CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #347 (03/30/2013) 
Recapped: 04/02/2013

Felino is guest announcer this week, and he and the usual two preview the matches.

Match 1: Misterioso Jr. ©, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura vs Ángel de Oro, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 03/22/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 13:41
Rating: good
Notes: Rey Cometa walks to the ring with Namajauge's mask from last week. He and Stuka are still in matching gear, though Stuka is back to his normal mask. Okumura has his head covered, and Namajague is wearing his old mask. They start fighting the técnicos when they get closer to ringside, and win the fight despite being outnumbered. Terror Chino does not care. Misterioso does not care until they play his music. Doesn't seem to be an opening whistle.

1: Okumura goes for Stuka's mask while the other rudos work over Cometa (and Oro stands outside.) Announcer sound quality has improved. Namajague, still in his mask, dropkicks Stuka while he's in the Tree of Woe. Terror Chino stops Namajague, and demand he unmask. Namajague goes to the apron instead, and then talks to the commissioner on the floor. Misterioso dropkick out Stuka, poses, and clotheslines Oro on the apron while he's at it. Namajague still arguing, and refusing to take off his mask. Okumura goes after Angel de Oro's arm with elbows and knees. Cometa comes in and gets into a chop fight with Okumura, Cometa winning by pulling of Okumura's head scarf and exposing his bald skull. Okumura angrily argues punches Cometa down. Namajague and Misterioso still arguing with the commissioner, now o the apron. Okumura DDTs Cometa. Announcers are claiming Namajague just doesn't understand Spanish, but he's clearly having a conversation. Namajague in with a back elbow, but Cometa reverses a whip into a quebradora. Okumura comes in long enough to kick Cometa out. Stuka in and grabbing Namajague by the fake hair. Namajauge grabs the mask – and pulls it off. JCC claims DQ, but not if the guy lost his mask. Misterioso knocks down Stuka while Namajague gets up and reveals his face. Namajague goes back to work at untying Stuka's mask while the announcers go over Namajague's info. They say three years of wrestling, not five. Could Namajague just have gotten his numbers mixed up? I've done that plenty. Namajague kicks Stuka out, but the rudos miss corner charges on Angel de Oro, including Misterioso spearing the post and Angel de Oro breaking out the kip up superkick on Namajague . Angel de Oro moonsault to the floor - hmm, no ads on the barricades – and the other two clean up things in the ring.

2: Angel de Oro does the Angel de Oro sequence with Misterioso. Stuka and Misterio have a chop battle. Namajague makes good faces, he’s going to be okay. Namajague get all fired up an knees Stuka into the ropes before yelling, but Stuka turns around to fight back. Namajague recovers and gets the best of the slaps. Rope running counters end with Okumura rushing into clothesline Stuka. Cometa superkicks him, Namajague superkicks Cometa and pounds him on the ground. Namajague poses on the middle rope. Namajague clotheslines Cometa hard in the corner, then Cometa runs Namajague from corner to corner with clotheslines. Big foot to the face sends him out. The other rudos come into face Oro, but it goes bad quickly again, and the técnicos send them all out. Triple tope! Break before the action gets going again.

79th Year Promo

Namajague tries hit Stuka and go up, but Stuka grabs him and superplexes Namajague. Okumura breaks up the pin at 2, and threatens Terror Chino. Stuka chops and slaps Okumura, but Okumura clotheslines him down. Michinoku Driver, one two Cometa breaks it up with a kick. Cometa huracanrana on Okumura, and it's Misterioso time to break it up. JCR notes Cometa & Misterioso are in En Busca de un Idolo, coming soon. Belly suplex leads to the Angel de Oro break up, via legdrop. Misterioso gets in a sunset flip roll thru kick, but misses a senton con giro, and Angel de Oro doesn't miss a standing moonsault. Two count, no break up this time. Oro headscissors Misterioso out, and lands on him with a tope con giro. Stuka and Okumura reverse each other until Okumura's in the corner, but he's out of it by the time Stuka charge in. Stuka still flips him to the apron, slaps him off, and lands the Deadman’s plancha to the floor. Cometa and Namajague back in, Namajague dropped into the splits, but ducking the headlock and rolling to safety. Namajague tosses Cometa up, and fouls him on the way down. That's that.

Match 2: La Sombra ©, Rush, Thunder vs Averno, Mephisto, Terrible ©
Arena Mexico, 03/22/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:09
Rating: eh
Notes: Thunder's thighs are taped, as is his top rib, all the way around. Comandante is with Terrible. Thunder should be good in this match. He's Australian, trios are Relevos Australianos. Babe Richard is ref. JCR notes Thunder's been wrestling at the other arenas but this is his debut here, and Felino talks about seeing him in the Puebla matches.

1: Mephisto and Rush are in briefly, but Thunder and Terrible are the pair focused. Thunder has trouble locking up and then armdrags Terrible to boos. Welcome to Arena Mexico. Armdrags, zero trips, faceoff, and that's it already. Averno spits at Sombra, but the rudos jump the técnicos before that gets going. Terrible and Averno put Thunder on the top rope so Averno can go after his mask. Rush is kicked in the leg and slapped down. Rudos set up Thunder for a Cartea – that would've been the ultimate humiliating debut, submitted by someone posing on your back – but Terrible does a sort of standing camel clutch instead.

2: The rudos take turns going after Sombra's mask and distracting Babe Richard. Thunder sells a kick to the leg by standing on both feet, kneeling down, and falling over. It's a different way of doing things. Thunder does pull of a tope con giro, which is either impressive or makes that move less impressive. Other técnicos beat the other rudos quickly. Rush threatens Comandante and the rudos get revenge on the other técnicos.

3: Sombra headscissors Averno and nearly tope con giros completely over him. Mephisto demands people cheer for him since he's facing Rush. Crowd just boos them both. Rush wins the chop battle via headbutt to strong boos. Rush misses the elbow smash, but dropkicks Mephisto out anyway. Averno doesn’t stick with him long. Rush wins the chop battle with Terrible via kicks, but Terrible recovers and kicks Rush down. Rush eventually dropkicks him out. Sombra does some 1 on 2 fighting, including a monkey flip into a huracanrana Mephisto. Thunder is last. Mephisto makes fun of his ample chest. Thunder shoulderblocks Averno down, but Mephisto cuts him down to size with kicks to the back of the leg. Thunder ducks a double clothesline and does a flip armdrag with help from Averno. Absurd headscissors sends Averno out, and Thunder quebradoras him on the outside. Terrible takes down Rush with a dropkick, Sombra gets him with a missile dropkick, then gets Mephisto with a boost headscissors. Rush kicks Averno out, and those two técnicos do dives on those two rudos, almost landing on each other. Thunder and Terrible left, in, Terrible tries a 'rana, Thunder blocks it and then looses Terrible, then picks him back up for a powerbomb.

Rush stomps down Terrible for no particular reason, while Sombra holds up a Sombra banner. Thunder walks off while everyone else is in the ring. Replays and that's the show.