CMLL on CadenaTres #283 (05/04/2013) 
Recapped: 05/06/2013

Announcers – down to Gerardo and Enrique! - welcome us to the show and hype the opener. They're up to 4 by the time the first match starts.

Match 1: Camaleón & Sensei vs Apocalipsis & Inquisidor
Arena Mexico, 04/30/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:29
Rating: ok
Notes: Gosh. Referee is Pompin.

1: Pairs are Inquisidor/Camaleon and Sensei/Apocalipsis. Sensei gets Apocalipsis standing on his head on a leg lock, and Apocalipsis does – nothing as interesting. Sensei stands on his head himself to headscissors out of a hold. Early sequences seem quick, or I may just be drifting off. Finish is a surprise. Camaleón flips Inquisidor to the apron, Inquisidor slaps him and stunner him over the top rope, and Apocalipsis adds a top rope senton for the pin. Sensei pump kicks Apocalipsis, but takes an Inquisidor pumphandle face first powerbomb and a cavernaria for the submission.

2: Rudos control. Inquisidor hangs Camaleón in the corner (facing out) for a dropkick to the back. Sensei catches a double boot (??) to set up a Camaleón plancha on both. Fans are booing the técnicos a lot, on Kid's Day! Sensei won't let go of his finishing hold on Apocalipsis, but the graphics won't move out of the way to show it either. The graphics end up wining.

3: Camaleón gives Apocalipsis a springboard headscissors, and Apocalipsis runs all the way to the stairs. Sensei scares Inquisidor with kicks, Inquisidor does the crane, Sensei trips him. Double legdrop to the back of the legs is claimed to be a foul by Inquisidor. Sensei gets in his kicks, then back to the first two. Apocalipsis drops Camaleón on his chest, and starts of everyone putting everyone in a hold. Sensei and Inquisidor do the slowest chest breaker before Camaleón breaks that up. Tecnico charge the rudos and get rolled up for two, then the técnicos both counter the rudos into armbar submissions. That's the match.

Match 2: Astral, Pequeño Halcón, Stukita vs Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico
Arena Mexico, 04/30/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos

  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:54
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tirantes, slumming it in the segunda.

1: Pequeño Olímpico and Stukita start, and somehow Olímpico back suplexes Stukita in the first few seconds. They end up in zero leg trips, so sort of a decreasing amount of violence. Halcón does a big pose, gets no particular reaction. He and Nitro and exchange holds on the mat. Nitro does make fun of Pequeño Halcon's posing after their standoff. Astral and Mercurio are last and going a 100 km per hour. Astral armdrags Mercurio out, and follows with what looks at first like a tornillo too far but ends up as maybe a tornillo armdrag obscured by a graphic. Halcón submits Olímpico right away. Tirantes goes to raise up Halcón and Stukita's arms, but Stukita waved him off, calls on Nitro anyway so he can get in his finish. The climbing moonsaults are nicely done, but Stukita is hilarious covering Nitro as if Tirantes would count the pin. Tirantes watches angrily, arms folded. Tecnico have no idea Olímpico is the captain and are very confused.

2: Stukita's sequence with Nitro includes him doing the Dorada spin on the ropes corner escape, and spinning out on the mat after an armdrag. Stukita has a weird celebration after not diving too. Astral is dominated early by Pequeño Olímpico, comes back with a springboard armdrag and inside springboards Olímpico into the ropes, kicking him free to the floor. Halcon's shirt removal does get the usual shrieks, and he ends up headscissoring Mercurio out. Halcón flips himself to the apron, then slingshot back in without having done anything. Nitro surprises him with a dropkick to send Mercurio to the floor. Astral evades and knocks down Nitro with a chop, evades a corner charge to send Nitro into the buckles, headbutts him in the midsection and double springboard moonsault into Nitro's boots. Astral out, Halcón back in with a springboard armdrag. Halcón kicks Mercurio, package piledriver for three. Olímpico lashes Stukita with a cradle swinging neckbreaker for the other pin.

3: Nitro hangs Halcón in the ropes and pulls him out with a backcracker for an early two count. Halcón comes back with armdrags and quebradoras. Olímpico reasserts back control with clothesline and chops. Olímpico leads Halcón into a Mercurio head kick for another two count. Flapjack, and dropkick to the head sends Halcón out. Stukita flies in with an armdrag on Mercurio, and slides him out by his stomach, but Olímpico knocks him down with a back elbow. Stukita turns a casadora into a reverse facelock cradle for two. Olímpico gets up and clotheslines Stukita for a near fall, then sends him out. Tecnicos keep getting control, then Olímpico hits them. Astral armdrags Olímpico and cartwheels into a dropkick for two, then Olímpico knocks him down. A pattern! All three rudos in, wheelbarrow frontcracker, Mercurio double stomp to the back, one two three. Astral is captain, so it's over.

Match 3: Ángel de Oro, Diamante, Valiente vs Namajague, Puma, Virus
Arena Mexico, 04/30/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos

  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:26
Rating: good
Notes: Namajague is back to trying to wear his mask again. It's not going to work! Pompin is referee and busy trying to get Namajague to unmask for the first few minutes.

1: Valiente and Virus start with mat wrestling while the referee is occupied. They trade holds, and Namajague actually does not remove his mask. Virus has a great double bridging legs wrapped around arms submission on Valiente, and Valiente escapes by standing on his head and turning his body. That was crazy. Virus escapes from a Valiente Buster via armdrag, standoff, handshake. Diamante and Namajague are next, Diamante insisting Namajague unmask and Namajague slapping him for suggesting such a thing. Namajague turns around, and Diamante grabs him by the mask to pull it off. Namajague goes over to Puma to cover up his bald head. Big pan show off the crowd, because there's actually crowd today! Diamante armdrags Namajague into retreating. Puma and Oro are last. Puma spins Oro out with a shoulderblock, Oro back with an armdrags and rebound headscissors. Puma does his best to make that one look good. Angel de Oro rolls back into the dropkick to the butt, Diamante springboard splashes Puma before he can get up, and that's the three. Diamante springboard armdrags Virus to the ramp, Namajague dropkicks Diamante out, Valiente top rope planchas Namajague and jumps on top of him to start his Indian Deathlock, Pompin interrupts this as a pin even though Namajague's shoulders could not be more off the mat. Pompin counts three, then Valiente finishes his hold, but Pompin won't call the submission. Valiente gets up and shoves Pompin slightly before getting his arm raised.

2: Diamante gets Virus with the many bounce armdrag. Oro headscissors Puma out, then dives off the apron for one more headscissors. Oro poses to a mixed reaction. Valiente and Namajague are evenly matched on clotheslines, but Valiente flips Namajague over his shoulders. Corner whip, reverses, Namajague misses a corner charge, Valiente monkey flips him away. Back the other way, Namajague wildly spinning his arms in flight. Virus sets a Valiente charge, hangs him on the ropes, and lands his dropkick tot he face. Puma takes care of the other rudos and Puma and Namajague go out to fight them. Virus drops Angle de Oro in the middle of the ring and elbow drops him low, but the referee rules it legal. Puma goes for Angel de Oro's mask for no particular reason. Oro whipped, tries a torito, and blocked into a powerbomb for three. Namajague trips up Diamante, stomps him, heads up, and lands the frog splash for three.

3: Rudos remain in control. Angel de Oro is kicked questionably low. Diamante takes the Namajague double chop, and a Virus low blow kick. Clip and dropkick to the face sets up a near fall. Virus switches to trying to submit Diamante, and Valiente rush into kick him in the face. Rudos swarm Valiente. And stomp him to the mat. Rudos hang Valiente in the ropes for another Virus dropkick, but Oro trips up Virus on the run, and comes in with a slingshot plancha . Rudo miss on the elbow drops to break it up and Diamante splashes everyone. Rudos get up, técnicos all dropkick out the rudos. Triple tope! Replays. Valiente and Virus back in, Valiente turns a back drop into a sunset flip for two. Valiente huracanrana one two NO. Valiente sunset flip Virus,and the técnicos sunset flip the other two for two counts, then the rudos all cradle the técnicos for the same. Valiente headscissors Virus out and runs for a dive, but the rudos cut him off with kicks. Angle de Oro springboard planchas them both, then boost Diamante into a dropkick to send them out. Técnicos climbs corners - moonsault, and a twisting tope con giro by Diamante. Captains back in, evasion, Virus scoops up, Valiente Buster, one two three.

History Capsule: Santo vs Espanto.

Match 4: Rey Escorpión vs Stuka Jr. for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 04/30/2013

  1. Stuka half crab Rey Escorpion (4:10)

  2. Rey Escorpion sit down powerbomb (1:33)

  3. Rey Escorpion Aguijon Mortal (9:52)

Winner: Rey Escorpion
Match Time: 15:35
Rating: good
Notes: Seconds are Stukita and Mercurio (wearing a Rey Escorpion headband.) Referee is Tirantes.

1: Stukita offers a handshake. Rey Escorpion tentatively accepts. Circle. Staredown. Lockup, break. Lockup, Escorpion armbar and head grab, which leads into battling facelocks. Stuka rolls out of an armbar and armdrags Escorpion to the mat. Stuka tries for a crossface but Escorpion breaks free to an armbar, grabbing his knee into Escorpion's shoulder, and pulling the free arm up. Over into a cradle for two counts. Escorpion stays on top as Stuka tries to spin free, but Stuka still does armdrag his way free to set up a standoff. Escorpion hammerlock, Stuka jumping snap mare escape, Escorpion trips him up, Stuka headscissors on the mat, twisting on his head to take Escorpion down. This is old school (or Santo.) Onces more with the headstand corkscrew headscissors, holding Escorpion down on the mat. Escorpion escapes free from a third, but Stuka leaves himself up to Escorpion shoulders, pauses, poses, and comes off the back with a sunset flip. Two count. Stuka springboard armdrag into a half crab, and Escorpion gives.

2: Stuka off the ropes, rope, flipping run, back with a headscissors to send Escorpion out. Stuka off the ropes, tope nails Escorpion into the barricade. Replay. Escorpion actually makes it back in first, but Stuka slaps him from the apron and head sup. Top rope plancha connects. Stuka off the ropes, 'rana, blocked and dropped hard with the sit down powerbomb. Three count, match is tied.

3: Stuka off the ropes and evading, Escorpion drops him with a clothesline. Seems to surprise himself. Escorpion holds Stuka on the ropes and chokes him. Corner whip, corner plancha misses, Escorpion stumbles out into a monkey flip. Crowd mixed, more booing. Escorpion out, Stuka evades and quebradoras him. Dropkick sends Escorpion out, and Stuka runs – slide out, and Escorpion just throws him hard into the barricade. Stuka thrown back in, Escorpion small package (into a normal pin) one two NO. Stuka kicks Escorpion down, charges, and he's the one who takes the big flip to the floor! Rey Escorpion tope con giro! Relays Both slow up. Escorpion back in first. Stuka off the ropes, 'rana, blocked, unblocked and Stuka gets Escorpion over for a two count. Stuka tries another huracanrana, Escorpion rolls thru, one two NO. Escorpion body slams Stuka and goes out to the apron. This seems like a bad idea, made worse by Escorpion taking all day with it. Top rope legdrop, one two NO! Well, it did land, I'm wrong. Replay. Escorpion slams Stuka again. What's his plan? He's going up again! Stuka up this time, and tripping Escorpion up on the buckle. Stuka out to the apron, then climbing up behind Escorpion. Stuka swings around for the super huracanrana one two NO! Usual slow Tirantes count on that one. Stukita and Mercurio rally support for their guys. Stuka chops Escorpion back. Corner whip, reversed, Escorpion charges in, Stuka moves, and Escorpion this the post. Escorpion out to the floor, and Stuka after him – deadman's plancha! Both make their way back in. Scorpion big chop. Stuka is staggered. Stuka back. Escorpion punch blocked, Stuka Code Red, one two NO. Stuka rallies support. Crowd into this. Stuka grabs Escorpion's clothesline, lifts him up, dumps him in the center of the ring, and heads up. Torpedo splash – no one's home! Stuka wiped himself out on that. Escorpion just needs to finish it – but he's pulled into a small package one two NO. Stuka clothesline caught, and Escorpion drops him with the Aguijon Mortal, one two three. Crowd seems happy.

Escorpion celebrates. Stuka is strechered out.

Stellar Moments

Llave: Sensei submits Arkangel

Lance: Delta springboard top rope moonsault on Mephisto

Combination: técnicos triple tope on the rudos

Triunfo: Zavala & Escorpion win the Gran Alternativa

Espectacular: Rey Cometa stage moonsault on Namajague

Match 5: La Máscara, La Sombra, Shocker vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 04/30/2013

  1. Peste Negra

  2. técnicos

  3. Peste Negra

Winner: Peste Negra (2-1)
Match Time: 13:42
Rating: ok
Notes: Niebla scares away the edecanes before the match. Zacarias and Niebla are in white and black Thing outfits. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Crowd cheers loudly for Niebla. Negro and Mascara do dueling kneebars, as if this is going to be a normal match. Sombra and Felino break it up, and Negro slaps Felino for stomping Mascara and causing him to get stomped. Negro and Felino make up and kiss. Felino quickly gets in a cheap shot on Mascara to start the expected beatdown. Zacarias gets caught in the ropes trying a 619 on Máscara. Rudos clear the ring and work over Mascara, though Negro goes from taunting Mascara as not being able to make a tag to headbutting Mascara out within 5 seconds. Niebla knocks Shocker around, then Felino beats him with a middle rope elbow drop for the fall.

2: Sombra, who is in this match, takes a spinebuster. Crowd chants for Niebla as he holds Mascara in the corner for slaps. Negro again half holds, half helps Mascara make a tag. Shocker and Negro have a forearm battle, which Negro is doing fine in before his partners decided help out. Shocker evades a corner charge and lets Niebla slap his partners many times. Double chop takes Niebla out to strong boos. Other técnicos dropkick the other rudos and pin them for the win.

3: Niebla kisses a woman, who does not seem to mind at all. That gets a replay. Shocker is heavily booed against Felino. Niebla is heavily cheered against Sombra, then tags out to Felino without having done anything. Zacairas gets in more sots on Felino than Zacarias does, but Felino does dropkick Zacara's head hard into the bottom rope. Negro stops Sombra with kneelifts, but Sombra sneaks behind him for a clothesline. Boos. Sombra chops Negro many times in the corner, but walks into Negro's boot. Negro out into Sombra's powerslam. Sombra/Negro faceoff goes badly for Sombra, thanks to Niebla's breath. Niebla fakes mooning the crowd, and takes a push off headscissors out. Zacarias wants to fight Mascara, which ends like it always does, though Felino and Mascara take it easy on their kicks. Negro Casas tries to wrestle Mascara, Mascara does some of his usual sequence and missile dropkicks him out. Niebla slaps Máscara down and goes into his dance, then gets headscissored out. Mascara topes him (Felino helpfully moving out of the way), and Sombra headscissors and topes Felino the other side. Negro and Shocker into finish it, Negro running a round until Shocker grabs him by his hair. Negro's shots have no affect on Shocker, clothesline misses, Negro dropkick to the knee, casita one two three.

Niebla gives Negro a celebratory kick, which causes him to pass out.

Announcers wrap it up.