AAA on Televisa #1086 (03/02/2013) 
Recapped: 03/05/13

Announcers, this week standing in the AAA lobby in their track suit, ar hyper about Consejo vs Psycho Cirucs

Last week: Park vs Parka Negra. Roldans were fired. Roldan held a 30 seconds chat, 20 seconds spent talking over each other.

Rey de Reyes promo.

Match 1: Argenis & Flamita vs Argos & Último Gladiador
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, 02/18/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 9:57
Rating: good
Notes: Evil Consejo member Argos slaps hands with as many people as possible on the way to the ring. Nice new gear. Ultimo Gladiador is still using the Maniacos music, even if he's the last one left. New white gear for him. Why does Flamita's trunks say “Heave”? I'm not sure I want to know. Referee is Pepe Casas, who it turns out was not fired.

Flamita and UG start with face slaps and selling them big. Not sure where we're going if that's the start. Karonte Boys come in and take out those tow so they can fight themselves. Argenis shoves Argos, but then puts on but his hand – handshake accepted! Guess he got over Argos turning on him. Lockup, no, lockup, Argos armbar and armdrag. Argenis armdrags him, Argos cartwheel thru, zero trips. Whip, Argos misses, Argenis shoulderblocks him, spins thru the ropes, and gout goes Argenis. Argos out to the apron, up to the top rope, moonsault from there. Flamita set up for his own dive, but UG pulls down the middle rope and out goes Flamita. Top rope moonsault tornillo! Argos grabs Argenis by the mask and brings him in. Whip, rope running counters while the announcers talk about their father and their brother who's in the United States. Argenis headscissors Argos out. Flamita planchas Gladiador, off the ropes, back with a headscissors, swing around into an armdrag. Flamita off the ropes, handspring to set up something that doesn't go quite right, but Flamita still armdrags Gladiador out. Argos and Argenis again. Argos asks for the handshake again, and this time turns it into a clothesline on Argos. Whip, UG kick form the outside, Argos wheel kick, UG top rope legdrop. UG lifts up Argenis for a wheelbarrow/top rope front cracker. UG grabs Flamita and press slams him onto the top buckle. UG kicks Flamita a in the head, and back off to allow Flamita to forearm Argenis in the head a few times. Argenis tries to come in, is kicked. Rudos both climb up, stand Flamita on the top rope, and give him a two man Spanish Fly. Rudos keep Argenis out while they try to stand up Flamita. Flamita just can't stand – something is wrong with his right leg, and he's unable to put weight on that feet. Rudos stall for a while and do a lot of talking with Flamita. (This part probably could've been edited.) Rudos give up and slap Flamita out of the ring, where the doctors immediately check on him. Whip, Argenis ducks a clothesline, back past Argos and a headscissors on UG. Argos begs off, is kicked anyway. Flamita is in, limping but at least able to put weight on the leg. Convoluted corner whip spot ends with Flamita dropkicking UG out. Flamita & Argenis climb the same corner, and moonsault off. The doctor runs over to check UG, then Flamita. Flamita's limp is worse after a moonsault to the floor, who could figure that. UG and Argenis yell at each other until they get back in the ring. Argenis off the ropes, over, under, quebradora doesn’t budge UG, UG's superkick definitely begrudges Argenis. Argenis flips UG to the apron and clotheslines him (of a sort.) Argenis goes around the corner, and springboard off those into a headscissors to send Gladiador to the floor. Argenis stops to pose, but Argos is in. Flamita hops in. Guess he's feeling better. UG is being check by the doctor again. Flamita is limping when he gets up, but his limp comes and goes as they go thru spots. Double flipping run, Flamita does another flip and gets clotheslined by Argos. Si Se Puede chant. Corner whip, Argos charges in for a corner 619 to the back, Flamita knows his weird move is coming and leaps over it to the to rope, leap back in, and up to Argos' shoulders for a fireman's escape armdrag into a headscissors into a – oh, you blew it. Crowd hollers. Whip, headscissors sends Argos out. Flamita up top, double tornillo takes Argos out. Gladiador dropkicks Argenis as he's coming in. Corner whip, big boot to the face. “Yakuza kick” is the move name of the week. Corner whip, UG charges in, Argenis slips out, UG this the post. Both springboard to the top rope, Argenis 'rana, standing moonsault, one two three.

A técnico won, so something must happen. This something is Texano running in, though Argenis is right on him with a dropkick and a forearm. Whip, reverses, Argenis back with a headscissors. Argenis fired up, slow clothesline misses, Texano kicks him, F5. Weird he didn't just do his finish. Doctor is checking on UG again. Flamita missile dropkicks Texano, but Texano kicks him and powerbombs him onto Argenis (almost onto Argenis' knees, because he lifted them up at the end.) Texano grabs his bullrope and hits both guys with it a few times. Argos returns from where ever he went to help – now that the attack is over, you help? Texano is done, so Argos just fouls his brother. Texano has the microphone, and tells the crowd to be quiet for a World Class Luchador. They do not be quiet! Texano insult Flamita and tells Argenis to show more respect to the megachampion, stomping him a few times. Texano again makes the open challenge – anyone from AAA, the other promotion (IWRG! oh not IWRG), independents, Japan, US, whoever – he'll beat them all. Argos and Texano pose.

Sexi Star giving up her title skit that aired a few weeks ago elsewhere.

Rey De Reyes

Roldan family meeting continues for another 90 seconds. The conclusion they reach is Marcela will make her decision at Rey de Reyes.

Toscano is busy listening to his headphones and doing the robot when Texano and Mascara yell at him for not having his belts. Toscano says the problem is only with Silver King, he's good with them. Texano and Mascara seem to accept this.

Match 2: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano Jr., Toscano for the AAA World Trios Championship
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, 02/18/2013

Winner: Psycho Circus, new champ
Match Time: 12:12
Rating: ok
Notes: Mini Clown is with the clowns. Mascara doesn’t get the “trios champion” banner for whatever reason. He's shaved the side of his head. Referee is Piero.

Murder and Toscano up, and Murder tosses Toscano down. Toscano and Murder Clown attempt chain wrestling. I think I'm very thrown by this not starting with a brawl, but Murder Clown monkey flipping Toscano (one foot) is odd too. Toscano drop toe hold, casita for two. Toscano casadora is blocked, then unblocked for a cradle. Two count. Toscano and Murder face off, Murder turns to leave, and the rest of Consejo attack him from behind. This is the match I'm used to seeing. Leg splitter for Psycho Clown, two man tapatía and a Texano kick to the head for Monster. Mascara goes out and brings Psycho out for corner charges. Texano does the low blow dropkick. Murder is triple kicked. Consejo go for the Clowns flying sit on both Psycho and Monster at the same time, but Murder trips up Texano and Mascara pulls them out, and the other Clowns tope them. Murder back in to face of with Toscano, Toscano misses a clothesline too high (how) and Murder presses him over head, holding until the Clowns come back for a gutbuster. Belt shots and corner splashes by the Clowns. Murder misses a charge on mascara and throws himself out, but Psycho clothesline Máscara, crazy stomps him, and then hits everyone else, Psycho flips Máscara to the apron, Máscara slowly goes up and comes off with a dropkick into a plancha. Mascara comes back with a corner headscissors and a pump kick, but Monster dropkicks him out. Texano misses a dropkick on Monster, Monster shoulderblocks him over. Monster wins the battle of hiptosses, and gives Texano a quebradora. Texano fights back, is pulled down by his hair. Mascara trips and pulls Monster out, holding him for a Texano dive, but psycho trips up Texano the other way and slaps him with a belt. Toscano and murder in, Toscano gets Murder with a not quite believable 'rana. Monster goes for a casadora, but Murder shoves him off. Corner whip, Murder charges in, no one to home. Toscano tosses to the apron, Murder punches him, brings them both up – oh, it's time for the stacked up superplex, only this time it's a 3 on 2 Clowns superplex with Murder slipping underneath for a powerbomb. Everyone down. Mini tries to rally the crowd, which is dead right now. Psycho chant does come back, but they're not into this match as much as you'd figure. Everyone this everyone until it's just Máscara and Murder left standing. Mascara tries leg kicks, a forearm, an elbow and a slowly climbs the ropes for a reverse plancha. This works, some how, but Mascara celebrates instead of covering and is dropkicked out. Monster Clown topes him, Texano tops Monster Clown, and Murder Clown planchas Mascara and Monster from the top rope. Texano sneaks away in time, then comes back in for another dive, but Psycho cuts him off with a plancha. Texano misses a corner charge, Psycho takes a trunks pull, Piero pulls him back, Texano goes for a running boot and almost gets Piero, but holds up a shirt. Psycho casadora pants pull, and this time he gets Texano's trunks, but off camera. As always. Texano escapes, and gives Psycho the Tornado Texano. One two NO. Psycho fired up, but Texano clothesline him. Texano powerbomb. Psycho starts to get up, and Texano calls for another. Argenis is out – to hand Toscano a chair? Texano lets go of Psycho, turns around, and Toscano chair shots Texano directly in the head. Psycho goes up, top rope splash one two three.

Toscano lets Piero know he has no problem with that and asks for the microphone. Argenis stands with him in the ring, while Máscara recovers on the outside and Texano rolls on the mat. Toscano complains about Texano and Silver King, and renounces the Consejo. Toscano rips up his shirt and tosses it in the crowd, then walks off. Mascara and Texano are in shock, as if he Toscano hadn't walked out them twice already. Texano is angry now, but tumbles out of the ring. Psycho Circus get their belts for about 10 seconds.

Backstage, a pensive Toscano walks around outside, then grabs his phone to make a call – he lets his mystery friend know he did turn on Consejo, and he'll see them soon.

Next week: minis title match and Chessman, Mesías, Park Negra, and LA Park.

Rey de Reyes promo.

Added on UTDN

The entire Roldan discussion was replayed in one three minute chunk.

An A Fondo piece, explaining the history of La Sociedad. It was actually a lot of the same clips that aired the week before, but interspersed with Konnan and Dorian Roldan talking about La Soicedad, how it formed, how all the other groups came aboard. They handled some of the issues with last week's video package – Octagon & La Parka's turns mattered, for instance, because it put AAA in disarray. Even if they went back, AAA wasn't at full strength to fight them. A lot of stuff like that. This way of doing it was surely more work, but a lot more useful.

Recap of the Atomic Boy/Gran Apache feud, with Gran Apache explaining he's a much better luchador, and Atomic Boy needs to stop accept that before he loses his mask. Atomic Boy (not shown), makes hair match challenges.

Match 3: Atomic Boy, Fabi Apache, Pasion Kristal vs Black Mamba, Gran Apache, Mari Apache
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, 02/18/2013

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 14:15
Rating: okay
Notes: Mari Apache has her title. Atomic Boy thinks about running in the ring, Gran apache thinks about hitting him, and Atomic Boy finds a safer path. Jesus calls Tirantes “Clase Mundial” because he's trying to be funny, not because he's related to Consejo in any way.

Announcers compliment the looks of the exoticos. I dunno. They start off, Gran Apache hits Kristal to break up a hold, and Atomic Boy chases Apache around the ring. Atomic Boy gives up before Apache, which doesn't say much for Atomic Boy. Atomic Boy also appeared to have a slight limp. Exoticos resume after a moment, and do a spot so badly I can't even describe it, much less tell you what it's supposed to be. Best guess is they were going for two different moves, but I'm not even sure what those moves were. Kristal is angry about it, but almost screws up the rope walking bit, and follows with a bad headscissors. Apaches try double team Fabi, fail, and Mamba prefers to dance than attack. Atomic Boy finally gets in his return, and lands a few armdrag to set up a Brillo Plancha. This starts the rudo beatdown, oddly enough. It's pretty much all holding and hitting, with the rudos keeping Atomic Boy in for the most part and keeping everyone else out. Atomic Boy does get in brief flurries of strikes before being worked down. After about three minutes, Gran Apache lets Mari and Mamba do the work while he unties a buckle. Rudos still for quite a while before doing anything with the buckle, and then Atomic Boy stops short of running into it and kicks Apache down to catapult him in instead. That starts the comeback. Apache bleeds heavily, and Atomic Boy hits him square on the noggin with a chair twice. Atomic Boy works Apache over outside, and brings him back in. Atomic Boy brings Gran Apache back in and is tired, but his partners encourage him to try one more chair shot. He does, Apache blocks it and chases Atomic Boy outside. Atomic Boy turns it around and posts Gran Apache, brings him back in long enough to dropkick him out, and follows with a tope. Exoticos do spots to set up a Kristal tope. Mari top rope con giros them. Fabi tries a top rope moonsault on the group, but barely gets any distance from the ring and nearly bounces her head off the apron on the way down. They do mange to catch her. Apache and Atomic back at it, with Apache boinking Apache into the (re-covered?) corner buckle. Apache slowly goes up, knocks Atomic Boy way once, but Atomic Boy gives him the super armdrag the next time. One two three.

Doctor comes in to check on Gran Apache.