CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #343 (03/02/2013) 
Recapped: 03/03/2013

Terrible joins Amapola and JCR for the intro. JCC joins them for the matches.

Match 1: Pegasso, Starman, Tritón © vs Hooligan, Nitro ©, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 02/22/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:05
Rating: okay
Notes: Tuareg have new music. Isis is with them. Referee is Edgar.

1: Pairs are Starman/Hooligan, Triton/Nitro and Pegasso/Skándalo. The first pair is even, then Triton armdrags Nitro around. Pegasso slingshots into the ring and is immediately hurt, so it's going to be a long match. He is able to put weight on his right leg immediately after, but he and Skándalo keep it easy at first, then blow the first complicated armdrag they try. They get better from there, but it's a slow than usual exchange. Starman gets involved to to dump Skándalo in front of the corner, Pegasso slight frog splash one two three.

Triton armdrags Nitro out and goes for a diving headscissors, but Nitro powerbombs him on the floor. That was unexpected. Starman springboard dropkicks Hooligan inside the ring and adds a senton. Hooligan gets right up, and Starman tries to put him in a neckbreaker hold. They can't get it and it falls apart quickly, but Edgar rules a submission anyway. Starman is unaware and switches to a half crab before he's informed. Crowd boos.

79th Anniversary promo

2: Starman gets in armdrags on Hooligan. All the Tuareg can do is lead boos. Triton pulls of a walk up the ropes armdrag and a springboard headscissors on Nitro, then chases him outside for a couple escapes and a quebradora. JCR declares Skándalo/Pegasso 'classico de Arena Puebla'. Don't do that to Arena Puebla. This starts the flurry of low blow dropkicks. Skándalo Driver and they're done.

79th Anniversary promo

3: Starman is hiptossed form the ramp to the ring and slapped around before taking the third low blow dropkick of the match. Nitro gives Triton wheel barrow front cracker, but Pegasso headscissors him out. Skándalo takes Pegasso down and puts on a camel clutch, Hooligan adding a dropkick. Skándalo rallies with a quebradora and slaps to everyone, then whips Skándalo to the técnico cover for the revenge dropkick. Pegasso comes off the top with a headscissors on Hooligan, but Hooligan drops him with the Hooligan crash on the next pass.

Hooligan throws himself out of the ring chasing Starman, and Starman goes over his his shoulders for a headscissors on the floor. Captains in, Triton walk up th ropes moonsault, and a crucifix for the pin. Tecnicos take it despite Pegasso getting pinned.

Match 2: Marco Corleone, Rush, Shocker © vs Mr. Niebla, Terrible, Último Guerrero
Arena Mexico, 02/22/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:02
Rating: okay
Notes: Shocker's wearing his old Guapo overalls. Monito is with him. No Comandante. Edecanes must know something's up, because they all flee when Niebla arrives. Oh, apparently Terrible is knocking Rush around ringside. Niebla and Zacarias ignore this to dance on the ramp. UG walks down to the ring, slaps some hands, and forearms Shocker in the face. Not a bad strategy. Tirantes is ref.

1: UG beats up Shocker inside while Terrible chokes out Rush on the outside. Niebla goes after – Monito, legdropping him. Everyone clears out as Terrible and Rush come back in, Terrible spinebustering and elbow dropping Rush, then taunting Marco. Terrible kicks out Rush which means Means Marco can come in. Marco stops to dance, which doesn't work out for him at all. UG chops and kicks Marco, and Niebla gets in a big slap from outside. Shocker in, but attacked as he comes thru the ropes. UG dumps him near the corner, Terrible helps Niebla up, and Niebla lands the top rope splash. Shocker turns out to be captain.

Terrible brings Monito in the center of the ring for Zacarias to punch and slap, then gives him a giant swing

79th Anniversary promo (3)

2: Drop toe hold/legdrop for Rush. Shocker gets a hold Terrible, but Terrible rallies back on his own, and both Terrible and Niebla slap him. Senton de la Muerte on Shocker. Niebla and Terrible both bite Marco in the chest, which is just weird. Rush swings and slaps at each rudo until get him under control, but then Terrible hits both his partners with his own slaps by mistake. Rush wheel kicks Terrible out and blows him over with a tope con giro. Rudos bump Marco to the ramp, but Shocker quebradoras them both and lines them up – Aero Italiano.

Rush throws Terrible into the barricade a bit. Monito splashes UG, then pulls Zacarias in the ring! Spear! There's quite a tonal difference from Rush/Terrible and Monito/Zacarias.

3: Rush screams and slaps at Marco to fire him up. Marco dances, so maybe that didn't work. Marco and UG have a slap vs chop fight, Marco winning with punches each time. UG tire a sunset flip, Marco dances. Niebla comes in to slap Marco, Marco doesn't feel it but turns around and punches UG. Repeat, nearly repeat a third time before UG tells Niebla off. Niebla keeps on slapping, Marco keeps on moving, then Marco keeps on punching and Niebla keeps on shaking until he falls over. Zacarias comes in and kicks, but Marco gets down to his knees and talks to Zacarias. He's totally not going to hit him - but that guy over there is, and Rush runs over and kicks Zacarias in the face. Rush and Marco slap each other because they're so fired up. Shocker tries to get in to it and chest bump Marco, but Marco knocks him down. Niebla and Shocker resume, Niebla wants via slaps, Niebla dance, Shocker waits until he's done and slaps him down. Whip, off the rope evasion, Shocker spinning armdrag, block everything double chop sends Niebla tumbling thru the ropes. UG knocks down shoulder with a back elbow, Shocker gets him with a flipping armdrag. Zacarias in, shocker holds him back, then ask the crowd what he should do. Shocker down this his knees, double chop for Zacarias. Rush and terrible in. Crowd boos rush. Amapola rejects the idea of Rush joining the rudos, they don't want him. Chop fight to to a battle of faceslams, and. Rush ducks one but takes one from the other hand and reels back. Terrible chases, but runs right into a headbutt. Rush stomps Terrible, takes his invisible head, spits at the other rudos, and kicks the invisible football away. Crowd boos. Rush corner whip, reversed, Terrible charges, Rush moves, Terrible throws himself out, but Niebla cuts Rush's dive off with a dropkick. Marco in, Niebla slap and waistlock, then walk up the ropes. This is not a good idea, and Niebla does crotch himself. Zacarias in, and Marco gives Zacarias to Niebla, punches Niebla out, and both fall to the floor. UG takes his knee bump out. Shocker middle rope plancha onto Niebla, Marco ramp dive clothesline, and back to Rush and Terrible. Hop fight, Rush tries to go under, Terrible fights it, Rush get waistlock, shoves Terrible into Tirantes, uppercut fouls Terrible from behind, one two three.

Rush wants his arm raised, but Tirantes explains Terrible is not the captain and they're still doing that. Tirantes does hurry to count out whoever while Rush stomps and kicks Terrible. It's a long count out, but no one makes it back. Rush stomps UG on his way to an early exit. Replays.