CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #365 (08/03/2013) 
Recapped: 08/04/2013

Announcers are JCC (first match), Amapola, Roberto (second match) and JCR. This show really doesn't need four announcers.

Match 1: Diamante, Pegasso, Tritón © vs Arkángel de la Muerte ©, Hooligan, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 07/26/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. Tuareg
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:34
Rating: ok
Notes: Isis is with the rudos. Referee is Edgar.

1: Pairs are Triton/Hooligan, Diamante/Arkangel, and Pegasso/Skandalo. Arkangel pulls of a nice foot press tapatía with Diamante. Pegasso is in a very gymnastic mood, and headscissors Skándalo around before kicking him into the ropes for Triton's guillotine legdrop. Pegasso huracanranas Arkangel for a near fall broken up by Hooligan, then Pegasso drops hooligan in the center for a Diamante springboard splash.

2: Triton walks the ropes, nearly loses his balance, but keep it together for a springboard armdrag. Hooligan goes out, and Triton dives legs first thru the ropes for a headscissors on the floor. Diamante monkey flips Arkangel, Arkangel blocks one and puts him on the top rope, but gets pulled off with a middle rope huracanrana for two. Arkangel throws himself over the top rope hard on a missed charge, and calls a timeout rather than do any more. Skándalo chops Pegasso, which turns out to be enough to turn around the match. Dropkick to the backside. Diamante sneaks in an armdrag on Arkangel, but the rudos knock him down. Decent length setup to Arkangel's low blow elbow drop. Triple faceslam on Pegasso looks woefully badly timed, Pegasso's face getting spiked. Skándalo Driver finishes him. Triton's held on the tope for Hooligan's finish and that's it.

3: Low blow dropkick for Diamante. Camel clutch, dropkick to the face on Pegasso. Triton held in the ropes for a dropkick. Pegasso turns around a whip and lands the low blow dropkick on Skándalo (while the rudos just kind of watch from their corner.) Rudos kick Pegasso out, Triton springboard planchas Arkangel, Hooligan kicks him, Diamante springboard armdrags Arkangel. Diamante and Arkangel face off, get off track, and Hooligan gets it back on track. Hooligan kicks Diamante, Diamante superkicks him out. Rudos bum rush Diamante out and avoid the técnico dropkick. Rudos sort of whipped into each other (timing bad) and Triton boosts Pegasso into a dropkick on both. Rudos run for dives, but Hooligan and Isis trip them up and pull them out. Poor Triton gets beat up by Isis, though a Hooligan running kick gets Isis instead. Other rudos try 2 on 1 on Diamante, but he discus a discus clothesline and inside cradles Arkangel for the win.

Isis and Hooligan argue after the match, with Skándalo and Arkangel taking Isis' side.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Místico ©, Titán vs Pólvora, Rey Bucanero, Rey Escorpión ©
Arena Mexico, 07/26/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:49
Rating: good
Notes: ever evolving Titan look update – open mouth mask, cape with chains! Escorpion shows off an Escorpion poster no his way to the ring. Referee is Maya.

1: Escorpion flips Místico with a clothesline early, and the rudos all stomp him down. Announcers actually promote the En Busca de un Idolo show! It must've been an accident. Escorpion grabs Místico, rudos go for a double chop, Místico breaks free, rudos hold up in time, but Escorpion is still annoyed. Rudo knock down Místico anyway, but técnicos springboard headscissors them, and then right by Escorpion for a double tope con giro. Místico and Escorpion in, La Mistica, this one is done already. That was not the smoothest Mistica, though I guess Escorpion hasn't taken many of them.

2: Pólvora spins Escorpion out with a shoulderblock, and Escorpion gets on him with chops. Dorada's mask looks different this week – kind of like Pesadilla's mask, actually. Pólvora backdrops Dorada into a huracanrana on Escorpion, because Dorada is crazy. Pólvora dropkicks Dorada out, Titan springboard dropkicks Pólvora. Corner whip, reversed, Titan kips up and over charge and backflip, then bend under a charge. Wristlock, Titan five bounce headscissors is a bit less steady than usual. Bucanero stops Titan, seems to set up for the Tormenta, but gives him reverse cradle faceslam instead. Místico springboards into face off with Bucanero, but then turns to the crowd to start this own chant. Místico flipping run, headscissors on Bucanero, and then put down by an Escorpion clothesline. Escorpion picks Místico up, slaps him down, and taunts the crowd. Místico flips off Escorpion chest, and gets in a flipping armdrags. Escorpion kicks him down so he can run into the monkey flip to the floor, which looks more painful than usual. Rudos assemble outside, Místico pescados them all, they caught him and dump him. Dorada rope – is caught and dumped into the crowd. Titan, having seen all of this, decides he's going to try a rope flip moonsault on the rudos, and of course he's caught too, throw down on the floor. Replays. Rudos bring the técnicos all back in. Dorada and Titan are tied to together in the center, the ring. Bucanero tries to powerbomb Místico on top, looses him, and they both trip over the pile. They pull themselves off the table and together, hold the técnicos down, and Escorpion stands on top for the submission. That would've been a great shot if Escorpion was facing towards the camera. Replays.

3: Bucanero unties Dorada's mask. Escorpion dumps Místico on the barricade, then whips him hard over the barricade, Místico landing painfully on the other side. He's down for a bit. Pólvora gives Dorada his required high backdrop. Dorada's tossed out of the ring into Bucanero's feet. Rudos set up a careta on Titan. Místico slowly recovers on the apron, takes a breath, then pulls Escorpion off the top rope with a springboard headscissors. Dorada flies in with the floating headscissors on Bucanero, then out with a tope straight head first into Bucanero's midsection. Amapola yelps and talks about how dangerous that was – Dorada just bounced off Bucanero, and could've compressed his neck there. Bucanero and Dorada in, battling to the top rope where Dorada pulls Bucanero off with a middle rope huracanrana. Pólvora breaks up the pin, and tells Maya to calm down with his counts. Dorada torito is blocked into a sit down powerbomb, and titan breaks that up with a springboard dropkick. Pólvora puts Titan up top, flip kicks him in the head, backs up, runs, leaps to sitting position on the ropes, and pulls Pólvora off with a seated Spanish Fly. That was different! Escorpion stops Maya from counting them breaks up the pin. Escorpion ties Titan in a hold, and Mistioc breaks that up with a springboard legdrop. Místico flips Escorpion to the hanging in the ropes, and pulls him off with a springboard headscissors. Místico rolls Escorpion to the ropes and covers him, giving himself some room when Titan and Dorada jump over him to plancha the other rudos. They still break up the pin and turns it around quick. Rudos all suplex the técnicos, one two NO. Escorpion and Místico are the only one who get up, and Escorpion slams Místico. Escorpion goes up, but the técnicos kick him. Rudos comes over, stacked up superplex, Místico stop rope splash on Escorpion, everyone kicks out. Místico and Escorpion stay in, Místico snap huracanrana gets two. Both are very tired., maybe Místico more so. Escorpion kicks him back in the corner, charges, and spears the post. Místico dives off the corner and out with a headscissors onto Escorpion. Other four in, técnicos quickly finish up with their rolls ups for the win.

Replays. And replays.