AAA on UTDN #83 (06/13/2013) 
Recapped: 06/16-23/2013

Previously: Heavy Metal did not get a title match. Chessman did get a title match. Legends vs Legedns. Cibernético beat Perro, apparently.

Announcers welcome us to the show and hype up the main event.

Monster Pain, Mistress Glenda promo. Also, some guy holding the belt.

Erik Perez video feature to talk about his TripleMania appearance.

Upcoming events are the same two shows.

Match 1: Faby Apache & Jennifer Blake vs Mary Apache & Taya Valkyrie
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, 05/30/2013

Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 9:24
Rating: okay
Notes: Taya has had no last name on the graphics for a while, but now they're actually announcing her that way. Apaches have their titles. Tirantes is referee and is wearing the Hector Garza armband. Jesus is making jokes about Tirantes and Faby Apache this week.

Mary and Faby start on the mat, and Taya messes with Faby as soon as she gets a hold on, then runs and hides behind the ring post. Faby's distracted, and kicked in the backside. Mary kicks Jennifer while Taya rushes in to kick Faby a few times. Faby thrown around by her hair. Jennifer takes a double clothesline. Stomps and stepping on her neck. Rudas throwing around Jennifer by her hair doesn't go as smooth. Mary kicks Jennifer in the head a bit. Faby punched and forearmed, but moved out of the way of Taya corner charge and spanks her. Faby turns around, swings and slaps Mary. Tecnicas grab the rudas and whip them – Fabi kicks Mary, Jennifer quebradoras Taya. They both argue with Tirantes and leads chants against him. Rudas regroup. Mary asks for a handshake, and only gets it from Tirantes. Faby/Mary but includes the usual armdrag, headscissors, angry glare at Tirantes. Jennifer gets in a butt bump to Taya's face, Mary tries to help, and a rope bounce double armdrag is a bit of a struggle. Mary takes out Taya, Jennifer headscissors out Mary. Apaches back in, a chop fight breaks out, and the gringa hit them both. Taya comes out on top with a clothesline, Jennifer flips her to the apron and kicks her off. Jennifer runs, and lands a tope onto her rival. Faby gives Mary an exploder chant, which gets the crowd chanting again. Faby poses too long, Mary kicks her and drops her with a brainbuster. (Jesus is obviously being fed move names here, and is lagging behind the action.) Mary goes up, senton con giro misses, Fabi puts on the rolling reverse arm scissors, and Mary gives.

Taya attacks Faby from behind right away and powerbombs her, while Mary kicks Jennifer and powerbombs her too. Taya: “Hey Faby, I'll see you at TripleMania [bleep].”

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Match 2: Aerostar, Atomic Boy, Axel vs Daga, El Apache, Psicosis
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, 05/30/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 19:54
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Daga has his belt, has no time for the camera. Daga has a wide variety of t-shirts for a luchador. About right for a US indy wrestler though. It's part of the gimmick! Aerostar has his can of fire. All the wrestlers have the Hector Garza armbands. They might have changed Axel's music again – ah, it's a Santo song. Daga confronts him as he gets in the ring. Referee is Piero. And now I took a week breaks before actually watching this show.

Daga tries to show Axel up on the mat, though he not need to to try hard to accomplish that. Axel seems clunky and slow. He does get a headscissors, Apache breaks that up (or tries to when Axel accidentally moves out of his way), and Atomic chases Apache around. Axel seem to be limping. Zero trips leads to shoves leads to the face leads to somehow Santo doing the Santo headstand screw headscissors. Apache leads Atomic Boy on another chase. Tags to Apache and Aerostar, but a lot of fooling around with the crowd and Atomic Boy before they get started. Aero and Apache don't have timing down when they get going, then Psicosis enziguris Apache in the back of the head, and Apache no-sell it to to slap Psicosis down. Daga argues, then boosts Aero into a dropkick on Gran Apache. Aero pulls Daga down by his hair, Daga charges, Aero flips him to the apron, and leas over the top rope for big powerbomb. Daga blocked it, but Aero is able to pull him off and ram him into the barricade. Atomic Boy in, Apache teases fighting him, Psicosis offers to take over for him, but apache has it handled. Evasion. Atomic Boy is play more to the crowd, and looks fast until a complicated counter near the end. Atomic Boy dropkicks Apache out, then cartwheels handspring into a casadora armdrag that is very complicated but not very clean. Execution is a problem in this match. Atomic Boy headscissors into an armdrag sends Daga out, Atomic Boy out with a headscissors to the floor. Second spot looked a lot better than the first. Axel showcase spots with Psicosis and Apache look better than his stuff with Daga, though it's all due to the rudos doing the work. Axel poses, Daga dropkicks him, rudo beatdown is on. Psicosis and Apache beat up people outside while Daga flapjacks Atomic Boy. Everyone switches around to their rival, though Psicosis staples Gran Apache in here. He staples Axel too, so I guess he's just stapling everyone. Yep, Aerostar too. Aero is pretty well cut. Atomic Boy takes various chair shots. Apache tosses Aerostar to the top, and Aero comes back with a nice reverse tope to start the comeback. Atomic Boy dropkicks Apache out and follows with a Asai tornillo. Axel headscissors Daga out and chases him to back to the stage for slaps. Chairs shots and such. Tecnicos all surround Apache in the ring – and do nothing. I think there's some vague idea that Atomic Boy wants Apache by himself, but it's not clear at first. Atomic Boy ends with an satellite armbar, but the rudos break that up. Axel fireman's carry escape armdrags Daga out, but Psicosis cuts him off form a dive with a superkick. Crowd chants for Psicosis. Axel is so slow. He turns it around with some turnbuckle smashes, and Aero holds Psicosis down for the senton con giro into a tope on Daga spot. Daga turns it around right away and runs Aero into the post, while Psicosis drops Aero with a Skándalo Driver – for two. Psicosis shoves Aero into the corner, charges in, Psicosis misses. Aero puts Psicosis on top, and springboard huracanrana him off. Springboard dropkick sends Psicosis out, and Aero follows with a nice top rope Asai tornillo. Atomic Boy and Gran Apache in again, Atomic Boy dropkick, dive, no Apache moves, so Atomic Boy runs up the corner and tope con giros off the ring post. They like going to the same shot of a woman in a crowd on big spots. Atomic Boy hurries to the back – shoulder re-injured? Daga powerbomb on Axel reversed to a huracanrana, but only for two. Axel puts Daga on top, goes for a superplex, Daga blocks it and gives him a super Destroyer for the win.

Atomic Boy is back out post match. The doctor hangs by ringside, but evidentially to check on Axel. Lots of replays

Hugo Savinovich hypes TripleMania, saying he'll be in Mesías' corner.

Jack asks Angelico if he'd like to team with him to go for the tag team titles. Angelico was just looking for a tag team partner. Good they already had a tag team match scheduled next!

Match 3: Drago & Fénix vs Angélico & Jack Evans
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, 05/30/2013

Winner: Angelico & Jack Evans
Match Time: 9:11
Rating: great
Notes: Wait, where's the Fenix and Drago team up vignette? Jesus introduces Jack as “the only and one!” Referee is Tirantes.

Crowd is behind Fenix as he and Angelico take turns on moves, up to a Fenix standing moonsault for zero. Handshakes and tags. Drago and Jack have a staring contest , which turns into trouble spots for a couple of moments until jack lands a flipping kick. Viva Mexico moonsaults eats knees, and Fenix adds in a kick. I guess Drago & Fenix are the rudos? They both stay in and chop Jack, then land corner clotheslines and bulldogs out. Angelico runs, in double hiptoss for him, and a kick to the face. Double back elbow on Jack, escape jack flips under, then takes a toss into a headscissors on Fenix. Drago ducks and blocks Jack's kicks before landing an enziguri of his own. Drago takes a look at Jack, and misses Angelico coming with a flying knee. Lots of whisting after that one. Angelico of the ropes, Fenix drops him up, and Angelico comes flying in with a super springboard legdrop. Jack springboard spinning kick to Drago's head, Fenix screaming clothesline to knocks down Jack. Fenix tells Jack to get up, and picks him up on his own. Loud chop. Crowd want another, which isn't quite as loud. Corner whip, Jack backflips to the apron, kicks Fenix away and comes in with a two knees to the face. Drago up and dropkick Jack right back into the corner, Angelico tries to come in, but Drago kicks him in the face. Angelico evades some a bit, and Drago clothesline Fenix by mistake. Angelico lifts Drago up in a Gori stretch, Jack dropkicks Drago into a moonsault on Fenix, and Angelico stops Drago on top with a Gori special;. Via Mexico moonsault senton on top of the pile, both gringos cover, both mask men kick out. Fenix and Drago come back with kicks, with Jack going out and Angelico collapsing in a heap. Corner whip, Drago trips up Angelico, Fenix kicks dropkick him in the face, Drago casadora flipping faceslam to drop Fenix hard onto Angelico. Jack breaks up the pin. Someone is feeding the announcers moves names again. Angelico and Fenix are cleared out of the ring, Drago dropkicks Jack, off the ropes, and a rope grab tope con giro to the floor. Fenix and Angelico back in, evading until Fenix gets back of the head kick from the mat. Fenix falls into a small package, one two kickout and then Drago breaks it up. That was a rapid count, as the announcers note. Drago rolls over Angelico Angelico back, kicks him in the midsection, and Fenix adds the handspring cutter. Drago inverted facelock, Fenix running kick to the face. Fenix covers Angelico, but can only get two. Fenix tells Drago to go up. Fenix tries to suplex Angelico, can gets him up on the second try, and Drago adds a plancha one two NO. Fenix sits on the top rope now, but Angelico kicks Drago away before they can do what they want. Head kick takes Fenix down too. Drago charges, Angelico drops down, Drago goes out, Angelico out after with a tope con giro. Fenix still down, Jack up top – 630 senton, one two three.


Upcoming events.

AAA Heavyweight title match video recap

Match 4: Electroshock & Heavy Metal vs Silver King & Texano Jr.
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, 05/30/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:09 (same on Televisa)
Rating: ok
Notes: Lokillo is with Metal. Rudos have separate enterances. Piero is referee.

Silver starts with Metal on the mat, with Texano interrupting to annoying Heavy. Heavy gets in a revenge slap, and Electroshock gives him a quebradora. Texano in, Metal tries for an early casita, Texano shrugs him off, Texano kick is caught, Piero is somehow distracted (though too late) and Texano claims a foul. Piero asks the crowd, and Silver really fouls Electroshock. Electroshock grabs his thought thigh for some reason. Maybe it wasn't meant to be a foul. Silver holds Electroshock in a half crab while Texano gets rid of metal. Bullrope shot to Electroshock's wrist. Piero threatens a DQ, hahaha. Rudos clothesline Electroshock for a near fall, then corner clothesline and boost dropkick Metal. Flying sit on Metal's back. Silver entertains himself by smashing Lokillo's head into the post many times from a short distance away. Electroshock takes a backdrop to the floor, is not Rey Escorpion. Técnicos immediately turns it around, though maybe immediately doesn't convey the time it takes for the turn around to happen. Dual monkey flips is a big spot. Dropkicks end the rudos out, técnicos out with topes. Metal seems to catch the ropes on the the way thru, and is holding his left thigh after impact. Fans loudly count everyone out. Everyone makes it back in, rudos whipped to opposite corner, Silver trips Metal in a corner while Electroshock give Texano cutter in the other corner. Silver pulls Metal off into a drapping DDT, but Eléctrico breaks it up and just stands there. Silver takes a break on his knees. Chops back and forth, then face slaps. Silver gets in a kneelift, but runs into a powerslam for a two count. Silver King kicks Electroshock and pulls him off the middle rope for a DDT. One two no. Silver King goes to the middle rope for the sole reason of jumping into a cutter. Another two. Electroshock goes up, Metal misses a dropkick, Lokillo comes in and Texano loudly kicks him. Texano misses a corner charge, Metal pulls Texano of the corner, casita, Texano shoves him off, Texano small package, one two no. Texano takes Metal down, goes for a leg lock he'll never put on, and Metal small package him for two. Crowd chants for Metal, Lokillo grabs Texano's foot, Metal inside cradles Texano into a casita for three.

Jarretts promo. Jeff threatens “Psycho Clowns”, which is probably close enough for this feud. There's a bit with LA Park that seems to be edited – maybe they weren't told LA Park isn't around. Anyway, Karen wants to fight Marisela, and they argue a lot. Hey, Jarrett gets the team name right the second time. Why were they talking about this match in the middle of a parking lot anyway?

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Noti AAA

Match 5: Cibernético, Dr. Wagner Jr., El Mesías vs Canek, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Villano IV
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, 05/30/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:57 (same on Televisa)
Rating: below average/okay
Notes: Dr. Wagner is a surprise participant, in that no one is really surprised. Especially since a commercial with him aired earlier in the hour. He gets last entrance and is received as the biggest star in Toluca. Marisela even does the Wagner hand touch with him. Copetes is referee.

Villano and Mesías work on the mat, with Villano doing the same screw headscissors spot Axel did many matches ago much better. Crowd super loud for Wagner and not much for Canek. Canek and Dr. Wagner do Canek and Dr. Wagner things. This show is so long, I think I've checked out. Canek seems to get the better of Wagner here, Wagner selling a heel kick to the head for a long time. Perro just runs in and starts punching Cibernetico's, and the rudo dominated brawl starts there. Cibernético is bleeding before long. Lots of punching, occasional kicking. Perro throws a chair onto a chair onto Cibernético, and they're showing the replay almost before he's finished. Cibernetico's face is covered in blood. Perro bites Cibernetico's skull as close to the cameras possible and licks the blood. Canek unmasks Wagner. Perro licks more blood. Corner whip, Cibernético moves out and clothesline Perro, then he and Villano blow something. Kick for Canek, angry stomps to Vi4. Chair shot for Perro. Unprotected chair shot for V4. Mesías brawls with him, lots of revenge brawling. Wagner cranks Canek with a chair shot. Cibernético throws a chair at Perro while he rests on the barricade, which could've gone worse. Revenge brawling goes for a while,and turns into luchadors holding each other while Canek and Wagner exchange shots in the center of the ring. Canek pulls of Wagner's mask and pins him. Copetes, who was looking at Cibernético and Perro, wanders back over to count the fall.

Canek tosses Wagner's mask around, which would seem to be a giveaway that he cheated to beat him, but Copetes watches V4 stomp and kick Mesías after the match instead. Someone's using Windows 7 on the video screen behind the ring, that's amusing. Cibernético threatens Perro, then just goes back to punching and headbutting him. Canek takes his turn to threaten Wagner and says he'll always be better to the end of time.

Perro vs Cibernético face to face interview to hype the match and the video package to finish on UTDN. The National version has info on AAA's parade.