AAA on UTDN #81 (05/30/2013) 
Recapped: 06/02/2013

Previously: Maxima Velocidad exist, win. Axel had a match. Gran Apache beat Atomic Boy, and apparently no hair vs mask match. Chessman got himself a title match. Perro and Cibernético still have a hair match coming up.

Announcers hype – Psycho Circus vs Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan, and Monster Pain of all things. Talks about the Chessman/Metal/Texano situation, and the two exclusive UTDN matches.

Promo for the annual AAA match on 06/13. “Details soon.” Running out of time on the details.

Cibernético/Perro promo.

Split recap. I had to check to make sure I wasn't watching a rerun.

Match 1: Lucky Boy & Niño de Ébano vs Carta Brava Jr. & Eterno
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 05/17/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 9:09
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Eterno has his IWRG title and shares an entrance with Carta Brava. Maxima Velocidad are técnicos this week. Referee is Pepe Casas.

Announcers are still learning Lucky & Nino's names (or doing it for the benefit of the audience.) Rudos are thrown around and out of the ring by técnico headscissors to start, with Eterno in particular doing longer counter sequences with Lucky Boy. Eterno finally lands a big kick on Lucky when he stops to pose, but this set up Lucky doing round off rolls back and forth and Eterno spearing the post by mistake. Lucky tries to do the hide in the ropes bit, and Carta is happy to dropkick him. Rudos take over. Flapjack, dropkick to the face, top rope low blow dropkick for him. Announcers are talking as much about the TripleMania card as this match, probably a little bit more. Rudos prefer dropkicks at all times. Niño turns things around a little bit to send Carta out, avoids Eterno, and lands a over the corner tope con giro on Carta. Lucky and Eterno back together, exchanging near falls to an Eterno camel clutch on Lucky, with Carta coming into add a bridging pin, and Niño putting his own camel clutch on Eterno. Everyone escapes in time. Rudos whipped into each other and cradle for two counts. Crowd is not making noise. Boost dropkick sends the rudos out, técnicos run to the corners, take a step out on the ropes, and off with springboard moonsaults onto the rudos. Tecnicos load up Carta Brava on the top rope, two man Spanish fly – and no pin. Eterno's waiting for them away, and the técnicos both flip easy on an Eterno double clothesline. Lucky Boy comes back with a springboard dropkick to knock Eterno out, and follows him out with a double springboard tope con giro with a twist it. Niño and in, but caught and dropped with a Carta Brava Air Raid Crash. One two three. That came easy after all the near falls.

Highlights: Pepe Casas was honored for his 80th birthday by Joaquin Roldan and Heavy Metal.

Cibernético/Perro promo #2

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05/30 Toluca
06/14 Leon
06/16 Mexico City - TripleMania

Match 2: Faby Apache & La Jarochita vs La Hechicera & Mary Apache
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 05/17/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:30
Rating: okay/good
Notes: Hechicera has a very recycled theme. Jarochita has new music and her title. Faby also has her title. Referee is, of course, Hijo de Tirantes.

Jarochita is fiery, but also easily thrown around by Mary. Jarochita gets in one hair toss and Mary leaves. Jarochita has learned from Faby that the thing to do, in all situations, is to argue with Tirantes. Announcers have decided the ruda's name is “Juanita La Hechicera”, and she and Faby keep each other in holds. Mary randomly comes in and kicks around Faby, and that's the strange start of the beatdown. Jarochita is treated to Mary's ax kick. Rudas come up with a plan for Mary to hold both técnicas for a Hechicera middle rope plancha. This is a bad idea, it turns out. Tecnicas kick the rudas around ringside, and threaten Tirantes. Reset. Jarochita shows off a cartwheel and not so great headscissors with Hechicera. Faby against Mary looks a lot better, of course, but doesn’t last long. Tirantes tells Faby off just for looking at him, and Faby cracks up. Jarochita wants a handshake from Hechicera for some reason, does not get it. She nearly gets a powerbomb instead, escapes, and near falls Hechicera on a casadora cradle. Jarochita tries for a sunset flip, Hechicera blocks it and sits on her. Faby breaks up the pin, but Hechicera lands a running plancha on them both. Hechicera goes up to the middle rope for some reason, and the técnicas. Maybe Hechicera should stop climbing up. Double cradle suplex by the tecnicas! It almost didn't work, but it worked out well in the end. Mary kicks everyone to break it up. Apaches left in, Faby fights free and kicks Mary on a corner charge. Crowd getting into the match a bit more. Mary cuts Faby down with a clothesline and checks her own face. Mary top rope rope – senton con giro land. That should do it, but no pin and Jarochita lands her own missile dropkick. Jarochita figures up, stomps Maya, and picks her up by the head. Whip, reversed, Jarochita headscissors. Jarochita backs up, runs up the corner and off with a plancha. That went better than expected. Hechicera and Faby in, Faby runs right into Jarochita and goes down. Whip, Faby ducks a shoulders clothesline, sunset flip, Hechicera tries a sit, Faby moves. Faby lifts Hechicera out, airplane spin – and Faby's dizzy too! Faby pulls herself up, ducks one more clotheslines and German suplexes Hechicera one two there.

Faby won't let Tirantes raises her arm, and they argue some more. Faby gets in a middle rope headscissors on Tirantes in the end. Poor Tirantes!

Mega Title match video package leads into a 3 way face to face segment – though Texano is missing at first. This is 10 minutes long, and later gets cut down to about a minute without hurting anything. Chessman and Texano don't respect Metal or think he's any good, Metal says they'll settle it in the ring.

Perro/Cibernetico promo

Upcoming events.

Short version of the Perro/Cibernetico promo

Upcoming events.

Match 3: Fénix, Heavy Metal, La Parka vs Chessman, Parka Negra, Pentagón Jr.
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 05/17/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:09
Rating: ok
Notes: Lokillo is back with Heavy Metal. Tirantes is referee.

Rudos jump the técnicos when Parka finally gets to the ring. So much punches. Inset video shows Metal's attack on Texano Jr. from a couple tapings ago while the rudos all beat up Fenix, dropping him on the apron and dropkicking. Jesus gets the title in the Mesías/Demon match wrong, but Andres makes the save. More punches and stomps for Parka. I've really been able to get thru three minutes only typing that much. Chessman puts his head down too soon, Pakra throws him down, punches for Pentagon, Parka Negra just stands there watching. Pentagon gets up, Parka starts punching him again, and Parka Negra lays him out with a running shot to the head. Fenix takes a dramatic fall off the apron after a slap. Heavy metal's participation has been limited to standing near his corner on the floor and not getting involved. A crowd shot clip takes us to another Parka comeback, this time helped bay Zorro trip. Fenix helps out with a springboard headscissors on Pentagon, and Parka ends up clotheslining the other two. Chessman rolls out, and Heavy Metal turns up to do a tope con giro off the apron onto Chessman. Metal is limping, but rushing back to grab Lokillo and throw him down off the apron onto Chessman. Metal picks Lokillo back up and puts him in the ring so Lokillo can celebrate. Parka, Lokillo and Metal have an argument about Parka telling Lokillo to get lost, while Pentagon Junior waits and watches. Crowd is loud for Pakra as he and Pentagon slowly go thru spots. Parka uses a devastating eye poke, then sets up Pentagon for a headbutt to the groin from Lokillo. Pentagon Jr. begs off from Lokillo (it's supposed to be that he's actually scared of Parka behind him, but it's Lokillo's punch that sends Pentagon tumbling out of the ring.) Parka Negra manges to land on his head on a missed corner dropkick, then has along punch battle with Parka. Parkas visibly call spots in the ring – it's a headscissors! – then Parka takes a leisurely knee bump to the outside. That often leads to a dive. Here, it justs lead to Negra leaning thru the ropes and Parka pulling him out to do nothing in particular. Parka comes back in, in no hurry at all, and walks his way into a tope, which Parka Negra flips over the barricade. Fans weren't expecting that, and have to clear out of the way after the fact. Everyone in the ring waits and watches, as if something more is supposed to happen, but the cameras decide to stick with the waiting and watching for a moment, then catch up to Parka diving over the barricade to forearm Parka Negra for whatever reason. Luchadors immediately know it's back to go to life. Fenix enziguris Pentagon off the apron, runs, and lands his twisting dive to the floor. Fenix looks in rough shape walking back to his corner. Metal and Chessman in, Metal missing a dropkick at, Chessman kicking him back but being kicked while charging in the corner. They block each other's shot to set up chops, then neither can do go down on clotheslines. Metal drop toe hold, casita started, and held until Pentagon arrives to break it up with a faceslam. Fenix comes back in to headscissors him, but Chessman kicks Fenix in the back of the leg to stop his run. Chessman lifts Fenix up, Fenix escapes for a backcracker, but only two. Chessman ducks a clothesline and drops Fenix with a superkick, then spears him. Chessman pulls Fenix into the center of the ring, lifts him for a powerbomb and holds him there until Metal turns up. Metal slides thru Chessman's legs, which doesn't seem to do anything, Fenix reverses to a hurracanrana, Chessman turns that into a crab. Metal loads up and lands the Heavy punch. Chessman is out. Crowd is all looking at whatever the Parks are doing in the crowd. The cameras finally catch up to see them doing – nothing in particular. Metal walks around the ring back and forth, then puts on an armscissors. Chessman gets the ropes, but Metal won't let go. Tirantes pulls him off by his hair. Metal corner whips Chessman, Chessman slips on the buckles trying to climb up, and get stuck there, Metal gives the crowd a look and dropkicks the other knee. Chessman is slapping the mat in pain. And Tirantes checks on him – Texano turns up with a guitar at the same time. Texano sneaks behind Metal, then has to turn him around himself to hit him with a guitar. Metal takes the guitar shot, goes down, and gets back up so Chessman can spear him. Knee's fine. One two three.

Chessman tells Metal's corpse this is why he's going to win.

Title Match promo leads into a three way face to face.

Upcoming events

Blue Demon and Mesías are interviews face to face backstage. Mesías really wants to welcome Demon to AAA with a match, which Demon is not as excited for. Mesías is pretty insistent.

Match 4: Blue Demon Jr., El Mesías, Electroshock vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver King, Texano Jr.
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 05/17/2013

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 12:28
Rating: ok
Notes: Consejo come out together. Referee is Copetes.

Silver's partners plead for Mesías to stop armdraging Silver King around. That works! I think he was done anyone. Crowd is loud for Electroshock, so the rudos attack him to start the beatdown. Belt shots, lasso shots. Corner clotheslines for Demon, and whipped out into a big boot. Mesías starts the comeback with a double clothesline, and Electroshock gives a bad cutter to Máscara. it's a lot better with Silver King. Everyone clotheslines and straps Texano, then Mascara. Mesías and Demon get into a random argument and somehow Silver King gets out of being hit. Tecnico showcases go Mesías, Demon, Electroshock, and are all pretty long. Demon's seems edited at the start. Demon and Mesias have another argument on the apron while Electroshock is fighting. Electroshock and Máscara tumbles out, Mesias headscissors on Silver King, Demon northern lights suplex Texano, Mesías dives in to cover, and Silver breaks up the pin anyway. Demon still noticed and wasn't pleased. Mesias and Silver stay in, Mesías powerslams Silver for a two count, then gives him a backcracker and goes up, but Demon steals the pin for a two count. Mesías and Demon argue, and the rudos attack them and Electroshock. Everyone takes it to the corners, Chessman slides in, Texano swings his lasso at him (?), Chessman ducks under and spears him. Copetes sees it, then realizes he was supposed to be distracted. Whatever. Máscara pump kicks Electroshock down, then runs into a gentle monkey flip out of the ring. Electroshock follows with a tope. Demon tosses Silver out and – about 15 seconds after he's been speared – but Mesías and Demon cover Texano to get the pin.

Mesías and Demon shove each other while Chessman comes back in to let Texano there's not friends when the titles is on the line at TripleMania. That was nice of him to let Texano knows. Mesías grabs a microphone to challenge Demon, and Demon accepts – slapping Mesías at the end. They brawl,with Copetes standing and watching for whatever reason. Fenix, Parka and Axel run out – no idea where Electroshock went to – and break up the fight.

Show recap, and an ending graphic of Psycho Circus vs TNA for TripleMania with shots of Jeff Jarrett.