CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #354 (05/18/2013) 
Recapped: 05/23/2013

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Match 1: Pegasso & Stigma vs Guerrero Negro Jr. & Inquisidor
Arena Mexico, 05/10/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 5:40
Rating: fine for the very short length
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Commentary is right off RadioCMLL, and they don't mute out the RadioCMLL mentions (they usually skip them in matches they think are going to air.) This seems joined in the second round of pairs. Pegasso gets some time for moves with Inquisidor, but Stigma and Negro go just about right to the finish. Pólvora does the finish better than the técnicos.

2: Cut to within five seconds of the finish, and obviously edited. Stigma takes a double dropkick in the corner (the one from Stellar Moments), but the turn around and submissions follow immediately.

3: The gap between falls is edited, as it the start of this fall, but it's still nearly as long as the last fall. Pegasso armdrags Guerrero Negro around. Inquisidor breaks up his Pegasso's time killing hold. Inquisidor gets in his ten second finish, can barely get Pegasso out of the ropes, and Stigma dropkicks him anyway. Stigma gets in a fireman's carry cutter, Negro breaks that up. Negro puts on a standing surfboard. Pegasso breaks that up, drops Negro in the corner, and lands the 450 splash. Inquisidor dropkick Pegasso out, but Stigma lands a springboard plancha, kicks Inquisidor and drops him with a double underhook powerbomb for the win.

Actual in-ring introduction, with Rey Bucanero and JCR talking about the two matches to come.

Match 2: Goya Kong, Marcela ©, Silueta vs La Seductora, Mima Shimoda, Tiffany ©
Arena Mexico, 05/10/2013

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Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 13:30
Rating: ok
Notes: I think Seductora has new music. I don't especially know what Seducotra's music is, but I don't remember hearing this music before. Tiffany's video appears to be just clips of Tiffany slapping luchadors in the face. Seems accurate. Referee is Edgar.

1: Edit right at the start, joining Silueta and Mima in trading hammerlocks. They trade holds evenly, and don't accomplish much at first when they start running. Mima takes a lot of stops to go anywhere, but she also takes out Silueta a German suplex. Marcela wheel kicks Mima in the face as revenge. Double underhook escaped, Mima taps Marcela in the face with a big boot, hits the ropes, and runs back with the small half steps all the way. It is so weird and just gets her slapped. Marcela gives her a fireman's carry gutbuster, and her new favorite low dropkick to the face. Tiffany and Marcela exchange slaps, and Marcela wins via dropkick. Tiffany takes the bottom rope springboard knee drop, but immediately recovers to drop Marcela with a wheelbarrow faceslam. Goya is more interested in dancing than fighting and gets kicked for it. Tiffany bullies Goya, Goya uses her size to fight back and wipes her backside on Tiffany's face. Seductora can do nothing with Goya. Goya drops her in the corner, Silueta lands the top rope moonsault and Goya powerbombs Mia for the pins. Marcela attacks Tiffany all the way up the ramp.

2: Mima and Silueta chop fight leads to Mima kicks to the face. Silueta blocks one, spins Mima, and drops her with a clothesline. Silueta gets in a flying armdrag, and a Texano Tornado. (It doesn’t finish for her either.) Tiffany knocks down Silueta and throws her around by her hair. Marcela goes for revenge, but Seductora helped out from the outside. Tiffany gets in the corner clothesline/bulldog out. Tiffany tags out rather than deal with Goya. Mima and Goya do a sumo spot that goes badly for Mima. Rudas finally figure out double teaming is the way to go and control Goya a bit. Slaps and kicks and not much more until Goya tags in Silueta. Seductora is able to drop her with an inverted powerslam and dropkick Silueta out. Marcela yet again in for revenge, and the rudas throw her around. Mima missile dropkick sends Marcela rolling out. Goya's held for Seductora's top rope silla, and Tiffany puts on a hairpulling camel clutch, which seems totally illegal but Edgar counts the submission. Meanwhile, Mima takes out Marcela with a tiger suplex for a pin, and they never get a really good angle of it.

3: Rudas stay in control of the match. Mima is very confused about the referee requiring tags all the time now. Marcela evades a corner charge and dropkicks Mima. Goya bites Tiffany in the forehead for no real reason as part of the revenge brawling. Silueta headscissors Seductora and puts a crab, but the rudas break it up. Silueta rallies and dropkicks Seductora out. Rudas clear her out, other técnicas come in and gets the best of it. Corner whips, Goya's sent into Tiffany, that does not not go well for Tiffany. Goya and Tiffany leave, Goya leaping off the apron on Tiffany. The other four finish up. Marcela and Mima do a bit where Marcela leaps off Mima's back (on all fours) to the middle rope and Marcela comes back off with a double knee drop. Mima turns over before it lands, but just at the last second. No idea if she was supposed to Marcela adds a Michinoku Driver, then gives a brief gesture before going out of the ring to collect Tiffany.

Match 3: Atlantis, La Sombra ©, Mistico vs Gran Guerrero, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 05/10/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 7:56
Rating: ok
Notes: Guerreros are wearing identical yellow gear, making it tough to tell them apart. Volador Jr. is wearing loud yellow and red himself. Rudos jump the técnicos before the whistle. Referee is Tirantes.

1: Sombra takes an out of control flip over the barricade, while Gran Guerrero drops Místico on the barricade. Double Guerrero dropkick sends Atlantis out and the Guerreros into celebration. Volador stops throwing Sombra around long enough to help out the Guerreros with the flying sit on Místico. Ultimo monkey flips Gran Guerrero into a tope con giro Atlantis and Místico, then Volador lands the Spiral on Sombra to win the fall.

2: Rudos stay in control, with Volador landing his corner superkick on Sombra. Senton de la muerte on Atlantis. Rudos are in no hurry to fight Místico, but end up attacking him from behind. Telling Gran and Ultimo apart is not easy in SD, but they both work together to dropkick Místico around. Sombra starts the Devitt comeback, UG knocks him down, Atlantis quebradoras UG, Volador superkicks him, Volador waits and Místico pulls of a ramp running flip headscissors into the ring. Sombra up top – moonsault over the post onto Volador. Tecnicos wrap it up – again, no Atlantida from Atlantis. (This is again in the order I'm watching, which may not be useful to you.)

3: Atlantis starts off, armdrags into quebradora on UG and Volador. Atlantis hurries to tag in Sombra so he can grab his rival. Volador begs off, then slides out on Sombra. Místico and Gran Guerrero come in anyway. UG doesn't let GG in much on his own, which turns out bad because the rudos bumble. UG is the one taking the headscissors, in the ring and the slingshot to the floor. Sombra and Volador come back in, Sombra taking off his shirt and Volador taking time to pose. Sombra does the same, and this kills some time. Crowd does seem to be supporting Sombra over Volador. A lot of women for Sombra. Dueling flipping runs, Sombra reverse springboard headscissors to send Volador out, an then vaulting at him with a big tope on giro. Místico sends Gran Guerrero out with a boost dropkick, UG takes the knee bump out, and Atlantis and Místico go out with a tope and tope con giro respectively. Back to Sombra and Volador to finish it, Volador handsprings into Sombra's German suplex, but flip out to his feet. Volador jumps on Sombra's shoulders, and pulls off Sombra's mask from there. That's a different way of doing it. Still a DQ.

Volador punches Sombra until Místico covers him up. Guerreros walk off. Sombra challenges Volador for the mask match again. Volador is does not commit to it and ends up running away. Replays.