CMLL on Televisa #1143 (03/02/2013) 
Recapped: 03/04/2013

Dos Leyendas promo, highlighting the legends.

Announcers run thru the matches.

Match 1: La Máscara vs Averno in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 02/22/2013

Winner: La Mascara
Match Time: 8:01
Rating: good
Notes: Joined in progress, in progress of Averno punching around Mascara and going for his mask. Referee is Babe Richard.

Averno's got the mask ripped up pretty good and crows about it. Mascara thrown out, and thrown into the barricade. Averno waits for Mascara to come back in, and kicks him away. Mascara missile dropkicks Averno out, then follows with a tope, tumbling Averno into the crowd. Both back in, Mascara's shirt off. Evasion, Averno clothesline misses, back with a headscissors. Mascara flipped to the apron to start his swing kick, top rope headscissors combo. Averno out, Mascara takes much too long to dive, and Averno crotches him. This is not called a DQ. Averno covers for two. Devil's Wings. Averno signals for another one and poses. Maybe you should get around to doing it? Averno tries, Mascara blocks, double arm bridging suplex one two NO. Averno misses a dropkick, Mascara flipping armdrag, Averno out, Mascara out, tossed back to the apron and off with a headscissors. Mascara back to the apron, and quicker this time – top rope plancha connects. Mascara in, and Averno steps thru the ropes as they hit the five minute mark.

Mascara tries a 'rana, Averno powerbomb with feet on the roes one two NO. Averno argues, Mascara cradle, one two no. Mascara torito, still two. Crowd a bit into it. Mascara trip, casita, Averno shrugs him off, Averno casita one two NO. That was on the borderline of slow. Both up, Mascara springboard casadora, cradle, no, Averno rolls thru forward, hooks the legs, and goes for the arms. Averno gets the right arm, just needs the left to complete the campana, but Mascara keeps it out of reach and pulls himself close enough to grab the ropes. Averno is still feeling newly confident. Averno chops Mascara. 2.5 minutes to go. Corner whip, reverses, Averno puts Mascara the top rope, Máscara hits Averno as he climbs up, arms hooked, Máscara sets himself, Mascara super Devils' Wings (!), Averno escapes, Mascara kicks him from the middle rope, casadora, campana, that's it. Averno can't solve this man.


Dos Leyendas promo, focusing on Estrellita vs Amapola.

Quick 80th Anniversary promo.

Match 2: Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. © vs Misterioso Jr., Namajague, Shigeo Okumura ©
Arena Mexico, 02/22/2013

  1. tecnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:17
Rating: good
Notes: Okumura tries attack Stuka, but Stuka is ready, steps out of the way, and Cometa gives him a quebradora. Camera don’t know to pan over, but Stuka stomps down Namajague, and Maya rushes over to kick Misterioso near the stairs. Cometa charges, Misterioso tosses him on the steps, Cometa goes all the way, técnicos pull the rudos together, and Cometa does a ramp dive tornillo! Lineup graphics are a go.

1: Stuka whips Namajague to a Maya backdrop into the ring. Okumura and Misterioso manage to kick Maya down while Maya works over Namajague in the ring. Whip,r Stuka headscissors Namajague out, but turns around and runs into a Okumura quebradora. Now the rudos are doing better. Okumura celebrates, turns around, and Cometa lands a boost dropkick on him. Misterioso clotheslines Cometa and Maya planchas him. Maya jumping armdrags sends Misterioso out, Japanese rudos chop May out, Stuka and Cometa dropkick them out, Stuka to the apron and then on the ropes, spreading them like he might if Fuego was doing a tope, but Cometa goes over the top for a tope con giro instead. Stuka adds his Asai moonsault on Namajague. Maya and Misterioso left, Misterioso sunset flip, Maya blocks it and counters into a forward roll. Maya's right foot is under the ropes and referee Rafael el Maya won't count because of that. That is a problem, but the bigger problem is Rafael el Maya just stands there looking at the foot for a few seconds before getting around to explaining why he can't count. Maya tries to scoot back, but Misterioso senses this has gone on too long and just escapes. Whip, Maya 'rana one two three. Tecnicos throw the rudos into the barricade.

2: Everyone wanders back to their corner, and Misterioso starts with Maya. Maya gives up a lot of weight, but still gives Misterioso a quebradora. Climbing headscissors, over the back armdrag, Misterioso out the apron and Maya doing his pose – only for Okumura to blow him up with a dropkick. Magadan calls Okumura as from Tokyo, Japan, which is not actually true. Cometa flips Maya to safety. Chop fight, Cometa flipping run, Okumura flips him with a clothesline and celebrates, Stuka dropkicks him from behind, Namajague dropkick Stuka and pounds him with punches. That was a nice spear, and it gets a reply. Namajague goes for Stuka's mask. Namajague warned, but just puts Stuka on top and finishing untying. Corner whip, Stuka clotheslined, Namajague turns to celebrate and Stuka clothesline him from behind, Stuka flipping on it. Tecnicos hold Namajague for Stuka to hit in the corner. Corner whip, Namajague corner sunset flip, Stuka reverses, Okumura pulls his mask from outside (Misterioso helpfully distracted referee Maya.) Okumura drops the mask on Stuka's face, he covers up while Namajague gets the sunset flip back, referee counts one two three. Tecnicos protest, while Misterioso points out they got the three count.

3: Replay of the last fall finish while the rudos go after the técnicos. Misterioso unties Maya's mask while the other rudos beat the other técnicos. An after the fact voice over promotes the mask/hair match for Dos Leyendas, one of few during the show. There may be a clip here, or everyone just gets back to the ring quicker than anticipated. Namajague double chops Stuka in the corner. Maya kicks at Namajague, but Namajague catches it and kicks him in the thigh. Triple boot for Maya. Misterioso organizes, rudos turn him around, triple rolls and pose. Técnicos sneak in and kicks the rudos all out. Cometa runs, crowd shot, tornillo. Maya off the ropes, tope con giro into Misterioso and into the first row. Stuka and Namajague in, Stuka clothesline misses, Namajague kick to the back, and grabbing the mask – ripping the mask! It seems not to have puled too much. Referee Maya starts looking outside, and Stuka gets in quebradora and a mask ripping of his own. A better shot shows Stuka's mouth and lower portion of his mask has been pretty well ripped. Stuka off the ropes, tripped by Okumura. Okumura grabs Stuka, Namajague spits mist (not picked up on camera at all), Okumura takes it instead. Referee Maya missed that watching Cometa come back in, realizes he's not supposed to see what's next, turns away, then turns back just in time to see Stuka foul Namajague. Oops. Not a good match for Rafael el Maya. Cometa puts Okumura in a time killing – maybe that's where Maya was supposed to be looking but it came too late – and then switches to a cradle so referee Maya can count both pins. That's the match.

Stuka challenges Okumura and Namajague to a mask/hair match. Okumura is covered in red, and the doctor wants to check, not knowing it's supposed to mist. Okumura must've really spread it over himself after he got hit, but it's totally confusing to everyone since the mist had no spray. Okumura says anything mean, Stuka & Cometa go after them and take Namajauge's mask. Stuka yells at the Namajague mask. Replays show the mist spot better.

Okumura and Namajague promo backstage. Well, more Okumura, Namajague is too busy trying to hold his mask together.

Dos Leyendas: hair/mask vs hair/mask promo

Match 3: Ángel de Oro, La Sombra ©, Máscara Dorada vs Mr. Águila, Psicosis, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 02/22/2013

  1. Invasors

  2. técnicos
  3. Invasors

Winner: Invasors (2-1)
Match Time: 14:43
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Again, the rudos have attacked the técnicos, though it seems to be more successful than last week. Mije is with the rudos. Psicosis is now wearing the same white outfit as the other Psicosis favors, just to be confusing.

1: Rudos quickly gather in the ring. Corner clotheslines and Psicosis' senton on Angel de Oro, but no pin. Aguila and Volador go back to the apron while Psicosis tries to deal with Dorada. He needs help, but they get Dorada with the swinging gate bomb. Dos Leyendas drop in. Sombra takes a corner clothesline, but pulls a Devitt and boosts off a drop down to dropkick Aguila. Volador superkicks Psicosis by mistake, Sombra shoves him into the corner, misses the charge, flips Volador up – and oh, Volador Spiral. Nice try, but that's it. Replay.

2: Rudos pretend to go one one one, but triple team Angel de Oro quickly. Oro is pulled the apron and yanked off (though it seemed like Volador thought he was adding a dropkick and they pulled him too soon.) Dorada is taken down from behind, then pulled out and tossed up so he can drop onto Psicosis' feet. Sombra whipped into the ropes, back with a handspring double back elbow for Psicosis and Aguila, Volador kicks him down, Dorada into with the floating armdrag, rudos kick him down, Oro in with a springboard plancha on Psicosis and Aguila. They tells him off, Oro rolls under a double clothesline, and Dorada springboard dropkicks them out. Both pull off moonsault on to the rudos to the floor, Dorada's a little higher. Volador flipping run at Sombra, Sombra grabs him in wristlock for his high German, Volador flips out, onto Sombra's shoulderrs, tossed in front and puled back for the German suplex, one two three.

3: So many crowd shots. Announcers talking about Tigre Hispano being from Barcelona. Sombra wants to face Volador, but of course Volador disagrees. Volador orders (and shoves) Mije in instead. Sombra piefaces Mije and tells him to get lost. Volador demands Mije take Sombra on, so Sombra preses Mije, looks around and tosses him out Volador. Volador catches him, and throws him to the front row! He lands on a group of people, including Enrique Yniesta (mentioned by Leo.) Aguila and Oro in for evasion and Aguila's heel kick. Sombra kicks at Aguila from the outside, but Aguila just – moonwalks? Bad camera switch misses it. Whip, Oro stops running and just kicks him in the face. Whip, Aguila out, Oro out after him, Aguila back in, Oro stunner over the ropes, outside in moonsault, one two no. Aguila back bends kips up under the clothesline, helicopter headscissors sends Aguila flying thru the ropes and out. Sombra in, and Psicosis in, but Sombra wants Volador. Sombra does the Volador holler to try and get him in, and it actually works. Shoudl've tired that before. Volador comes in, points to some Volador fans, and tags out to Psicosis. Psicosis tells Sombra he's stuck with him. Sombra off the ropes, Psicosis drops down, and Sombra just dropkicks him. Aguila in but Sombra fights them both off. Volador tries to get the jump on Sombra, but they just have a face off. Sombra takes off his shirt. Dueling flipping runs, Volador misses a clothesline, Sombra does not on his springboard reverse spin headscissors. Volador out, rope flip dive fake. Dorada and Psicosis in. Dorada tells Psicosis to run, Psicosis wants a chop fight instead, Dorada chops him once, Psicosis would prefer to run. Good call, since he spins Dorada out with his first shoulderblock. Whip, Dorada runs, lands the handspring flipping run bit this week, and headscissors Psicosis out. Aguila out and flipping Dorada to the apron, but Dorada pulls off a walk the tope, drop down to the middle rope springboard headscissors. Volador offer a handshake, Dora shoves him, Volador chops Dorada. Volador charges, Dorada tosses him out. Tecnicos all in with a – tope con giros all around. Tecnicos come back in, rudos slip in and easily take care of the two lesser técnicos. Triple powerbomb on Sombra. Dorada in with sunset flip on Volador (other rudos having left), Volador rolls thru, Dorada torito, Psicosis breaks it up. Whip, Psicosis headscissors counter slam, one two Oro breaks it up. Oro slams Psicosis, standing moonsault one two Aguila break it up. Aguila back suplexes into a faceslam on Oro, Sombra's turn to break it up. Volador's discussing with Mije while Sombra dumps Aguila near the ropes. Volador grabs Mije and tosses him at Sombra, but Sombra catches him and throws him down on Aguila. Sombra covers one two Volador breaks it up with a head kick. Volador slaps his chest and poses. Going up? Crowd not high on this head, Volador turns around to look at them, and Sombra slaps Volador. They battle on the middle rope and almost knock each other off twice before going up high. Sombra has some footing problems, but pulls off an off the top rope 'rana. One – no, rudos break it up. Sombra slapped back towards the rudo corner. Sombra flipped to the apron, but Aguila dropkick him as he tries to climb up. Rudo try double suplex, Dorada and Oro slips inf or the tacked up suplex, Volador throws Mije on top and everyone covers someone, one two NO. Volador's having it easy so far, but now he's got to face off with Sombra as everyone else faces off. Sombra shoulderblock into the ropes, and Volador dropkicks him thru them. Volador Asia moonsault. Other four in, Dorada springboard meets counter dropkick, and Aguila with a behind the back faceslam. Both cover, and the rudos take it.

Show ends QUICK.