AAA on UTDN (05/16/2013) 
Recapped: 05/22/2013

Intro: Texano won the title, beat other people, beat Blue Demon. Perros and Bizarros fought. Mesías and Blue Demon had issues.

Announcers hype the show.

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05/17 Puebla
05/24 Tampico
05/30 Toluca
06/16 DF

Jarcohita – wearing her skimpy outfit and an neckbrace! - talks about her injury. She's moving her head a little bit. We see many replays. It still looks horrible. She hopes to be 100% and return soon.

Match 1: Aerostar, Argenis, Súper Fly vs Bugambilia, Mamba, Pasion Kristal
Plaza de Toros Belisario Arteaga, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/27/2013

Winner: exoticos
Match Time: 10:09
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Entrances, which kill a few minutes. Exoticos are always slow to enter. Got to enter in style, I guess. Air Force all enter together. Referee is Piero.

Argenis and Kristal start, with Kristal taking overly dramatic slow falls to get a reaction during the quick near fall sequence. Kristal also gets a kick in, but Argenis dropkicks him out in revenge. Mamba and Aero have their own equal opening. Bugambilia and Super Fly are strangely last. Super Fly has new gear (though you'd have to be paying attention to notice) and this is mentioned as his return to TV. It's been three months for him not being on this show, which is less than usual! Super Fly armdrags Bugambilia out before I can finish that sentence. Back to Argenis for a quick showcase with Mamba. Aero does his flipping forward handstands, a 619 to the midsection, and a springboard plancha in. Exoticos try going 2 on 1, fail, and Aero clears the ring with a springboard flipping headscissors on Mamba. Kristal manages to kick Aerostar, but takes a walk up the corner enziguri out, followed by a Brillo Aero. Aero celebrates, and rudos take over before the técnicos can do any more. Super Fly takes a big backdrop to the floor, and the exoticos whip Bugambilia into a tope con giro onto him. Argenis is slapped and kicked and chopped around. Catapult hold/legdrop for Aero. Break.

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Aero handspring sets up the comeback, with the other técnicos dropkicking the other rudos. Things settle down to 1 on 1s immediately, then just as immediately go to dives. Aero lands his springboard inverted tope on Bugambilia. Super Fly does a crazy roll tot he floor over the top rope, then an Asia moonsault onto Mamba. Argenis left in, with Kristal taking a hard bump to the floor off a hiptoss. Super Fly sends Bugambilia out, but Mamba drops Fly with a brainbuster for the three count.

Texano walks to the ring, shoving Argenis down on the way, and directing Piero to return to the ring. Texano has his title with him, and of course he has his lasso. Argenis sticks around to see what Texano is up to. Texano tells the crowd to quiet for him. They do not! Texano goes over his achievements in AAA so far. Another shot of Argenis. Texano brings up keeping the title over Mesías in Puerto Rico and beating Blue Demon. Argenis interrupts to ask for another title shot, because he's ready for Texano this time and would take the title – if Texano wasn't scared. Texano is not scared of a guy who just lost to the exoticos, but no one gets a title shot for free. Argenis says Texano may bigger and stronger, but Argenis has the heart to challenge right now. Texano is still insulting Argenis when Argenis missile dropkicks him, and I guess this is on. No whistle.

Match 2: Argenis vs Texano Jr. for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Plaza de Toros Belisario Arteaga, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/27/2013

Winner: Texano
Match Time: 1:26
Rating: ok for the time
Notes: Referee is Piero.

Argenis ducks a clothesline, handsprings, and armdrags Texano on a delay. Headscissors sends Texano to the corner, and Argenis swipes at him with a superkick as Texano gets up. Argenis drags Texano in to position for something. Climb the corner moonsault. Argenis covers while pulling Texano off the mat (??), Piero rolls with it and counts one two NO. Argenis corner whip, Texano flips Argenis to the apron and slaps him there. Texano stands on the middle rope, Argenis fights chops, him, springboard armdrag seems edited. One two NO. There is a lot of crowd noise, but the crowd doesn't seem to be reacting on camera. Hmmm. Texano shoves Piero, Piero turns around to complaining, Texano fouls Argenis, one two three.

Heavy Metal interrupts Texano's post match whipping of Argenis. Metal says Texano was great, and Texano Jr. is beating up on novatos. Texano Jr. should fight someone with more experience, like him. Texano says Metal is more interesting in partying and rock and roll than wrestling, so not shot for him. Metal say he's more technical than Texano, and he's coming from the title. Texano repeats himself – no title shot, Metal is washed up. Texano walks out while Metal helps Argenis up.

Upcoming events.

Video: Heavy Metal returns to AAA. Random people in the ring include Rain and Kenzo Suzuki. Hernandez is back there. Anyway, Heavy Metal decides not to turn rudo, surprising no one except Dorian and Joaquin. A fan in a Psycho Circus mask runs in the main event, which turns out to be Konnan. I can not remember why he had to sneak in, but I'm sure there was an important reason. Heavy Metal turns on the rudos for attacking Pepe Casas. Heavy Metal looks a lot more alive there, and 3 years ago. Recap moves onto Heavy Metal winning the feud over Electroshock, being beat up by the Legion, and Electroshock making the save. Random heavy Metal highlights to end it.

Match 3: Fénix, Heavy Metal, La Parka vs Chessman, Parka Negra, Pentagón Jr.
Plaza de Toros Belisario Arteaga, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/27/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 20:44
Rating: below average/ok
Notes: Fenix has his title. Heavy Metal has his midget. I'd rather have the title. Piero is ref.

Chessman and Fenix have a battle for the first two minuets, ending with Fenix headscissoring Chessman out and rolling to a pose. Pentagon and Metal start with holds, don't get far before the rudos break it up. Tecnicos chase them off. Heavy puts on a half crab and starts directly at Parka Negra, who still walks in and kicks him in the face (then trips over Pentagon and falls down.) Heavy Metal's allow to try again and puts on an armbar. This time, the rudos have a fine plan – Chessman reaches thru the ropes and just pulls Pentagon out of the hold, while Parka Negra distracts Metal. Flawless work. Metal is so confused, he tags out to Parka. Rudos decide the best strategy is just to run at Parka as fast possible, so Parka dodges a bit, armdrags a bit, quebradoras a bit. Chessman figures out kicking could work better, and he and Negra stomp down Parka. And that's how the beatdown starts. Rudos slap around Parka and keep the other técnicos out, then they stop keeping them out. Fenix takes an absurd bump on his head and neck off a Pentagon kick to the leg. The rudos move onto chair shots. Rudos beat up the midget, laying a chair on him and belting it, then stomping him more directly. Técnicos do a poor job of saving him. Parka slides out on a whip and the other two técnicos come in with a flying headscissors and armdrag to start the comeback. Revenge brawling and chair shots. Técnicos get angry at Piero for some reason, probably because Chessman was using a chair at some point. Showcases go Fenix, Metal, Parka. Chessman really slows down Fenix's run (or just lengthens it because this match has too much time to fill), but Fenix gives him a neat back spin headscissors to end it. Metal breaks out a handspring back elbow on Negra, and nails Pentagon with the thru the ropes dropkick. Lokoillo thinks about fighting Chessman, then backs out, then gets forced into by Metal. Metal is kind of a jerk here. So much time is killed with nothing happening. Negra tags in, and ends up facing Parka's offense is primarily rudo bumbling with a side of comedy. Parka runs the ropes until get tired and slow, and still elaborately fools the rudos. Kids in the crowd try to warn Parka about Chessman being behind him. It doesn't work. Chessman takes Parka down with kicks, but Parka makes a rally with a one arm neckbreaker and more rudo friendly fire. Everyone ends up in, Fenix clears the ring, then lands a twisting tope con giro not Pentagon (tumbling into the crowd.) Chessman gives Metal a Atlantida into a front backbreaker for two, then a sit down powerbomb that looks like it may have meant to be a backcracker but doesn't really come together. Still two. Chessman suplexes Metal, Lokillo kicks Chessman in the legs, Chessman lets go of the suplex to kick Lokillo, Metal lands the Heavy Punch and hooks on a casita for the win.

Tecnicos act like Lokillo may need CPR. He does not. Lots of shots of both teams around ringside too.

Jesus is happy to see el Mesías. Why? Oh, he's happy about his problems with Blue Demon. Mesías says he's the Rey de Reyes, and Demon can't just walk here and invert titles he's won. Mesías wants a shot at Blue Legend Championship. He's very rudo-ish in this interview.

Match 4: Cibernético & El Mesías vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Texano Jr.
Plaza de Toros Belisario Arteaga, Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 04/27/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:56
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances go Perro, Mesías, Cibernético and Texano. Mesías has his sword, does not use it in the brawl. Oh, there's a brawl. Referee is Copetes.

Rudos get the best of it, of course. Chairs are brought in to play in no time. Perro totally and completely whiffs on a chair shot to a chair on Mesías back, and Mesías shakes on the ground as if he's been traumatized. I think Perro was trying to miss. A tiny graphic pops up in the middle of the screen at one point; I'm not sure why, and it's clearly not supposed to be there. Rudos crotch Mesías with the bull rope, then whip Cibernético with it. Cibernético starts the comeback. with a double clothesline. Revenge brawling and chair shots. Perro gets choked with the bullrope for a while. Mesías takes Texano to the stage and back. This goes on. Perro and Cibernético exchange roll ups until Texano saves them from more of that, then he and Mesías exchange counters. Texano Tornado gets 2. Mesías middle rope headscissors surprises the announcers, even though he does it every match. Mesías spears Texano for a near fall, broken up by Perro. Perro and Cibernético mess up a spot, and Cibernético just kicks Perro out. Texano superkicks Cibernético, Mesías dropkicks Texano, Mesías planchas from the top buckle. Técnicos try to run the rudos into each other on the outside, but the rudos turn it around and that's enough to disable the técnicos for a while. Rudos set up a wood panel landing against the apron. Ciberneitos's stood in front, Perro gives him one chop, Texano whips Perro in, and Cibernético powerslams Perro into the wood panel. That was not a surprise. Mesías misses a wild chair shot on Texano, Texano kicks Mesías and puts him thru the chair. No one's being counted out, but Texano comes in anyway. Heavy Metal walks out with his guitar, and hits Texano in the head with it. Texano was looking the wrong way. Mesías surges back to life, gives Texano a slam, and then adds a top rope splash. One two three.

Metal asks a knocked out Texano who's washed up now. Cibernético swears at Perro. Show recap and done.