CMLL on CadenaTres #275 (03/09/2013) 
Recapped: 03/12/2013

Announcers welcome us to the show. No Bucanero.

Match 1: Camaleón, MAGNUS, Molotov © vs Akuma, Apocalipsis ©, Artillero
Arena Mexico, 03/05/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:09
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Magnus/Apocalipsis, Molotov/Artillero, and Camaleón/Akuma, and all go about standard until Camaleón push off headscissors Akuma out. Camaleón tease the dive, goes to the apron instead, and Akuma brutally trips him off when he turns for an apron dive. Everyone unless runs in, técnicos flip each other around, but get caught by the rudos in submission holds.

2: Magnus is worked over first, then Camaleón is trapped in the wrong corner and pounded by everyone. Molotov ducks out of a wheelbarrow to start the comeback, which continues thru a teased double dive by Magnus and Camaleón – they give quebradoras off out on the floor instead. Molotov gives Apocalipsis his step over legdrop and pins him with his kneebar inverted backslide. I'm surprised Apocalipsis is the captain, but I guess it's more accurately surprise Apocalipsis could be a trio so lowly regarded that he could be captain.

3: Showcases go Molotov (with Apocalipsis), Magnus (with Artillero) and Camaleón (Akuma). Molotov's moves are very Molotov like. Artillero knocks Magnus out of the ring, Magnus knocks him over with a swing kick and lands on him with a slingshot tornillo. Artillero evades the 619, but takes a headscissors out anyway. Crowd still hates Magnus, so unfair. Akuma traps Camaleón in a kneebar before Camaleón really has a chance to do anything, and Molotov breaks it up enroute to more offense for him. He and Akuma are slow starting moves and they don't quite look right – a cradle neckbreaker, and a Russian legsweep to set up the escarlata (maybe Molotov can be the new Octagon Jr.) Akuma gives.

Rudos knock Molotov down, Camaleón planchas both, Magnus rolls in, and both get submissions. Magnus is using the Alberto Del Rio style armscissors, then does a Teddy Hart like pointless backflip off the middle rope after the match.

Match 2: Taurus vs Guerrero Negro Jr.DisturbioSuper Halcón Jr.SenseiOro Jr.RobinZaycoInquisidorGénesis in Sangre Nueva semifinal cibernético
Arena Mexico, 03/05/2013

  1. Zayco powerbomb Genesis (11:18)

  2. Senseilock on Inquisidor (15:03)
  3. Super Halcón moonsault Zayco (16:59)
  4. Guerrero Negro frontcracker Robin (19:21)
  5. Disturbio fireman's carry powerbomb Oro Jr. (20:02)
  6. Taurus Toroslam Sensei (22:31)
  7. Guerrero Negro backcracker Super Halcón Jr. (23:25)
  8. Guerrero Negro top rope sunset flip Disturbio (24:59)
  9. Taurus Toroslam Guerrero Negro Jr. (29:05)

Winner: Taurus
Match Time: 29:05
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

Zayco and Oro Jr. start on the mat and with hiptosses. They actually get a few minutes out of this, which isn't bad but they'll probably be back later. Tirantes complains a sunset flip isn't just flat enough on the mat for him to count a pin, and then argues with Inquisidor about it, never getting down to count an Oro jacknife cradle. Fine work. Genesis and Inquisidor are next, and are more basic than that. Rudos strongly applauding an Inquisidor armdrag is at least amusing. Genesis tries to land on his feet off a monkey flip, fails. It's the rookie tournament! Inquisidor pulls of wacky jumping cravates into armdrags. These two just keep on going when they probably should've stopped going, but keep it together. Taurus and Robin. A lot of guys have new, or new-ish, gear for the occasion. Taurus seems to have new pants, but you'd have to look to notice. Robin is wearing white pants with pink accents, and I had no idea who he was until he turned around to show his mask (and waistline.) They do a test of strength bit. Later, either Taurus blocks a kip up armdrag or Robin can't get it and Taurus covers for it – they do a kip up armdrag to end it, so I guesses that answer for that. Robin posing gets booed. Guerrero Negro and Sensei are next. Announcers point out a Karla sign in the crowd and the show goes to break.

THUNDER PROMO. They have time to repeat the first Thunder promo, and not to promo any of the matches for Friday so far. It's interesting. On the other hand, if you're a person who watches CMLL but doesn't get TVC Deportes, you've heard about this man coming for at least four months now. That's Glacier territory.

Negro & Sensei continue, also sticking to the mat mostly. Armdrag sends Guerrero Negro out. Last pair are Super Halcón – in a new electric green and black outfit which should go great with Bala's gear – and Disturbio. Disturbio's wardrobe budget appears minimal. These two move fast, though they accomplish little. Other rudos put a stop to it, pulling Halcón out and stomping him on the mat. Disturbio runs for a dive, but of course the técnicos pull him out too and stomp him. Halcón runs around the ring to get in his shots. Robin goes to the top buckle near the ropes, nearly loose his footing, then takes a step along the ropes into a tope con giro on Taurus. Sensei had to hold up until Robin was done, but finishes his tope on Guerrero Negro. Inquisidor in, and Oro over him with a top rope roll. Oro drops down, kip up to avoid a Inquisidor clothesline, and he punctuates that with a punch. More evasion, and backflip headscissors on the rudo. Inquisidor flips Oro to the apron, Oro hiptosses Inquisidor to the floor, up top, and Oro slips before he can do whatever he wanted to do there. I can't believe Oro actually messed something up! Inquisidor doesn’t let him go back up, tripping him off the apron and running him into the post. Genesis and Zayco in, Zayco dropping the técnicos with a discus clothesline. Zayco swings again, misses, Genesis bumps into him, runs up the ropes, and slowly comes off with a reverse armdrag. Genesis slow speed tope, Zayco generously taking a big bump on it. Genesis finds himself on the wrong side of town, and is able to get back in after a few kicks. Zayco waits for him, kicks Genesis in the head, and powerbombs him for three.

Oro Jr. jumps in with a missile dropkick on Zayco. Headscissors sends Zayco into the ropes, but Zayco comes right back up with a kick to the midsection. Zayco kicks the inside of Oro Jr.'s right leg, sets it on the middle rope, runs, and whiffs on the dropkick, sliding thru the ropes to the ramp as Oro Jr. moves out of the way. Oro Jr. springboards, and sends Zayco up the ramp with a tornillo armdrag. Oro Jr. leaps back in to pose, and Negro blows him up with a dropkick from behind. Robin in, but he's back elbowed down. Robin does a multiple kip up bit to get a reaction, does not get that reaction. Robin wristlock walk up the ropes double bounce headscissors sends Negro to the apron. Robin runs back and forth, and slide out as Negro slide in. Negro tope almost completely goes over Robin's head, and Robin bangs his head into the barricade. (He's holding his head, as usual.) Sensei and Inquisidor in and chop fighting. Sunset flip, Sensei roll thru kick ducked, Inquisidor inside cradle one two no. Sensei punch to the face, hard kicks to the chest. To a grounded Inquisidor. Corner whip, reversed, Inquisidor charges in, Sensei gets his feet in the ropes, Inquisidor has to run back and forth before he can deliver the backcracker. Still hate that. One two NO! That's his move. Announcers are mildly surprised. Inquisidor whip, reversed, clothesline counters end with an Inquisidor reverse pump slam, but still only two. Inquisidor kicks, spins Sensei around (?) and one more frontcracker. One two NO. Inquisidor seems frustrated, as much as you can tell on a man with no face. Off the rope evasion, Sensei high kicks is ducked, pump kicks I caught, Inquisidor spins Sensei, but Sensei heel kicks him. Sensei off the ropes, springboard onto Inquisidor's shoulders, and Inquisidor kind of pushes Sensei off instead of holding on for the Inquisidor Storm. (As it turns out, that was a Sensei counter maybe?) Inquisidor clothesline turns into the Senseilock, and Inquisidor gives.

Taurus dropkicks Sensei. Taurus chops him down. Corner whip, Sensei walks around ropes to evades and armdrags Taurus. Pump kick caught again, but this time Taurus is able to shoulderblock Sensei before he's able to to do anything. Taurus dropkick Sensei out. Robin in, fast evasion, Robin takes a big spinning bump on a simple back elbow. Super Halcón missile dropkicks Taurus out, then sidesteps a Negro dropkick. Corner whip, Negro stops short of the rudo corner and just tags Zayco. Huh. Zayco runs in and wheel kicks Super Halcón, who just hung out all that time. Zayco slaps Halcón back in the corner. Charge, Halcón moves, then backdrops Zayco as he charges out. Halcón hard dropkick to knock Zayco into the corner, boot to knock Disturbio off the apron, and top rope moonsault lands one two three.

Disturbio runs in, but takes a slow quebradora. Halcón runs into a much better Disturbio one. It's a two-man deal, don’t' want to give to assign credit. Disturbio gets a waistlock for something – have we gotten a Disturbio German suplex before? - but Halcón blocks and hiptosses Disturbio out, then follows with tope con giro. Oro and Negro in, evasion spots, Oro armdrags Negro, off the ropes, flipped to the apron. Oro makes the absurd decision to turn around and pose, and Negro dropkicks Oro out so he can take a flip bump to the floor. Robin checks on Oro, while Sensei and Disturbio in. Disturbio does his crane pose, Sensei sweeps him again. Disturbio is going to have to figure out a plan B eventually. Springboard casadora armdrag. Disturbio strikes are blocked, Sensei hit this back even harder than usual. Enziguri isn't as much, but Disturbio falls. Sensei smacks Disturbio in the corner, and then smacks Taurus for trying to get involved. Sensei sends Disturbio the other corner, and puts on a tarantula – called by the announcers! - but Negro and Taurus breaks it up. Robin top rope planchas on both, but his leap to Taurus shoulder leads him off into – well, what's supposed to be a Negro front cracker, but the timing ain't there. Negro picks up the pin and we go to break.

They run the 1st Caida graphic – I guess that's right, not sure I've seen a three fall cibernético but okay – but this is a good place for a catchup. Rudos have Guerrero Negro, Disturbio and Taurus left, técnicos have Sensei, Super Halcón Jr. and Oro Jr.

Oro Jr. ducks a Negro clothesline and superkicks him out. Disturbio in and also knocking down Oro Jr., but more successful follow up – fireman's carry powerbomb one two three.

Disturbio chops and slaps Sensei. Sensei reverse planchas Disturbio on a whip, then ducks him into a chop on Negro. Halcón planchas both rudos, who miss a double clothesline and takes a kick out. Double topes by the técnicos. They're down, and Taurus decides just to hang out in the ring until someone comes back. Sensei kicks him from the apron, slingshot sunset flips in, one two NO. Taurus misses a clothesline, O'Conner roll one two NO. Casadora cradle, Taurus escape before he can get it on. Sensei puts on his head, but Negro breaks it up. Negro and Taurus have a five step handshake to celebrate, and it is superb. Crowd disagrees with my viewpoint on that one. Rudos kicks and dropkicks Sensei in the corner, then Negro whips him back to Taurus on the middle rope. Second rope toss front slam. It's his normal finisher, which I'm going to call the Toroslam until someone comes up with something better. This looks like a safer landing than he was done these before.

It's down to four but, more importantly, it's down to Super Halcón versus three rudos. Taurus and Negro stomp Halcón, and Taurus goes to the apron to leave the other two in. Halcón turns things around enough to drop Negro in front of the corner and go up, but Negro crotches him on the corner, and jumps up for backcracker. That move is over used in this match, but that was a good one.

Disturbio immediately dropkick Guerrero Negro and stomps him. Maybe he was hanging on the floor two it for this. There's no pause to note it was three rudos left, Disturbio just goes to work. Negro trips Negro on the ropes and legdrops him over the bottom rope. Taurus attacks Disturbio with dropkicks and kicks as Negro goes out. Disturbio gets in a quebradora, but only for two. Corner whip, Disturbio corner clotheslines him, and lands a jarring double knee smash to the face. Disturbio starts on putting Taurus in a scorpion, but Guerrero Negro of the top, top rope sunset flip one two three. Hey, breaking out a hold was an arguable good move! Still think maybe Negro could've waited until Disturbio got the submission, but there's no sure thing he would've.

Taurus offers a handshake. Negro considers it and accepts. Taurus lets go, then chops Negro down. That was totally fair. Negro needs some time to cover, then chops back. Taurus has the advantage of an Under Armor shirt. Negro charges – chokeslam by Taurus! Dropkick sends Negro out, and Taurus follows with a running slingshot tope con giro. That dive looks familiar. Negro goes back in, Taurus up on the apron, thru the ropes, and Negro misses a dropkick. Taurus leans on him, Negro rolls up to Taurus’ shoulders, Taurus drops him face first. That didn't look right, and was only a two count. Taurus yells in frustration, grabs Negro, but Negro breaks free and slams him. Negro starts to head to the ropes, turns around and pulls Taurus closer, slowly goes up, and actually lands the moonsault one two NO. Guerrero Negro is better at moonsaults than Rey Escorpion, so there's one thing. Negro clothesline, Taurus turns it into a pumphandle slam – well, kind of spun around 1.5 times back for a faceslam, but it didn't look right. Taurus covers, still only two, still frustrated. Negro kicks Taurus into the corner, puts Taurus on the top rope, steps up tope, pauses, and pulls of the 'rana one two NO. Negro puts Taurus on the ropes again, but Taurus jabs him on the side, grabs him, turns him around and gives him the Toroslam. Negro flips over to land on his back, unlike Sensei, and Taurus covers one two three. Bit of an upset, but either way would’ve been a surprise when down to these guys.

Thunder promo #2

Match 3: Guerrero Maya Jr., Super Porky, Valiente vs Kráneo, Misterioso Jr., Olímpico
Arena Mexico, 03/05/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:36
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Olímpico is back to the eyeshadow and the sort of Egyptian look, as if they pulled this match out of the vault from a year ago. Mije is with the técnicos.

1: The other four do their opening bits, including Guerrero Maya getting Misterioso with a quebradora, but this is just a setup for Kraneo and Super Porky. Kraneo mocks Porky's dance, Porky mocks the credibility of wrestling by barely moving his arms for armdrags. Porky does the ramp version of the sit on everyone. Rudos walk around the side of the rings so the técnicos can tope them – light for these técnicos. Porky teases the sunset flip counter sit, but instead grabs Mije and crushes him with a tope onto Kraneo for the pin.

2: Olímpico and Valiente struggle, where Valiente looks bad. It seems like Olímpico isn't in the right place for him on a series of spots, but then Valiente can't get Kraneo over with off the top headscissors too. Timing was all wrong there. Guerrero Maya takes a sit down faceslam all weird, so this match isn't working at all. Rudos take over before Super Porky has his run. Mije gets in his low blow headbutt drop on Valiente, then Porky is dropped, legdropped by Kraneo, and splashed by Mije for the pin.

Thunder promo #3.

3: Kraneo gives Valiente a brainbuster. Misterioso chops down Maya in the corner, then slams him so everyone (Mije included) can stomp him. Maya drops down too soon, and Kraneo flattens him with a splash. Rudos whip Maya gain, he ducks a double clothesline, and dropkicks Kraneo off the ropes and out. Valiente and Porky clear out the other two, with Porky running very slowly, and eventually planching Kraneo on the outside. Valiente and Maya finish the two rudos inside for the win.

Stellar Moments

El Castigo: Super Halcón Jr. corner death valley driver on Hombre Bala

El Triufno: técnicas beating the rudas on Firday

El Lance: Somrba and Volador's tope con giros

Espectacular: Místico springboard shooting star press to the floor on Euforia

Insolito: Atlantis pulling Ultimo Guerrero's mask and pinning him

Match 4: Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas vs Blue Panther, La Máscara, Máximo
Arena Mexico, 03/05/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:11
Rating: eh
Notes: Peste Negra, with Zacarias, dance out later. Referee is Pompin.

1: Negro messes with Blue Panther to start the fall, more annoying than damaging. The other técnicos are desperate to make a tag and can't even though. Rudos rush to break up any Panther advantage. Panther still sunset flip reverses Negro nearly into a Máximo kiss. Negro eyes rakes to get free, Mascara flying armdrags Negro, Niebla shoulderblocks him out, Máximo gives Niebla the kiss of death and gets three. Niebla is the captain, so it's over like that.

2: Tecnico showcase goes La Mascara, Blue Panther, Máximo, with Panther in only briefly. Comedy with Máximo in, of course. Niebla takes down Máximo and submits him, then the Cass brothers double team Panther for the win.

3: Zac lands the 619 on Máximo as part of the usual beatdown. Mascara avoids a corner whip a couple minutes in and superkicks the técnicos back in control. Blue Panther and Mascara beat up on the Casas brothers while Máximo teases a kiss on Niebla and eventually headbutts. Negro's held in the corner for a butt bump to the crotch, and the same to Felino. Tecnico halfway try to do it a third time, it obviously fails, they hold Niebla down for a kiss, Casas brothers kick him he when tries. Panther outmaneuvers the Casas brothers and topes Felino. Negro rolls thru Mascara's casita and pins him with his own, and Niebla finishes with his own hold.

Niebla and Zacarias dances, then Niebla slaps hands with everyone in the first couple rows.

Announcers wrap up.