CMLL on CadenaTres #292 (07/06/2013) 
Recapped: 07/09/13

Announcers welcome us to the show.

Match 1: Molotov & Oro Jr. vs Apocalipsis & Camorra
Arena Mexico, 07/02/2013

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  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:18
Rating: below average
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Molotov's mask looks like Guerrero Maya, if you're really not paying a lot of attention. Maybe it's the added black? Molotov/Apocalipsis and Oro/Camorra are the pairs, the second one better than the first. Rudos double team Oro Jr. in the end game to set up his elimination.

2: Rudo's stay in control. Molotov's hung upside down for a dropkick. Corner clotheslines for Oro Jr. Same attempted on Molotov, but Molotov just means. Quebradoras for everyone, by everyone. Rudos eventually sent into each other. Motolov slams Apocalipsis, then completely overshoots him on his quebrada moonsault. He doesn't bother doing anything else, just covers him like it went fine. Announcer says it was perfect, maybe it was. Meanwhile, I have no idea what submission Oro is meant to be putting on Camorra, but I don’t think he knows either.

3: Oro Jr. headscissors Apocalipsis around, does a neat slingshot flip to the floor that the cameras miss, and headscissors him out there too. Molotov does armdrags. Announcers talk about Doink the Clown. Rudos bumble around, técnicos clean up with their moves. Molotov has no impact on his finish.

Match 2: Hombre Bala Jr. ©, Soberano Jr., Súper Halcón Jr. vs Hijo del Signo, Nitro ©, Nosferatu
Arena Mexico, 07/02/2013

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:45
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

1: An announcer states Nosferatu is the worst of the worst. He's got a case. (He also didn't mean it that way.) He's fine with Halcón to start. Bala and Nitro are next, leaving Soberano and Signo to be last. Soberano impresses the crowd with a tornillo plancha there and headscissors him off. Nitro and Soberano faceoff is amusing because Nitro seems four times as wide as Soberano. Soberano slips on a flip, and gets dropkicked out. Halcón takes out Nitro with a jumping leg lariat, Nosferatu kicks him, Bala takes out Nosferatu but misses on Signo. He turns around to land double knees to the chest on Signo, Halcón adds a missile dropkick and Bala dropkicks him in the back. G11 springboard legdrop/quebrada combo for a pin. Nosferatu in long enough to be tripped into the ropes for Soberano's moonsault.

2: Halcón armdrags a fat looking Nosferatu, then goes out to ram him into the barricade. Bala gives Nitro the dramatic quebradora on the floor, twice. Signo hits Bala as he comes into pose, then hits the técnicos for arguing, and that starts the beatdown. Nosferatu seems to enjoy beating up Soberano. Issues! Rudos wrap up in decent time. Bala turns out to be the captain; rudos know, Halcón doesn't, rudos throw him out them get their hands raised.

3: Rudos dominate for a about 3 minutes to build to a Soberano springboard flips spot, only he slips and falls and the crowd hollars. Crowd can make some noise when ant to. Rudos improvise a hit each other spot, but everyone is really lost as to what do next for a while. It's Signo who's telling Nosferatu want to do and cleaning up the mess, which interesting. Signo gets treated to tho the G11 melody of moves as reward. Soberano returns for a triple pose. Nitro manages to evades two dropkick at once, and then the rudos suddenly win. It's like out of nowhere. Rudos all get their moves, but Signo is on Bala first so he's the only one who counts. Signo stomps Halcón after the match.

Match 3: Hijo del Fantasma ©, Sagrado, Tritón vs Misterioso Jr., Puma, Sangre Azteca
Arena Mexico, 07/02/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:54
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Triton and Sangre Azteca struggle at first on the mat, get better as they go along. Triton thinks they're done after an armdrag and tags in Sagrado, but Sangre insists on more. They do a little more, ending with a zero trip instead. Sagrado and Misterioso are more routine to a stalemate. Puma quickly dropkicks Fantasma in the backside, then Misterioso boots Sangre into another one, and Puma pins the captain.

2: Rudo stay in control. Between Sangre and Puma, this feels like a very Tuareg match. Misterioso sticks with chops and flapjacks. Misterioso has either lot weight or found a better fitting outfit. Crowd very into the ramp dropkick to the backside on Fantasma. Tecnicos turn it around with a Sagrado corner escape. Misterioso slowly spears the post, and Fantasma much speedier topes him. Tecnicos wrap up in the ring.

3: Sagrado does Sagrado things with Misterioso. Puma manages to get in the superkick on Triton, but still gets headscissors off the apron to the floor by Triton. Sangre takes his monkey flips from Fantasma, but Misterioso pulls down the ropes to cause Fantasma to tumble to the ramp. Sagrado springboard dropkicks him, then topes Sangre into the first row. Triton reverse springboard armdrags Puma out, then runs up the corner for a springboard tornillo to the floor. Phantom Armdrag into the armscissors finishes it.

Match 4: Fuego, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. © vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible ©, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 07/02/2013

  1. TRT

  2. técnicos
  3. TRT

Winner: TRT
Match Time: 13:29
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Maya. Comandante is in a TRT shirt.

1: Cometa armdrags Tiger around, Tiger traps him in holds to slow him down, Cometa escapes to more armdrags and a headscissors. Tiger tries to scare Cometa with a shove, and Cometa slaps him cross the ring. Fuego taking on Terrible is a bad match up for Mr. Fuego, as Terrible shows by back elbowing him down easily and stomping all over him. Stuka comes in and yells at Terrible, not that it helps. Terrible slaps Fuego around, and Fuego turns a corner whip into a flying armdrag. Fuego's dumb quebrada gets caught by Terrible, and slammed hard in the mat. Serve him right. Terrible decides to clear out the other técnicos while he's at it. Rudos hang Fuego in the tree of woe, and crotch Cometa around on this head. Tecnicos are locked together, held in armbars, but Stuka breaks it up. Terrible drops him and pulls off the giant swing/dropkick with Tiger. Bucanero adds a senton for the pin.

2: TRT run over the tecnicos. Tiger brings Cometa ll the way up to the steps and drops him face first on them. Terrible beats Fuego off screen. Tiger superkicks Stuka a lot, then goes for his mask. Terrible throws around Fuego. Tiger superkicks Cometa. Team spot with Stuka seem off. He makes good by just going after Terrible, and the rudos get organized puling him off. Rudos do accidentally chop Tiger, and Cometa and Fuego headscissors and armdrag them out. Triple dive spot looks great. Stuka makes it back in first, but gets slapped by Terrible. Comet and Fuego springboard dropkick. Terrible while Stuka fights off the other rudos. Catapult hold sets up the Stuka torpedo splash, and the other técnicos rush off the other técnicos. Revenge brawling after the fall.

3: Stuka and Terrible have a good brawl, ending with Terrible throwing himself out, and Bucanero stopping Stuka form the dive. Bucanero lifts Stuka up in a fireman's carry for another Tiger superkick, then clothesline himself. Fuego takes over, getting in the back bend and over the back armdrag. Tiger superkicks him. That's like his sixth superkick this match! Cometa and Tiger have a fast paced evasion bit leading to a Cometa headscissors. Handspring backflip headscissors send tiger out, Cometa goes for Brillo Dorada, but Terrible shoves him off the ropes and yells at him. Fuego dropkick Terrible and goes for the dive, but Comadante trips him up. Stuka's drops on his face, and the rudos bring the técnicos together for hte triple submission.

Stellar Moments

El Novato: Hombre Bala's corner tope on Super Comando

El Triunfo: Super Halcón Jr. spinning La Rosa on Super Comando

Lo Sensacional: Mascara Dorada toep on Mr. Niebla

Lo Chusco: Anabel slipping on the ramp on her last show

Lo Espectacular: Volador's speaker dive

Infierno en el Ring promo

Match 5: Máscara Dorada, Titán, Valiente vs Averno, Pierroth, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 07/02/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:11
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Titan has new music, which is either his fourth or fifth. He's also got a Avernos/Nakamura style executioner hood. Pierrothito screams over the Pierroth music, causing them to turn down the music though not until he's done talking. We do get Violencia singing the anthem, which cracks Tirantes up. Comandante has switched shirts (or she had the Puerto Rico gear underneath her other one.

1: Rudos jump the técnicos. Titan gets thrown into the barricade, and spins over to land on his head. I don't know how or why. Dorada tries to break his height record on a backdrop. Pierroth punches and chops Valiente up the ramp. Other rudos give Titan a double rebound faceslam and a dropkick to the face. Averno goes for Titan's mask. Pierroth uses a belt on Dorada, and makes limited effort to hide it. Dorada takes the double hiptoss to the stage. Averno goes for Titan's mask again. Running kicks and such for Titan. This first fall seems long, but it's because of the entrances and the one sided beatdown. Averno takes off titan's harness and whips him with that. Tirantes eventually gets around to stopping it. Double back elbow on Titan. Titan, hair spilling out again, sparks the comeback with the handspring side kick. Pierroth dropkicks him, Valiente flying headscissors him, Averno – does nothing, because Valiente is moving out of the way. Titan does a tope con giro onto Pierroth, who utterly fails to catch him at all. Dorada runs the ramp in for a slingshot flip headscissors on Averno, then out for a springboard plancha onto Averno. Volador flips around, Valiente grabs him and drops him with the Valiente buster and that's the fall.

2: Averno stays away from Titan. Volador tries to help, gets kicked down by Averno by mistake. Pierroth tries to the same, gets chopped by Averno. Titan hits Averno once, Averno scuttles away, Dorada attempts to calm Titan down and the rudos kill some time huddling up. Averno and Volador don’t really want to be friends with Pierroth. Dorada and Volador dueling flipping runs, Dorada flipped to the apron and back with a swing kick and a springboard headscissors. Dorada handspring backflips into a pose. Averno ducks out on Titan. Pierroth and Valiente brawl, Valiente headscissors and missile dropkicks Pierroth out (who has trouble navigating the bottom rope.) Pierroth hangs out on the ramp, but Valiente brings him back so they can attack Titan from behind. Volador boosts Titan into a dropkick on Pierroth, who takes it awfully. Titan headscissors Volador, who struggles getting out himself. Nothing like Pierroth though. Averno and Titan in, Titan swing kick back Averno up and headscissors sends him out. Tecnicos all in, triple tope – well, no, because Valiente has to restart his because Pierroth is not at all in the right spot, and then Pierroth of course can't catch him at all. Averno and Volador have an onscreen chat and laugh about Pierroth being in the wrong spot. Replays. Volador superkicks Valiente, backcracker on him. Dorada Sling Blade on Volador. Pierroth powerslam on Dorada, but Titan breaks that up with a springboard legdrop. Titan's chops do not work well with Pierroth. Nothing works well with Pierroth, but that was storyline. Titanics, is somehow now to a disaster and gets three.

Averno takes down Titan and goes to town with punches. Averno rips at the mask, but Valiente breaks it up with a dropkick. Volador back in, bad looking headscissors sends Valiente out, and Volador follows with a pescado. Dorada back in, Averno backdrops him into a crazy tope con giro onto Volador. That could've been the end right here. Titan faces off with Averno one more time. Both point to the crowd. Evasion, clotheslines miss, Titan torito, one two three.

Pierroth is leaving to the back before the fall has been counted, and almost beats Tirantes out. Everyone but Averno and Titan are out of there quick. Titan says he beat Averno once more, and demands an answer on his title match challenge. Averno is sad, but eventually says that since he's a real champion, he'll accept the challenge.

Announcers wrap up.