AAA TripleMania XXI (06/16/2013) 
Recapped: 06/18/2013

Jesus welcomes everyone to the show. Announcers are Andres, Jesus, Arturo Rivera and Hugo Savinovich. Arturo's voice is better this year but it's not what it was and his microphone is too quiet. Hugo doesn't quite mesh with his partners. Openign video leads into the first match.

Match 1: Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro, Silver King, Taya Valkyrie vs Dinastía, El Elegido, Faby Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:46
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Mamba has backup dancers and a big dance routine. The anti-pirating logo is in the center of the ring. Graphics look old. Mini Abismo Negro is using the Vipers music with Abismo Negro's voice over, and points to the sky in reference to Abismo. The Mini Abismo looks better, or at least I have a better idea of what they're doing. Our video cuts out at the start of Taya's entrance and doesn’t returning until Pimpinela's. That's about 10 minuets of people walking to the ring, which I'm okay with missing. Hijo del Tirantes is referee. Elegido's entrance is surprisingly sedate – though it does pick up when he gets to the ring. Announcers are doing ring announcements from the announce desk. Pimpi wastes little time trying to kiss Tirantes.

Mamba and Pimpinela grab each other by the hair, taking each other to the mat, and everyone else tries to pull them apart. Abismo finally hits on the solution of stomping, and that goes well. They get tangled back up together before the other teams back them up. Silver King slaps Pimpinela to start the actual match. Pimpi responds with a kiss. Abismo gets a backside to the face. Pimpi and Abismo lose their place before Abismo slaps Taya by mistake (and Taya goes all wacky sell.) Walking the ropes headscissors on Mamba. Mamba stops to dance, Pimpi stops him and goes to the corner a corner missile dropkick. Pimpinela looks slow, and also amazingly has the least fancy gear of everyone in the match. Well, Faby's may just be her normal outfit. Elegido in, Mamba feel shim up, and Silver slaps at Mamba for fooling around. Mamba slaps Elegido, begs off a slap, and gets a clothesline instead. Evasion, Mamba misses a splash and Elegido kicks him. Abismo in, posing, and charging into a quebradora. Taya in, clothesline misses, Taya ducks down Elegido can sunset flip her, and Elegido rolls her back in the path of a Silver dropkick. Crowd is either quiet or not really miced. Mamba pulls down Elegido's trunks and we can barely hear a reaction, so it's an audio issue. Elegido dropkicks Mamba out, then stop to do a dance. Minis in, Dinastía flipping all around. Dinastía sends Mamba out with a casadora armdrag, Taya with the back bend headstand headscissors (not much spinning on that) and a springboard backflip into headscissors on Mamba. Silver is the one in, armdrag into a headscissors on him. Silver does not go out though, and lays out Dinastía with a big clothesline. He took Dinastía's head off with that. Dinastía hung in the ropes, Silver King runs back, and forward with a dropkick to the chest. Corner charge, Silver misses, and Dinastía knocks him out of the ring with a heel dropkick. Dinastía up to the top rope, and off with a twisting tope con giro to the floor. Hugo is twice as loud as everyone else, but naturally that way. Faby – who does actually have new gear apparently - takes a cartwheel handspring stunner from Taya. I think that's what it was. Faby chant is the loudest thing on the show so far. She's quick around the ring to an armdrag and headscissors. Abismo cuts Faby off with a slap and celebrates it, then kicks Faby in the backside. Hair yanking. Whip, clothesline misses, Faby flipping spinning armdrag send the mini rudo out. Faby stops to pose and it's Mamba who slaps her in the back of the head. Rudos clear the apron and stomp poor Faby. Brainbuster on Faby. Faby goes out, and Silver beings her right back in for an t-bone suplex, which is shown from the farthest possible camera. Double dropkick to Pimpi's head, and Mini adds a dropkick – Pimpi takes a crazy bump on that. Dinastía is tossed around – belly to belly by Abismo, inverted powerslam from Dinastía, double elbow drop by Mamba and Taya. Rudos slap around Elegido. Corner clotheslines, including Mini Abismo boosting of Silver King's back and the other two crotching Elegido on the post. Chops and punches for Pimpi, but he's sent to the apron quick (as if he wasn't supposed to be in yet.) Instead, Fabi's boosted instead headscissors on Mini Abismo to start the comeback. Silver senton misses, Fabi probably is supposed to duck a double clothesline but Taya and Mamba forget to do it so Faby just kicks Mamba in the direction of the next spot. Dinastía lands his springboard dropkick on those two, and Elegido clotheslines Mamba and kicks Taya in the backside. Match settles down. Pimpi headscissors Silver, but Tirantes stops him for diving and they argue. Mamba dropkick Pimpi, but misses a charge on Dinastía and throws him out. Dinastía follows with a top rope moonsault with a twist onto him. Faby fights off the masked rudos, flips Abismo to the apron to the floor, but Silver blows her up with a dropkick. Silver runs, and gets scooped up into an Elegido samoan drop. Elegido dropkicks Silver out, and almost goes over him on a tope. Silver was way too close to the ring there. Pimpi walks the ropes with Taya hold on and leaps off with a springboard tope con giro onto the pile below. Taya gets in her top rope moonsault last, almost overshooting the pair. Faby's the only one who doesn’t help catch, rushing over to kick Taya and brings her back in. Rolling reverse armscissors, but Taya escapes. Taya tosses Faby with a powerbomb and teases her moonsault. Taya goes up, moonsault sort of his Taya's feet. She wasn't really that close. Tiger (“double underhook”) suplex one two three.

Replays. Marisela Pena is introduced at ringside. Announcers talk among themselves.

Match 2: Chessman vs Heavy Metal in a Number One Contenders Match for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: Heavy Metal
Match Time: 8:37
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Chessman has a crazy Game of Thrones outfit. Lokillo is with Heavy Metal. Probably a bad sign for Chessman that his biggest rival – a table – is already at ringside. Metal kisses the urn and holds it up. It's totally different urn than usual. I don't know what that means. Copetes is referee. Chessman drops and stomps Metal before the whistle.

Chessman slams Heavy Metal, and goes out for a couple chairs. Chair shot to the back really clips the back of Metal's head too. Copetes will allow it. Chair tossed on Metal, and another chair thrown on top. Whip, chair shot to the head. Kick to Lokillo, who has a mini guitar. Suplex, Chessman covers, one two NO. Metal hasn't even taken his shirt off. Whip, clothesline. Arturo is talking about TripleMania in Los Angeles and in Japan while Chessman this Metal with another chair. Evasion, and Metal gets in a clothesline. One more clothesline. Dropkick misses, Chessman kicks Metal in the back. Chessman goes out and set up the table. Hugo says Mesías/Texano was the best match on the WWL show. I agree! Back inside and more stuff with the chairs. Chessman kicks at Lokillo some more. Chessman seems to be killing time suddenly, but then he picks up Metal and walks him to the ropes near the chair. Whip the other way, quebradora, Metal tries to escape on his feet and lands on his one knee, but dropkicks Chessman away. Metal looks shaky, but runs and follows out with a rope grab tope con giro. Replay of that. Both back in. Chessman whipped towards the table, grabs the ropes, Metal charges, Heavy Metal flipped to the apron, Chessman off the ropes and a spear out of the ring to sent them both thru the table on the floor! Table actually broke right! End the match, it's not going to get better. Chessman gets a ladder, throws it in, and then decides to bring in Metal for a cover. Two count. Couldn't have thought it would work, or why would he bring in the ladder? Draping DDT, two count. Chessman sets up the ladder in a corner, and hits Heavy Metal with another chair. Whip, reverses, Chessman slides past and around the ladder, Metal chases, Chessman comes back in and grabs the midget. Midget thrown at Lokillo – and Chessman spears Metal into the ladder while he's holding on! Metal drops Lokillo before he's hit. Chessman pulls Metal free and covers him, but Lokillo goes to the second rope and breaks it up with a middle rope headbutt. Chessman angrily chases him - vicious guitar shot to Lokillo's head! That was brutal. Replay of that. Doctor runs out to check, but the match goes on. Chessman sit down powerbomb, one two NO. Metal seems to be limping. Whip, Chessman scoops Metal up on his shoulders, Atlantida into a front backbreaker one two NO. Chessman goes up – moonsault CONNECETS. Chessman decides to go for a second? Tornillo moonsault misses! Casas casita one two three – they couldn't get Copetes on camera to show the count, but you could hear it.

Metal celebrates big despite his friend being strechered out. Lots of replays.

Announcers ask the crowd who they want to win. Seems like these minute or two intermissions between matches are a thing.

Match 3: Angélico & Jack Evans vs Drago & Fénix and Daga & Psicosis and Crazy Boy & Joe Lider and Mr. E & Sexy B for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: Mexican Powers
Match Time: 20:15
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Mexico Powers are in white sport coats, green ties and, red shirts. Niño is with them in a slightly different color scheme – they couldn't find a coat for him, surely. Crazy Boy brings in a kid to dance. They're listed as “Mexico Power”. Drago has a gold outfit. Fenix had a music group sing him out with a new rap song and is a wearing a letterman's jacket. He's got his Fusion title. Angelico has his usual gear. Maybe it's a new pair of pants with false pockets, tough to tell. Jack definitely has his usual gear, and hugs people at ringside, bunny eared fans among them. The font they're using makes H and K's look the same, so it's nearly JACH EVANS on the screen. Psicosis is in his normal gear, though Daga has a big robe. He's got his title belt too. Psicosis has his stapler. Mamitos come out last with two of the Reinas del Ring, and Hugo handles the ring announcement. Piero is referee.

Most of the guys are standing in the ring and fighting, so they start by showing Psicosis and one of the Mamitos outside the ring talking. Los Gringos clear the ring, Fenix and Drago come in to face them, Angelico high knees Drago, lifts him in a Gory Stretch, Jack dropkicks Drago into a moonsault on Fenix, and Angelico Gori Specials Drago on top of Fenix. Jack adds the Viva Mexico splash. Arturo's mic has been fixed! Mexipowers in, Lider eventually getting Angelico with a jumping STO. Crazy Boy thrust kicks Jack and comes off the middle rope to give him a cutter, then gets in another one while Jack is on his knees. Mamitos in. Crowd boos their existence and everyone reacts a bit. Mamitos stomp down the Mexican Powers to boos. One guy – let's decide he's Sexy B because the announcers are no help – gives Crazy a side slam. Drag and Psicosis hit the Mamitos with chairs. Corner charges on both guys. Drago and Fenix take their turns and take out the Perros with various kicks. Fenix adds a handspring cutter to the growing collection. Drago holds Psicosis' face for a Fenix kick to the face. Enziguri /German suplex combo on Daga, but Piero is slow to get down to count. Jack breaks it up anyway. Angelico in as well – they're just keeping two teams in at all times, with every else coming. Masks guys get in chops, but Jack and Angelico come back with kicks. Angelico and Jack line them up together for a Jack move, Lider breaks it up with back suplex, Jack lands on his feet and handstand heel kicks hon the pie. Daga in, but kick and swung kicked in the face into the pile. Back flip kick on Crazy Boy adds him to the title. Sexy B – Hugo screams so we know – takes a lot of kicks to go down. Double headkick by the Gringos. Jack stands on top of the pile, does his Viva Mexico twisting moonsault and Angelico does a double stomp on top of the pile. That was a better idea than it looked, but it was still kind of funny. Everyone rolls out right away, and Jack follows with a springboard twisting tope con giro. Angel does a dive out the other side, but we only see the end of it. Replay of Jack's dive, and then Angelico's turns out to be – the dive over the ring post! He made it! Angelico back in with the Mamito. Sexy B gives Angelico a less than impressive GTS, and Mr. E adds a jumping side kick. Mamitos have trouble setting up a powerbomb/reverse neckbreaker combo, and don’t quite have any timing. That might have hurt more because of it. Three count, and Angelico and Jack are done.

Perros del Mal dropkick Los Mamitos, who struggle to crawl out of the ring. Crowd chants for the Perros as they discuss things, and they acknowledge the cheers. Mamitos pick up chairs, and the Perros slide dropkick them into their faces. Daga and Psicosis signal dives, run for dives, slow down near the ropes, and the Mamitos hit them with chairs. Not so great chairs. Mamitos roll back in the ring, where they're met by the Mexican Powers. Brawling does not go well for the Mexicans, who are giving up a couple of inches here. Spot where the técnicos are supposed to be whipped in to each other is badly mistimed, and the Mexican Powers are on their own to recover. Mr. E, let's say, breaks thru a double clothesline and lands his own, because the Mexicans are puny. Fenix rushes in and gives Mr. E a Shining Wizard. Masked técnicos turn to Sexy B, expecting him to get involved, and turn back around to hit Mr. E until he finally does. Again, Los Mamitos win the brawl with punches. They're wrestling a different match the other guys, and not really that good with it. Técnicos avoid corner charges to turn it around and trip the rudos in opposite corners. Fenix flips Drago into a headstand double knee on one guy, and adds a dropkick on the face on the other. Camera can't quite keep up with that. Sexy B turns it around by himself, but the Mexicans are able to turn it back with kicks again. Fenix missile dropkick Mr. E while sentoning Sexy B. Both técnicos up in the same corner, maybe a two man double stomp spot but Drago doesn't come close to connecting. Drago covers while Fenix holds off his partner, and that's three. Crowd is happy.

Daga and Fenix in, Daga landing a dropkick to the head. Two count. Corner whip, reversed, Daga get a boot up, Daga to the middle and off with a super headcrusher. Fenix is shook but not down – Alberto Del Rio style armscissors does take him down. Drago immediately double stomp Drago to break it up, but Psicosis hits him in the head with a chair. Psicosis gets the stapler and signals using it, but Lider throws a chair in his face. Shot to Daga too. Daga superkicks Lider to stop him, kip under a Crazy Boy clothesline, and enziguri's Crazy out of the ring. Daga signs and then leaps over the top rope with an awesome looking tope con giro to the floor. That leaves Psicosis vs Daga, yet again. Chop fight, Lider with forearms, ducks a clothesline, kick to the midsection, running kick to the head. Lider screams, while Psicosis staggers around. Lider misses a clothesline (in theory) and Daga pulls him out. Daga sets Lider over the barricade and Psicosis goes up – crazy flying elbow drop to the floor. Fenix gets in runs, and Daga flips him with a clothesline. Good plan, Fenix. Drago in, but Daga kicks him and brainbusters him. Daga waves Psicosis back in, but Psicosis is hurting. Maybe you'd like to end this by yourself, Daga? Nope. Daga has a good set up for the fourth cutter of the night (slingshot.) The doctor is coming to ringside to check on Lider. Why is the doctor never just there at ringside? What else is he doing? Daga pins Fenix, but the camera miss it and only show the reaction to the two count. Psicosis is climbing up anyway, so he can still sort of land the Arabian press. One two NO. Psicosis goes for the hair, but Lider stops him and they argue. Psicosis with a lot of face slaps, then slaps to the back, then kicks to the head. I think we were supposed to be impressed by some of those, but Lider didn't sell them any different than usual. Lider back with one big forearm to knock Psicosis out. Lider pulls down his straps. Whip, Psicosis grabs the ropes, flips Lider to the apron, Daga attacks but Lider grabs him and pulls him of with Spanish Fly mostly missed by the camera. Psicosis misses the corner dropkick in a painful fashion, Crazy Boy picks up a chair and hits him. Half straight jacket inverted death valley driver (kind of a piledriver) one two three.

Someone starts to play the Mexican Powers music and Jesus starts to call them champions. Reading a head, I see. Drago attacking Crazy Boy is a signal the match is not over. Drago has gold paint on which I didn't notice. Lider tosses Fenix off the apron and comes back in to face Drago. Crazy lead cheers at ringside. Drago runs the ropes really fast, flips over Lider and the spinning DDT doesn't come off well. Lider spikes himself, because he is Joe Lider. At ringside, Psicosis has taken off his mask and spiked into the ground because he's Psicosis. Psicosis nearly attacks a security guy, or at least scares the guy into thinking he's going to attack. Drago dropkick Lider out, and follows with a running slingshot tornillo. Psicosis shoves a camera away as he walks out. Crazy and Fenix trade faceslaps, Fenix scoops him up for the stampede into the corner. One two NO. Fenix points at Crazy and climbs up. Crazy trips Fenix and loads him in the same half nelson over the shoulders bit as before, but this time into a facecrusher, then holding on for a neckbreaker. That counts for two moves! One two NO. Crazy Boy slaps the mat to get the crowd into it. Corner whip, Crazy Boy charges in, Fenix kicks him in the face, middle rope jumping kicks to the side to the face. One two NO. Arturo brings up Jake the Snake Roberts for some reason (TripleMania, but not thing to do with this match), and Jesus hilariously just sort of says okay and moves on. Drago stops Lider from getting involved with a dropkick, then steps out as crazy and Fenix sets up more spots. Fenix is bent over the middle rope and puled back in with a neckbreaker, Drago breaks up the count at two. This time, Lider kicks Drago out of the ring and they both stay out of the way. Fenix tries standing on Crazy's back, can't get up once, tries it again, and ropes into a Code Red. One two Lider breaks it up. Drago stomps Lider out and leaves. Crazy Boy hiptosses Fenix out. Crazy Boy calls for a dive, but Niño comes and asks to do again. They look at the crowd, who's totally okay with it, Niño runs, and Drago kicks Niño as he's coming thru the ropes. Drago was waiting the whole way. Niño falls down hilariously. Crazy check on him, and Fenix superkicks him. Crazy and Nino out, and Fenix follow with a double springboard tornillo! Camera lost him on the way up, he went too high. Announcers says Fenix went out around two times. Lider signals for a dive, but Nino comes in and asks again. Niño pulls something out – a sandwich! Now that Niño is powered up, he can land the ropes tope con giro. What a weird spot. Lider misses a corner charge, Drago nice top rope tornillo moonsault one two NO. Drago heel kicks Lider three times, off the ropes, Dragon flipping DDT is badly mistimed, one two NO. Drago off the ropes, easy clothesline grabbed and turned into a Lider Storm one two three.

Now they cane play the music. People at ringside dance. Mexican Powers get their hands raised. They get 45 seconds of celebration, from the moment the three count is made, before the lights are turned off so Vampiro can make his appearance. Priorities. Vampiro is bald and looking old. He's wearing a heavy jacket, but looks large underneath. Vampiro has the belts. Vampiro says he won the belts with Lider, the only title he ever won in AAA. Vampiro explains Dorian and Konnan never gave him a chance to defend the titles. Oh I see. Mexican Power are literally standing in the dark while the only spotlight is on Vampiro. Vampiro shed a little light on them by giving them the belt. Vampiro hugs Lider. Konnan's music plays, and the announcers about have a stroke. Konnan reminds us about headlining TripleMania, and Vampiro shaving Pirata Morgan's head in Arena Mexico. I have no idea why, but he got to call Paco Alonso a “naco” so that's a reason in itself. Lots of security in the ring as Konnan complains – he didn't like Vampiro taking a shot at him. I don't know if Crazy Boy & Joe Lider are still in the ring. They may have left in the dark. Vampiro is not happy with the security, but kisses up to the people. Oh, Lider's still there. Vampiro says he was bigger than Konnan. Now Vampiro's jacket doesn't look so bad, maybe it was just in a odd way earlier. I still don’t want to see him wrestling, but this build to Konnan shoving Vampiro. Mexican Powers get in the middle. Konnan eventually bails. Konnan gives the crowd the middle finger as he walks away. They finally restart the Mexican powers music, and they hug Vampiro. Lider tries to teach Vampiro how to do the Mexican Powers dance, but Vampiro tries to get out of it. We don't get to see how this turns out, because they show a lot of long shots of the building, and then replays of the finishes.

Match 4: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan, Monster Pain
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:42
Rating: bad
Notes: Monster Pain's music is a lot of S&M whips and a girl yelling, which doesn't quite make sense if Monster Pain's manager (Glenda Lee) is supposed to be the mistress. That's probably low on the list of problems with Monster Pain. Richard Negrin from their vignette (and the guy funding WWL) is with them with the WWL belt. It's unclear why Monster Pain needs two managers. Matt Morgan has a gold robe that's not explained at all here, and a USA flag in case he forgets what country he's from on the way to the ring. Oh, he does remember to show it off, backwards. A random person from TDN interviews him for two seconds. Was this on TDN? I have no idea. Jeff Jarrett throws tortillos out, yet again. People throw popcorn back at him. Karen tries to get at Marisela and Jeff holds her back. This is very exciting, to someone. Karen does finally throw popcorn at her. Circus performs come out to the Loony Tunes music. A circus saxophone player? I dunno. The unicycle guy is really struggling. Dave The Clown is part of the guys at ringside! The unicycle guy can actually sit on his seat and peddle it’s hilariously bad. Mexican Powers have sombreros and sarpes. And bottles of tequila, I think. Psycho Circus have their IWL and AAA titles. And Mini Clown, I guess. It's a 11 minutes from the start of the segment to the whistle blowing. Referee is Tirantes.

Rudos all leave to the ramp side, then get up on the apron to be knocked out. Camera sticks on the rudos, so we see Monster and Psycho diving in on them from off camera. Everyone gets together in a huddle, Tirantes helps Murder to the top rope, and lands a plancha on all of them. Replay of that. Clowns celebrate, and all the rudos huddle together on the outside. There are many managers as people in the match. Jeff's plan is to stand on the ropes and wave the American flag. Matt Morgan and Murder Clown in. Faceoff. Morgan talks a lot. Moran shoves Murder Clown. Murder shoves him back. Lots of talking. Murder off the ropes, shoulder to Morgan, barely budged. Murder tells Matt to try. Hey, stretch this as long as you want, it's for the best. Same deal, Murder barely moved. Murder ducks a clothesline and knocks Matt over. Clothesline. Morgan walks to the ropes and Murder clothesline him over from behind. Morgan was going to do it anyway, Murder put him over. Crowd chants for Psycho, but it's Monster who comes in next. No one comes in for the rudos. Jeff finally comes in. Posing. Monster dropkick misses and Jeff points to his head. Strut. Psycho in and clothesline Jeff as he turns around. Psycho does his Psycho Stomp spot, but since Tirantes and Monster Clown are the only two guys in his path with any idea what he’s doing and it doesn’t come off well. Psycho misses a clothesline, but runs Jeff into a Monster quebradora. Double clothesline sends Jeff out. Clown pose. Jeff and Karen kiss. Monster Pain in and chopping and kicking everyone. Big face off with Murder Clown, but Matt Morgan attacks Murder from behind before this goes anywhere. Rudo beatdown. Jeff runs Monster into the barricade near Marisela. Morgan headbutts Psycho and short clotheslines Monster. Morgan just looks like a guy here; not as bad as Rob Terry, but nothing impressive. Jeff uses the tortillo on Monster. That would power Niño Hamburugesa up. Jarrett throws more out to the crowd as Psychos' slammed. Monster is doing a lot of walking and standing. Psycho leads the crowd in chants at Jeff. Food being thrown back into the ring. Morgan backs Psycho in the corner and hits him with repeatedly back elbows. Monster Pain follows with a splash. Matt one foot pins Psycho, Tirantes really doesn't want to count, eventually does, and only gets two. Matt argues with Tirantes about it. Monster Pain punches people. Rudos choke Murder. Crowd starts a Psycho Circus chant. The women kick Monster on the outside. Monster grabs Glenda and teases a punch, but Tirantes breaks it up. Negrin shows up late to get in a (horrible) belt shot, which is double bad timing because they show that instead of Murder's big double clothesline on the rudos start the comeback. Monster, after taking the weak shot, hides behind the announcers for no particular reason (except the guy who hit him owns the other promotion.) This is a problem, because the Clowns are waiting to do trios moves, and they just kind of wait until Monster comes back to the ring. Questionably low dropkick for Matt. Flying sit on Pain. Murder press slams Jeff. The announcers agonizingly talk over each other to get in their signature spots, just to make this a bit more unbearable. Richard Negrin comes in the ring, for absolutely no reason, and the Clowns stomp him. Karen goes back to yelling at Marisela, with one camera crew already waiting for a shot and another sprinting around the ring to make sure they get the shot. Marisela stops Karen by yanking her around by the hair, and someone standing next to her pours a drink on Karen’s face. Announcers go crazy as if this is the most amazing thing that has ever happened. Karen brought in, and the Clowns try to put on with that. Murder may have tried to kiss Karen, it wasn't clear what was going on. Glenda takes Psycho’s tope rope low blow headbutt drop. Rudos suddenly return to attack the clowns, but the cameras miss that spot too. Monster Pain gives Monster Clown an urange, Matt Morgan chokeslams Murder Clown, and Jeff covers Murder for the win.

Rudos take the técnicos masks, which the announcers are slow to pick up on. (Arturo is the one figuring it out.) Lots of replays of Marisela and Karen, the important people here. Clowns somehow get their masks back, despite being buried under flags. Their music plays after the match. They leave, and there's plenty of dead time for no reason. Crowd does react to something we don’t see, because they’re showing the giant wide screen instead

Match 5: Heavy Metal vs Texano Jr. for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: Texano Jr.
Match Time: 11:40
Rating: ok/good
Notes: The title match is sponsored. Pepe Casas is with Heavy Metal, who goes to the announce desk to rant. I think he dedicates the match to Hector Garza in there. Texano has all the sparkly fireworks, and there are dancing people around the ring. Nice Texano outfit. Silver King is with Texano as his second. Metal has a real cape this time, as opposed to the t-shirt one, almost as if he knew he would need a better outfit for later. Maybe he was just confident. Copetes is referee.

Quick exchange of holds while Arturo brings up Jerry Estrada. Texano and Chessman trade leg holds, eventually rolling themselves to the ropes and then to the floor while still battling over knee bars. I like how Copetes is going to count these guys out, but tables are totally legal in the other matches. The two start to fight on the floor, but Metal puts a stop to it and brings them back in. Metal is limping Texano is not. Texano dropkicks Delta in his right knee, and stomps the knee. Sit on the leg and twist. Toe hold. Metal out to a reverse hammerlock, Texano gets free on the mat. Both up, and Texano kicks Metal in the leg. Texano kicks Metal in the head. Metal's right leg wrapped around the middle rope, and kicked. Texano gets the bull rope, points Copetes at the crowd, and whips Metal with the bullrope into Metal's right foot. One more shot to the knee. Hilarious that Texano thinks he needs a distraction. I have no idea what Copetes could be looking at. Texano ties the rope around Metal's boot as he puts on a hold, but Metal has the ropes. Copetes points to the ropes, and Texano takes his time letting go. Copetes argues with Pepe Casas – maybe that's who he was talking with before. Texano argues with him too, then drops the bullrope in the ring. Texano grabs Metal by the hair and looks around. Whip, flapjack (Andres: “El Brainbuster!”), Metal gets up and Texano kicks him in the head. Texano chops Metal couple times. Whip, Heavy metal huracanrana one two NO. Metal up, hurting. Corner whip, reverses, Texano hits the corner, Metal pulls him out, casita, Texano roll out, casita of his own, Metal rolls out, tries for another, Texano shoves him off, small package one two NO. Crowd is making little noise. This would be getting over better in CMLL. Texano spins for a big punch, but Heavy knocks him down with the Heavy Punch. No reaction, though Arturo does doe a good job with it. Hairpull crossface probably isn't legal, but Copetes doesn’t care. Texano crawls to the ropes, crawls, and Silver King helps pull him all the way there. Copetes makes sure to distract himself before he does, but is still talking to Pepe Casas while Texano has the ropes. Copetes points on a count – because you can get disqualification in a title match for keeping a hold on too long when someone has the ropes, but chairs and ladders are cool. Metal scoops and slams Texano, middle rope elbow drop, one two NO. Copetes is even doing the CMLL slow count. Corner whip, reversed, Texano charges in, Metal flips him to the apron, Texano slaps Metal back, climbs up, Metal climbs up with him, superplex. One two NO. Crowd making some noise now. Heavy Metal slams Texano and climbs up (Texano helpfully moving close to the ropes), Metal middle rope senton misses. Texano gets up and smiles. Texano scoops up Metal by the legs, sit down powerbomb, but Texano does not hold on to cover. Texano gives the thumb across the throat and indicate he's going up. Why would he ever do that? He never does that. Texano climbs up facing out as slowly as possible so Metal can dropkick him out. Metal up, and out with a top rope con giro to the floor. Metal connects, but hits his knee on the floor and grabs it after he comes in. Metal whip, corner clothesline, Texano sets up on the middle rope, frankensteiner, one two NO. Metal puts on a reverse armscissors immediately. Texano escape enough to roll Heavy Metal on to his shoulder for a two count. Metal lets go shortly after. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Texano set up on the top rope, Metal goes for the franekensteiner again, and or course Metal reverses it this time. Super Terrible Clash! One two three.

Silver King and Texano celebrate while Pepe Casas disputes the finish and checks on Heavy. The Reinas bring the title to the ring. Metal complains about something and gets kicked down. The doctor checks on him. This goes on for a while. It's 4+ minutes after the match when the Villanos music plays and the announcers go crazy for Ray Mendoza Jr. Ray Mendoza backs the Consejo guys back to the ring, and hugs a now recovered Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal borrows the microphone to give Texano Jr. credit for the win and asks for a handshake. Texano backs away, which is shown in a way where's it hard to tell what happened. Mendoza says Texano beat some excellent people, but he would like a shot to show his experience is enough to win the title. Texano talks about how great Ray Mendoza – was, in his era, but it's Texano's era. He beat Mesías in Mexico and Puerto Rico, he beat Blue Demon, and he beat Heavy Metal. Texano's so great, he'll accept the challenge. Ray Mendoza says Texano Sr. was a great luchador, and he'll show his kid something. Patronizing pat on the cheek. Silver King backs up Texano before he kills and old man. Announcers talk about Texano's open challenge.

Joaquin Roldan out to talk about how they add a member to the Hall of Fame every year. This year's induction is a wrestler who passed away six years ago, Abismo Negro. Crowd claps, and an Abismo chant starts. Abismo Negro highlights play on the screen, though it takes a while to pick up that video. It's mostly the footage from right before his death, with a lot of Antonio Pena thrown in. Abismo Negro's wife, son, two daughters, and Mini Abismo Negro come to the stage. Mini Abismo is back in his street clothes and helps unveil the plaque. Abismo's wife is crying a bit. Joaquin reads the inscription and presents the family with a smaller plaque. Abismo's wife thanks the Pena family and the fans on behalf of her family. They play Abismo's music one more time as everyone leaves.

Match 6: El Mesías vs Blue Demon Jr. for the AAA Latin American Championship
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: Mesías  
Match Time: 19:11
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Demon is proceeded by a drum/lights performance in the ring, and has green torches as part of his entrance. Axel is in his gear even though he's not wrestling. Demon has huge headdress. Mesías is in a red devil knight outfit, and Hugo walks out with him. Maybe it's a samurai outfit? He has the sword. Blue Demon's right shoulder is taped up. Referee is Piero.

Lockups lead to a quick Mesías cradle for one. Mesías holds Demon down in armbar for a bit, and Demon is able to pull him over into a cradle for two. Mesías get up top for two. Both go for takedown, Demon gets it, Mesías armscissors, Demon blocks it from behind extended and escapes a pin. Mesías rolled to his stomach, Demon tries for a Triangular del Solar but can't get Mesías up. He switches to a modified STF. Demon turns Mesías around and set up an Indian deathlock, but Mesías pushed Demon back in the face. Back and forth on holds with nothing staying on too long or that strongly. Mesías tries to back bridge out of wristlock, and Demon keeps kicking out Mesías' leg. Mesías armdrags Demon away, both get up, and they go head to head. Lockup. Double wristlock leverage spots, leading to zero trips before another face off. More trash talking this time. Circle. Mesías headlock, takedown and rolling Demon over for a couple near falls. Crowd is very quiet. Up their feet, and Mesías knocks Demon over with a shouldernlock. Off the ropes, over, under, Demon clothesline is easily fed into a crucifix cradle, Piero leisurely walks over to count it for two. Mesías hiptoss, charge, and demon throws Mesías down by his neck, spinning him around on his face. Demon off the ropes, over, and into a Mesías dropkick. Demon slides out, Mesías runs, and lands his head down tope into Demon. No reaction of this. Axel and Mesías argue for whatever reason. Replays of the dive. Demon up on the apron, Mesías misses slow swing at him, turns around, comes back, Demon shoulder him in the midsection, Demon sunset flip in, Mesías rolls thru and dropkicks him one two Demon grabs the ropes. Mesías chops demon in the corner for a while. This is a slow match. Punch to the face. Mesías stops and poses. Crowd cheers. It's again tough to tell if no one cares, or if the sound is just not getting to the microphones. Corner whip, Mesías runs into an elbow, runs into a boot, and Demon comes out to bulldog him. Demon slams Mesías and start to go up, but Mesías pulls him back down and gives him a Russian legsweep. Two count. Mesías stomps Demon and climbs up, but Demon easily pushes him over to the floor. Demon out to the apron, taking a few breaths as Mesías gets up. Bowling ball tope con giro to knock over Mesías. Crowd shot shows a lot of people not reacting. Demon gets back in the ring first, and suplexes Mesías in. Demon covers, one two NO. Demon whips Mesías ducks a couple shots, then superkicks Demon. One two NO. Demon northern lights suplex one two NO. This would be an exciting match if it wasn't happening in library. Well, closer to exciting. Demon connects on a high knee to Mesías face, but then runs into a powerslam for two. Three people chant for something, and sound five miles away. They do find some Demon fans. Demon struggles with small package for two. Demon kick DDT, then slowly back to his feet, then back down to cover Mesías. Crowd is whistling a bit. Demon climbs up to the top rope, but Mesías slaps him. Mesías backs away to try and get the crowd into it, then climbs up. Top rope superplex, Mesías crawls on top, two count. Announcers are doing better without Hugo, though it's more the usual two doing their stuff and Arturo speaking very infrequently. Mesías pulls Demon near the corner, and goes out to the apron to pose before doing his plash. Mesías takes forever, then falls off the top rope into Demon's boots. That was weird looking. Demon covers, only two. Devil's Wings by the Demon, one two NO. Crowd reacted a lot on that one. Corner whip, Mesías slides to a stop, and chops Demon in the face. Cover, two count. They've been just taking turns on nearfalls for about fives minutes now. Demon's turn, frankensteiner for two. Crowd getting loud on that one. Mesías' turn, sit down faceslam – oh, he's going up too. Crowd seems to be booing. Mesías again takes time to pose on the apron. It's more a matter of this match's speed than being a rudo, though the crowd does boo. Mesías top rope splash – well, it misses, but they play it hit Demon's knees. Demon puts on a tilted scorpion with armbar. Announcers are going crazy for this hold we never see in AAA. Mesías refuses to give for a while, then gives up. Crowd does react strongly for the finish.

Demon gets less than a minute of celebrations before the lights are turned out on him, and LA Park's music starts to play. An LA Park video plays as he comes out in a big white coat with the belt. He's got a great video for a guy who doesn't work for the company any more. He's got a microphone and parades around the ring getting a reaction before talking. LA Park says no luchador could beat him for the title, but these two had a great match. Mesías tries to take a title and LA Park tells him to back off. LA Park puts over Demon. LA Park reminds Mesías he took his hair, but Mesías has a great heart and quality for a guy he dislikes. Demon talks about how great LA Park and sort of challenges him to a match. LA Park says maybe he'll return or maybe he won't, and maybe they'll see who's best. Demon gives credit to Mesías for a good match and they hug. The celebration starts before Mesías gets a chance to talk, mostly just thanking LA Park. They hug, LA Park goes in for the kiss to be weird, and Mesías gets away. LA Park does Mesías' catchphrase.

Match 7: Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, La Parka, Octagón vs Canek, Máscara Año 2000, Universo 2000, Villano IV
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: técnicos  
Match Time: 13:07
Rating: bad/below average
Notes: Dinamitas don't have their Jalisco music for whatever reason. They pay homage to Marisela. Villano IV has a nice robe, and a woman in a Pink Panther outfit. Arturo and Jesus sing along with the mariachi song for Canek. Canek has a multicolored robe. Electroshock has a Norse theme going this year. Octagon's switched around his colors a little bit, though not quite Evil Octagon of recent years. Wagner's son accompanies him to the ring. Two straight TripleManias for him. LA Park has a golden show of fireworks, and appears to have stolen Parka Negra's skull head staff. He gets last entrance, dances, and argues with Villano IV. Tirantes is referee. This took nearly 16 minutes to start.

Tecnicos huddle. Wagner and Electroshock play rock paper scissors to see who starts. Wow, people standing in their corners, haven't seen that in a while. Canek and Wagner start, with Canek getting in a monkey flip to the announcer's approval. Hugo doesn't seem to have rejoined them. Wagner and Canek battle over basic holds until Wagner kicks and headbutts Canek. Canek is sucking wind. Chops. Wagner argues with Tirantes to give Canek some time. Wagner charges into Canek's heel kick, which somehow cues the rudos to attack the técnicos. Sure, why not. Villano DDTs La Parka. Rudos punch the técnicos out of the ring. Drop toe hold, legdrop for Wagner. Canek adds an elbow drop, and Universo dropkicks Wagner out. Universo looks very large. Corner charges for Electroshock, and he's sent into a passive clothesline from Canek. Just sticking his arm out there. Double back elbow for Parka. Dorian Roldan walks to the ring with a chair. Announcers note he's lost weight. He really has. Rudos split Octagon's legs and run Wagner into the post. Dorian seems to be encouraging the rudos, who are not paying any attention to him. V4 DDT on Wagner. Shots to the head and neck from the Dinamitas. Parka charges in to takedown V4 to little reaction. Rudos pull separate the tecnico, and V4 goes to pull of Parka's mask. Canek works on Wagner's mask because why not. Rudos keep the other técnicos out, Electroshock doing a lot of pacing. Roldan trips up Wagner from the outside, and Octagón shoves him away. Wagner's mask is all but off, but Canek puts it back on. This match is so nothing happening right. Stomps and punches, it's not like they're not doing anything at all, but it's dragging. Dorian grabs Octagon's leg from the outside, which both annoys Electroshock and confuses the rudos. It appears at this point that no one knows why Dorian is out here. Parka chases Dorian around. Capos put their heads down too soon on an Octagon whip, and Octagon bops them on the back to start the comeback. Camera almost missed it. Técnicos are slow to get back in the ring to clothesline people, and the comeback is less than exciting. Wagner and Canek have a slow brawl in the middle of the ring, while Canek stands nearby and looks confused. Parka hit V4 with a chair to the head, then chases Dorian again. Wagner goes for Canek's mask. Wagner puts his head down too soon on a whip, and Canek throws him down by the head. Everyone migrates to their corners, so they're essentially picking up from about 8 minutes ago. Canek puts his head down too soon, and Wagner kicks it. Dropkick to the head. Universo slaps Wagner to break up the pin, gets in more shots and eventually takes a hiptoss. Universo gets in ore slaps, Wagner grabs the ropes on a whip and slaps back. Universo misses a charge, throws himself out, and Wagner poses. Crowd react to that. Wagner struts over to the corner to pose some more. Mascara in and chopping Wagner down, so Wagner’s run must continue. Wagner ends up dropkicking him in the back of the head. He struts to his corner to tag in Parka to face V4. Parka dances around and gets chopped down. V4 looks thin compared to his partners. Parka evades and armdrags V4 to the ropes. Parka poses abut the Dinamtias attack him. Corner clothesline misses, and Parka does the comedy running the ropes bit until he runs of breath. Rudos ends up chopping V4 by mistake, and Parka thanks them. Rudos argue, and Park takes V4's side. V4 takes a flip bump on a missed punch. Octagon evades and lets the rudos hit each other. Villano takes the blocks and armdrag martial artist spot. Canek misses a senton con giro off the middle rope on Electroshock, which I can’t believe he actually tried. Electroshock middle rope clothesline spot looks bad, I think Electroshock tries to make it easier on Canek and it came off worse. Canek puts on an armdrag trap armbar, but Wagner breaks it up with a kick. Universo attacks him, eventually takes backdrop and a swing kick from the apron. Wagner bowling ball tope con giros him. Octagon planchas Mascara in a not great spot for everyone, then they both struggle with a small package. Octagón dropkick Máscara out and throws himself into a decent tope. V4 knocks down Parka for a near fall, then puts on a suástica – into a cradle for one. Parka win a punch battle, then they both walk to the ropes. Corner whip, V4 charges in, Parka pulls V4 into a buckle and knocks him down with a back elbow. Parka tope into V4. Wagner and Canek in. Electroshock hiptsoss Canek, Canek turns around a whip and back elbows him. Electroshock stands on the bottom rope for no reason other than to make it very easy to go over when Canek clothesline him. That looked quite fake. This match has gone on far too long, but crowd gets into Wagner primping around before facing Universo. Universo backdrops Wagner, clotheslines him, slaps him in the back, lifts him up, and drops him with a powerbomb for two. Don't zoom in on Universo’s midsection. Universo sets up for a powerbomb again, then turns to see Dorian coming in the ring with a chair. Universo picks up the chair, the wrong way, looks around, and throws the chair down. Universo and Dorian argue, Dorian shoves Universo, and slaps Universo in the face. Universo grabs Dorian to kill him, but Electroshock pulls Dorian free to give him an enziguri. Meanwhile, Wagner turns around Universo and gives him a Wagner Driver for the win.

A stretcher is immediately brought to the ring to carry out Dorian, who doesn’t move. That looked a lot better than previous Roldan physical bits. V4 and Parka continue to punch each other on the outside, though no one pays any attention. Electroshock tries to pull Dorian off the stretcher, but is pulled away. V4 punches Park on the outside repeatedly while Wagner tells Canek off in the ring and Octagon stands around blankly. Replays. A few Wagner kid fans are helped in to the ring to pose with him, and everyone else is ignored.

Hector Garza video package with thoughts from various wrestlers. Sound is not really turned up on this so it's hard to get much out of it.

Cibernético vs Perro Aguayo video package, again shown by watching the giant screen. Watching a darkened arena watch a video package is not so exciting.

Match 8: el Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Cibernético for the hair
Arena Ciudad de Mexico, 06/16/2013

Winner: El Hijo del Perro Aguayo
Match Time: 15:17
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Perro is accompanied by Daga & an unmasked Psicosis with a bandanna over his face. Some kids jump the rail to hug him. Cuervo is Cibernético's only back up. It's a relatively sedate entrance for both, though Cibernético does have a fancy robe – skulls! That AAA couldn't just bring in everyone in both groups for the biggest match of the year is amazing. I don't see Taya out there, and she was on this show earlier. Piero is ref. Perro attacks Cibernético before the start of the match. Perro stomps Cibernético out of the ring and goes to run him into something when the camera pans away instead.

Cibernético over the barricade, so that explains that. Punches, and Cibernético thrown in. Cibernético chair shot to the head. Hugo has rejoined the announcers. If you're watching this on my upload, go to 5:30 and see Piero very obviously pass Cibernético a blade. Nicho comes in to celebrate with Perro, who's taking off his jacket t-shirt to reveal his usual shirt. What do you know, Cibernético's bleeding! Perro bites at the cut. Perro rubs the wound. Stomps to Cibernético's head. Daga and Psicosis are rearranging furniture in the ring. Perro biting the cut more. Daga and Psicosis throw in a lot of chairs while Perro leaves the ring out with Cibernético. Head into ringpost. Cibernético is bleeding a lot. Perro rubs the blood on his hand and licks it (or at least pantomimes doing it.) Punches to knock Cibernético around ringside, and a wild chair shot where Cibernético seems to hurt his wrist blocking it. Cuervo stands nearby, unhelpful. Someone’s videotaping this on their iPad. Perro sets up chair inside the ring, but one of the chairs is some how already broken. Perro tops to dropkick Cibernético in the face, and Daga and Psicosis helpfully set up table. Cuervo argues but doesn’t do anything. Could they at least lay out Cuervo so he doesn't look like an idiot? One table set up, one leaning on it's side in a corner. Perro goes back to choking Cibernético and working over the cut. Daga and Psicosis do some maneuvering with the wood table and the chairs, adjusting for only having a couple of good chairs. How do they not have good chairs for this show? Perro helps out. Cibernético just hang out in the corner, waiting. He's fine now, relatively speaking, but observing the absurd construction going on. There's now two tables set up to be put someone thru, and two more leaning in opposite corners. Why would you think you need all of those? Perro headbutts Cibernético in the cut a few times. Corner whip towards a wood panel, reversed, and Perro goes thru instead. Cibernético picks up a chair and gives Perro an unprotected chair shot to the head. Daga & Psicosis are nice enough to hang out on the apron watching this, but wake up to helpfully charge into a double clothesline. Cuervo in, apparently allowed to be in now, goes right back out with a tope con giro onto Daga. That didn't look like it went right, but tough to see why. Cibernético has a chair and holds it for a while, and we can't see anything else. I assume Perro is cutting himself – you can see Piero go to his pocket again before Cuervo dives. Doesn't make this show this shot of Cibernético standing and dong nothing less static – this was one time where they actually should’ve gone to the long shot they so like. Cibernético stands Perro up and hits him in the head with a chair again. Perro is indeed bleeding. Cuervo throws some bad punches on the outside while Cibernético stomps Perro in the ring. Ring crew clear out the broken wooden panel as Cibernético this Perro with a chair again. Psicosis and Daga rush the ring and attack Cibernético from behind again. Daga argues with Piero, who really doesn't have a problem with any of this and doesn’t argue back. Piero’s just an impassive observer for whatever reason. Psicosis throws a chair at Cibernético's head to knock him down. Perro and Cibernético roll out, chop fight on the outside. Headbutt and chops by Cibernético. Cibernético tells a section to clear out, and throws Perro into the front row. Most people clear out, but a small child gets hit and pinned under Perros legs. She seems physical ok, but upset. Perro's thrown back in by Cibernético, and Psicosis pounds Cibernético again. Into the barricade. Both guys back in and punching each other onto their knees. Perro's face is caked in blood now, and it's showing thru on his white t-shirt. Cibernético gets the better of it with headbutts. Perro waves for help, and it eventually gets there, though Psicosis trips getting to Cibernético. Daga adds stops. Cuervo comes in and Psicosis clotheslines him as well. Daga and Psicosis remodel the ring, with Psicosis pausing to hit Cuervo with a chair. Perro grabs Cuervo, turns him over and drops him with a martinete on the chair. Jesus explains it's a No DQ match when the other guys argue. Hugo thinks the martinete should still be a disqualification. Doctors come in the ring and put Cuervo in a neckbrace while the match is going on around them – and then Psicosis throws a chair at one of the doctors and hits him in the head. Psicosis throws that doctor of the ring thru a carefully positioned table, so probably not actually a doctor. The other doctor and the stretcher guy are allowed to get to Cuervo. Daga takes out table that wasn't really used, as Psicosis throws the broken table on the mystery doctor. Perro is standing in the ring, and do the chair into the chair into the groin bit. Perro tells Psicosis to do something, while the crowd chants for Cibernético. Perro stake forever to set up something, which turns out to be Cibernético chokeslamming Psicosis over the ropes and to the floor thru a table. Cibernético tries to chokeslam Daga over the top rope thru a table, but can't possibly do that – Daga hits the ropes and spins around, going thru feet first. That could've gone much worse. Cibernético points at Perro, charges, and spears him. Cover, one two NO. Crowd is as loud as we've head them all night. Perro gets up and this Cibernético with a chair. Double stomp one two NO. Both slow up, Cibernético stunner, but Perro gets right back up. Piero stands behind Perro for whatever reason, and Cibernético spears them both. Perro brings Cibernético back to the center of the ring and puts on a – a Boston crab?!?!? Perro taps out, but Piero is down. Perro’s crawling to the rope anyway. Cibernético breaks when he gets to the ropes (why?) and drags Perro back in the center and puts it back on. Cibernético lets go and signals to someone. Piero is still not moving. Copetes Salazar is in, Perro fouls Cibernético and small packages him one two NO. Crowd loud there. Perro grabs a chair, slams it on the mat a couple time, and turns – into a Cibernético punch. Foul? Maybe a foul too. Not a clear one. Cibernético covers, one two NO. They're going to reaction shot of the crowd after every pin. The doctor is back out to check on Piero. Copetes seems not so concerned. Cibernético grabs Perro, chokeslam thru the table set up a dozen minutes ago, one two NO. Crowd chanting louder for Perro, again as loud as they've been all night. Cibernético waits for Perro get back up, punch, martinete – no, Copetes breaks it up. Cibernético punches Copetes – martinete for him. Perro up quick kick, and Cibernético rammed into the wood panel left in the corner. It's not broken much, and Perro sets it on top of Cibernético. Piero is up and looking fine. Perro goes up, top rope double stomp. Perro lays on top and hooks a leg one two three.

Psicosis and Daga celebrate with Perro, while a skinny guy helps Cibernético to his feet. It's not clear if it’s a fan or someone related to Cibernético at first. Cibernético gets some of his hair cut, and tosses it at Perro. He does look like quite the tough guy with the blood on his f ace as he's getting his hair cut. They start shaving it off, which shoes how far the blood goes back. I'd be wearing gloves if I was the barber. There's a crying fan. Perro says he killed the god of lucha libre, and he's the new god of lucha libre. Cibernético laughs. Perro dedicates the match to Hector Garza and all the fathers. Cibernético says he's still the god of lucha libre, hair or not, and this is just his new look, trying to brush of the loss. Konnan turned up at ringside at some point, but they don't focus on him much. Arena starts to clear out while they're still hanging out in the ring. Announcers wrap up. Perro celebrate one more time. Replays and that's it.