CMLL on CadenaTres #286 (05/25/2013) 
Recapped: 05/31/2013

Instead of the usual announcers in the ring, one announcer voices of clips of main event entrances for the main event and the semifinal.

Match 1: Fresbee & Magnus vs Espanto Jr. & Herodes Jr.
Arena Mexico, 05/21/2013

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:43
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Rafael el Maya.

1: Pairs are Magnus/Herodes and Fresbee/Espanto. Espanto's mask looks barely recognizable as an Espanto – it's a half Espanto, half Niebla mask, which seems like it came in a few weeks late. It doesn't help him much, and their pairing ends much quicker then the first one. Herodes beats Magnus easily on the next pairing, and Espanto takes care of Fresbee.

2: Rudos remain in control. Herodes puts Magnus in a half crab and bites the foot. Herodes bites Fresbee's hand on an armbar. Maybe he's just hungry. We've all been there. Espanto slide dropkicks Fresbee in the face in a spot I wrote down for no reason. Magnus spins around on a corner whip for no particular reason. Magnus makes a tag to Fresbee while Herodes is biting him again, and Fresbee's missile dropkick turns the match around. Hamstring kicks for Herodes, send him out. Other two in, Magnus kick trips Espanto in the ropes and ads a top rope guillotine legdrop for one in, and Fresbee put on a submission for the other.

3: Magnus headscissors and armdrags sends Espanto out. Fresbee shows off a reverse springboard tornillo armdrag and some headscissors to send Herodes out. Espanto gives Magnus the stop sign, stinks up his hand, put in Magnus' face, and northern lights suplex him for the pin. That was odd. Herodes takes care of Freesbe.

Match 2: Goya Kong, Lady Afrodita, Luna Mágica vs Amapola ©, Mima Shimoda, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 05/21/2013

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Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 15:22
Rating: bad/below average
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Every woman in this match is wearing black as a main color.

1: Luna and Mima start out together and seem to go for a long time, though it's really only 3 minutes. They escalate things a lot in that time, ending with a Luna running boot to the face. Amapola eventually fights Luna out, only to be headscissored out by Afrodita. Tiffany kicks Afrodita down, they go back and forth, and Afrodita takes a backdrop to the floor. Mima is very amused by Goya's dancing and Tiffany's posing. Goya slams Tiffany, misses a follow up elbow drop, and all the rudas come in to stomp her. Goya breaks thru a double clothesline, runs over Mima, and and set up the other rudas for moves form the other técnicosas that take a while to come. Afrodita nearly knocks herself out on a missile dropkick. Luna's clothesline to set up her finish on Tiffany is bad, and Tiffany sells it funny. Tecnicas want a triple finish, but Afrodita gets done before the other two, Amapola is the captain, and Tigre Hispano is not counting pins.

2: Mima tries to walk out after doing the sump bit with Goya, but her partners make her come back. Mima sneaks in an eye rake on a reach spot. Other rudas nearly wipe themselves out on a double spinebuster of Goya and take over the ring. Afrodita gets whipped into the ropes, and just falls down all on her own to setup Amapola's sit. Amapola is annoyed and won't do it, slapping Afrodita in the back of the head as Mima adds a kick. Other rudas come in, hold Afrodita over the middle rope, Amapola slaps her in the midsection few times and then drops kicks her to the ramp. People come in, people leave, ruda beatdown goes on, finally Tiffany beats Afrodita so the fall can end.

3: Goya tries getting angry with the rudas. It doesn’t work. Amapola tries throwing Lady Afrodita down by the head hard. That works. Goya gets a momentarily advantage, then runs into the corner hard. Luna avoids a corner charge from Tiffany, traps Tiffany in the corner, avoids a charge by Afrodita (whipped in?), traps Afrodita in the same corner (?!?), avoids Mima and traps her (Afrodita escaping), Goya whips Amapola in, Goya runs in, and only Tiffany gets hit. Tecnicas clear the ring of anyone but Tiffany, dead wight now, but the rudas trip up the técnicas form doing dropkick. Tiffany tries a running silla, crashes and burns, but so doe Goya after an elbow drop. Dropkicks to the head by the rudas, Tiffany puts on a hair puling mecedora, and the other rudas clean up. Mima kicks Afrodita in the head after letting go of her pin.

Match 3: Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso, Sagrado vs Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Virus
Arena Mexico, 05/21/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:39
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Maya.

1: Pairs are Virus/Pegasso, Bala/Cancerbero and Signo/Sagrado. The middle two screw an armdrag somehow. They go for a while longer and are smoother the rest of the way, though nothing too complex. Chops end their exchange. Sagrado and Signo exchange chops, Sagrado turns a clothesline into a slam, springboard moonsault, one two three. Sagrado gets some easy wins.

Virus trips Sagrado and dropkicks him in the face, but Pegasso headscissors him out and follows with a tope con giro. Bala and Cancerbero back in, Cancerberos is tripped up in the corner, Bala hits his running diving tope, then the rope flip moonsault for the win.

2: Bala gets in some offense before Cancerbero drops him with a clothesline and clears off the técnico corner. Everyone stomps Bala as the rudos take over. Bala is kicked and chopped around. Virus covers after a dropkick to the head, but Sagrado breaks up the pin. Rudos kick him out, then kick the ropes as Pegasso comes in. Pegasso doesn't say in long. Triple boot for Sagrado. Cancerbero goes to work on untying Bala's mask with the rudos keeping the referee away. Cancerbero almost gets it off when he's caught. Bala comes back with two not so great quebradoras, then trips Cancerbero on the ropes. Signo saves Cancerbero fro the double knew with a dropkick on Cancerbero, but gets but by a Pegasso plancha and dropkicks Pegasso by mistake. Sagrado missile dropkicks Signo out, Pegasso goes for a dive, Virus cuts him off with a kick thru the ropes. Sagrado dropkick Virus off the apron, but Cancerbero clotheslines Sagrado out. Bala back in with a missile dropkick, Cancerbero breaks that up. Bala bad looking huracanrana, only a one count. Bala dropkick, senton, still only one. Cancerbero kicks, Bala catches it, Cancerbero pulls his mask and stomps Bala on the mat. Cancerbero is furious with Bala for whatever reason, but it's still a DQ.

History Capsule: Alberto Munoz. Off all the random CMLL clips to intersperse with magazine covers, they show Rey Cometa dropping Namajague on his head.

Match 4: Delta, Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Boby Zavala, Disturbio, Vangellys
Arena Mexico, 05/21/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:56
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tirantes. Fuego's shoulder is back to being taped up.

1: Pairs are Delta/Zavala, Maya/Disturbio, Fuego/Vangelis. Zavala is actually too fast for Delta, though the rudo still gets sent out. Tirantes can be seen receiving a message over earpiece while Maya and Disturbio start. Vangelis is too big for Fuego, but Fuego keeps dropkicking him into he leaves, and follows with a tope con giro. Delta dumps Disturbio in the corner and moonsault him – a regular Sagrado there – and Maya cradles Zavala for the other pin.

2: Disturbio & Maya exchange chops. Disturbio realizes this is a poor idea and runs, but Maya catches back up to him in the ring for headscissors and quebradoras. Delta does the stop sign bit, and Zavala falls down coming to a stop. Zavala does hit Delta as soon as he's done stripping, but Delta comes back up with a walk up the ropes headscissors. Delta looks stiffer than usual, but still pulls off the headstand roll over the top rope apron headscissors. Rudos take over the ring from there, triple booting Fuego out and kicking around his partner. Maya comes back with chops on Zavala, but Zavala takes him down with a punch to the cut and a chop. Maya takes hard kicks from Zavala's partners, and a wheel kick from Vangelis. Double boots finally send Maya out. Fuego in, knocked down, and held from making a tag for more shots. Backdrop, double underhook backbreaker, Fuego's done. Zavala chops Delta as he comes in, spinebuster, submission, falls I over. Tirantes raises Zavala's arm while he still has the submission on, which doesn't seem quite right.

3: Zavala unties Delta's mask, but doesn't get farther than that. Corner charges on Delta work fine, though Delta takes some encouragement to get in position for Zavala's low blow dropkick. Fuego sneaks in a quebradora on Zavala, but Disturbio stops him and holds him in armbar. Not the most intense punishment. He tags out to Vangelis for more shots. Maya tries to tag in, Tirantes disallows the tag. They argue about it while Vangelis press slams. Fuego, and the other rudos all come in to stomp Fuego. I think they thought Maya and Tirantes were still chatting. Fuego ducks a double clothesline and dropkicks Vangelis out, other rudos boot him out, Maya planchas both of them, rudos miss a clothesline on Maya, Maya escapes a double rebound hiptoss and Delta is in with a (slightly late) springboard dropkick on them. Maya and Delta out with a tope and tope con giro, leaving Fuego and Vangelis in. Vangelis misses a clothesline, Fuego huracanrana one two three.

Stellar Moments

Castigo: Triton guillotine legdrop on Hooligan

Sensacional: Delta moonsault onto Kraneo

Lance: Rush tope con giro onto Volador

Llave: Diamante Azul puts Negro Casas in the escuedo

Triunfo: Sombra Brillante Driver on Makamura.

Match 5: Diamante Azul, Mistico, Thunder vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 05/21/2013

  1. TRT

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:12
Rating: ok
Notes: TRT enter as a group. They seem to have lost Comandante permanently, which is a shame. Bucanero goes right after Azul, not they show much of it. Other rudos go after other técnicos. Referee is Tirantes.

1: Tiger drops Místico on the barricade. Bucanero uses his own jacket to choke out Azul, and and Terrible does the same thing with Thunder. Tirantes is not too bothered by the whole thing, as long as Terrible stops by five. TRT end up standing in the ring, waiting for a técnico to come up, but no técnico does. Mistico's thrown back in while Bucanero goes out to attack Azul some more. Tiger goes after Mistico's mask, then helps the others corner clothesline Thunder. Triple super powerbomb finishes Thunder. Místico takes a double hiptoss faceslam, then a kick to the face, and that's it for him.

2: Bucanero unties and twists around Azul's mask, so he's blinded whiled being knocked around. Místico rests near the top off the ramp, wonder what'll be coming. Triple boot for Thunder. Místico does walk back to the ring on his own, without doing a headscissors, and is kicked in the leg. Weird bit where Thunder comes in, rudos hold him for a bit, then whip him and Thunder slides on out on his own. TRT do a woefully mistimed triple kcik spot, but Terrible redeems it with a slap to Místico. Turnaround spot is screwed up – Místico trips Terrible as he hits the ropes like he's supposed to, but Thunder never grabs Tiger, and Bucanero and Tiger both stand around waiting for Azul to kick him. Awkward as heck. Azul gets it back on track with three straight quebradoras on Bucanero, but clips the ropes on a tope. Bucanero still takes the bump over the rail. La Mistica on Tiger. Thunder is still MIA (hurt?), so Terrible has to wait for that submission, attack Mistico and sets himself up for a Místico huracanrana for three. Thunder reappears to gets his arm raised.

3: Thunder blows a quebradora. Terrible and Tiger take unsuccessful runs at Azul, but it does open up the técnico for a sneaky clothesline from Bucanero. Bucanero's ripping at his mask more here, but gets monkey flipped from corner to corner. Thunder rolls out on the ramp to monkey flip Bucanero in, Bucanero just clearing the ropes. Tiger runs from Místico for some reason, so Terrible chop fights Místico again. Místico chops Terrible many times, Terrible slaps him once in the face, down goes Místico. Místico comes back with a headscissors on Bucanero, a springboard dropkick on Tiger, and a headscissors – no, Terrible turns into a powerbomb into the corner, then slaps Místico down. Crowd is so happy when Místico gets slapped. Terrible miss a corner charge, and Místico wipes him out with a corner moonsault. Tiger superkicks Thunder, who is horrible, but Thunder ducks a clothesline and drops him with a back suplex for two count. Thunder crotches himself on the ropes, Bucanero kicks at it few times, Azul goes for the German, Bucanero grabs the ropes with both arms and one leg, then elbows free. Clothesline misses, Azul puts Bucanero in the escuedo, and that's it.

Azul brings up his feud with Bucanero in Puebla and demands a singles match. And, if Bucanero isn't scare, hair vs mask. Bucanero tells the quiet crowd to silence, asks them if they want the hair match, they say yes, Bucanero says no. Azul tries to get the crowd to chant at Bucanero, and chases him away (Bucanero looking quite hurt running.)

Announcers wrap up