CMLL on CadenaTres #294 (07/20/2013) 
Recapped: 07/23/2013

Announcers, down to three, welcome us to the show.

Match 1: Hombre Bala Jr., Molotov, Súper Halcón Jr. vs Guerrero Negro Jr., Hijo del Signo, Nosferatu
Arena Mexico, 07/16/2013

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:54
Rating: below average/okay
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Halcón/Negro, Nosferatu/Molotov and Bala/Signo. I'm sleepy before I started this match, and it's not a good match to be tired. Nosferatu may have lost some weight, while Molotov does not look as much in body builder form as usual. Could just need a tan? I should leave bodybuidling to the experts. Bala's new weird spot is sitting on the top rope (not buckle) and rolling into a senton. I think that's the idea anyway. Halcón helps out with the double stomp off the apron, which leads right into the end game. Molotov nearly blows his finish.

2: G11 give poor Negro a wheelbarrow faceslam/silla on to the floor. Halcón comes back in to pose, Signo attacks him from behind, and that's the start of the beatdown. It took a couple minutes to sink in, it was very unnoteworthy. It would be a lot of holding and hitting, though it's not as much holding. Did Guerrero Negro get a new haircut? He looks more like a Guerrero, and I don't mean Ultimo or Gran. Rudos gets the crowd's attention by all stomping Bala in the corner, then Nosferatu powerbombs him loudly for a pin. Negro takes care of Halcón.

3: rudos brawl with the técnicos and go after their masks for whatever reason. Signo throws Bala into the barricade as the other técnicos are worked over on the ramp and in the ring. Bala fights everyone, gets stomped down. Crowd gets loud for a low blow dropkick. Signo hits get with a double clothesline meant for Molotov to start the comeback. Bala armdrags Negro, moves out of the way Nosferatu, and tags in Bala for their corner sequence: corner whip, clothesline in, out into a Bala knee, Halcón dropkicks Nosferatu into the corner and Bala jumps off him for his corner tope. Negro rushes over to break the pin and quebradoras Bala. Negro clotheslines Molotov, then he and Molotov kind of reverse whips until Negro sends Molotov in line for a Nosfeartu spear. Rudos line up the técnicos, double top rope splash by Negro and Signo, and that does it.

Match 2: Lluvia, Luna Mágica, Silueta vs La Comandante, La Vaquerita, Zeuxis
Arena Mexico, 07/16/2013

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Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 17:55
Rating: ok!
Notes: Referee is Tiger Hispano

1: Pairs are Luna/Vaquerita, Lluvia/Zeuxis, and Silueta/Comandante. Action is generally steadier than it's been in recent women's matches. The last two try for some complicated spots, and can't get one armdrag to work smoothly, then Tigre Hispano is in the way on another. Other rudas take over after Comandante's dropkicked out, but Luna flips Silueta to safety and drops Vaquerita. Silueta planchas Zeuxis and chases Comandante around while the other técnicas submit the rudas. Lluvia's still using her weird old.

2: Luna knocks around Vaquerita with faceslams and dropkicks. Lluvia is slow on evading a Comandante charge. She still moves, but it looks bad, and Comandante runs her over in the next spot to start the beatdown. Kicks and such. Lluvia takes Zeuxis double knee to the chest/face. Comandante giant swings Silueta around. Luna brought in, sent into the ropes, and then knocked down by Zeuxis' boots when Comandante picks up her partner as if for a side slam and spins her into the tecnica. Timing wasn't great there, Luna had to hold up, but quite the wacky spot. Casadora/legdrop too. Lluvia is spanked, which cause the crowd to roar. Wheelbarrow frontcracker on Lluvia to finish her. Vaquerita drops Silueta with a torture rack into a face first Michinoku Driver, then her partners toss Vaquerita off the middle rope for a super senton.

3: Rudas stay in control. Silueta's draped from the top rope for a Comandante middle rope axhandle. Rudas take turns all hitting each tecnica wildly until the técnicas all fire back with their own wild shots until Zeuxis is the only one left swinging (like Perro Aguayo Jr.) Comandante's dropkicked out, and Silueta's flipped into a plancha on her. Vaquerita goes thru the ropes for a tope con giro, Lluvia's helped to the top rope for a plancha. That's the only one that looked good so far. Zeuxis kicks Luna, has a little problem climbing the outside of the buckles, does not stop to look back, and moonsaults to the floor. Literally the floor, no one was close to catching her. No one was thinking really prepared at all, though I'm not sure why. Zeuxis goes splat face first. Luna's clearly meant to dive here, but everyone (more so the técnicas) is busy checking to see if Zeuxis is alright. Lluvia tries to cover up Zeuxis and carefully scoot her out of the way. Luna walks out to the apron to do a dive off there, but everyone else has given up on the idea and Comandante walks back to the ramp to come in. (Silueta holds Vaquerita near the barricade and “knees” her to kill some time – and also directs a mean hand gesture to someone in the crowd!) Comandante misses clotheslines, go for a chokeslam, Luna tries a casadora cradle, Comandante just bocks it fore three. That could not have been a more obvious abrupt ending.

Zeuxis, who landed face first and still hasn't turned over, is loaded up on a stretcher still that way and quickly taken to the back. Replays include the moonsault.

Stellar Moments

La Llave: Ultimo Dragoncito satellite armbar on Pequeño Olímpico.

Lo Doloroso: Pequeño Olímpico dropping Dragoncito on his head. I don't know what he was trying to do.

El Lance: Triton headscissors on Puma to take him to the floor.

El Tecnico: Diamante Azul tope con giro to the floor

La Combinacion: Místico headscissors, Mascara Dorada tornillo

Match 3: Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Máscara Dorada vs Morphosis, Olímpico, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Mexico, 07/16/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:55
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

1: Pairs are Histeria/Maya, Okumura/Delta, Dorada springboards in on Okumura, Olímpico trips and pulls the técnicos out, and the rudos take over there. Dorada's hung upside and Maya's crotched into his head. Rudos finish Delta soon after. Maya takes an Okumura legdrop and a flipping legdrop from Morphosis.

2: Rudos stay in control for a couple minutes with ordinary stuff, then the Maya gets in quebradora on Olímpico. Dorada and Delta springboard armdrag the other two, then chop dancing Olímpico. Topes by those two técnicos, Sacrifica Maya by the other one.

3: Maya lands the reverse tope, misses a senton and is up so fast to evade Okumura and give him another quebradora. Spinning armdrag sends Okumura into the bottom rope and out. Delta headscissors Morphosis out quickly. Dorada headscissors Olímpico up, easily walks up the buckles and dives off for an armdrag to the floor. Dorada stops to pose and the rudos attack him. Delta planchas the rudos (a bit late as always) and boosts Maya into a dropkick on both of them. Técnicos run – triple dive, Dorada doing a big tope con giro land landing on his feet because he's Mascara Dorada. Delta huracanranas Okumura and Maya adds a top rope splash, but Morphosis breaks it up. Morphosis sit down powerbomb on Maya but Delta breaks it up. Maya trips up Morphosis and elbow drops him, and Delta comes in for a wheelbarrow senton where not everyone seems on the same page. Delta goes for his new hold, only for Olímpico to break it up early. Olímpico dropkicks Delta out, Dorada comes in with a springboard senton con giro but misses, and Olímpico immediately submits him.

History Capsule: Blue Panther.

Match 4: Máximo, Rush, Thunder vs Kráneo, Mr. Niebla, Psicosis
Arena Mexico, 07/16/2013

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:07
Rating: ok
Notes: Mije is with Kraneo and Zacarias is with Mr. Niebla. They should've put Olímpico in this match so the rudos could've all happily danced with each other. Entrances, so it takes five minutes for this match to start. Referee is Maya.

1: Máximo goofs around with Psicosis until Niebla ambushes him with a slap, and the rudos take over right there. Máximo does manage to get his hands on the mascot, but Kraneo soon sixes that, and holds Máximo down for both to get revenge. Double mascot clothesline on (a seated) Máximo! Rush swings at everyone, everyone ducks and stomps him down. Mije tries to splash Thunder, Thunder is far away, Mije motions at him to move (or maybe Psicosis to move him), Thunder doesn't move, and Niebla just shoves Mije off onto Thunder. Thunder presses Mije up, after the face, Mije lands on Thunder again (?), rudos finally move Thunder closer so Niebla can land a middle rope senton. Niebla landed full on him. Rudos beat Máximo for the fall.

2: Niebla out slaps Rush. Thunder awkwardly clotheslines the rudos to start the comeback. Rush sentons Niebla and Psicosis, then shoves Thunder into splash. Rush adds another senton, but Máximo tells everyone to back off so he can faint splash on top. Kraneo tries to break it up with a big splash, but only lands on his partners, and the técnicos pile on for the fall. Multiple people covering is totally legal this fall.

3: Rush puts Mije into the barricade hard and threatens Kraneo. Niebla hugs and tries to do more with edecan Gaby. She laughs it off, but her pants start to slip down in the process and she reveals more than she'd like as he leaves. Showcases go Máximo, Rush, Thunder. Crowd is very happy to boo Rush's every move and Niebla is cheered when he spits at him. Rush immediately superkicks him, and kicks Zacarias he tries to help. Thunder is booed too. Kraneo does a good job making him look good, and catching Psicosis when he's tossed on top him. Niebla takes a big bump off a Thunder short clothesline. Thunder lands his tope con giro onto Niebla, and other técnicos take care of the other rudos.

Rush slaps Thunder in the arm, then Rush and Máximo do their pose away from Thunder. Zacarias assaults the cameraman, or at least the camera.