't wroth the effort.) Comandante against swing on Dallys is much more impressive. Vaquerita walks around posing while her teammates actually win the match, then gets bullied by a late arriving Goya Kong. Rudas beat up Goya after the fall.

2: Dalys has a laughable horrible missed dropkick early on. Luna sneaks in a headscissors on Vaquerita, but the other rudas grab her. Dalys and Luna screw up the flip the partner to the apron spot, because they are bad. A Dalys springboard plancha knocking down by Comandante and Tiffany is the fakest thing I've ever seen. Rudas manage to knock down Goya so everyone can have their own comeback spots. Everyone is supposed to do roll up spots and kickout, but Dallys is late and forgets, and so she just don't let go of the cradle until Tigre Hispano stops counting. Tigre Hispano doesn't really care about any of this and counts to six (!) even though no one but Dalys is pinning anyone at the time and she stopped a while ago. He ignores Luna's submission on Tiffany and restarts counting for Goya's pin.

3: Showcases go Goya, Dalys, Luna, though the rudas get in far more offense than usual on the técnicas. Goya comes back into finish Vaquerita with La Rosa, but the rudas break it up. Announcers go crazy for Goya taking a flip to the apron. Rudo bumbling almost leads to a Goya slash on everyone, but the rudas move out of the way in time. Dalys blocks a casadora cradle awkwardly to eliminate here. Comandante quickly beats Luna with a reverse campana.

Tiffany/Goya fight goes long. Tiffany can't suplex Goya, it turns out. Goya slams Tiffany and legdrops her, but missed her elbow drop. Tiffany sits on top for a three count. Either Tiffany was supposed to get the ropes or Comandante was supposed to help from outside, but they were too far away and didn't get it done until after three. Finish looks all messed up. Crowd and announcers don't know what happened until the the rudas get their arms raised. Tiffany stomps Goya after the fact.

Match 2: Ángel de Oro, Stuka Jr., Titán vs Boby Zavala, Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca
Arena Mexico, 08/13/2013

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:35
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Just one pairing of Misterioso and Stuka before everyone else hurriedly tags in and out to get involved. Tecnicos get the better of the rudos until Titan ends up too near the rudo corner and is pulled down his mask. Sangre clears of the other técnicos and is boosted into Estatecas Aztecas on Titan for one pin. Angel de Oro's sell of Misterioso's Gori Special is either the worst thing ever or the best thing ever. It's also irrelevant because Titan is the captain. How things change!

2: Titan continues in trouble, tossed into a super gutbuster. Stuka breaks u the pin, only for Zavala (new gear?) to quebradora him and goes for his mask. He does not get it, but Sangre slaps out Stuka just the same. Sangre hurts his hands slapping Angel de Oro so hard. Zavala backdrops Titan and dropkicks him on the mat. Rudos stomp down Stuka, but he sneaks in a sunset flip on Sangre rolling him back in line of a Titan springboard headscissors. Other rudos knock down Titan, but whip him into the handspring side kick. Angel de Oro moonsaults Zavala, Titan tope con giro Sangre, Stuka drums Misterioso in the center of the ring and hits him with the torpedo splash for the tying pin.

3: Sangre Azteca destroys Titan with a chop. Evasion sets up Titanics and the end of their exchange. Angel de Oro and Misterioso struggle with a headscissors into an armdrag spot and just bail on the whole thing after that. Zavala takes off his shirt to face Stuka, and just gets back elbowed down. Stuka rebound armdrag sends Zavala out, Stuka teases a tope, but stops and does the deamdan's plancha instead. Angel de Oro gets a torito on Misterioso for the pin, and Titan's rope flip moonsault does not count (much to the técnicos confusion)

Match 3: Eléctrico vs Pequeño Nitro for the Mexican National Lightweight tournament final match
Arena Mexico, 08/13/2013

  1. Eléctrico reverse motocicleta (2:43)
  2. Nitro hammerlock backcracker (2:55)
  3. Eléctrico straight jacket cavernaria (8:08)

Winner: Eléctrico (2-1)
Match Time: 13:46
Rating: good
Notes: Seconds are Soberano & Skándalo, both here on their off day. Referee is Pompin. Is Soberano heavy enough to challenge for this title?

1: Hold for hold to start, neither holding on for long. They've active but not complicated. Eléctrico pulls out his fireman's escape headscissors as action speeds up, and gets booed for it. Seated dropkick, reverse motocicleta, that'll do it.

2: Neither guy in a hurry to start. Chop fight, Eléctrico headlock, shot off, evasion, handspring headscissors. Nitro flips Eléctrico to the apron and yells to the crowd. Eléctrico tries to slingshot in, gets chopped down and dropkicked out. Replay of the dropkick makes it look very painful. Nitro celebrates, then planchas Eléctrico from the top rope. Nitro in first, but misses on a clothesline and Eléctrico spinebuster him. Eléctrico tires for the same hold, Nitro shoves him off into the ropes, and lands a painful looking dropkick to the back. Nitro carefully gives Eléctrico a hammerlock backcracker for the fall.

3: Pequeño Nitro takes out Eléctrico with a dropkick to the knee, and follows with a double stomp to the chest. He probably should try a pin, but instead he does another double stomp and stares angrily at the crowd. A la de caballo, but Eléctrico won't give and Nitro doesn't feel like holding it on for long. Nitro corner whip, corner shoulder. Nitro backs up, charges in, and Eléctrico 619 kicks him thru the corner. Eléctrico poses, and slingshots in with a huracanrana on Nitro. Over the corner ringpost tope con giro connects too. Eléctrico makes back on the apron first, but Nitro slaps him back to the floor and gets in himself. Eléctrico slingshot in, headscissors Nitro himself. Eléctrico clothesline misses, Nitro shoulderblocks him, and runs into a Eléctrico roll into a huracanrana – for one. Eléctrico clothesline caught and turns into a Dos Caras clutch – for one again. Nitro unhappy with the count. Nitro slow up, Eléctrico Oklahoma roll, but Nitro's into the ropes. This is not as smooth as they would like ti it to be. Eléctrico shops Nitro into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Nitro charges in, but Electrico's jumped up and Nitro spears the post. Eléctrico springboard moonsault connects. Running out of dives. Both back in, Nitro catches an Eléctrico kick and spins Eléctrico around into a clothesline. Whip, reversed, Nitro grabs the ropes, Eléctrico charges, Nitro flips him to the apron, Nitro/Electrico kicks him away and springboard dropkicks him. One two NO. Corner whip, Eléctrico to the apron again, but this time Nitro moves out of the way of the springboard dropkick. Drokick to the face, both down. Nitro crawls on to one two NO. They probably should be wrapping this up, it seems like they're out of ideas and the crowd is still into it. Nitro slaps Eléctrico into the back and into the corner. Corner whip, Nitro charges in, Eléctrico gets his feet up, Nitro swings him around into the rope and pass him off into a backcracker. Nitro decides to put on a half crab, but first spins Eléctrico around so he can easily grab the bottom rope. Eléctrico does. Corner whip, sequence repeats, Eléctrico slides thru the ropes instead of taking the backcracker, and gets in another springboard, this time a plancha. Nitro runs, casadora cradle, Eléctrico reverses it , holds Nitro up for a cristo for second, then drops him forward into a faceslam. Eléctrico out – springboard elbow, to the back, then a straight jacket cavernaria. Nitro gives.

History Capsule: Shocker

Match 4: Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Taichi
Arena Mexico, 08/13/2013

  1. Revolucinarios/Taichi
  2. Revolucinarios/Taichi

Winner: Revolucinarios/Taichi
Match Time: 7:42
Rating: ok
Notes: Everyone is wearing the same colors again. Guerreros have gotten the best of the Revolucinarios. No sign of a Taichi sombrero as he's sent into the post. Tirantes is the referee.

1: Dragon Rojo is wearing a shirt and a weight belt or something else to hold in his midsection. Guerreros are good at slapping, not exactly on the same page with their team spots. This combination hasn't been together as much. Pólvora is triple slide dropkicked off the apron. Dragon Rojo takes the Niebla Roja corner flip kick. Niebla Roja headbutts Taichi low, then holds him for Euforia to do the flying sit. Rudos all stomp Pólvora, but screw up on a double clothesline and the Revolucinarios have an opening to fight back. Brawling all around, and it's a bit chaotic. Niebla Roja gets posted going for the corner shiranu, Gran Guerrero gets kicked in the ropes trying to tope Dragon Rojo. Euforia and Taichi are left in, Taichi gets in a high kick, then struggles to lift Euforia up. Black Mephisto works on the second try. I forgot Taichi had a finish!

2: Revolucinarios remain in control. It only really strikes you what a crew this is when Pólvora, Dragon Rojo and Taichi stand in the same corner. That's a challenge. Niebla Roja takes all sorts of Taichi kicks. Gran Guerrero is boosted into a Taichi kick. Euforia's et up over the ropes for a Pólvora boosted elbow smash. All the Revolucinarios leave the ring and stand on the apron at the same time, which is in line with my expectations. Everyone stomps down Niebla Roja. Sunset flip dropkick reversal double dropkick on Roja goes well, but the Guerrero knock down the Revolucinarios as they celebrate. Euforia topes Taichi and Pólvora at once, because he's a very tall man (and they're kind of clumsy and one of them is not supposed to be standing there.) Gran Guerrero waits for them to get up to follow with a slingshot tope con giro. Roja and Rojo in to finish it, Niebla Roja gets lifted up into the Dragon Bomb, but blocks it by pulling Dragon Roja's mask. Tirantes sees it, tries to calf or the DQ, Niebla Roja shoves him down, Tirantes battles back to raise Dragon Rojo's arm. Tirantes is not hurt as any other referee when he gets bumped, it's weird.

Pólvora covers up Dragon Rojo despite the Guerreros trying to stop him. Taichi comes in to help and the Guereros just tell him to leave. He doesn't, to he Guerreros do, keeping Dragon Rojo's mask. Dragon Rojo pulls his hair in front of his face and yells at Niebla Roja on the microphone. (Dragon Rojo does not use his shirt to cover his face.) Dragon demands a mask match for next week. Dragon Rojo wants a fair fight next week to settle it back in the center of the ring. Niebla Roja says it doesn't matter who the fans want, and the only real Rojo in CMLL is Niebla Roja.

Stellar Moments

El Castigo: Disturbio fireman's carry powerbomb on Stigma

Lo Doloroso: Misterioso Rosa Driver on Guerrero Maya Jr.

El Triunfo: Mascara campana on Titan.

El Lance: Rush killer dropkick on Negro Casas

Lo Alevoso: Volador loaded punch to Sombra

Match 5: Último Guerrero vs Rey Escorpión
Arena Mexico, 08/13/2013

  1. Pulpo Guerrero (2:08)
  2. Rey Escorpion top rope legdrop (3:16)
  3. Guerrero Special (10:13)

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero (2-1)
Match Time: 15:37
Rating: good/great
Notes: Rey Escorpion tries to sneak attack Ultimo Guerrero, but no one knows that better than Ultimo Guerrero, and he's ready for Escorpion before he even charges at him. UG chops UG into the ring and kicks him down in the corner. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Escorpion bails, and UG takes off his entrance gear while demanding for a return. Escorpion whips UG, drop toe hold, elbow drop to the back. Whip, dropkick sends Escorpion out, but UG follows him this time. Escorpion smacked into the post. UG fired up, Escorpion begging off. UG throws Escorpion in, but Escorpion manges to dropkick him out. Escorpion to the apron, top con giro there is – well, UG half catches it, then just drops Escorpion when he doesn't have him up enough, stands Escorpion back up, and runs him into the post. UG hurries to the ramp and slams Escorpion there. Crowd seems to be behind UG here. Escorpion thrown back in. Whip, UG spinebuster, Pulpo Guerrero, that's it. Quick first fall in an Ultimo Guerrero match!

2: Escorpion stalls on the outside, then offers a handshake. UG doesn't even consider it. Off the ropes, big UG clothesline. Whip, clothesline missed, and Escorpion gets one of his down. He doesn't spend as much time poising, running of the ropes to dropkick UG. Escorpion grabs UG's mask by the eye silver and rips it up good. Escorpion holds the masks in in front of the cameras and yanks it (UG not so subtly pulling it the other way to emphasis the rip.) Escorpion stops to pose, then goes back to works kicking and stomping UG. Running kick to the side of the head. Escorpion stops to pose., then kicks UG again. UG fires up to his feet, turns around, and Escorpion lays him out with one chop. Scorpion puts UG on the top rope and reigns in some more punches. Running kick to the chest. Escorpion slams UG, head up, and lands the top rope legdrop. One tow three. Crowd boos, and Escorpion taunts them. Rey Escorpion goes the barricade and starts taunting fans individually, which gets the whole crowd on him.

3: Escorpion kicks UG in the face over and over, UG unable to get to his feet each time. Big punch knocks UG down. Kick to the chest, stop to pose on the ropes. Crowd into this, mostly for hating Escorpion. UG pulls himself up in the corner and tries Escorpion in. Senton de la muerte lands hard. Escorpion backs up, charges, and lands a second. UG looks at the crowd, then covers, only getting two. Escorpion threatens Tigre Hispano for counting to fast, but he's still in this match. Escorpion fire sup to boos. Whip, Escorpion tries a huracanrana, UG rolls thru one two NO. Escorpion out to the corner, UG charges, Escorpion moves, UG take the knee bump out, and Escorpion bowls him over with a big tope con giro. Escorpion is so fired up, he shoves the camera away. Both make it back in, but Escorpion just slaughters UG with slaps and kicks in the corner, leaving UG in a heap. Corner whip, UG goes up the second rope, and Escorpion runs into the front superplex. Crowd is way into this. Both slow up, but Escorpion is doing better, and lands another running kick to the face. Even more stomps in the corner. Crowd really getting on Rey Escorpion. Escorpion sets UG on the middle rope, backs up to pose, and runs up. Middle rope huracanrana actually works on Ultimo Guerrero! Escorpion covers, one two NO! UG fires up to his feet, pulls Escorpion to the corner, whip, reversed, Rey Escorpion goes flipped to the apron, tripped up ,and dropkicked hard to the floor. Crowd is thrilled. UG drops to his knees, he's too tired to actually dive here. Escorpion stalls on the outside as we see a replay of his big fall to the floor. Maybe UG isn't too tired – he climbs up, top rope rope plancha onto Escorpion! Crowd goes nuts. Escorpion recovers, shoves the camera away. Crowd boos him as UG celebrates in the ring. Escorpion walks up to the ramp, laughing – is he leaving? He's in no hurry to come back. Escorpion slowly walks back to the ring, then runs at UG and chops him. Corner whip, Escorpion rush in and lands a clothesline. Escorpion chops UG hard on the top rope, climbs up, tires that huracanrana again, and this time UG blocks it – superbomb. UG covers one two NO. I think we're out of spots UG needs to get in. Escorpion up first – delayed suplex one two NO. Crowd is really into this. Escorpion slams UG and goes up, but UG is right behind him. Escorpion tripped on the ropes, Guerrero Special one two three.

Announcers talk about the main event and Niebla Roja vs Dragon Rojo for next week.