AAA Fusion #14 (03/06/2013) 
Recapped: 03/07/2013

Bernado interviews Mary, who doesn't seem that concerned by facing Lolita, or anyone else.

Open. Parka Negra and Pentagon Jr. have been added to the open, replacing Texano Jr. and Juvi (with the Cruiserweight belt). Wagner's face on a building has been replaced by Mesías, in part because Mesías' shot at the end is now Texano holding the belt. That's some smooth work there.

Tonight: Crazy Boy vs Angelico vs Halloween vs Super Fly. No surprise hints here. Announcers talk about Crazy Boy's return, Angelico's debut, Halloween return from injury. Also, Super Fly exists.

Tonight: Jennifer Blake vs Taya Valkyrie

Tonight: Mari Apache vs Lolita.

Lolita and her very pink eye shadow says she's no small rival, she's prepared hard for this and wants the title and she's going to battle Mary.

Match 1: Lolita vs Mari Apache in a AAA's Reina de Reinas Tournament semfinal match
Arena Neza, 03/01/2013

Winner: Mari Apache
Match Time: 4:19
Rating: ok
Notes: Arena is much darker this time, so you can't really see past the first four rows, except during entrances (and it's not so dark that you cant' figure out why things are as they are; it doesn't help that the sound echoes loudly off the empty seats. Alas.) They've also moved the camera so ramp is on the right side, instead of on camera. Mary has her Mixed tag team belt. Copetes slums it as a referee on a non-big show. This seems beneath him! He's wearing a blue shirt with no logos.

Lockup, Lolita inside cradle, two count. Lolita misses a clothesline, Mary wipes her out with one. Mary is still unconcerned. Choke on the ropes. Whip, big boot to the face. Mary kicks Lolita in the face while she's down. Whip, Lolita 619 kick to the midsection up top, hop back in the ring over Mary, dropkick connects - with two feet! Mary out, Lolita after her with a big tope con giro. Lolita makes it back in first, and kicks Mary in the face as he comes in. Off the ropes, drop toe hold, tapatía. Mary rolls it – up twice, up three times, and into a modified cavernaria. Lolita is broken in half, but she doesn't give up. Mary tries to pick up Lolita up, Lolita kicks her away, Lolita up on Mary's shoulder and of or a sunset flip one two NO. Lolita stands Mary up, Mary forearms her in the face. Maybe Mary is taking this seriously now. Powerbomb, gentle by Mary's standards. Mary to the middle rope, Lolita up and slapping her, Mary passively sits there is Lolita goes for a huracanrana, but their timing is very bad. Lolita covers one two th-kickout, though ti seemed like there was no way Copetes was ever counting three. I don't know what happened there. Whip, quick reverse into a May forearm. Mary grabs the back of the head, then smacks Lolita with a clothesline. A bit stronger powerbomb this time. Up to the middle rope, up to the top rope – senton con giro, one two three.

Mary is interviewed right after the match; Lolita is no match for an Apache. The fans can cheer for Lolita, but Mary's better.

Bernardo interviews Taya and Jennifer. Canada vs Canada, both trying really hard to do this in Spanish. Taya says this is the first day of the Era de Wera. Jennifer tries her own catchphrase – more aggressive, always beautiful, natural diva – Taya laughs, and Jennifer makes fun of her laughs. I'm beginning to think they're not friends any more! Jennifer insults Taya, Taya complains in English and storms out.

Match 2: Jennifer Blake vs Taya Valkyrie in a AAA's Reina de Reinas semfinal match
Arena Neza, 03/01/2013

Winner: Taya Valkyrie
Match Time: 8:23
Rating: eh
Notes: Stop taking video with your iPad, fool. I would not ever bring an iPad to Arena Neza for so many reasons. Referee is Piero.

Taya trash talks, and then Jennifer calls a spot, and off we go. Taya blocks the hiptoss and takes Jennifer down, Jennifer armdrag from the ropes. Lockup, Taya uses kicks while in the headlock, Jennifer flip over Taya's hip and armdrag her while falling down. Casadora armdrag by Jennifer, and superkick knocks Taya down. Jennifer celebrates, then puts on a casadora into a kneebar. Taya fights it, and turns Jennifer over to yank her by her hair. This turns into a zero pin and a standoff. Crowd is quiet. Whip, the girls start running past each other, and Taya kicks Jennifer. Whip, Jennifer flips Taya to the apron and kicks her in the head to knock her off. Jennifer starts for a dive, stops, and runs for a tope. Jennifer throws Taya back in, top rope plancha is caught - no, Taya falls and about drives Jennifer's head straight in the mat. That was very indy. Jennifer is shook, and then kicked by Taya as he gets up. Taya hits Jennifer a few times, then snap mares her over for a kick to the back. Kick to the ribs. Choke on the ropes. Taya out punches Jennifer. Whip, side backbreaker, and bending Jennifer over the knee. Jennifer fights back with kicks, so Taya throws her down by her hair. Mounted punches. Announcers note LuFisto, Sexy Lady and Mary Apache. This is the first time LuFisto's been mentioned on this show, or on AAA TV at all, but it's treated like no thing. Taya drapes Jennifer over middle rope so the ruda can get in shots. Corner whip, Taya runs into a kick, runs into a kick again, and Jennifer comes off the middle with a headscissors. That was slow, but I'm just happy everyone leveled. Jennifer clothesline, corner whip, clothesline in, bulldog out. Jennifer out, and Sexy Lady checks on her. Taya start to go outside, then stalls and talks to the rudas a bit. She goes back in, and nothing seem to come of that. Both women rush at each other and throw each other down by the hair. Both slow up. Jennifer forearms, Taya forearm back, Jennifer forearms back. Jennifer kicks blocked, Taya feeds herself to a front facelock, Jennifer knees her a couple times, then swings her out for a kick to the head. Jennifer swings and misses, and Taya Northern lights supelexs her for two. How much longer does this one have? Taya forearms Jennifer in the back, suplex, no, Jennifer – DDT? I guess? Jennifer tries to follow up, but Taya fights out of it. Taya powerbomb, Jennifer faceslam reveal one two NO. Jennifer now argues with LuFisto about something, then starts yelling at each other. Taya moves towards Jennifer, Jennifer slaps her in hair, Taya takes a big falls. Sexy lady – who seems to have a new ill considered back tattoo! - and LuFisto are on the apron, and Jennifer runs at them to knock them off. Mary just complains. Jennifer is fired up, and literately walks into Taya's swinging side slam. One two three.

Taya shakes Jennifer by the hair before getting up to celebrate, and Jennifer takes her down and punches her a bit. Rudas come in now for the save and stomp Jennifer. Cinthia, Lolita and Cinthia Moreno come thru the crowd (?) to make the save, but LuFisto doesn't leave when everyone else is run off. Mari shoves LuFisto, and they start punching at each other until Lolita and Taya separate them. Hmm. Jennifer looks annoyed, then cries. LuFisto says something to Faby on the house microphone, but it's barely audible and lost in the sound mix on TV. It seems like trash talking to Faby and declaring she's going to win the Reina de Reinas, but it takes a bit longer to go to. Faby gets the microphone and is a bit more audible - she's going to win, and she's going to start a Mexico chant. Rudas walk off – LuFisto insulting Piero for whatever reason – and técnicas raise each other's arms. Jennifer is crying still. I dunno. Tecnicas seem completely accepting of her this week. Taya does an indy promo in English.

Short Movie: Tulancingo! A place where a man can get his knee x-ray looked at by a doctor, then hold his head in despair. This is already great, and greater still when we get the shot of the floor where Crazy Boy has now dropped his mask. Shot of a sad Crazy Boy on crotches, then back in the office where he gets good news. Crazy Boy goes to the rehab facility, and works his upper body. Then he works his lower body. More exercises, some with another mask guy who I don’t recognize at all. Crazy runs along, meeting more masked people. Crazy Boy goes thru the market. Crazy Boy prays. Crazy Boy interferes in random DTU shows.

In Ring Promo: Crazy Boy pulls off his mask to reveal – his mask. After two years out of the ring, his body is prepared for a return for all the fans. The Mexican power is back.

Standard Fusion fourway interview segment to hype the match. Halloween says there's a lot of talent, a lot of heart for wrestling. Super Fly says lucha libre is his life. Angelico says the wrestlers and the promotion are great. Crazy Boy says his opponents are difficulty. Super Fly notes it's his hometown, and he's happy for AAA giving him the opportunity. Halloween talks about AAA and Perros del Mal. Crazy Boy talks about how long he's been good, and the experience of working to come back. Angelico talks about being a world class group. More talking about how great everyone is and how great the fans are. Crazy Boy is the most fired up.

Tonight: that match.

Match 3: Súper Fly vs AngelicoCrazy BoyHalloween in an AAA Fusion semifinal match
Arena Neza, 03/01/2013

  1. Halloween spear Super Fly (6:44)

  2. Crazy Boy flatliner Halloween (7:32)
  3. Crazy Boy leaping DDT Angelico (13:04)

Winner: Crazy Boy
Match Time: 13:04
Rating: all over the place
Notes: Super Fly was in his blue gear during the interview, but is red here. Halloween has his belt. Crazy has Niño Hamburguesa dancing out with him. Crazy Boy takes off his mask to reveal just about the same mask underneath it. I'm sure it's slightly different but it's basically the same. Crazy Boy looks heavier, but he also appears to be wearing three different layers of shirts so who knows. Referee is Piero. There are some anti-Crazy boy fans who are very loud with their chanting; Crazy gets his own chant started. Halloween asks for the microphone to ask where the Perros are. There's not many of hem. Halloween starts to asks again, and makes fun of Niño again. Niño start to dance, and Halloween slaps him in the head. Crazy Boy sticks up for Halloween, but Halloween trashes him again.

Angelico and Crazy Boy start in the ring. Wow, they're actually starting with tags. Crazy Boy gives Angelico the slowest possible casita, then I guess turns it into a half crab. That one needs to go back to the drawing board. Crazy avoids Angelico's kicks while the announcers mention Wrestling New Classic. Angelico shoves Crazy boy into the corner and seems to be rudo-ish here. Tags to Halloween and Super Fly. Super Fly has a small rooting section. Halloween spits in his face. Super Fly spits back. Super Fly flipping run, then a springboard armdrag. 619 fake, Halloween throws himself out, Super Fly handsprings to fake the dive. Super Fly turns towards Angelico, and Angelico remembers to dropkick him eventually. Double duck down spot by Crazy and Angelico – not a strong start for Crazy – and Crazy gets Angelico with a tope when Angelico helpfully stands still. Other two in for a convoluted stunner/DDT spot. Crazy Boy calls Niño Hamburguesa in? Everyone else stomps Crazy Boy. Niño in – wait, what? Shoulderblocks for Halloween. Backdrop for Super Fly, sort of springboard armdrag for Angelico. Halloween spears Niño! Piero let this all go, because this seems like a match where Crazy Boy get to so do whatever. Super Fly slides out Halloween, then about lands on his head with a tope con giro. Angelico in, reading for a dive, running and clotheslined by Crazy Boy. Angelico out, Crazy Boy signals he's going for a dive, and the other guys trip Crazy Boy out and forearm him. Angelico in, but Niño in and telling him to stand near the ropes. Niño tries to get the crowd to cheer for him, and Piero and Angelico pull open the ropes so Niño can tope the three guys on the floor. Everyone goes righting behind the corner pose, so Angelico can dive over – oh no, he hit post! Wow, that looked horribly painful. He never got over the turnbuckle on his leap, hit it hip/ribs first, may have hit his sternum on the ring post, and then grabbed it on the way down to control his landing but still hit hard. Crazy Boy crawls over right away check on Angelico, who seems to be in quite a lot of pain. Clip here. Angelico throws Crazy Boy back in, goes up top, and double stomps him in the back. Angelico grabs his ribs while covering, Super Fly break sit up with a dropkick. Angelico is so hurting. Super Fly picks him up, and slams drops him in the corner, Angelico in too much pain to be much help. Super Fly up top – oh no, he about killed Angelico with a frog splash. One two Halloween stops the count and kicks Super Fly in the head. I don't know why anyone is breaking up pins, again, but I'm pretty sure Angelico would've been fine taking the three count there. Super Fly gets Halloween with a jumping back elbow, slams him near the corner, goes up, and misses the moonsault. Halloween had rolled out of the way out of he way, and back up to spear Super Fly. One two three.

Halloween looks for Angelico, but it appears he's being checked on the floor at the moment. Halloween grabs Crazy Boy instead. Corner whip, reversed, Crazy Boy moves out to eh way of a very late charge. Crazy Boy sets Halloween on the ropes, yells, and gives Halloween a running forearm. Flatliner, one two – Piero stops counting as if Halloween has kicked out, Halloween has not kicked out – Piero counts three.

The doctor is still talking to Angelico, but talking to him as he climbs back into the ring. Angelico is hurting, though he's selling it more than he's actually hurt at the moment. Angelico stops to grab his ribs to throw some kicks, Crazy Boy forearm is ducked, Angelico grabs him in a waistlock but Crazy Boy lays him out with a jawbreaker. Crazy Boy off the ropes, diving forearm one two NO. Crazy Boy tries to start a chant, but the crowd isn't really with him that much. Crazy Boy tries to sit up Angelico which is a battle. Diving forearm misses, Angelico crucifix, two count. Angelico is now wrestling with his left arm tucked in. Clothesline misses, Crazy Boy knees the ribs, running Russian legsweep I guess. Still only two. The drama here is Crazy Boy has so many moves he's thought of in the last two years to get in, but Angelico really would like to find some painkillers. Angelico fights back with a kick sequence, getting Crazy Boy in the head. Angelico uses his own Flatliner variation into an unconvincing submission – it's unclear how Angelico is hurting him, but I guess he's sort of cranking Crazy's head while holding it next to his own knee. Crazy gets the ropes. Angelico thinks he's won, despite all reason. Corner whip, Angelico charges in, jumping corner lariat, or maybe miss aimed big boot. Angelico tries for a second, Cray Boy kicks him away, second rope leap into a cutter. One two NO. Angelico fights off a waistlock and lands a running kick to the chest. Angelico lays on top to cover one two NO. Angelico grabs Crazy Boy, whips him into the corner, charges again, for a clothesline. Angelico runs the other way, and Crazy boy clothesline him. They like the Volador/Sombra matches Or whatever Volador and Sombra have been watching, probably.) Crazy chops and forearm Angelico for a moment, then talks to the fans. Crazy Boy off the ropes, into a a kick or leg lariat, not sure again. Crazy out, Angelico to the apron for a dive, Crazy trips him up on the apron (Angelico yelling in pain) and adding a running boot to the face. Crazy Boy to the middle rope, leaping DDT does not look good at all . Maybe it was a leaping swinging neckbreaker? Angelico is all in the ropes, Crazy Boy pulls his legs off them, one two three. Wow.

There's a half dozen of people ready to put Angelico on a backboard, but the doctor tells them tho hold up so he can check on them. Crowd seems more interested in Angelico than Crazy Boy's emotional celebration. Angelico comes back in to shake Crazy Boy's hand, and, Crazy Boy raises Angelico's arm. Angelico finds some front row fans to dance with.

Bernardo talks to Crazy Boy, who's too emotional to talk at first. Life knocked him down, but he's stronger for the experience. He was gone for two years, but today he's returned with many surprises. He's happy for the people, who helpfully start cheering for him on prompt. Crazy Boy showed he's a Mexican Power, and he's going to create a revolution in the ring with the Alto Impacto style. He just needs his belt, his crown. Two years away from the ring, and he demonstrated how much heart he has, and dreams can come to life.