CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #345 (03/16/2013) 
Recapped: 03/25/2013

JCR is joined by Estrellita & Mascara Dorada to introduce the show. Estrellita helps announce the matches. Mascara Dorada just has an awesome coat.

Match 1: Fuego, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. © vs  Namajague, Shigeo Okumura ©, Virus
Arena Mexico, 03/08/2013

  1. rudos

  2. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-0)
Match Time: 13:47
Rating: good
Notes: Okumura & Namajague bring the Arena Coliseo Tag Team belts to taunt the técnicos. Referee is Tigre Hispano. Everyone faces off at the end of the ramp, and the rudos gets the jump on the técnicos after a standoff.

1: Rudos take turns working over the técnicos, though Stuka gets in a quebradora on Okumura before Virus attacks him from behind. Mostly one on ones. Stuka jumps over a corner charge to start a comeback in motion. Fuego planchas the Japanese, but gets caught and hung over the ropes for Virus' dropkick. Cometa evades long enough to send Virus dropkicking thru the ropes, but Namajague snaps off a German suplex to beat him. Stuka dropkicks Namajague out, but turns into a Okumura kick and brainbuster for the other pin.

2: Rudos remain in control. Namajague nearly pinned Stuka after a suplex, and monkey flips the tecnico. Namajague celebrates and clotheslines Stuka, but then leaves him close enough to the corner to tag Fuego. Fuego puts up limited fight, and is dropkicked out. Okumura DDTs Cometa, and the announcers go crazy over the impact. Virus spinebusters Cometa and adds a middle rope elbow drop on Rey Cometa, but can only get two. Okumura clotheslines Cometa from corner to corner. Rudos are not really cheating – oh, wait, Namajague just attacked Stuka from behind. They haven't been cheating mostly until now. Again, Stuka tries the comeback, sending Namajague high in the air with a monkey flip. His partners dropkick the other team out, and teases the triple dives – only topes by the former tag champs, with Cometa sliding out but being thrown into the barricade by Virus for whatever reason. Virus makes it back in, Fuego after him with a springboard dropkick. Fuego is stunned only to get two on that, for some reason. Corner whip, reveres, Virus charges in, Fuego leaps over and behind for an inside cradle, but still only two. Fuego with than awkward kneelift to Virus’ side. Virus dropped in the center of the ring, Fuego quebrada – eats Virus' feet. That was a bad plan. Virus puts on a nudo, Fuego is pinned for three.

Stuka runs into Virus clip. Virus off the ropes, but pulled out by Cometa and chopped away. Stuka gets back to his feet, duck an Okumura clothesline, flipping run, back with a headscissors. Okumura out, Namajague in with a dropkick. Cometa jumps in from the top rope, duck a clothesline and slides Namajague out on his chest. Virus back in, Cometa ducks a hard clothesline, dropkicks to the knee, casita no, shoves off, Virus quebradora, Cometa escapes, and Cometa with a quebradora of his own. Cometa dropkicks Virus, drops him in front of the corner, heads up to the top rope, 450 splash connects.

Next pin takes the fall. Okumura back in, and Cometa looking at the crowd. Chop fight. Cometa off the ropes, handspring over Okumura's slide, and out after him with a double tornillo. Namajague and a fired up Stuka left in. Stuka puts his head down too soon and gets it kicked. Namajague kicks Stuka in the back of the head, one two NO. Namajague slams Stuka and heads up. Frog splash meets feet! Stuka drags Namajague over a bit, up top, torpedo splash one two NO Okumura breaks it up. Cometa tosses Okumura out, and he and Stuka grab Namajague – press slam, and Namajague thrown over the top! That is a DQ, and that is a poor job by Okumura. Announcers are confused as usual, though JCR wants to know why the DQ wasn't called when it 3 on 1 earlier.

Fight goes on, Okumura tossed into the barricade by Cometa. Fuego argues the call.

79th year promo

Back, with Stuka yelling at the Japanese about what will happen next week. Okumura says Arriba Japon and all. Rey Cometa starts a Mexico chant. Whoever's editing the thing accidentally leaves in the transition to, which they otherwise do their best to let you know doesn't exist.

Match 2: La Sombra, Máscara Dorada, Místico © vs Averno ©, Mephisto, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 03/08/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:32
Rating: good for the non-Místico parts
Notes: Enterances seem quicker than usual, but that's probably because the técnicos don't get to use the stage. Zacarias is with Negro Casas. Averno carries his kid to the ring (before the kid leaves.) Monito is with the técnicos. Referee is Babe Richard.

1: Announcers mention the Dalys vs Blanca match in Panama. Negro and Sombra have a good back and forth to start, ending with a Sombra powerslam before everyone else decodes to get involved. Místico is able to armdrag out Mephisto last, but chases him out there and gets stomped down by the rudos. They take over the match from that point. Sombra's brought back in for corner clotheslines. Averno goes for Dorada's mask, then gives Místico Devil’s Wings. Negro adds a senton and a STF to submit Místico.

Replays. Back live, Averno front slams Monito and a Mephisto adds a middle rope splash. That wasn't necessary!

2: Dorada is dropkicked off the apron. Mephisto slaps Sombra, who flips over the barricade on impact. Dorada takes a crazy hiptoss to the ramp. Sombra pulls a Devitt, jumps off a rudo springboard to dropkick the way to the comeback. Místico and Mephisto conspire to blow a springboard headscissors, and hear loud boos. Dorada saves things with the floating headscissors and a Brillo Dorado into Averno, both of which look great. Brillante Driver on Negro goes fine, torito on Mephisto goes horrible and Místico has to improvise an inside cradle.

3: For no particular reason, Dorada dives off the stage onto Averno with a tope con giro. Místico puts Mephisto on the top buckle and goes for his mask. Negro drags Dorada back to the ring and gets the better of a chop fight (with an eye poke?) Dorada flipping run meets heel kick. Dorada sends Negro out with a springboard armdrag and gets the btter fo the other two rudos for a moment, though a wacky rebound headscissors bit Dorada tries to do goes wrong – Averno in the wrong spot? Dorada finishes it with a ramp running springboard headscissors, which causes Averno to spin out of the ring and into the crowd. Crowd is harsh to Místico as he goes thru the técnicos. Místico gets Averno with flipping armdrags and headscissors. Interestingly, when Mephisto comes in and they do a bit of a pose off for the crowd, it's really on Mephisto who poses – Místico knows what reaction he'll get and doesn't bother to do anything but stand and wait. (Also, Zacarias is trying to kick Alexis again.) Mephisto and Místico still aren't smooth with each other, but it doesn't stop Místico from trying and landing a diving headscissors to the floor. Místico celebrates after that one, but still gets a mix of boos. Sombra is last with his own complicated headscissors. Negro fights back with kicks to the face, but gets dropkicked out. Triple dive, Místico just a beat behind with his own tope con giro. Sombra and Mephisto make it back in, and Sombra gets in a couple near falls before Averno breaks it up. Averno poses, then gives Sombra Devil's Wings, and Místico breaks it up. Crowd loudly booing Místico, and Místico is clearly bothered. Místico's flipped to the apron, swing kick is on target, springboard 'rana fails badly but Averno tries to cover it up. Negro breaks it up, rudos clear out the other técnicos, triple slam on Místico, and the técnicos return to break that pin up. Rudos clear out the técnicos gain, triple powerbomb on Místico, Místico reverses to a 'rana, técnicos grabs rudos, one two NO. Mephisto accidentally chops Negro, Sombra headscissors Mephisto, Negro chops down Sombra, Místico springboard dropkick Negro. Místico fake the dive, and Sombra actually does the top to take out Negro. Místico must've gone the other way with an Asai, but the cameras miss it. Mascara Dorada and Averno back in, Mascara Dorada torito one two NO. Dorada springboard armdrag – no, Averno sidesteps and pulls of Dorada’s mask as he falls to the mat. That's instant DQ.