CMLL on CadenaTres #288 (06/08/2013) 
Recapped: 06/16/2013

Announcers – running five strong this week – welcome us to the show.

Match 1: Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa vs Namajague, Puma, Virus
Arena Mexico, 06/04/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:21
Rating: very good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. This would be the ultimate anti-Rey Cometa trio if Virus was replaced by whoever told him they didn't have any plans for him in AAA.

1: Namajague and Cometa start because life. Cometa intimidates Namajague via armdrags. Namajague starts a chop fight, ends it with a kick to the back. Cometa manages to snap mare Namajague and kick him in the face. Namajague gets kicked in the face a lot. Delta makes quick work of Puma and spends as much time backing him up the ramp. Delta turns his back on Puma, and Puma tries to attack him in time. Maya and virus go last, but still go with holds on the mat and counters because that's what they do. It degenerates into a chop battle, Virus winning via kick. Maya's whipped back to the técnico corner, Cometa flips him to safety, kicks Virus away and headscissors him away. Puma flips Cometa good with a clothesline. Whip sets Coma in motion for a flipping run, and a torito on Puma, but Puma rolls thru, scoops him up and drops him with a sit down powerbomb one two three. Delta in, but Puma dumps him near the corner, and Namajague adds a frog splash for the win. Announcers rate it a “Cinco Estrellas” frog splash, hmmm.

2: Rudos beat up the técnicos around the ring. Everyone goes back to the corners, and Virus beats Delta up by putting him in cradles. Namajague takes over and tries the more traditional route of chops and clotheslines. Maya argues from the apron, causing Tigre Hispano to completely miss a pin. Namajague gets a makeup near fall off a Puma kick from the apron. Puma and Delta mess up a corner whip spot, and Puma sorts it out by powerbombing Delta hard. Delta finally makes to May to tag, Puma begs off, and Virus hits Maya from behind. Puma adds a questionable punch, and then pulls at Maya's mask. Tiger Hispano and Puma argue about things. Puma points Maya towards the técnicos and slips in close to a foul kick. Maya still manages to tag in Maya. Puma tries kissing Cometa's boots and asking for a handshake. Cometa thinks about it, Puma hugs him, then slaps him down. Puma flapjack, but Maya trips him running the ropes, Cometa inside cradle, and Namajague breaks it up just in time. Maya plancha on Namajague, Namajague waves Maya into the ropes, Maya hits Puma instead, everyone is surprised, and Delta springboards dropkicks Namajague out. Delta superkicks Virus, Maya scoops him up and drops him in the corner, and Cometa land the 450 splash. TEAMWORK!

3: Slow start, then Puma surprises Cometa with a superkick. Corner whip, Cometa bounces off into a hard Puma superkick to the face. Whip, over, Cometa flips off Puma's shoulders, flipping armdrag sends Puma out, and Cometa dives off the apron with a headscissors onto him. Replays. Maya lands a springboard reverse tope on Virus, but misses another one and Virus chops him down. Whip, Maya turns a Virus armdrag into one of his own. Maya shoulder casadora shoved off, but Maya armdrags and dropkick Virus out lightning quick. Delta rolls in, only for Namajague to knock him down. Corner whip, Namajague charges in and lands a clothesline. Namajague asks the crowd if they want another, they're a bit indecisive. No problem, Delta flips out out of the way and powerslam a charging Namajague. Two count. Delta of the ropes, bad looking huracanrana, Namajague rolls thru one two no. Namajague clothesline misses, Delta catches his kick and splits Namajague, Namajague inside cradle, Delta rolls thru, drop toe hold hold, and Delta puts on a cloverleaf campana, more or less. Namajague gives.

Virus clotheslines Delta, back elbows him, and big boots him. Delta out, Maya in but missing a missile dropkick. Virus kicks him in the face but misses a high speed dropkick goes flying out. Maya up – but Puma shoves him off. Cometa backflips in to face Puma, which Puma is not a fan of. Chop fight, Puma wins with his three kick combination. Whip, Cometa torito, Puma rolls thru for the sit down powerbomb, Cometa re-re-verses to a huracanrana for three!

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Stuka Jr., Super Porky vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Mexico, 06/04/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:33
Rating: ok
Notes: Tirantes is referee. Mephisto is Jason, but not Jason el Terrible.

1: Averno and Porky tease locking up before the Avernos decide enough of that and beat up the técnicos. Crowd chants for Porky as he's being hugged to the ropes. Porky is kicked a bunch. Stuka takes a quebradora and kicks to the shoulder and head from Stuka. Double suplex on Porky takes massive effort but gets the fall done.

2: Rudos kick around Dorada and go for his mask for a while. Dorada's spectacularly thrown thru the ropes. Porky grabs the ropes and flattens Averno to start the domino affect of attacks. Stuka and Dorada tope Ephesto and Mephisto, leaving Porky and Averno in. Averno tries a sunset flip right away, pays for it.

3: Stuka monkey flips Averno around. Dorada pulls off a ramp running springboard headscissors on Mephisto. Averno and Porky do Porky things. Well, it's not normal Porky things to hold Averno down and forearm repeatedly, but close enough. Porky gets hit by all the Avernos and walks out, which would be a fine strategy if they couldn't just walk over to him. He's not so fast. Still, this still ends up with the usual corner sit being done on the ramp. Other técnicos dropkick the lesser rudos out, Stuka boosts Dorada into a nice tope con giro, then goes a long way on his top rope moonsault. Averno tries to sunset flip Porky again, then just gets up and fouls Porky. Referee missed it, and counts the pin.

Porky demands a hair match. Averno takes his time to respond.

History Capsule: Fishman

Match 3: Rey Bucanero vs Diamante Azul for the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 06/04/2013

  1. Diamante Azul casadora cradle (3:57)

  2. Rey Bucanero armscissors (1:52)
  3. Diamante Azul German suplex (9:38)

Winner: Diamante Azul
Match Time: 15:27
Rating: ok/good
Notes: No belt presentation. We will never find out what Diamante Azul weighed! Stuka is Diamante Azul's second, while Rey Bucanero does not have one. (It probably was supposed to be Tiger, who was cut in the not shown En Busca de un Idolo match.) Referee is Rafael el Maya.

1: Battling on the mat to start. Azul takes down Bucanero and tries for a crab, but Bucanero is able to block and turn it into an ankle lock for a moment, then dive into an armbar. Azul rolls him back into a cradle. Indian deathlock battle doesn't seem to go like how either guy wanted, but Azul escape and they get back to their feet. Another scramble on the mat doesn't lead to much. Azul picks up Bucanero in martinete position, and there's some clumsy looking reversals back and forth. Bucanero finally small packages Azul for a two count. Armdrags back and forth to a Azul casadora cradle one two three.

2: Bucanero kicks Azul out, but gets caught (late) kicking thru the ropes and Azul Dragon Screws him. Azul slingshot rolls in, ducks a clothesline and gives Bucanero the big armdrag. Azul kicks superkicks Bucanero out and follows immediately with a big tope. Both need a breath. Bucanero throw back in, Azul headbutts him away, Azul plancha, Bucanero rolls thru, dramatic two count. Bucanero miss a clothesline, holds up for Diamante Azul to get in position and Azul quebradoras him twice. Azul goes for a third, but Bucanero traps an arm into armscissors, and Azul gives up right away.

3: Both are going at the whistle. There's a moment in the evasion where Bucanero just seems a beat ahead of Azul again – it's happened a few times. Bucanero gets in a dropkick and a two count. Corner whip, Azul kicks Bucanero away, sunset flip, Bucanero rolls thru and goes for the head kick, Azul ducks under and inside cradles Bucanero. Azul huracanrana one two NO. Stuka trying to start chants on the outside. Corner whip, Azul sunset flip reversed, Bucanero grabs the middle rope, only can get two. Both up, clotheslines from short distance have no effect until it takes them both out at once. Bucanero crawls on top, only gets a two count. Bucanero misses a clothesline, and takes the big slide out. Azul up on the ramp, backing up, and diving into Bucanero with his big ramp tope con giro. Plenty of relays of that. Back live, Azul is back in, and toping Bucanero, this time as he stands on the camera side. Replay, and again just as that replay finishes, Azul topes Bucanero one more time. Azul throws Bucanero back in, slaps the top rope, and climbs up – or no, he'll just slip climbing up the middle rope. That looked so clumsy. Crowd laughs, and Bucanero stands up and hits Azul before he can climb more. Bucanero positions Azul's feet for him, and they talk before a quick top rope superplex. Cradle neckbreaker and a Michinoku Driver one two NO. Bucanero sentons Azul and goes to the ropes. He climbs up with no problem at all, and lands a top rope splash, one two NO. Rey misses a corner charge, miss a clothesline, and takes badly times catapult to the apron. Azul dives to the ramp and monkey flips Bucanero right back in. Bucanero rests in the corner, and Azul lands the rolling senton. German suplex one two NO. I'm not sure anyone's kicked out his German suplex before. Both up slow, but Azul actually gets up and Bucanero can't quite do that. Whip, Azul puts his head down too soon, and Bucanero drops him with a totally obvious cradle piledriver. Maya does not call the DQ. Bucanero covers, one two no, Azul is completely fine to roll up a shocked Bucanero for his own two count. Both slow up now. Bucanero runs, Azul lefts him for the Escuedo, doesn't finish it, drops him on his feet, and kills Bucanero with the German suplex. That looked sever. One two three.

Stuka carries Azul on his shoulders, which is actually also impressive. Azul celebrates while the referee and the doctors check Bucanero's neck. He doesn't move at all until he's loaded up on the stretcher. Once they get moving, Bucanero insists on getting off the stretcher to shake and raise Azul's hand.

Stellar Moments

Triunfo: Guerrero Negro Jr. with a Buca Storm on Soberano

Sensacional: Valiente huge tope onto Volador Jr.

Castigo: Mascara Dorada reverse tope into a Mephisto dropkick

Espectacular: triple dive by Místico, Valiente and Mascara Dorada

Tecnico: Mascara Dorada rope walk moonsault onto Volador Jr.

Match 4: Blue Panther, La Máscara, La Sombra vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión, Shinsuke Nakamura
Arena Mexico, 06/04/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:56
Rating: good
Notes: Sombra has his title. A white leather belt really sticks out in CMLL. Dragon Rojo and Rey Escorpion are very into shooting their guns, and Rey Escorpion is wearing his mask. They also show off fan drawings of them. Mima is with Nakamura. Nakamura attacks Sombra right away (edit here?), so we're off. Tirantes is referee.

1: Things settle back down immediately, with Sombra in to get Nakamura and Nakamura refusing to tag in. Lots of tags back and forth before they finally end up with Dragon Rojo and Blue Panther, though even then panther gets in a shot on Rey Escorpion first. Panther puts on a toe hold, rudos break it up, técnicos back them down. This is a slow start. Panther gets a hold, rudos break it up, técnicos actually hit the rudos, and the brawl they started out with breaks out again. That was three minutes I'll never see again. Rudos take control of the fight. Revolucionarios work their own double team, which confuse Nakamura. Juan Maldad gives some background of Nakamura that's just completely wrong – it seems like he's giving Katsuhiko Nakajima's info, though even that's not totally right. Mascara takes a corner low blow dropkick. Everyone boot chokes Sombra at the same time. Dragon Rojo whips Sombra in to the corner and drops down on all fours, with Nakamura leaving then coming back just in time for Sombra to Devitt a comeback. Escorpion whips Sombra into a big tope onto Nakamura. Other técnicos are whipped into each other, turn it around, and put on submission for the win.

2: Blue Panther showcase includes rudos breaking up his cradles (a switch from holds) and hitting each other by mistake. Never finds yourself tripping on the ropes near Mascara, he will kick your face every time. Mascara superkicks Rojo out, but Nakamura kicks him as he goes for a dive. Mascara just slides out on a whip so Sombra can come in. Crowd loud for this. Chop fight turns into a forearm fight. Nakamura lands a kneelift and his spinning back foot kick. Shaky choke. Running charge int the corner, but Sombra catches him hard with an elbow to the face. Off the ropes, Nakamura kneelift and then a sleeper. Sombra blocks the an inverted powerslam with elbows off the ropes, over Nakamura, under a clotheslines back with a headscissors – Nakamura takes that hard into them, and then into the ropes. Escorpion kicks Sombra out, but freaks out when he sees Panther in with him. Chop fight, Escorpion goes to kicks, corner charge misses, Panther monkey flips Escorpion across the ring. Escorpion chops Panther down, but then takes the big monkey flip to the floor. Nakamura in with a running jumping kneelift to Panther's face. Sombra in again. Clothesline misses, Nakamura with his jumping kick to the face. Sombra puts Nakamura on the top rope, and lands a jumping knee to the midsection. Nakamura backs up, gets to the ropes, stops, climbs out, and dives off the ropes with a kneelift to Sombra's face, sending Sombra thru the gate on the barricade. Dragon Rojo in, kicking Máscara even has as disrobes. Máscara evades, headscissors Dragon Rojo out, and topes him into the barricade. Escorpion and Blue Panther in, Escorpion fires up and clotheslines his partner. Escorpion grabs him again, but Panther makes him pay with the fujiwara. Escorpion seems to be giving up, but he's actually signaling his arm is under the ropes, I think. Panther's think he's won and lets go, but Escorpion grabs him from behind for a rear naked choke. Bodyscissors on as well. Panther is stuck and gives, but Escorpion won't let go. Tirantes counts four, but he's counting behind Escorpion and he probably can't even him. Tirantes hold up before counting five, but does so, and Escorpion still won't let go. Escorpion finally lets go, and Tirantes raises Blue Panther's arm.

Rudos are very confused. Escorpion stomps Panther to make himself feel better. Escorpion challenges Blue Panther for a hair vs hair match and stomps Panther again. Escorpion drops the microphone for Panther to talk into it, and Panther just coughs and heaves into the microphone because he just was choked out and all. Everyone else starts fighting, and Escorpion taunts Panther more. The técnicos hold the rudos off for long enough for Panther to recover, and Panther just wants to know a date for the match. So do I. Escorpion goes after Panther again, but Panther takes him down and punches him a bit. Escorpion gets free, Escorpion gets in punches, Panther ducks and headbutts Escorpion away. Escorpion flees the ring.

Announcers wrap up and amuse each other.