AAA on UTDN #80 (05/23/2013) 
Recapped: 05/25/2013

Previously: Flamita beat Carta Brava, Faby beat Taya, Exoticos won (no graphic), Argenis challenged and failed again, Heavy Metal made a failure of a challenge, Niño Hamburguesa was beat up by the Perros, Heavy Metal hit Texano with a guitar.

TripleMania promo.

Upcoming lineups
05/24 in Tampico
05/30 in Toluca
06/16 in Ciudad de Mexico
(no mention of the Fusion taping)

Very short Durango tourism commercial.

Regional UTDN: a video package marking 21 years of AAA, including footage of the press conference, which leads into a talk about Konnan vs the Roldans and the roster split. The rosters of both sides are listed. As in the press release, Lucky Boy, Niño de Ebano, Freelance, Bugambilia and Mamba are listed as Nueva Generacion for Evolucion, while Angelico, Saturno, Flamita, Niño Hamburguesa, and Jizno are the same for Fusion. They only list Octagoncito, Mascarita Sagrada, La Parkita and Mini Abismo Negro for Evolucion (no Psicosis, Histeria or Charly, they do say 'and others'.) Vampiro is still listed as part of Fusion. I wonder who will have a TV match first, Billy el Malo or Gronda. They stop reading names after Mascara Año 2000 Jr., though all are shown. They explain the whole thing about everyone being allowed on Sin Limite.

TripleMania promo.

Match 1: Aerostar, Atomic Boy, Axel vs El Apache, Eterno, Mamba
Plaza de Toros, Durango, Durango, 05/12/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 14:01
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Eterno has his IWRG belt. Mamba matched a jacket to her ribbon and her outfit. Stylish. Hijo de Tirantes is referee. Aero & Atomic enter together as Fuerza Aerea. Atomic Boy still has the shoulder brace on, and the rudos block him off from Apache. Axel is last. Tirantes gets a favorable reaction from the crowd (and Mamba.)

Atomic Boy still can't get to Apache in the ring, and Apache begs off on the outside. Mamba hilarious slaps at Atomic to keep him away. Rudos end up stalling on the outside until Tirantes takes control of the situation, but it just repeats once Apache gets close to the ring. About 75 seconds in, the match actually gets started – with Mamba stalling against Aerostar. Their sequence includes a double wristlock monkey flip, and both bridging up to avoid being pinned. Aero grabs a hold, Apache breaks it up with a slap, and runs before Atomic Boy can get tho him. Eterno helpfully shield Apache from Axel and Atomic Boy. I'm going to type Axxel a dozen times, and you're not going to be able to tell because of spell check (maybe). Match resumes, Aero gets a hold again, Apache breaks it up with a slap again, Atomic still can't get to Apache. Maybe a new strategy? We're about 3 minutes in with not a lot happening. Things get going long enough for Aerostar to get in slap on Atomic Boy as he stands on the apron, but then we go back into the stall. Atomic Boy and Eterno back in as they resume. Apache tease coming in, but just encourages Eterno on. Apache fake tags in, but does not come in. Axel comes in for his side instead. Test of strength spots now with arm holds, Axel with a jumping snap mare into a headscissors. Eterno goes a long way an on Axel armdrag, and Axel does the slingshot out and roll back in headscissors bit with him and Apache. Apache grabs Axel, only to get kicked out by Eterno. Axel headscissors into an armdrag to send Eterno out, and a slingshot headscissors to the floor, though Axel had to put his hands on the floor to keep himself up. Eterno is working hard here. Apache tags in, but it's Aerostar who faces him for some reason. Apache makes sure to slap Atomic Boy anyway. Aero lands a nice reverse springboard tornillo, then ducks a slap and Mamba takes it instead. Aero climbs up Mamba to get a boost into a headscissors on Apache, Mamba dances, Aero kicks him, then casadora armdrags the exotico out. Eterno in, double rotation headscissors for him. It came a lot easier for him than Axel. Aero Boy full speed no hands tope into Eterno! Eterno keeps Aero from killing himself, barely. Apache and Atomic Boy in, but first a replay of that dive. Gran Apache wants a handshake, will not be getting handshake. Atomic Boy torito shoved of, Atomic handspring backflip. Apache tells Atomic Boy to slap him, Atomic swings, misses, and Apache hits him instead. Don't listen to Apache! Crowd is chanting for Atomic. Atomic with a wristlock from the mat, a couple kicks, multiple bounce armdrag spot goes awry, and they just improves a springboard armdrag to end it. Atomic Boy runs, but Mamba slaps him down. Mamba resumes dancing. Mamba clothesline misses, Atomic rope flip armdrag sends Mamba to the ropes. Atomic runs, spin thru the ropes, and Mamba throws himself out. Atomic Boy celebrates, but Eterno cuts him down with a missile dropkick. Axel starts to slingshot in, but holds up. Eterno whips Atomic to Apache, tosses Atomic Boy to the top – and he goes out with a plancha onto Mamba. That was out of nowhere. Now it's time for Axel to springboard dropkick Eterno, but Apache puts him and everyone else down with slaps. Poor Eterno gets hit by mistake. Announcers plugging the Billy El Malo show. Rudos chop Axel for a while, then stand him up for a boot to the head spots that didn't seem right. Double boot sends Axel out. Atomic Boy in and out quick. Aero flapjacked and dropkicked in the head. Atomic Boy tries to chop his way back towards the rudos, but they knock him down. Atomic whipped from corner to corner for slaps, but manges to get a dropkick on Apache. Rudos try to senton him, miss, and Aero and Axel springboard headscissors them. Tecnicos chase the rudos around for revenge brawling. Axel brings Mamba back in for a dropkick to the head as things settle back down. Tecnicos all take a shot at slapping Apache in the chest. Apache and Atomic Boy left in. Atomic Boy flipping run, casadora – spots goes awry. He's having a tough match. They finish the small package they might wanted for two, then Atomic gets a satellite armbar on the next pass. Eterno breaks that up, but takes a flipping armdrag from Aero. Mamba slaps Aero, but Aero ducks a clothesline and kiss Mamba. Everyone a bit stunned an confused on that one. Aero holds Mamba down, Axel does the Santo top rope senton con giro, then runs climbs up the opposite corner for a plancha on Eterno. Not quite Hijo del Santo's tope. Aero with a springboard headscissors on Mamba to send the exoticos out, then follows with the bombs away springboard reverse tope. Atomic Boy lands a springboard plancha on Apache, but Apache cut shim down with a slap. Corner whip, Atomic Boy puts the stop up, Apache charges, Atomic puts him on the top buckle, climbs up with him – frankensteiner reversed into a super bomb. One two three. Crowd is fine with that result.

Rudos celebrate by getting their arms raised, then celebrates by stomping the técnicos.

The return of AAA Classicos: Heavy Metal vs Pirata Morgan, Sangre Chicana, Texano (Sr), hair vs hair, from TripleMania XI 06/15/03. This is shown complete. Hope the TripleMania crowd is even 1/10th into Heavy Metal as they were here.

TripleMania promo.

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Match 2: Angélico, Drago, Jack Evans vs Argos, Chessman, Halloween
Plaza de Toros, Durango, Durango, 05/12/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 10:16 on UTDN, 8:41 on Televisa
Rating: great
Notes: Halloween has his belt. Chessman is announced as Vampire Hunter. Hmmm. Jack does his breakdance spot, Halloween watches, watches, then spears Jack as soon as he poses. And we're off! Referee is Piero.

Rudos get the best of the técnicos in the brawl. Chops for Jack, a Chessman thrust kick and a triple legdrop from the other rudos. Argos kicks Drago in the head as he comes in. Chops for Drago. Halloween sets up a something – double tapatía on Drago to set up a Chessman head kick. Halloween does the strut. Argos teases it with him but doesn't get to it. Halloween slips posing on the buckle, and Argos is left alone to beat up Angelico while everyone else sorts themselves out. Angelico held on the ropes for chops. Argos presses Angelico on the top buckle, doesn’t follow up. Argos holds Jack in a ankle lock while Halloween dances and crotch chops. Dropkick to the face to Jack, and Chessman punches Jack around. Jack hung on the top rope to be punched off. Argos lands the wheel kick on him. Rudos all stomp Argos. About 3 minutes of domination so far. Angelico is cut just above his right hip, unsure how, but they zoom in on the wound. Drago evades a corner charge, from Argos, superkicks Halloween and helps Angelico crotch Chessman around the post. Halloween out, Jack in – Jack does his dive onto Halloween. Angelico evades Argos, spins around on the ground and head kicks Argos from there. Angelico fires up, tope con giro pretty much clears Argos. Drago out the other way with a slingshot headscissors onto Chessman. Tecnicos hold the ring and pose. Drago and Argos continue the match, with Drago blocks a shot to sweep Argos, then boosting off Argos into a headscissors on Halloween. That looks great. Argos runs into an enziguri, taking him out of the ring. Chessman is finally able to stop the Drago run with a shot to the throat. Whip, Drago flipping armbar takedown, then spinning on the mat into a headkick on Chessman. Rolling faceslam to Chessman, and another kick to the had as he tries to get back up. Drago off the ropes, tossed up and down with a nice huracanrana. Chessman out, Drago rolls to the ropes and poses. Nice run. Jack and Argos in, Jack dancing around and Argos just watching. Wait no, Argos starts to a hat dance! Crowd is not impressed. Chain wrestling leads to Jack flipping under a clothesline and landing a running double front heel kick. Jack stops to pose, then stands on Argos for more, but Chessman forearms him. Back suplex, Jack lands on his feet, rolls over Chessman back to head head kick Argos. Jack seems surprised about how that worked, but works on moving Argos back towards Chessman. Chessman charges, Jack dropkick off him into a moonsault on Argos. Chessman tries to break it up, only kicks Argos in the head. This is frantic. Jack kicks Chessman back, Argo gets up to all fours, and Jack boots off him into a headscissors on Chessman. Jack fights off Argos with kicks, Argos ducks one, headscissors Jack out, and follows with a crushing tope con giro. Angelico waits for Argos to get up, runs, and gets blown up by a Halloween spear. Halloween does a weird pose. Halloween chops Angelico into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Angelico charges in, Halloween kicks him in the midsection, up to the middle rope, Halloween taunts Angelico, and Angelico back flip kicks Halloween to the floor. Halloween stumbled around drunkly, while Angelico gets cut of by a Chessman superkick. Chessman miss a charge on Drago, Drago kicks him away, top rope tornillo plancha, two count. Drago off the ropes, flipping into a spinning DDT on Chessman, but Argos pulls Drago off the pin. Argos slows it down – by taking s ingle breath – and Angelico gets into enziguri Chessman. Argos whips Drago into the ropes and back elbows him out. Angelico kicks Argos, Jack in four a double whip, Jack kick to the midsection, kick to the chest, Angelico snap mare, Jack whips Angelico, Angelico kick to the chest, standing moonsault kind of misses, Jack standing shootings star press doesn’t miss at all one two Halloween breaks it up with slaps, then spears Jack again. Halloween runs ant Angelico, Angelico misses a clothesline , then turns his face into a Halloween kick. Halloween stops o pose, I stop to breath. Two gringos left in, Halloween misses a double clothesline and both chop him. Three pairs of chops by técnicos, and Halloween's slide out by his chest to Argos. The rudos recover, Halloween does wait things and the técnicos come out with big tope con giros to the floor. Drago and Chessman back in, Chessman evades and slaps Drago in the head. Chessman spots to point at the crowd. Corner whip, reverses, Drago rushes in, Chessman flips Drago to the apron, Drago punches Chessman away, top rope - well, doesn't matter, Chessman runs into a big spinebuster. Chessman up top quick, top rope leg drop one two three! That was great.

Tecnicos drag Drago to safety as the rudo pose. Chessman gets the microphone and asks for a moment – he beat Vampiro, he took Electroshock's hair, and he was the first challenger for the Mega Championship. Now he wants another shot, if Texano has the guts. Texano Jr. has the gut to appear, and to smirk. Texano walks to the ring with his own microphone and faces off with Chessman. Texano recounts Metal's challenge back in Chilpancingo. Heavy Metal was found not worthy, much to this crowd's displeasure. It's amazing AAA is doing angles based on the results to random CMLL cage matches – CMLL can't even manage that! Texano wastes no time in accepting Chessman's challenge. Chessman makes it clear he's winning at TripleMania. Replay.

TripleMania promo

Upcoming Events.

Joaquin Roldan announced the not-three way for TripleMania. BOOOO.

Match 3: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Silver King, Texano Jr., Villano IV
Plaza de Toros, Durango, Durango, 05/12/2013

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 14:53 on UTDN, 12:16 on Televisa
Rating: ok
Notes: Psycho Circus are the champions. Villano IV's music is still legendary. No Consejo shirt for him. This is a good sounding rudo side. Referee is Tirantes. Mini Clown is with the rudos.

Psycho and V4 wrestle on the mat for 24 seconds before Silver King decides no more and everyone brawls. Silver gives Monster a draping spinning DDT. Announcers are are abuzz about the title match announcement. Tirantes takes away a chair from Psycho, and Texano uses it without a problem. V4 is throwing good punches on Murder Clown. The double tapatía/kick to the face spots is becoming popular. Mini Clown is thrown out of the ring on Murder Clown, who does not do a strong job of catching him. V4 powerslams Monster Clown and tries to for a pin, which Tirantes totally ignores. Maybe V4 is going for Monster's eyes, but he's on top of him in pinning position. Murder ducks a double clothesline to set up a running plancha on Texano and a Monster spear on Silver. Psycho hits V4 in the head with a chair. Rudos all gets strapped. Rudos all threaten to leave, but the Clowns just bring them back to the ring. Texano tries to crawl away, nearly looses his trunk. Crowd is very into the clowns. Psycho lands a low blow headbutt on Texano. Monster dropkicks Silver in the backside, and he claims foul as well. V4 takes the flying sit.

Durango tourism ad.

Back for the Clowns playing to the crowd and starting their run of offense. Announcers talking about the roster split. Tecnicos go Monster, Murder and Psycho, which the rudos each getting in a big move to break up the técnico run (and cause the next técnico to come in.) It's Mini Clown who breaks up the pin after Texano Styles Clash, and leads Texano into a Monster Clown clothesline. Monster slingshot tope con giros Texano. Silver tries to clothesline Murder, can't get him to budge, and Murder spins him with a shoudlerblock. Murder lifts Silver up and presses his to the outside onto Monster and Texano. Awkward big boot for Villano 5, Psycho slams V4, helps Murder up, and tells him to go the outside – plancha onto those three. Psycho and V4 left in, Psycho casadora cradle for 2, Psycho cradle for two, slaps back and forth, Psycho gets the better fo that and while Tirantes tries to pull him off. Psycho throws Tirantes down by mistake, V4 fouls Psycho, Tirantes counts three.

Villano IV grabs the microphone to say the Villanos were the greatest trio in the history of lucha libre. Feeling good after defeating a Brazo. Parka interrupts, complaining about indy guys coming into to AAA and says AAA has a team to beat any team V4 have. Parka definitely ends up challenging los Villano for TripleMania, though V4 is the one less clear about it.