CMLL on Televisa #1158 (06/15/2013) 
Recapped: 06/29/2013

Guerrero Maya Jr. joins the announcers. Maya is dressed much better than the rest of this crew.

Match 1: Astral & Eléctrico vs Pequeño Olímpico & Pequeño Violencia
Arena Mexico, 06/07/2013

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 7:43
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Astral apparently had his belt, and he and Eléctrico are wearing their matching hoodies.

1: As with other recent openers, the match is edited greatly. Chain wrestling pairs are Astral & Olimpico and Electrico & Bald Violencia. Violencia manages to thru Eléctrico out and slap around Astral. Violencia walks over to Olímpico for a chat, and they decide to double team. Double dropkick for Astral, holding and hitting on Eléctrico. Rudos wrap up quickly. Editing weirdness causes Electrico's hold to be repeated, but not Violencia's senton.

2: Rudos start in control, and técnico advantage is taken by either Violencia just standing and watching Astral run around, or edited out. Astral slips running up the ropes – why wasn't that cut out? Violencia takes a safe hiptoss that floor, and Astral follows with a corner springboard headscissors that doesn't look quite right. Eléctrico and Olímpico have some counters (or some weirdness) into an Eléctrico faceslam for the win. Violencia doesn't return. A countout is a lot of time in this match, kind of surprised it didn't get edited out.

3: Tecnico have a handspring moonsault/springboard elbow drop bit – and that's pretty much the fall for Violencia. Double flapjack, double wheelbarrow suplex, double springboard splash (not so great aim on that) and Astral says in for three.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Mexico – father's day, pictures, CMLL Trios title match. They push the pictures harder.

Match 2: Diamante ©, Pegasso, Tritón vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Shigeo Okumura ©
Arena Mexico, 06/07/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:10
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Edgar.

1: They're still doing the Okumura bald head uncovered spot, though he's not that much bald. Pegasso has nice new white gear and armdrags Cancerbero around. Triton does more complicated armdrags with Raziel, and a slow walking the ropes and turning around headscissors too. Okumura comes in and Triton handles him, but Cancerbero blindsides Triton to stomp him down. Triton is eventually able to flip Cancerbero tot he apron and Diamante yanks him to the floor, but Raziel replays with a trip on Triton and Okumura dropkicks the técnico. Pegasso headscissors the rudo in turn, then pins Cancerbero with a torito for three.

Raziel trips up Pegasso and dropkicks him in the face, then jackhammers Pegasso for a pin. Triton breaks it up in time, trips Raziel into the ropes and lands the guillotine legdrop for the second pinfall.

2: Pegasso gets the best of Okumura. Diamante flips out of a monkey flip, but blows a corner spot with Cancerbero. Cancerbero angrily stomps him and Raziel rushes in to help stomp. Maya puts over the difficulty of the moves. Back in the ring, Triton moonsaults into Raziel's feet, and Okumura drops Triton with a brainbuster. Diamante flips over spectacularly on a backdrop and lands on his face. Suplex/reverse silla finishes Pegasso.

3: Rudos decide to go after Pegasso's left arm for some reason, but they go after it hard. Someone holds up a (cheap giveaway) En Busca de un Idolo t-shirt for Vangellys, which is the closest that tournament is to being mentioned on TV. Cancerberos set up a double tapatía on Pegasso, but the other técnicos break it up with springboard dropkicks. Okumura rushes in, but he's handled – Triton drops him in the center of the ring, Diamante springboard splash. Raziel break sit up with his own dropkick, and the rudos avoid Triton leaping. Tapatia/neckbreaker bit on Triton – but Pegasso sneaks in and covers Raziel while he has the tapatía on! Pegasso gets the pinfall, and it looks like Triton is ruled to have submitted. Cancerbero is totally confused. That totally wouldn't have been allowed by some of CMLL's refs. Pegasso headscissors Cancerbero out, but Cancerbero stops the dive with a trip. Diamante dropkicks Cancerbero off the apron. Okumura in, but into a quebradora. Okumura stumbles around, and take a second. Diamante drops Cancerbero near the ropes. Too near the ropes – Diamante's springboard 450 splash lands butt first on Okumura. I don't even know how you do that. Diamante covers while Okumura checks his nose.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – Mascara Dorada vs Averno.

Angel de Oro says he's returning soon. He's in his gear (and some big knee braces) as part of the Fan Appreciation bit.

Match 3: La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, Místico © vs Euforia, Terrible, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 06/07/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 10:11
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

1: Big edit in the first fall, jumping form the opening exchange off Dorada/Euforia to everyone hitting everyone in the end game. Sombra and Volador have a big face off. Volador, wearing very técnico while and gold colors, turns his back on Sombra but Sombra doesn't attack him. Sombra tries the hide in the ropes trick and gets dropkicked out, Volador following with a tope con giro. Dorada befuddles the rudos, and pulls of a huracanrana on Terrible for one, while La Mistica on Euforia takes care of the other. Strongly mixed reaction for that bit.

2: Dorada pulls off the ramp running springboard headscissors on Terrible, but Volador springboard dropkicks him from behind. Sombra comes in to face him again. Sombra's wearing dark colors, Volador light. Once they get done posing, lots of quick counters. Sombra lands the corner clothesline, Volador superkicks him anyway. Sombra is slow back up, and Sombra tosses Volador out. Euforia hammers Sombra with a clothesline, flipping Sombra out. Místico come sin to face him, and the crowd is definitely more against him. Místico promptly trips on the ropes on a flipping run, so it's just not his day. Headscissors is blocked into a powerbomb throw into the corner, but Místico avoids the corner charge and dives to the floor with a headscissors on Euforia. Terrible slaps Comandante when trying to get Místico, but Volador puts a stop to him with a swing into the barricade. Rudos assemble inside, and three man powerbomb Sombra. Everyone leaves, no one stays to cover, then Terrible walks back over and grabs Sombra by the head. Dorada comes into help and Terrible kicks him instead. Volador holds Sombra down and unties his mask while Terrible punches Dorada in the corner. Volador takes over, whipping Dorada into a hiptoss to the ramp by the other rudos. Big slap for Místico, and he's held for a low blow dropkick by Euforia. Replays. Sombra turns a whip into a handspring back elbow on Volador Jr. Others kick Sombra out, but Místico and Dorada run and leap into headscissors on the rudos. Rudos all on camera side, topes by Sombra and Dorada, rope grab tope con giro by Místico. Místico took a strange route on that one – he started going the wrong way, then turned it around. Or maybe he was jut out of position to start? Replays. Sombra and Volador back in, Volador dizzy and then stunned to see Sombra standing there. Shoves and kicks. Volador misses a corner charge, Sombra tries for the Brillante Diver, Volador escapes and front crackers Sombra one two NO. Volador slow, off the ropes, into a powerslam. Sombra double moonsault eats knees, Euforia in – Niravanalock, and Dorada just as fast break that up with a springboard dropkick. Terrible joins in with and elbow drop on Dorada, then tosses him high for a flapjack. Místico in – springboard huracanrana blocked, Místico slowly flips away, Terrible charge at him and throws himself out. Dorada runs- crazy twisting tope con giro mostly over shoots Terrible, is still amazing. Sombra boost dropkicks Volador out. Euforia kicks Sombra, charges, misses and spears the pot for a second time this match. Both look really slow, Euforia may be hurting. Operacion Dragon by Místico lands, with Euforia making a Eufoira-level catch. Sombra and Volador left in and the crowd into this. Dueling flipping runs, Sombra clothesline blocked, Volador foul kick blocked, Volador pulls of Sombra's mask and that's that.

Sombra demands a mask versus mask match. Volador wants a title match first. They go back and forth, with Volador pulling off Sombra's mask and walking away again.

Guerrero Maya Jr. thanks the announcers for allowing him along.