AAA on Televisa #1092 (04/13/2013) 
Recapped: 04/19/2013

Announcers talk about the main event, which Jesus is not happening about happening – Texano already won. A little bit of talk about the main event.

Highlights from last week, and from the Demon/Texano match.

Another Mirreyes video.

TripleMania promo

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Match 1: Atomic Boy, Flamita, Jinzo vs Gran Apache, Lucky Boy, Niño de Ébano
Arena Naucalpan, 03/29/2013

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 16:15 (same on UTDN)
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Flamita & Jinzo enter as a tag team, and Flamita has his DTU Alto Impacto championship. No graphic for that title. Atomic Boy is in a shoulder sling and his dreadlocks are getting way long. Gran Apache slides out as Atomic Boy slides in, so Atomic Boy just follows him out with a tope. Poor AAA flag woman almost gets taken out in the process. The other four guys are stunned but fight among themselves. Piero is referee

Flamita and what we've decided is Lucky Boy are left in, with Lucky Boy pulling off the Titan backflip headscissors to send Flamita out. Jinzo evades and drops the smaller man with a chop. More reversals finish with a a behind the back shining wizard which doesn't seem like it's going to quite work right but turns out okay. Two count. A corner reversal bit sets up an armdrag and Jinzo handspring poses in the center of the ring. Niño de Ebano launches at him for a flip into an armdrag, but that goes wrong and the crowd whistles. Evasion sets up a pumphandle powerbomb by Niño de Ebano, but they're not getting the crowd back yet. Springboard armdrag, headscissors sends Jinzo out. Flamita back in with a crowd chant. So much evasion. Flamita headscissors, rolling pose. Apache sneaks in, Flamita sets him, stops and claps his hands, then remembers he should be tagging in Atomic Boy. Gran Apache is not down with this but offer a handshake. Atomic Boy does not accept , as we see shots of their previous fights in a small window. Live, Atomic Boy runs up the buckles for an armdrag, dropkick Gran Apache out, and spins thru the ropes to pose. Flamita in, but the yellow twins double team him and Apache keeps the other s out with slaps. Rudos blow the double hiptoss, sets it up again, do it, and add a double dropkick to the head. Nerves are coming out ahead here. Jinzo flips off a clothesline. Gran Apache wants everyone to stomp Jinzo, but his young parters are not getting it. Corner whip, Jinzo holds up and slaps Jinzo, then signals his partners. Jinzo whipped back into a double backdrop. Apache spinebuster, Niño de Ebano springboard senton con giro, Lucky Boy springboard Asai moonsault, no pin attempt. Atomic Boy's dragged in as Jinzo's chopped out. Apache chops Atomic Boy in the corner. Atomic Boy makes his own chop comeback, and the young rudos are slow to help out, but figure it out. Apache demands they hold Flamita, takes a second to slap Flamita, and slaps Atomic Boy. Corner whip, corner clothesline for Atomic Boy. Apache yells at the crowd. Atomic Boy fights back, slapped down again. Corner whip, Flamita blocks Atomic Boy from hitting the corner, Atomic Boy kicks Gran Apache back and slaps him. Atomic Boy shoves Apache, tries his best to be fiery, and slaps Gran Apache again. This where they needed some moves. Corner whip, Lucky boy tries to do the same thing Flamita just did to help Gran Apache, Flamita breaks that up, but Atomic Boy turns Apache around to the original corner anyway. Atomic Boy charges in to Apaches boots, Flamita planchas Apache, Atomic Boy springboard tope con giros Lucky Boy. Jinzo also gets in a plancha on Apache, and avoids Niño de Ebano's plancha, but Apache takes out both Jinzo and Flamita with slaps. Atomic Boy dropkicks out Apache. Niño de Ebano stops Atomic Boy from diving, but Atomic Boy kicks him, hangs him over the top rope, goes up, , walks the ropes and pulls him off with a headscissors. Niño de Ebano ends up in the center of the ring, Atomic Boy ties up the legs for an Indian death lock. Lucky Boy in with a satellite headscissors on Atomic Boy. Everyone puts everyone in a hold time. Jinzo is last can figure out where to add it on, so he just wheel kicks Gran Apache. Everyone goes out, which seems to be a problem, because Team Yellow is waiting for Jinzo to get back to superkick him out. Atomic Boy in, press slam powerbomb and double tapatía for him. Flamita and Jinzo back in to turn into a triple tapatía the other way. Gran Apache in, taking a look and trying to crawl in to cover everyone, but can't get in. Apache just slaps everyone instead, which the crowd very much enjoys. Atomic Boy and Gran Apache left in with everyone else rolling out. Chop fight, which Gran Apache is going to win every time. Apache brings Atomic Boy to the corner and slaps Atomic Boy in the head. Atomic Boy fights back, gets slapped more. Corner whip, Flamita flips Atomic Boy to safety and kicks Apache away, to start a bit of rudo bumping. Everyone lands a plancha, everyone splashes all three rudos, alt three técnicos cover and all get shoved off. Big moves on everyone to clear out the ring except for the feuding too, again. It's about time for this one to finish. Apache backs Atomic Boy back in the corner, right where he was before all the técnicos help spots started. Apache holds Atomic Boy there a while and does something that gets a big reaction that we don't see clearly. Atomic Boy avoids a corner charge, trips Apache into the corner, and runs him into the post on the outside. Apache is quickly bleeding, and Atomic Boy brings him back in without anyone else getting involved. Choke on the ropes to showcase the cut. Apache uses Piero's shirt to wipe off the blood, which Piero is very slow to realize. Atomic Boy dropkick Gran Apache out once more. Other four all in, Técnicos flip the rudos to the apron and jump swing kick them off. Flamita Brillo Cometa, Jinzo waits for everyone to get back up and lands a run up the corner tornillo of his own. Atomic Boy tries to get the crowd fired up for a dive, but Piero is too busy counting everyone out. Atomic Boy leaves as team Yellow come back in – they've got to get in their own dives. Two man Brillo Dorado. Atomic Boy back in one more time, but Gran Apache – covered in blood! - is back in. Atomic Boy flung to the apron, but sending Apache into the turnbuckle and going for a springboard planchas. Apache ducks out of the way, and Atomic Boy misses. Apache covers, one two NO. Crucifix powerbomb one two – no. Crowd thought it was three because Atomic Boy really didn't mack any kickout motion. Atomic Boy's shoulder was also not even close to being down from the angle we were being shown, so it was all weird but crowd now dubious. Apache slaps Atomic Boy and climbs up, which is a poor idea. Atomic Boy climbs up with him, super armdrag. Atomic Boy crawls on top one two three. Gran Apache got his shoulder up at 3.1 there.

UTDN has an Atomic Boy in ring promo, challenging for a mask vs hair match out of breath and follows with replays of the match.

Televisa quick cuts to Atomic Boy post-match promo. Atomic Boy, out of breath, tells Gran Apache he beat the Maestro de Maestro, doesn't fear him, and demands a mask vs hair match. Apache is too out of it to respond, and falls out of the ring.

TripleMania promo

Backstage, Atomic Boy talks about all Gran Apache has done to him and insists he wants the hair vs mask match.

Upcoming lineup.

Texano open challenge recap.

Match 2: Blue Demon Jr. vs Texano Jr.
Arena Naucalpan, 03/29/2013

Winner: Blue Demon Jr.
Match Time: 10:05 (same on UTDN)
Rating: good
Notes: Texano seems to be in a happy mood. Copetes is referee. Demon signals he wants the belt. Texano signals he beat him. The ring has an area of white powder, which the clean up from the Perros match.

Lockup, Demon throws Texano down. Texano backs off thru the ropes. Lockup, Demon turns it around and puts Texano into the corner, Texano ducks under a chop, armdrag, next armdrag missed and Demon kicks Texano. Corner whip, reversed, Texano charges in, no one home, and Texano takes the knee bump out. Demon runs – tope sends Texano into the crowd, and Demon kind of throws himself in too. Crowd chants for demon as they both extract themselves from the seats and the fans. Demon up first, but Texano pulls him off the apron and chops him. Copetes is counting as slowly and quietly as possible. Texano rolls in, demon slaps him and attempts to suplex him out, but there's no room for that. Texano suplexes Demon in, Demon lands on his feet, Texano off the ropes and kicks him in the head. Off the ropes, clothesline, cover for two. Texano grabs his bullrope and shows it to the crowd. Whip to the back of the legs. Another one, and now Copetes will actually take it away. Texano switches tactics and puts on a crossface. Demon is stuck in the center of the ring, but crowd doesn’t see much concerned. They hold it for a while, and Demon crawls to get to the ropes. Texano still holds on as long as allowed. Texano leg lock reverses into a small package one two NO. Both may have been pinned there. Demon trips up a charging Texano, Indian Deathlock into a triangular del solar like hold. Texano stuck, in trouble, but wont' give, and Demon pounds the mat angrily as he lets go. Demon headlock, shot off, back with a shouldeblock. Demon off the ropes, over, under, blocking a hiptoss and doing his own. Demon with a loose headscissors to send Texano out, then a pose, and another run for a dive, but Texano slide out of the way. Demon looks around, Texano aback in, Texano slips to the apron for an Asai, and Demon pulls him off. Demon kicks Texano in the spine. Crowd loud for Demon. Texano misses a corner charge, Texano gets his feet up on a Demon corner charge, Demon catches them, spins him, and drops Texano with a backcracker. Texano dragged away from the corner and covered for two. This has been almost all Demon. Demon sets up for a powerbomb, Texano escapes and gives Demon one of his own, one two NO. Texano up first, but loudly complaining. Texano chops Demon into the corner. Corner whip, Demon puts Texano on the top buckle, climbs up, huracanrana off! Demon covers, one two Copetes slows to check the shoulders and says Texano is off the mat. Demon gets up and argues, shoves exchange, Texano inside cradle one two NO. Texano clothesline blocked, Demon's clothesline turned into Tornado Texano! Texano says that's it, and covers one two NO. Texano lays on the mat, count again, one two no. Both men exchange kicks, Demon Devil's Wings, one two NO. Demon says that's it and grabs Texano, but Texano stuns him with a jawbreaker. Texano yells at the crowd, who starts chanting for Demon again. They've been doing it most of the match. Texano suplex, Demon reverses to a small package one two NO. Texano clothesline ducked under – Demon Dragon suplex! One two THREE. Demon has a little time to celebrate before replays.

Show recap and done.

TripleMania promo and done.

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Match 1: Argenis, Bugambilia, Dinastía vs Argos, Mamba, Mini Abismo Negro
Arena Naucalpan, 03/29/2013

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 16:44
Rating: eh/okay
Notes: Argenis wears a fused Karonte Sin Cara mask to the ring, but switches to his normal look. Dinastía has a very Ultimo Dragon looking outfit and his minis belt.

Minis start, but tag out before doing much. Exoticos are next and in a lot longer doing mostly normal opening spots with a few exotico poses in. Argenis & Argos remember they're feuding, but don't get too far into it before Mamba helps out Argos. That back fires to set up Argenis spots, including a lacking headscissors. Back to the first time, and this time Abismo takes off Dinastia's head with a high kick, then throws him on a German suplex. Abismo celebrates with a strut. Dinastía comes back with a headscissors and a faceslam, followed by a headscissors on the floor. Dinastía re-enters the ring, tries to wrestle Mamba, and only gets kissed. Crowd is amused. Bugambilia attacks Mamba, Mamba slaps Bugambilia, and somehow that starts the rudo control. Break during the beatdown.

Upcoming lineups.

Beatdown is not too interesting. Announcers discuss Mamba. There is a spot where the rudos toss Dinastía from person to person to set up an Abismo Negro powerbomb. Definitely creative, not actually very useful. Especially because Dinastía immediately lands a faceslam to start the comeback. Tecnicos clear the ring quickly, and Argenis kicks Mamba into the first row. Tecnico showcases start with Bugambilia. Neither Mamba or Bugambilia is good at playing técnico/rudo, but then they're indiscriminately on either side so how would they get better. Their bit ends with a kiss and they're both disgusted. I'm not sure that makes sense, unless the bit is they're both supposed to be not actually gay. Argenis sequence is not impressive – he gets whistled after missing an ending kick to Abismo's head. Argos cuts Dinastía from his offense, but Argenis helps out, and boosts his partner into a diving headscissors onto Argos (who jumps into the crowd.) Abismo headscissors Argenis out and topes him, leaving the exoticos in. Bugambilia gets a huracanrana for two, Mamba clotheslines him and gives him a falling backwards brainbuster for two with Dinastía making the save. Argos flapjacks Dinastía, then does his best to save a bad Argenis headscissors. Argenis moonsaults onto Argos on the floor, or in his general area. Bugambilia sends Mamba out and topes him into the crowd. Minis back in, and Dinastía reverses a powerbomb into a DDT, then does a better moonsault to the floor on Mini Abismo. Karonte Boys back in, Argos gives Argos a double knee gutbuster and a backcracker, then pins him with one arm one two NO. Argos complains about the count, when he was covering a guy with one hand. Argenis back up right away, Canadian Destroyer, Argos up again right, and Argenis gives him a modified Volador Spiral for the pin.