CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #396 (06/22/2013) 
Recapped: 07/11/2013

Prescript: When La Mascara mentioned being the Invasors two weeks in a row to set up the title match, I was very surprised and had to check my records to see that it actually happened. Perhaps the reason I don't recall it happening is I somehow missed recapping this episode! This is vastly out of order.

JCR interviews the técnicos. Nothing interesting besides Rush saying “Arriba los padres!”

Edecan dance segment #1

JCR interviews Los Invasors. Mr. Aguila is more interested in making fun of Aguila.

Match 1: La Máscara, Rush, Titán vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis
Arena Mexico, 06/16/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:18
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Mije and Monito are in the corners.

1: Pairs are Titan/Psicosis, Rush/Kraneo, though that turns more into Rush putting Kraneo in holds and Aguila breaking it them up and running away. Rush reluctantly turns around, starts wrestling Kraneo, and then runs after Aguila as soon as he gets close to the ring. They exchange punches until Kraneo just flat runs over Rush. Tecnicos try to make the save, but Psicosis attacks them. Rudos work over the técnicos on the ramp until Aguila and Rush make it back to the ring. Aguila evades and headscissors Rush out for a tope con giro. Other four in, Máscara superkicks Kraneo, Titan springboard headscissors Psicosis. Titan climbs up on Kraneo's shoulders, Kraneo blocks him, Psicosis escapes the campana to leave Máscara laying on the mat, and Kraneo throws Titan on the top. That was good team work. Mije drop on Titan, Psicosis senton on Mascara, that's the fall.

Aguila abducts Mije and tosses him onto Rush.

2: Rudos stay in control. Rush gets yanked around by his hair and still won't stop fighting. Rush makes his own comeback after two minutes with a way early corner escape and a hard dropkick to Aguila. Rush follows with a tope con giro. Other técnicos quickly wrap it up.

Edecan dance segment #2

3: Titan does his pose, and is blown up by a Psicosis dropkick. He comes back with the Titanics headscissors, and chases Psicosis out for a (better looking) headscissors. Kraneo/Rush chop fight is fun, though Rush doesn’t let it last too long. Rush takes care of Kraneo, quickly dropkicks Psicosis out, then nearly drops Aguila on his head with his belly to belly suplex. Aguila takes the corner stop slap and the hard dropkick to the face. Mascara evades Psicosis and headscissors him out. Kraneo runs Mascara over and out of the ring, and Rush yells at Máscara to get back in. It's mostly in an encouraging way. Swing kick, missile dropkick bit. Aguila kicks Máscara out, Rush missile dropkicks him out. Rush runs for the dive, Mije distracts, and Psicosis kicks him. Was Mije in too soon there? Rudos whip Mascara, but put their heads don too soon, and it's kicks for everyone. Mascara and Titan out with tope and tope con giro. Aguila and Rush match each other with clothesline and hard slaps to the face. They scream at each other, and Aguila lands his heel kick to the face this time. Aguila celebrates and kicks Monito down. Rush superkicks Aguila, then picks him up and drops him with the Rush Driver, one two three.

Rush steps on Aguila's face and screams at him – no respect! Aguila tells him to sign for a hair match. In the post match interview, Rush says he's not interested in Aguila at all, he wants Negro Casas's hair.

Edecan dance segment #3

JCR interviews Estetas del Aire. Dorada's part seems to be cut out here.

Edecan dance segment #4

JCC interviews Los Guerreros.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero for the CMLL World Trios tournament final match
Arena Mexico, 06/16/2013

  1. Estetas del Aire

  2. Guerreros Laguneros
  3. Estetas del Aire

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:16
Rating: good
Notes: Entrances! Referee is Maya.

1: UG and Dorada shake hands without incident. They battle around to a draw. Euforia and Valiente pull of a bridging reversal spot, though a headscissors out of it does not go well. Euforia traps Valiente in an armbar, and Niebla tags into kick to the arm, which breaks with the technical way the first fall had been going. Valiente rolls thru a Niebla Roja sunset flip and Místico comes in with a springboard plancha on the rudo. Crowd boos immediately. Mistico's spun around into a headscissors on UG, then Roja chops Euforia by mistake. Dorada dropkicks both Euforia and Niebla Roja, while Místico tope con giro UG. Tecnicos wrap it up, Dorada going high speed on his torito off Euforia. Crowd remains less than thrilled with Místico.

Edecan dance segment #5

2: Rudos have taken over. Mascara Dorada takes the gori special double bulldog, then he's swung around into a faceslam. Euforia dropkicks Valiente off the apron. Místico's tossed into the flying kick. Flying sit onto Valiente. Flipping heel kicks and Senton de la Muerte on Mascara Dorada. Rudos whip the técnicos into each other for their new triple submission.

3: Pose off for reactions between the teams. Valiente and Niebla restart, Valiente flipping Niebla Roja with a dropkick, then sending him across the ring on a monkey flip. Roja blocks the next, counters, and Valiente headscissors Niebla Roja out. Valiente steps to the outside of the ropes, flips tot he floor, lands on his feet, then armdrags Niebla Roja over. I think that was supposed to be smoother. Místico backspins headscissors Euforia, but misses a follow up dropkick. Euforia kicks Místico around, then power throws him in the corner. Corner charge test Euforia flipped to the apron Místico jump kicks him to the floor, heads up top, and lands the diving headscissors to the floor. Místico celebrates still being alive. Dorada has a tricky headscissors for UG, but gets flipped to the apron and kicked down. Euforia, Niebla Roja, Místico and Valiente all in at the same time, rudos missing charges and spearing the posts. UG dropkicks down Místico, but misses Valiente, and Dorada gets him with a floating headscissors. Valiente Special! Operacion Dragon! Brillo Dorada! That was some sequence of dives. Crowd approves. Euforia caught Mistico's dive, a lot better than it went the week before. Guerrero and Dorada make it back in first. Dorada corner whips Guerrero, which is a bad idea. UG of course goes up to the middle rope, and Miguel talks about how dangerous this is. UG teases climbing down, Dorada runs in, UG goes back up, and drops him with his front superplex. UG covers, but Valiente breaks it up. UG tells him not to, but too late. UG goes back to covering and Maya resumes covering, but Valiente just pulls him off and goes after his mask. Corner whip, Valiente charges in and corner clothesline UG. Valiente tries to trip up UG, but UG actually wants to be put on the top rope and decides just to lift himself there when Valiente goes for his legs. Valiente climbs up with him, and of course sets caught into a superbomb. Got to get in the spots! Valiente is hurt, but not so hurt that he can't wave in Místico, who breaks up the pin with crushing springboard legdrop to the back of the head. UG rolls over and tags Euforia. Euforia forced Dorada down, but he gets caught into a Místico huracanrana. Niebla Roja breaks that up. Roja misses a charge, Místico sets him on top, and it's Niebla Roja's turn to get in a big move – middle rope cristo slam, Dorada breaks that up. Dorada drops Niebla Roja, middle rope moonsault connects, one two NO. Dorada slaps Niebla Roja hard, goes up all the way up, and his moonsault meets feet. Roja covers one two Valiente breaks it up. Valiente whip, Valiente Breaker one two NO. Valiente fired up and tires to start a fan chant, while Roja tags Euforia back in again. Euforia knocks down Valiente, Dorada springboard planchas him. Euforia dropkicks at Dorada, but gets Roja instead. Valiente clotheslines Euforia out. Dorada and Valiente up – top rope moonsault to the floor. Captains left in, Mistica on Ultimo Guerrero, and that's it. Crowd is happy now, though there are a few boos slipping in late.