CMLL on CadenaTres #285 (05/18/2013) 
Recapped: 05/22/2013

Announcers say hello.

Match 1: Metatrón & Oro Jr. vs Guerrero Negro Jr. & Zayco
Arena Mexico, 05/14/2013

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:15
Rating: below average
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Pairs are Metatron/Zayco and Oro/Negro. Metatron and Zayco do very boring mat work for nearly 3 minutes. That's a quarter of this match, I'm assuming. Oro scares Negro via armdrag before they start with even exchanges. Negro is able to get a momentarily advantage with a clothesline, Oro comes back with a late developing huracanrana. Announcers discuss various maestros, off Diablo Velsaco and Gran Cochisse coming up with Metatron. Metatron randomly submits Zayco, then Oro and Negro come into finish their bit.

2: Pairs switch. Metatron is slightly more interesting doing armdrag variations, and Negro takes a monkey flip to the floor. Oro Jr. rolls too soon for Zayco's liking, and Zayco dropkick him in the lower back. Oro is slow up, so Zayco elbows him. Suplex. Zayco tags in Negro, who adds a flying axhandle to the back, and then a double legdrop to the lower back. Big flapjack, and a Negro flying kneedrop to the lower back. Negro puts on a submission to finish Oro. Metatron distracts himself. Zayco gives out another vertical suplex, thinks for a second, then decides to finish Metatron with a sit down powerbomb.

3: Zayco throws Oro around on the outside, while Negro boots Metatron around the ring. And then they switch places. Rudos aren't as specific on a body part on Oro this time, just hitting him all around. Rudos try corner charge into the técnico corner. Metatron doesn't care, but Oro Jr. does move his leg in time to cause Zayco to fly out of the ring on a missed dropkick. That was a different looking spot. Técnicos give the ramming rudo a double spinebuster. Metatron has a pretty horrible whiff on a headscissors, one Negro didn't seem ready for Oro cleans it up to kick Escorpion out, Zayco superkicks him. Whip, Zayco kicks Oro Jr., Oro Jr. sort runs slide on his knees oddly. Zayco just finishes it with the Zayclone, not a moment too soon. Metatron gets in a plancha on Negro, Escorpion kicks him, they have trouble setting up his finish, but he gets it and it's over.

Match 2: Metálico ©, Soberano Jr., Stigma vs Artillero, Hijo del Signo ©, Súper Comando
Arena Mexico, 05/14/2013

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 13:56
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Signo ducks Metálico right away, so they do Stigma/Artillero and Comando/Soberano with occasionally interruptions from Metálico trying to get his rival. Soberano and Comando work well off each other. Metálico finally gets Signo, and decides to do flashy rolls. Odd, but Metálico has little problems when he actually fights Signo, so it seemed two work at him. Metálico gets himself into trouble stalking Signo on the outside, and the rudos all attack him. Stigma and Soberano complain to the rudos, who just beat them up too. Militia take care of the técnicos on the outside while Signo brings Metálico back in and - well, hooks himself into the Ephesto Roll, which Metálico is happy to finish. Announcers seem to laugh about how obvious Signo was there.

2: Rudo tease leaving, do not actually leave. Stigma's run is highlighted by an apron dive headscissors on Artillero. Metálico is spitting mad at Signo, but Comando tells Signo to wait until the técnico cools down and faces Soberano instead. Soberano wraps up Comando with a rope bounce armdrag on the ramp, causing Comando to roll halfway to the stairs and pass out. Feuding two back in, Signo knocks Metálico around, Metálico is too quick on a corner charge and swings thru the ropes for a kick, then push off headscissors Signo out. Metálico chases Signo on the outside again, Signo runs, and Metálico gets attacked again. Maybe rethink this, Metálico. Other técnicos try to help but only get thrown high in the air. Stigma ducks down too soon on a dropkick to the head, and just gets Comando landing on him. Artillero slams Metálico in the ring, and Sing adds his splash for the win.

Signo unties Metalico's mask while Super Comando backs off the referee.

3: Comando dumps Sigma on the barricade and works him over with kicks. Artillero chops Soberano hard and goes for his mask. The camera finally catches up with Signo and Metálico when they come back in the ring, and Metálico reverses a whip into a quebradora (with little knee) on Signo. Comando and Artillero hold Metálico down from doing more, and Signo kicks his rival in the face a few times. All the rudos chops and stomp down Metálico. Metálico turns a whip into a armdrag and dropkick on two of the rudos. Super Comando dropkick Metálico down and chops him into the corner, but Metálico finish himself to the apron and chops Comando, kicks Signo, and follows with his Asai moonsault – don't see that much from him. Stigma flying headscissors Comando, Artillero kicks him, and Soberano comes in with a nice top rope double tornillo on Artillero. Soberano is very happy with how that went that he's lost for a moment on the next spot. He recovers to kick Artillero into hanging on the ropes, but his springboard guillotine moonsault misses when Artillero doesn't get in the right position. Soberano drags Artillero away from the ropes and adds a legdrop for a better win. Stigma finishes Comando at about the same time.;

Metálico punches Signo around the outside, then Soberano carries him around the ring.

Match 3: Luna Mágica, Marcela, Silueta vs Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sugheit, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 05/14/2013

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Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 14:21
Rating: ok
Notes: Tirantes is referee, and Tiffany strategically flirts with him before the match gets started.

1: Mima, returning here, and Marcela have a decent hold exchange. By decent, it's better than Mima was doing before she left. Mima's partners still have to bail her out of half crabs by kicking Marcela. Tiffany takes over after a Mima boot choke, throws Marcela out, and works over Luna with kicks. Sugheit in for the double boot. Rudas go thru the técnicas one by one with basic stuff, but it's executed fine. Tiffany seems more aggressive than usual, and the rudas set up Silueta for the Tiffany for her inverted crucifix bomb. That seems like it should be the finish, but Marcela comes over quick and the rudas focus on her instead. Mima missile dropkick sends Marcela rolling out, and the rudas keep going thru the técnicas, though back to simpler stuff. Tiffany traps Silueta in a rolling reverse armscissors for the submission (so maybe her move was supposed to be the finish.) Rudos have a lengthy set up to nothing in particularly on Luna, or maybe it got messed up. Sugheit finally just does her hold and this fall is done.

2: Rudas get the best of the tecnicas in brawling, and whip them into each other on the corner. Holding, hitting. This goes on too long. Double hiptoss rebound spot where Silueta lands on her feet doesn't go quite right and the timing makes everything that follows look more like a misses, but the tecnicas do manage to dropkick out all the rudas. Revenge brawling. Silueta armdrags people in the ring, slaps Tiffany, and lands silla on Mima. Luna and Tiffany are slow or Luna is not good, but the rudas manage to hit each other to make it work. Sugheit kicks Tiffany, Luna inside cradles her, that's the pin. Sugheit's kicks are strong! Marcela is unaware Tiffany is the captain (so is everyone else) and starts to submit Sugheit until Tirantes interrupts her to let her know. Most referees will just let someone put the hold on, but Tirantes is not most people.

3: Tiffany and Luna fight, or more pull each other by the hair a lot. Silueta and Sugheit also has hair pulling. It's a thing. Silueta battles back with a flying armdrag. Mima takes down Silueta and ax kicks Silueta's hair, but Marcela knocks her over with a springboard back elbow. Marcela evades, pulls Mima down by her hair, and knocks her over with a missile dropkick. Two count, right into a Marcela double armscissors. Tiffany has to make the save. Silueta tries a casadora on her, it's not right, and Tiffany just throws her down. Good bit of improvising. Tiffany escape a Silueta inside cradle, they're a bit thrown on the next spot, and Silueta has all sorts of problems with the figure four she's trying to put it on. She does get it on, which means it's Sugheit's turn to break up the hold. She does but sentoning Silueta, landing all the way on her. Luna kicks out Tiffany at the same time. Sugheit drops Luna, kicks her in the chest, and covers for only two. Luna backside of questionable merit for two. Rudas trip Luna up to set up Sugheit dropkick. Marcela headscissors and dropkicks Sugheit in revenge. Mima celebrates a lot while fighting Marcela, takes another missile dropkick, and a double top rope double stomp for one pin. Silueta submits Tiffany for the other. Easier hold than the one she was trying earlier.

Match 4: Atlantis, Blue Panther, Titán vs Morphosis, Mr. Águila, Psicosis
Arena Mexico, 05/14/2013

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  2. Invasors
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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:35
Rating: below expectations
Notes: Mije is with the rudos. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Panther tortures Morphosis, including a tricky surfboard variation. A lot of trapping Morphosis in positions, and Morphosis barely escaping. Panther finally monkey flips Morphosis away. Aguila holds Atlantis in a cavernaria for a while, and they end up battling over armdrags. Titan is last in, facing Psicosis and exchanging chops. Psicosis stops Titan's rope running with kicks, and Titan almost flips onto his head on a clothesline. He corrects at the last moment, and Psicosis rewards him with a dropkick to the face. Titan evades, and lands the handwalk backflip headscissors cradle for the three count and the sudden fall ending.

2: Rudos randomly take over the match just as the fall starts. Rudos specialize in kicking the técnicos, mostly out of the ring. Occasionally there are dropkicks. Corner charges for Panther, then triple snap kicks. Mije's tossed on top of Panther, but no pin. Triple faceslam on Atlantis and a Mije middle rope splash finishes it. Aguila is very happy with the win.

3: Titan takes a big fall off the apron from a Morphosis dropkick. Atlantis gets booted out for at least the second time. Titan takes the swinging gate bomb. The rudos stomp him after the fact, and Atlantis and Panther attack them from behind. Aguila fakes a foul from panther, and the argument about it goes on for a while. Aguila throws himself out on a missed running plancha in something , then hat least looks spectacular. Atlantis is briefly in with Morphosis. Titan flip kicks Psicosis off the apron, then follows with a big tope con giro. Other four in, técnicos get submissions, but not their usual submissions. Panther is the only one who can win with a time killing hold.

Stellar Moments

Alevoso: Double corner dropkick by Inquisidor and Guerrero Negro on Stigma.

Sensacional: Silueta moonsault on Seductora

Triunfo: Hijo del Fantasma & Valiente tope Vangelis & Okumura, while Cometa beats Namajague with a 450 splash again.

Doloroso: Valiente armdrag to the floor on Vangelis

Tecnico: Brillo Cometa

Match 5: Máscara Dorada, Mistico, Valiente vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 05/14/2013

  1. TRT

  2. técnicos
  3. TRT

Winner: TRT (2-1)
Match Time: 11:03
Rating: ok/good
Notes: TRT enter together. No Comandante. Referee is Tirantes.

1: Tiger and Dorada start, with Dorada getting in a helicopter headscissors. Valiente does the multiple kip up armdrag spot with Bucanero and gets slapped right out of the ring by Terrible. Místico immediately springboard headscissors Terrible out, but his pescado is caught by the other two. Bucanero and Tiger toss Místico over their shoulders to his doom, and that puts TRT in charge. It's all Mistico's fault! Valiente takes a catapult hold/legdrop. Tiger has low aim on a superkick to Dorada,. Rey and Terrible give him a stamping powerbombs, and Tiger adds a backcracker to eliminate him. Dorada is not the captain, and it takes them a couple of moments to retrieve Místico from the ramp. Giant swing/dropkick, Bucanero senton to end it.

2: Dorada rolls into Tiger's dropkick to the backside. The only show they seem to be promoting today is the Sunday show with this same técnico trio (and not as much mention of who they're fighting.) Also, they're calling them Los Reyes del Aire. Valiente ducks a double shot from the rudos (Tiger still can't gets his superkick up), Terrible takes it, and the técnicos headscissors out the other ones. Dives are weird. They're all at Terrible. Místico's tope con giro is long, but Terrible makes very minimal effort to stop him. Dorada's tope is more on target, but Terrible just guides him to the floor. Valiente tope's knocks Terrible over. Dorada and Místico make it back in, and finish off the other rudos (though their moves aren't quite as smooth as usual.)

3: Valiente fights thru Terrible chops to headscissors him out. Místico is loudly booed for existing. Místico flipping run sets up a headscissors and Bucanero's slide to the floor. Místico adds his diving headscissors to the floor too. Dorada reverse springboard headscissors Tiger, turns a flapjack into an armdrag on Terrible, and runs up the corner for a headscissors on Bucanero. Valiente and Místico climb the same corner, take some time getting all the way up, and moonsault of as Dorada does his own moonsault to the floor. Valiente and Terrible are the first to make it back in, but everyone ends up together for a stacked up superplex. Místico adds a splash on terrible (Terrible very obviously scooting into position), and it's two counts all around. That probably should work someday. Tecnicos all get huracanranas, though not quite at the same time. It's still two counts. Everyone starts hitting each other, including a great Tiger superkick to make up from the poor one. Místico and Tiger are left in, Místico trips Tiger thru the ropes, and follows with a big tope con giro. Valiente planchas Terrible, ducks a clothesline, and gets boosted in a Bucanero powerbomb. Uh oh. Bucanero gets that pin, and Dorada leaps into a terrible powerbomb as well. Win for TRT.

Rudos celebrate, técnicos raise each other's arms anyway. Announcers wrap up the show.