CMLL on CadenaTres #296 (08/03/2013) 
Recapped: 08/09/2013

Announcers are Enrique and Gerrado for the open. They're running low! Karla turns up fro the matches.

Match 1: Sensei & Soberano Jr. vs Herodes Jr. & Zayco
Arena Mexico, 07/30/2013

  1. técnicos
  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:47
Rating: below average/ok
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Not showing Herodes entrance robs him of about half his entertainment value.

1: Pairs are Sensei/Herodes and Soberano/Zayco, splitting up the youngsters. Normal opening fall exchanges. Sensei beats Herodes the second time thru, thought the sequence to set up seems to involve Herodes being lost (and really doing nothing but sticking out his arm for Sensei to grab.) Crowd likes Soberano's moonsault.

2: Zayco serves as fence post for Soberano's moves, including a push off the barricade headscissors. Sensei and Herodes have a kick battle, aided by Sensei just standing there while Herodes ungainly kicks him. Sensei is much more evasive when Herodes chases him. Rudos take over more or less just because it's their turn to take over. Rudos do little team work and little of note. Herodes finish is halfway between a double knee smash and a silla, and works better than it should given the size difference. Zayco suplexes Sensei to set up his own finish.

3: Rudos double team a bit, though it's still mostly holding and hitting. Soberano takes one monkey flip, then escapes the other on his feet and clothesline Herodes to start the comeback. Sensei quebradoras Zayco, while Soberano does moonsault double knee drop on Herodes back. I think he even meant to do the double knee smash, which is even weirder. Soberano almost get sin the way of Sensei finishing things, but he gets to hold eventually

Match 2: Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Disturbio, Hijo del Signo, Nosferatu
Arena Mexico, 07/30/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:05
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Maya

1: Paris are Pegasso/Signo, Halcón/Nosferatu and then the double teaming starts. They try right for the corner tope sequence, only Disturbio trips up Bala off screen, and then Signo dropkicks Halcón before he realizes what's going on. That there is genuine rudo taking advantage, and Signo finishes Pegasso soon after.

2: Rudos run over the técnicos. Halcón takes a big bump thru the ropes off an easy Nosferatu shoulderblock. Rudos like stomping down the técnicos. Pegasso flips over a double backdrop and leads the rudos int a double chop of Disturbio. Rudos handle him, catch a Halcón plancha, but get knocked over by a Bala dropkick. G11 técnicos dump the rudos, Halcón with a little more force, and a weird submission to boot. Disturbio tries to hide under the steps to get away from Pegasso.

3: Halcón back suplexes Disturbio on the apron (though Disturbio more just goes up and down and lands on his tailbone.) Pegasso quickly armdrags Signo out, and pushed off the apron to headscissors him on the floor. Crowd more mixed about that. Nosferatu gets in a chop before he's held off the apron for Bala's rolling double stomp. Signo gets a knee smash to the front, dropkick to the back, double knee smash to the back and a springboard moonsault/legdrop combo to eliminate him. Disturbio breaks up the técnicos party, but only long enough take Halcon's draping spinning DDT and Pegasso's rarely seen 450 splash.

Match 3: Eléctrico vs Bam BamShockercitoPequeño HalcónPequeño ViolenciaMercurio in a cibernetico match and in a tournament semifinal match and for the Mexican National Lightweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 07/30/2013

  1. Shockercito reinera Pequeño Violencia (7:15)
  2. Mercurio cradle piledriver Shockercito (8:04)
  3. Bam Bam guillotine legdrop Mercurio (10:58)
  4. Pequeño Violencia reverse figure four Shockercito (13:27)
  5. Eléctrico half crab armbar Pequeño Violencia (16:24)

Winner: Eléctrico
Match Time: 16:24
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is – oh, wait, we're doing a battle royal. I'll be back later. I'm going to pour a glass of lemonade while I'm waiting. (Graphic shown, as it all night, for the main event.) Lemonade is delicious, thanks for asking. Battle royal goes 410, with Bam Bam and Eléctrico nearly press slamming Shockercito to the floor before rethinking it. That's team one, team two is Mercurio, Pequeño Halcón and Pequeño Violencia. Bam Bam and Mercurio look almost exactly the same – normal hair, black pants, black shirt. Bam Bam's fatter. Referee is Tigre.

Eléctrico looks better than Halcón in their initial exchange. Bam Bam and Mercurio match up to make it even more confusing – Bam Bam has a little pink and his caveman foot print, and Mercurio has a little purple but not his usual bandanna. Evasion bits with them go well, then they start slapping each other hard. Shockercito quickly dropkick Violencia and does his pose. Shockercito only sort of gets hit by a dropkick to the knee, and rebound armdrags Violencia to one side of the ring. Fireman's escape headscissors sends him out. Halcón sort of stomps Halcón Shockercito as he rolls,but does not look good doing it. Shockercito dismissively shakes his head after Halcón throws him off. Halcón removes his shirt before squaring off with Bam Bam, who is not impressed. Halcón evasion, headscissors, springboard headscissors, Bam Bam out and swinging wildly. Halcón waits for Bam Bam to walk around the side, jumps to the apron, then jumps for an Asai moonsault, overshooting wildly and taking them both into the crowd. Halcón brings his leg on something on the way over and is grabbing it when the camera catches up to him. Meanwhile, Mercurio kicks and superkicks Eléctrico. Corner clothesline by Mercurio, but Eléctrico immediately recovers to pull him down by his hair. Eléctrico flips off of Mercurio, then handsprings into a headscissors. Shockercito runs in, and runs out with a big tope. Everyone pauses here, and not because they're checking on Shockercito, which makes it clear Halcón (or maybe Bam Bam) are supposed to be involved now. Bam Bam is by his corner and tells Eléctrico just to go fight Violencia, who comes in to fight. Eléctrico flips, is easily clotheslined. Violencia tells Bam Bam to back off as he comes in. Halcón is finally up and on the right side of the rail, but limping around. Violencia and Bam Bam continue to hat from a long distance. Halcón has made it back to the apron, but is hurting and goes back to the floor. Replay of his dive – oh, his shins hit the barricade, that's not good. That's how Eléctrico broke his leg, actually. Bam Bam and Violencia resume the match, Bam Bam bending under a clothesline and superkicking Violencia. Bam Bam chops the rudo around hard, Violencia fight back with actually lesser ones. Bam Bam spins thru the rope to fake Violencia out, then immediately connects on a downward dropping dive. Eléctrico and Mercurio continue while Halcón unties his left boot on the apron. Tigre Hispano comes over to check on him. Mercurio's flipped to the apron, chops Eléctrico down, and Asai tornillos into everyone else. Sudden break!

Back just as Eléctrico is moonsaulting Bam Bam. Back in the ring, Halcón can barely stand. Shockercito waits to see what Halcón is going to do. Halcón is going to fall down in the middle of the ring, so Shockercito runs over, puts him in the reinera, and puts Halcón out of his misery. As soon as Shockercito drops him, Halcón grabs his hurt left leg and frantically pleads for medical help. (The fall didn't help.)

Violencia kicks out Shockercito, then stands over Halcón for a moment before giving him room. Violencia gives him a very soft couple of kicks, probably intended to scoot him out of the way. Shockercito head to the top even as help finally arrives, and flying headscissors him while four extra people are in the ring. They leave right away, and Violencia flapjacks Shockercito on his feet. Tag to Mercurio, who lands his cradle piledriver for the elimination.

Halcon is taken out on a stretcher out. Mercurio kicks Eléctrico as he arrives. The match is now técnicos versus rudos, easy enough, and the rudos are beating down the técnicos. Rudos also chop each other by mistake, and Violencia runs into an Eléctrico charge. Bam Bam comes in for more evasion than attacking, but the técnicos do dump the rudos out. Eléctrico and Bam Bam dive on opposite sides at the same time, which the cameras can't keep up with – Eléctrico tope con giro onto Violencia, Bam Bam run up the ropes tornillo on Mercurio (which looked superb, as much as we could see it.) Bam Bam and Mercurio make it back in, exchanging a plancha and a dropkick to the face for near falls. Mercurio casually misses a dropkick in the ropes, hangs himself there, and Bam Bam takes his head off with a guillotine legdrop.

Violencia, the last guy left on his side, exchange chops with Bam Bam. Bam Bam grabs him for an Eléctrico springboard dropkick, but that goes very bad for the técnicos. Eléctrico trips up Violencia and sets up a tapatía – but Bam Bam superkicks him! Did Bam Bam just turns rudo? Violencia inside cradle him before we can find out, but can only get two. Chop kick fight goes Violencia's way. Bam Bam shoves Violencia way to lead on a Bam Bam fan chant. Ba Bam Violencia comes back with kicks an elbows smashes to the face. That's no fun. Violencia drops Bam Bam in the corner, and school boy trips him as he falls backwards out. Violencia covers, but pulls up Bam Bam. Punches on his knee. Whip, reverses, Mercurio flips Bam Bam up, drops him in a spinebuster, and submits him to a reverse figure four.

Eléctrico and Violencia remain. Chops, and an Eléctrico tricky armdrag. Violencia flips Eléctrico out just for Eléctrico come back in with a springboard armdrag. Violencia strikes Eléctrico down on the mat. Violencia and Eléctrico counter each other until a Violencia kick to the chest and laughing splash for two. Eléctrico rolls and hops up for a huracanrana, only to be powerbombed own. Violencia goes to the middle rope for his crowning senton, but Eléctrico rolls out of the way, then back on top for a two count cover. Casadora cradle by Eléctrico, but Violencia escapes. Violencia is just about out of facepaint. His kick is caught and turns into a dragon screw. Violencia catches Electrico's kick, but Eléctrico spins himself, half crabs Violencia and adds an armbar for the win. Crowd approves.

Replays. Announcers note Halcón took out a guy's beer on his dive. They do get a much better shot of Electrico's post-break dive as well as the double dive.

Match 4: Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión vs Euforia, Gran Guerrero, Niebla Roja
Arena Mexico, 07/30/2013

  1. Guerreros
  2. Guerreros

Winner: Guerreros.
Match Time: 8:25
Rating: ok
Notes: Revolucinarios have already jumped the Guerreros as the match is joined. Tirantes is referee.

1: Revolucinarios whip the Guerreros with their own entrance gear. Brawling around ringside. Both teams decided to wear red, which is a bit annoying. Pólvora unmasks his old friend Euforia, Euforia holding the mask in front of him and Tirantes not paying attention to it. Euforia's hair is less gray than it was a year ago! Dragon Rojo is a weird body shape right now, and clumsy enough to fall down while chopping Gran Guerrero. Fans mock him, as they should. Escorpion rips Euforia's mask off of him, and this time its' called for the DQ.

Escorpion is upset for about a second, then his team. goes back to beating up their rivals. Dragon Rojo unties Gran Guerrero's mask.

2: Revolucinarios remain in control thru the break. Euforia must've gone to the back, because he returns with a yellow mask and attacks Dragon Rojo. Rojo can't really stop him, but Escorpion can. Guerreros turn it around on corner whips. Niebla Roja does his corner post shiranu on the same side as Rey Escorpion takes his monkey flip to the floor, and the two nearly collide on the ground. Euforia monkey flips Gran Guerrero into a tope con giro onto Escorpion, then pulls Dragon Rojo back in. Dragon Rojo can not take a clothesline right now. Euforia goes for the mask, but doesn’t get much of it. Pólvora runs away, Escorpion comes in and gets stomped by everyone. Escorpion does duck out of the way of the flipping double heel kick, because that move is dangerous. Revolucinarios turn it around and thrown Niebla Roja into a dropkick, but then Roja and Guerrero grab Pólvora, clothesline him and slide dropkick him off the apron. Revolucinarios retake the ring and double team Gran Guerrero. Dragon Rojo is having a hard time kicking, and prefers to sit and elbow instead. Dragon Rojo carefully spinebuster Guerrero and Escorpion adds his top rope legdrop, but the Guerreros break up the pin in plenty of time. Rey Escorpion takes the flapjack kick and goes out. Dragon Rojo in and then out and held for the Guerrero sit. His midsection looks huge when held, and he's clearly exhausted. Back and forth – Revolucinarios get a turn, pull out a sunset flip reversal dropkick, celebrate, cover eventually, and unsurprisingly only get 2. Escorpion missile dropkick backfires, and Euforia topes Pólvora on the outside. Roja boots Escorpion into the corner, spears the post, and get whipped out by a nice looking Escorpion tope con giro. Gran Guerrero and Dragon Rojo to finish it, the last two guys you want in there. Big boot fight, Gran Guerrero just barley gets Dragon Rojo up for a couple quebradoras (both not on the same page before and after), and Dragon Rojo pulls Gran Guerrero's mask for the DQ.

Revolucinarios beat up the Guerreros, take all their masks (though it takes Dragon Rojo a while to realize he's suppoed to be taking Niebla Roja's.)

Stellar Moments

El Lance: Triton guillotine legdrop on Skándalo

El Triunfo: La Mascara campana on Averno

Lo Espectacular: Mascara Dorada neck breaking tope on Rey Bucanero

El Rudo: Volador Jr. pulls Sombra's mask, beats him.

Lo Doloroso: Misterioso Jr. Gori Special on Stuka jr.

Match 5: Ángel de Oro, Máscara Dorada, Mistico vs Mr. Niebla, Vangellys, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 07/30/2013

  1. rudos
  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:57
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Entrances. Zacarias is with Mr. Niebla, who wastes no time falling off the apron. Referee is Maya.

1: Angel de Oro and Vangelis are innocently chain wrestling when Niebla and Volador decide they're bored and rush across ring to beat up the técnicos. Vangelis goes with it. Niebla slaps Místico so many times, then powerbombs Angel de Oro hard in the center of the ring. Volador & Niebla double backdrop Angel de Oro. Vangelis breaks Místico with a double underhook backbreaker, but Místico kicks out at two. Volador slams Místico, Niebla adds a top rope splash, and Dorada – breaks up the pin. Tigre Hispano counts the pin anyway, one, two, Niebla gets up, Tigre Hispano stops counting and tells Niebla it was only two. Niebla is very upset about this, but Místico crawls away. That was just weird. Volador tossed Dorada to Vangelis for his northern lights suplex, and that's good enough for one pin. Volador Spiral on Angel de Oro needs some work. Zacarias gets in his 619 on Místico.

2: Niebla treats Dorada to his usual sky hi backdrop, and the toss out of the ring into a Vangelis dropkick bit looks really good. Angel de Oro rolls under a double clothesline and dropkicks a rudo start his the comeback, and Dorada peaks it with the floating headscissors. Springboard tope con giro on his feet for Dorada, Oro with a rope fake and a cartwheel moonsault to the floor. Crowd likes that. Místico and Volador in, La Místico, one of his best ones.

Replays, and Místico does a dive off the stage for no reason.

3: Vangelis spears Angel de Oro, but Angel de Oro comes back with the Angel de Oro sequence. Helicopter headscissors sends Vangelis spinning out. Niebla knocks down Angel de Oro and dances amusingly around. Niebla ends up in the crowd after a Oro headscissors, and shows off a Niebla doll. Crowd loud for Volador as he faces off with Dorada. Dorada fakes him out with a handshake. Dorada evades Niebla while Volador watches, and Volador ends up being slapped in the end so maybe he should help next time. Místico headscissors everyone around and tope con giros Vangelis. Rudos screw up double teaming Dorada gain, Niebla spears the post, and Dorada boost Oro into a headscissors on Volador. Técnicos both run, and both dive thru the corner for topes. Místico in with a plancha on Vangelis, torito – is blocked into a sit down powerbomb. One two three. Big upset win.

Niebla parties with the fans. Announcers wrap up the show.