AAA on Televisa (UTDN) #73 (04/04/2013) 
Recapped: 04/07/2013

Rey de Reyes tournament highlights (but not the final.) Hype for the Texano/Demon.

Announcers hype Rockers vs Circus and Demon vs Texano.

Past Rey de Reyes highlights.

TripleMania tickets are on sale.

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Grupo 1 highlights.

Grupo 2 highlights.

Grupo 3 highlights.

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Match 1: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, 03/17/2013

Winner: Inferno Rockers
Match Time: 8:11
Rating: good
Notes: Jesus warms up the crowd before this match starts. This is one still has sunlight. Soul has an apron for reasons unknown. Machine brings a table. The Psycho Ciricus are preceded by random circus acts and wear the trios belts to the ring. Hijo de Tirantes is referee. Monster threatens Jesus.

Clowns try to jump the Rockers, end up just hitting each other. Not good work there. Crowd chants for them as the Rockers pull of a boosted sit on Murder Clown, then try for one on both other Clowns, but Murder pulls them out and Monster and Psycho pull them out. Soul takes the press slam dropkicks. Machine chest slaps everyone, but gets kicked down. They do the Mini Clown gets squashed on the boosted sit spot. Devil evades for a while, but is hit by an awkward Murder Clown, other Rockers rush the ring and throw Murder out, but strike each other. Soul take as a monkey flip into the ropes from Monster, then a spinebuster and an modified figure four neck crank. Machine breaks that up. Corner whip, Machine runs up the corner and off with a twisting plancha. Psycho breaks that up with stomps, hits everyone and nearly gets Tirantes. Crowd wants to see it, but Psycho clams down. Machine finally hits Psycho from behind. Whip, clothesline misses, Psycho ranita (!) one two NO. Machine flipped to the apron, slapping Psycho back, Machine top rope plancha meets a Psycho dropkick. Devil breaks up the pin and powerslams Psycho. Murder breaks that up with a kick to the head. Corner whip, Murder miss a corner plancha, Devil strikes him with chops and such, Murder stops for a press, Devils slips out, and goes for a sunset flip, Murder blocks that and powerbombs Devil hard. Machine breaks up that pin, and he and Devil dropkick Murder out. Monster in and chopped by the rudos, but he comes back with a double clothesline. Monster climbs up, but Devil trips him up Machine superplex, Soul top rope splash, and Psychbo breaks that up. Devil tries to elbow drop Psycho, but Psycho moves and slaps Devil out of the ring. Machine slaps Psycho, catches Monster in Inferno Suplex – no, Psycho breaks it up with a backcracker. Wish the camera caught that better. Machine out, Psych out with a tope. Soul flips monster all the way to the floor, and follows with a big tope con giro, so big that he went over Monster and caught more of the rail. Devil directs everyone to get up for his dive, and then walks into Murder Clown. Murder presses him, tease throwing him to the floor, and press slams him on the mat instead. Murder goes up, asks for help from Tirantes, takes a tope out of the ropes, seems to have lots of balance problems and the Clowns think this is a bad idea – especially since he's pointed towards a dive to the outside and the Rocker are long gone. In fact, they're behind Murder, and Machine crotches Murder on the top rope, sending him to the floor. That's probably it for the Clowns. Rockers attempt to get their table in the ring – there's a hold up because the legs of one side come down and Soul keeps trying to jam the ring in anyway until a ringside guy helps him refold it. Rockers get the table set near a corner, Machine sits on the top rope, the other two feed Monster up to him (a struggle) and super bomb him thru the table, which breaks cleanly. One two three. I guess tables are legal!

Mini Clown comes in to help, which just gets him beat up. Machine top rope splash on Mini Clown. Replays.

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Announcers talk about the Reina de Reinas and Fusion tournaments! Of course, after Andres notes the experience of Juvi, Jesus names the young guys in the match as “Daga, Drago and Fenix.” And no one caught it, also great. Maybe they've had Crazy Boy and Drago confused all this time, it'd explain a bit.

Reina de Reinas promos.

Reina de Reinas highlights. Jesus and Andres do their own commentary. This goes about five minutes, including post match.

AAA Fusion highlights. Also about five minute with entrances and promos.

Texano Jr. and Blue Demon face to face interviews. Texano says he's defended the title, but demon says only against the young and the unexperienced. Texano says it's his time and his generation's time. Demon says Texano Sr. was an excellent luchador, Texano Jr.'s not there. Texano remembers when he was a child, and the Consgrados with Texano beat Blue Demon and his Junior Atomicos. Whoa, that's a good memory. Demon does not like this. Demon says it's a day for a new king. Texano says he needs to show the mega champion more respect.

Match 2: Texano Jr. vs Blue Demon Jr. for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, 03/17/2013

Winner: Texano
Match Time: 16:41/(11:50 on Televisa)
Rating: very good
Notes: And now it's dark. Demon has a big headdress. Demon is using Red Hot Chili Peppers? OK. Texano is not using Consejo music (Tijuana Sound Machine by Nortec Collective) and is wearing a Texano Jr. shirt, not a Consejo one. Hijo del Tirantes is referee. Faceoff before the match starts.

Lockup, Demon bulls Texano into the corner. Lockup, Demon bulls Texano into the corner, but Texano turns it around at the last second. Lockup, break, loud chop fight solves nothing. Lockup, Demon waistlock, Texano looks and gets out to a hammerlock, Demon with a drop toe hold and keeps Texano on the mat by scissoring a leg. Texano onto his back, Demon pulls him into a bow and arrow. Texano holds on, spins on, and on top for two. Face off. Crowd chanting for Demon. Lockup, no. Lockup, Demon armbar, wristlock, Texano's him down, and drives his elbow into his Demon's knee. Or thigh, really. Demon tries an armbar, then an armscissors to escape, but texano blocks that and escapes from the pin in time. Standing kneebar, Demon spins out to an armbar, twist, Texano reverses to a wristlock, Demon grabs the legscissors. Texano tries to get his own hold, Demon gets counters before he can and puts on an modified triangular del Solar. Crowd approves. Texano gets free, and standoff. Armdrags set up zero trips and a another standoff. Head to the head. Demon takes off Texano's shirt so the chop battle can be more direction. It's very loud, and Demon nicely blocks a Texano slap to slap him in the face. Texano shoulderblock just end with demon pulling him down by the hair. Headscissors sends Texano out. Demon off the ropes, sliding dropkicks sends Texano into the barricade. Demon catches his breath. Crowd chants for Demon. Texano turns his back, and Demon topes into it. Demon in first, blocking Texano's punch and slapping him on the apron. Demon tries that again, Texano forearms him in the face repeatedly, but gets kneed coming thru the ropes. Demon covers, one two foot on the ropes. Corner whip, Demon charges into a Texano boot, Texano missile dropkick form the middle rope, cover one two NO. Crowd chants Demon. Texano says something to Demon very visibly, corner whip, reversed, Demon shoulders Texano in the midsection. Demon backs up, charges again, Texano moves, and Demon hits the post. Demon off the ropes, big tope backs Demon into the barricade. Both recover (or fix their knee pads, as it'd be) on the outside. Demon makes it in first, Texano runs from the other side of the ring but misses a dropkick. Demon clothesline blocked, Texano lifts Demon up, Tornado Texano! One two NO. No reaction for that (not even with the announcers.) Texano argues with Hijo de Tirantes, Demon inside cradle one two NO. Texano misses a clothesline, Demon waistlock, Texano spins him around and sends him into the corner, then pulls him back out for a big front cracker. Texano yells at the people, the covers one two Demon has his foot on the bottom rope. Crowd loudly chants for Demon as Texano sets up for a powerbomb. Powerbomb works, but and Texano picks Demon up for a second, but Demon reverses it to a 'rana one two NO. Texano grabs his lasso and whips Demon with it. Tirantes takes it away before he can do it again. Announcers talking about the titles from the title tournament to make up this title, as if Texano is also still the GPWC Super X Monster Champion. Texano goes up, Demon stops him, huracanrana one two NO. Crowd unhappy with the speed of that count. Announcers were talking about movies Blue Demon was in, which is totally useful in the closing moments of a match. Demon DDTs Texano, one two NO. Blue Demon has dominated most of this match. Demon grabs Texano again, Devil's Wings, one two NO. That near fall they called. Demon trying for a leg lock of some sort, an Indian Deathlock when he gets it set. It doesn't look great, Demon rectifies that by grabbing Texano's head off the mat and throwing it down. Texano down for a pinfall at first, then pulled into an Anibalina, thens tarts to celebrate as if he's won, even though there's no sign of that, and Texano reverses to an anklelock. Demon in a lot of trouble, crowd loud for Demon, demon reaches for the ropes, Texano pulls him back in the center of the ring and looks on a legscissors. Demon in trouble. Announcers note Texano did this same hold to Zumbi and Argenis, but Demon is able to escape. Texano miss a chop, but kiss Demon as he moves away. Hard chop in the corner. Texano screams at the crowd, who boos. Corner whip, Demon charges in, Demon flips Texano to the apron, Texano slams Demon into the buckle, Texano up top, Demon pulls him off with a super armdrag one two NO. Crowd way into it now. Jesus obviously reading from the wikipedia page. Demon and Texano have a word on the mat, then both get back up. Texano sunset flip, Demon revers and almost runs into Tirantes, Texano kicks, but holds up short of hitting Tirantes. Texano yells at him, turns around, demon kick, Devil's Wings. Demon says this is it. Demon grabs Texano again, but Texano lifts him up – Air Raid Crash! That holds seem familiar. One two three.

Crowd chants for Demon. Demon says he lost tonight to the better man, but everyone in the building wants a rematch between them. And after that, they should do a mask vs hair match. Texano tells everyone to be quiet for their Megachampion, and he's not interested in what Demon or the fans want. Texano says he's won the Copa Antonio Pena, the trios titles, and the Megachampion, making him the best luchador all in Mexico, and he'll end Demon's legend too. Demon gives Texano credit for quality, but calls him a clown. Texano demands Joaquin bring him his title and everyone else quiet. The Reinas del Ring do it instead. Demon insults Texano one more time as Texano gets the belt.

Backstage, Demon says Texano won today, but he might win another day. He's happy for the match they gave the fans and wants a rematch.

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Backstage, Texano says he demonstrated how good he is by keeping his title and is the best luchador in Mexico. He doesn’t care what demon wants.

Rey de Reyes final is shown complete. It still ends badly for LA Park.

Replays of the show.

TripleMania promo. And done.