CMLL on Terra (03/03/2013) 
Recapped: 03/15/2013

52MX didn't air a new episode this week, and something worth writing about actually happened, so I'm just recapping the matches which might have aired.

Match 4: Tritón vs Misterioso Jr. in a lightning match
Arena Coliseo, 03/03/2013

Winner: Misterioso
Match Time: 8:03
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

A bit of mat wrestling at the start. JCR brings up Misterioso defeating Pantera for his mask in listing his great accomplishments. Maybe JCR is Pantera I? Probably not. Misterioso lands a spine kick, the first contact of any consequence. Triton soon dropkicks him out, topes Misterioso, and rushes back in to tope him instead. Crowd approves. Misterioso thrown in, and waiting until Triton planchas him. Triton goes on a flipping run and headscissors Misterioso, but his swing to the apron just gets him chopped to the floor by Misterioso. Misterioso follows with a pescado! Replay of that. Triton and Misterioso fight on the floor, and Triton gets tosed up to the apron for an Asai moonsault. Fourth dive of the match, more than they've done actually in the ring. Triton 'rana, Misterioso rolls thru, one two NO. Misterioso argues the count, which was slow, but it does give Triton an open for an inside cradle one two NO. Five minute mark.

Whip, clothesline drops Triton. Misterioso in no hurry, as always. Whip, flapjack into a sit down faceslam, and a kick to the face. Corner whip, charge in, Triton moves, Misterioso hits chest first, and turns around. Triton chops Misterioso, puts him on top and comes up with him. Top rope 'rana works! Was sure he was getting the Rosa there. Standing moonsault doesn't really work – Triton goes too long – and Misterioso kicks out at two. Triton gives Misterioso a quebradora but about takes himself out on it. Second one is better. Triton is calling for the end, but is waiting for Misterioso to get up. Triton kicks him into the ropes, slips thru the apron, Volador style guillotine legdrop one two NO. Triton is not Volador. Triton chops up Misterioso on his shoulders, dumps him near the other corner, points up, goes up, moonsault tornillo is a crash and burn situation, Misterioso moving out of the way in time. Misterioso say that's enough, Gori Special, one two three.

Miguel interviews Stuka and Fuego before the title match. Fuego wanders past the interview are before being waved back. Nice new robe for him. Fuego can talk very clearly thru his mask. They're going to going to keep the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles – for Mexico!

Match 5: Fuego & Stuka Jr. vs Namajague & Shigeo Okumura for the Arena Coliseo (DF) Tag Team Championship
Arena Coliseo, 03/03/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos

  1. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 20:31
Rating: great
Notes: The two sides nearly fight in the ring, but the ref keeps them apart. Rambo is the commissioner. This seems beneath Rambo. Belt photo. Referee is Bestia Negra. Fuego still has his shoulder brace, and always will.

1: A bit of a rule discussion before they get going. Fuego and Okumura start on the mat, get a few near falls (including what looked like a double pin.) Okumura traps Fuego in an armbar and tags out to Namajague, who drops Fuego with a wheelbarrow faceslam for two. Namajague armdrags Fuego, charges him, Fuego flips him to apron, Fuego slides at him, Namajague flips back in over him, then short clotheslines Stuka as he rushes in. Namajague goes to work on Stuka’s right arm, trapping it under his knee and pulling it. Jumping snap mare sends Stuka sliding along, but Stuka recovers to set up zero covers and a face off. No tags, Namajague bumping Stuka and being dropkicked out as a result. Stuka runs for a dive, Okumura kicks him from outside, and Namajague comes back in to kick Stuka in face. Both rudos in, Namajague charges, no one home, Namajague charges out and dropkicks his partner by mistake. Stuka lifts Namajague on his shoulders, Fuego goes for a plancha to knock him off, Namajague ducks down into a headscissors roll for a pin, and Okumura gives Fuego the Michinoku Driver for the other.

2: Okumura drops Stuka with a quebradora, follows with a clothesline, and taunts. Namajague in and spearing Stuka, quite a spear. Stuka is stomped out. Fuego springboard planchas out, but Okumura pulls him down by his mask, and Namajague adds a running dropkick to the chest. Namajague ties Fuego in the ropes for an Okumura dropkick. Japanese celebrate having no one to fight. Stuka back in, but attacked from behind and kicked down. Double rebound hiptoss, and double boot out, then the fake dive pose. Fuego springboard in, rolled past under a clothesline and boosted by Stuka into a double dropkick on the rudos. Rudo out, técnicos run, double tope! Fuego makes it back in first. Namajague in after him. Clothesline misses, Fuego back bridge, but no dance - no time for dancing! Fuego off the ropes, Okumura trips him up, Namajague inside cradle, Fuego rolls thru for his own inside cradle one two Okumura breaks it up. Stuka boot is waved by, but he headscissors Okumura on the next try. Namajague huracanrana (!) but Stuka rolls thru one two three!

Crowd is thrilled, but Okumura is left. Okumura bumps Stuka out, then gives Fuego a Michinoku Driver, but Stuka rushes into break up the pin (then rushes back out.) Okumura slam, off the ropes, and Stuka trips him up. Stuka grabs Okumura, Fuego dropkicks him by mistake, Fuego is concerned. Fuego off the ropes, Fuego spinning armdrag into a small package one two three. Tied up.

3: Namajague runs full speed, and misses a corner charge. Corner whip, reversed, Namajague charges in and lands a corner clothesline this time. Namajague calls for one more, runs to the other side, and Stuka is right behind him for a clothesline of his own. Stuka runs out of the corner, Namajague tries to pull the same sneak behind clothesline, and Stuka quick turns to clothesline him instead. Crowd chants for Mexico. Whip, head down too soon, Namajague rolls over and kind of slips, but gets right back up to dropkick Stuka. Namajague pounds the mat in frustration, he didn't like slipping. Namajague points up and slaps the mat while waiting for Stuka. Stuka doesn't get up, so Namajague grabs him. Stuka breaks free ands laps Namajague in the face. Namajague slaps back, Stuka is hurting. Stuka slaps back again. Namajague punches miss, and they slap each other. Double clothesline, both partners come in and cover, two counts around. Okumura stomps Stuka out, Fuego dropkicks Namajague out. Both look around. Fuego waved by, flip of the top rope, back bend under a clothesline, now he dances. I guess you do have to dance in a title match. Fuego waved by springboard huracanrana sends Okumura out. Fuego backs up, runs up the corner and off with a springboard plancha. Namajague gets ready to dive, but Stuka’s in behind him, and knocking him down with a back elbow. Stuka runs at him, and Namajague monkey flips to Stuka to the floor. Namajague of the ropes, Namajague tope con giro! Stuka and Fuego in and chopping. Namajague gets in a bit slap tot eh face and a couple of headbutts. Fuego blocks most of a kick to the head. Namajague slaps Fuego down, charge and kick is caught, Namajague swings, Fuego drops him in the splits, head kicks misses, Namajague inside cradle one two NO. Fuego chops Stuka back in the corner, corner whip, reversal, Namajague backs up, charges, Fuego flips Namajague to the apron, Namajague slaps him back. Namajague goes up, Fuego goes up with him, Okumura slips underneath, superplex & powerbomb, Stuka torpedo splash meets Namajague's boots! Both rudos cover, one two NO! Crowd chants Mexico again as everyone is slow up. Okumura kicks Stuka and Namajague takes Fuego to other corner. Whips, Stuka reverses his, but Okumura clotheslines Fuego anyway. Okumura kicks Stuka. Corner whip, Namajague rushes in, Stuka moves, and Namajague hits the post. Stuka fireman's drop in the center of the ring, Stuka up top, Fuego watching from the apron – oh, Stuka deadman's plancha to the outside! Fuego springboard splash (not shown) onto Okumura. Fuego backdrops Okumura, legdrop, one two NO. Fuego briefly argues the count, but it was fair. Fuego waits of Okumura, drop toe hold, La Flashina one two NO, Okumura rolls him around into another cradle one two NO. That was a neat idea. Stuka cheeredleaders outside. Fuego off the ropes, quebrada knocks down Okumura, one two NO. Fuego wants a faster count. Both up, both clotheslining. Fuego clothesline misses, Okumura waistlock, Fuego fights it, Okumura smashes him in the back and pull him over- big German suplex one two three!

Stuka dropkicks Okumura out right away. Namajague in and fired out. Stuka waves him by, Namajague sunset flip, Stuka rolls thru dropkick, one two NO. Stuka picks Namajague out, but Namajague gets in a shot to the gut, cradle side suplex one two NO. That's probably a move he's going to be using again, way too complex and yet smoothly done for a one time desperation deal. Okumura back in to help. Okumura trip, Namajague running kick to the face, jumping legdrop one two NO. Namajague frustrated. Namajague tags Okumura in. Whip, two man faceslam bit is reversed into a Stuka caasdora cradle on two three. Namajague looked the wrong way, as they always do. Fuego is fired up on the outside.

Stuka is happy inside, but Namajague is alert – inside cradle, one two NO. Namajague and Stuka run into each other then Stuka monkey flips Namajague far away. Stuka big tilt-a-whirl slam, and heading up again. Fuego doesn't think this a good idea, but the torpedo splash lands. One – no, Bestia Negra stops counting to tell Okumura to get off the apron, Bestia Negro comes back to count one again, but now Fuego is complaining. Bestia Negra deal with him, and Okumura breaks up the pin with a kick to Stuka's head. Stuka up clotheslined blocked into a fireman's lift, Namajague slips out the back one two three! Stuka's shoulder might have not been down the whole time, but were at the end.

Champions are thrilled. JCR goes over all the failed challengers as Stuka & Fuego protects and the new champs get their belts. Okumura brags about the belts, and the referee has to stop Stuka and Fuego from attacking him. Okumura tells Stuka he beat him today, and will be beat him for his ugly mask at H2L.

Match 6: Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Místico © vs Averno ©, Dragón Rojo Jr., Mr. Niebla
Arena Coliseo, 03/03/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos

  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:39
Rating: okay
Notes: Zacarias is with Niebla.

1: Rudos jump the técnicos right after Niebla gets to the ring. Averno goes for Mistico's mask. Rudos beat up the other guys, but focus on Místico in the ring for a while. Diamante Azul is the last one in, and teases a double stomp from Dragon Rojo, a fireman's drop from Averno, and Mr. Niebla top rope splash for the pin. Averno submits Atlantis to get finish the fall.

2: Fans entertain themselves by chanting for Zacarias. Rudos remain in control, with Místico the last one brought in. Boos are noticeable. Místico tries to get the crowd behind him, just gets a Niebla chant. Averno rushes in and stomps Místico down to get the match moving on, and Niebla kisses Averno in appreciation. Averno leaves, and Niebla backdrops Místico high. Atlantis comes back in, misses a dropkick, but turns a Niebla corner charge into a quebradora. Azul clotheslines Dragon Rojo, Averno springboard headscissors Averno. Místico runs, and wipes out Averno with a great tope con giro. Fans cheer that. Atlantis wraps up Averno, Azul supelexes Niebla.

3: Niebla fools around on the outside. Místico headscissors everyone, and crowd seems to be more tolerable of him when he's not facing Mr. Niebla. Niebla does the greatest wacky sneak up and slap to the face possible. Niebla slaps Místico around and canes and the crowd chants his name. Spit is caught, barely. Místico comes back with a swing kick and a headscissors, then a role into a pose. Atlantis is neck, dropkicking Dragon Rojo and quebradora-ing Averno into seizures. Rudos regroup on the outside rather than face Diamante Azul. Seems like a safer idea, but Niebla still takes the corner sentons, and Averno goes corner to corner on monkey flips. Azul tries dropkicking Dragon Rojo. Following headscissors on Averno goes a bit better. Azul tries toping both, but they kind of break his fall, then chop him down. Atlantis is tripped coming thru, and Niebla kicks him right out. Místico in, and this crowd still prefers Niebla louder. Místico dropkick Niebla a couple times, the other rudos return, Místico whipped, triple powerbomb is violent looking, Niebla pins him with one foot on top for the win.

Averno and Dragon Rojo taunt Místico a bit while Zacarias and Niebla dance. Avernos goes for Místico's mask. Atlantis comes back for the save, but Averno gets the mask first. Announcers note Averno has a large collection of stolen Místico masks. Replay of the finish.

Miguel talks to Averno & Dragon Rojo, since Mr. Niebla has wandered out. Averno cuts a promo to the Místico mask – he promises more pain. Niebla wanders back to video bomb the interview. Dragon Rojo says generic things. Niebla says Niebla things. And that's it.