AAA Fusion (04/04/2013) 
Recapped: 04/06/13

Marisela Pena announcing the roster split. I didn't notice how many times she blinks reading whatever she's reading (cue cards?), and now I'm transfixed.

Open. Hey, Sexy Star is still there. As she should be.

Shots of the Rey de Reyes arena, and then

Tonight: these four women for the AAA Reina de Reinas championship

Tonight: these four men for the AAA Fusion championship

Match 1: Juventud Guerrera vs DagaFénixCrazy Boy for the AAA Fusion Championship
Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, 03/17/2013

Winner: Fenix, first champion.
Match Time: 10:34
Rating: great
Notes: Guillen does ring announcements for this match (though Jesus is in the ring, hmm.) No Niño Hamburguesa. Juvi wears his mask to the ring. Daga has a song I don't recognize, his cruiserweight belt and a very yellow outfit. (Shazam tells me it's Echoes by the Rapture.) Piero is referee, but Hijo del Tirantes is at ringside.

Fenix and Daga start off, with Fenix getting in a flip escape early but more both guys countering each other, Daga lands a heel kick. Daga tries another, blocked, both slap, both connect. Daga off the ropes, but Crazy Boy tags himself in and dropkicks Fenix out. Juvi comes in, yells “MEXICAN POWERS” and Crazy Boy punches him in the stomach. Juvi is so disappointed, but shoves Crazy Boy back. Reversals with these two as well, Crazy Boy landing a superkick, Juvi landing his own superkick, neither man actually goes down. Chop fight, forearm fight, yelling at each other, off the ropes, clotheslines, both hit, neither man goes down. They try again, and they both go down when the other two trip them up. Fenix and Daga back in, to go out the other side with tornillos. Piero counts everyone out – wait, how does that actually work? Let's not think too much about it. Daga and Crazy in, a bit of hesitation on the whip reversal, but it makes sense when Fenix slide in place to boost Daga into a dropkick on Juvi. Crazy kicks Fenix into a dropkick to the backside from Daga, and Crazy sort of standing Spanish Flys Fenix into the buckles. Daga miss a clothesline, Juvi lands a plancha on him. Juvi take out Daga and Crazy at the same time with a DDT/Flatliner combination. Fenix and Juvi counter into a Fenix triple jump dropkick tot he chest, hard dropkick too. Fenix is fired up. Fenix clothesline misses, Daga hits a flurry of slaps and a kick. Corner whip, Daga moves out of the way and kicks Fenix in the corner, then to the apron to come back in for a slingshot cutter one two NO. Hey, a pinfall attempt! The other two have gone out – wait, no, Daga threw Fenix near Crazy Boy, so Crazy tags himself in. Daga works over a fired up Crazy Boy with kicks, Crazy catches one, spins Daga, counts, Crazy with a knee lift and then a sort of jumping Russian legsweep that takes some hesitation to up for a two count. Crazy Boy screams. Crazy Boy clothesline blocked, Juvi turns it into a half nelson cradle for two. Fenix and Juvi exchange kicks to the chest. Juvi spins Fenix into a kick on Daga. Crazy kicks Fenix in the face, Juvi jumping heel kicks him, then falls over. Daga waits for someone to get up to kick, but I guess it's Juvi and it's not happening. Daga gives him a sort of jumping instead, two count. Piero stopped counting, because Juvi was in the ropes, but crowd thought he should've kept going. Daga and Juvi have a chop fight out on the apron, Juvi calls for a Sliced Bread, Daga shoves him off into the post, then gives him a death valley driver on the apron! Daga gets back on the apron, just in time for Fenix to enziguri kick him off. Fenix to the apron, Crazy tries tripping him, Fenix cartwheels over instead, hops up to the top rope, and comes off with a big tornillo onto Daga. Piero is counting everyone out again. Crazy Boy scoops up Fenix and stampedes him into the ring post. That is good, but someone needs to come in, and Crazy Boy retrieves Juvi to make it in at 16. Crazy Boy covers, only gets two. I forget why Juvi was even down, it's been that sort of match. Crazy with a tricky cradle for two. Crazy claps to the crowd to clap, which partially takes, but not for long. Crazy forearms Juvi, goes to the middle rope, and umps backwards into a Daga dropkick. Daga discuss forearm for Juvi! Daga up tot he middle rope, jumping off into a Canadian Destroyer on Crazy Boy, one two three. Crazy Boy is out.

Tirantes helps Crazy to the back. Juvi and Daga have a face off, with Fenix resting on the outside. Juvi clothesline Daga one two NO. Fenix now up on the apron, but just watching. Juvi in no hurry. Whip, Fenix grabs Daga, and springboard into a flip stunner on Daga! I don’t know he they did that. Juvi calls Fenix in, Fenix ducks under his clothesline and kicks him in the head. Juvi rammed head first into the the top buckle, Fenix jumps to the top, crushing top rope stomp. I don't know that was supposed to hit like it did, with Juvi folded up, but it looked deadly. Fenix is too hurt to cover, but Daga isn't, and Juvi is down for three.

Down to Daga and Fenix. Forearm battle, both at half energy. Fenix wins with kick to the head, head spikey Michinoku Driver one two NO! Crowd thought that was it. That was an extremely painful looking version of that move. Fenix with a chop, corner whip, charge in, Daga waves him by and pulls him back in with an inside cradle, then rolls thru to a German suplex, then holds no for a Tiger suplex one two NO. Fenix and Daga argue, Daga grabs him, brainbuster. Daga goes up, but Fenix pops up and slaps him. Daga going up with Fenix, top rope Spanish Fly one two three!

Daga gets medical help while Fenix celebrates and is handed the new belt. Daga recovers to give Fenix a fist pound.

Graphic for the Reina de Reinas match.

LuFisto says she came to Mexico not just to show up, but to beat everyone and win the championship.

Taya says she's not leaving until she has a belt. Catchphrases.

Fenix is interviewed after his win. He's very proud to be first champion, and is ready to take on Daga in a championship vs championship battle to prove he's the best of the new blood.

Daga says the match was very tough with everyone, but Fenix is a good rival, and he was overconfident. Daga is still champion and wants title vs title match.

And a highlight package of the match you just watched. One more Fenix promo.

That women's match is still coming.

Quick Faby promo saying she's going to win.

Match 2: Fabi Apache vs Mari ApacheTaya ValkyrieLuFisto  for a AAA's Reina de Reinas championship
Plaza de Toros La Monumental, Monterrey, 03/17/2013

Winner: Faby Apache
Match Time: 11:06
Rating: good
Notes: It's dark now. Copetes is in-ring referee, with Piero outside. Again, Guillen does the ring announcing but Jesus is clearly in the ring doing them too. This match gets a belt presentation before hand.

Rudas all attack Faby at the whistle. She's stomped down, but the rudas have to come up with more plans than that. Whip, double clothesline misses, and Faby dropkicks LuFisto out. Taya and Mary knock Faby down and pound her a while longer. Faby manage to kick Taya, but May pulls her and smacks her in the back of the head. Taya holds Faby, Mary swings, and may gets Taya. Mary doesn't get much, and boots Faby in the face. Whip, reversed, Faby armdrag, back with a headscissors to send Mary out. Crowd is way off in the distance sound wise. Faby pulls of a diving headscissors on Mary. Taya in, while we see a replay of the headscissors. LuFisto in, but trying to talk Taya down from fighting. LuFisto offers a handshake, and then pulls Taya into waistlock. Taya reverses to one her own and takes down LuFisto, so that accomplished little. Yelling punches to the side of the head. Taya up LuFisto up and slapping Taya in the faces. Sweep kick, running flip senton, and head kick. LuFisto covers, and Maya breaks up the pin. Oh, they were doing so well. (Maybe this is one pin to a finish? This is probably not one pin to the finish, I know it's not.) Mary quebradora on LuFisto, but she runs into a bad LuFisto kick off the ropes again, Mary hits a only slightly less work kick back, Mary and LuFisto stand, LuFisto misses a kick, and Mary clothesline her over. That was better, but Faby is helpfully in to fight her sister instead. May trips her up and puts her in a tapatía. Taya sneaks in to cover Mary one two NO. LuFisto in and flipping Faby over with a missile dropkick. Taya kicks LuFisto out, but can't clothesline Mary down. Taya clothesline misses, and Mary follows Taya with a clothesline of her. Whip, Taya casadora cradle has a pause in it. Taya holds on for two, then argues the count. Mary uses the distraction to forearm Taya in the face. Powerbomb, up to the middle rope, up to the top, big top rope senton con giro misses. LuFisto bodyscissors choke, and May gives. Crowd does not react, even given we can't hear the crowd most of the time.

Faby dropkick a celebrating LuFisto. Taya in and booting her in the head. Northern Lights suplex by Taya one two th-NO. Faby got her shoulder up close to three. Taya backs Faby into the corner, corner whip, charge in, Taya misses the charge, Faby rolls her back, blocks her clothesline, backslide with a bridge, one two NO. Faby checks the count, while Taya checks her top. Faby off the ropes, into a Taya boot. Taya says that's it, scoops up Faby, and gives her a blockbuster suplex. That looked good and announcers are impressed. One two NO. Taya drags Faby towards the corner, slowly climbs up, and misses the moonsault. That took a lot of time to set up, good thing it didn't work. Faby kicks Taya in the head, Devil's Wings, one two three, even with Copetes hesitating.

LuFisto in and kicking Faby in the head. Camel clutch, more so LuFisto can forearm Faby in the face and pose. LuFisto smashes Faby's knee into the mat, then mocks the fans a bit. LuFisto pounding Faby, but Faby getting up the whole time. Whip, Faby back with a shoulderblock, but LuFisto is unphased. Faby tries again, but LuFisto won't go down. A third time, same deal. Both just start forearms each other, both of the ropes, both shoulderblock, both go down. Copetes starts counting them down, but they just roll over to break the counts. Not sure how that would've worked. Both up and shake. Faby and LuFisto kick each other, Faby winning via enziguri. LuFisto sits in the corner, and Faby smacks her in the face with her foot. That was harsh. Faby backs up, charge, and runs right into a flatliner. LuFisto backs up, charges, and lands her flipping corner senton. LuFisto screens, and and goes for the running boot to the face, though Faby turns to avoid most of it. LuFisto pulls Faby out one two NO. LuFisto pulls Faby into a waistlock, Faby back elbows out, Faby swings and misses, LuFisto German suplex, Faby no sells, yells, and gives a bridging to German to LuFisto, one two NO. Faby screams more. Devil's Wings, no, LuFisto escapes, exploder suplex one two NO. LuFisto up top, Faby fights her and climbs up with Faby. Faby and LuFisto battle with stomps, LuFisto knocks Faby over so she's hanging off the ropes, and smashes her down to the mat with a big double stomp. One two NO. No one can believe it. Crowd chants for Faby the loudest they've been all show. LuFisto picks Faby back up, lifts her on her shoulders, and Faby slips free, dragon suplex one two three! Crowd is loud.

Joaquin gives Faby the title. She celebrates, and poses with Marisela.

Announcers promote the Arena Lopez Mateos taping, and show highlights of the match we just saw again.