CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #379 (02/23/2013) 
Recapped: 02/23/2013

Back to the old intro, then JCR and an edecan talking about the opener.

Match 1: Delta vs Puma in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2013

Winner: Delta
Match Time: 4:14 (4:43 on the clock.)
Rating: good for the time
Notes: I like how the video screen shows the DVD symbol when the clock starts. This is just a video tape of a 10:00 count up someone's recorded. Referee is Terror Chino

Puma knocks down Delta right away and stomps. Corner whip, Delta kips up to escape, rolls backwards, but still feels the Puma up kick/superkick combo. Puma stop to pose and listen to the cheer. Turns it to be more boos! Chop, whip, Delta flipped to the apron, chopping Puma back, springboard headscissors in. Puma out, and Delta following with a big tope. Replay. They're back in when action is picked up, and Delta just barley get a ranita. Only two. Avoided spots set up Puma's dropkick to the backside one two NO. Puma clothesline misses, Delta slaps him into the roes. Whip, reverses, Puma slips behind, trips up Delta, off the ropes, dropkick to the chest. Puma celebrates again. Whip, Delta over, waved by, spin thru the ropes, Puma waits, waves Delta by again, Delta back with a reverse spin headscissors to send Puma out, and an Asai Moonsault to drop him. Puma can't get anything going. Couple of replays. Puma makes it in first, Delta in on him with an easy springboard plancha. Handspring back flip over a backdrop, 'rana, one two NO. Delta runs into a flapjack, Puma casita one two Delta hooks the middle rope. Puma growls, frustrated. Both up, Puma casadora into the reverse figure four. Delta is hurting, but also nearly at the ropes, and he manages to grab it with his left hand. Puma argues and shoves the ref, ref goes to award the match to Delta, and Puma begs off. Puma switches to waiting for Delta to get up, misses a shot, Delta headscissors into a tapatía variation in a nice bit. Puma gives up right away.

Puma King explains to his subjects that Delta got lucky, Puma will win next time, and why not a mask vs mask challenge.

Miguel interviews the rudos backstage. Okumura says he's after Stuka. Namajague does his speech in Japanese, Miguel asks for a translation, and Namajague switches to “simplemente, arriba Japon!”

80th Anniversary graphic.

Match 2: Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. ©, Stuka Jr. vs Misterioso Jr. ©, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:12
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee is Edgar. Rudos have jumped the técnicos are and are in the process of hitting them towards the ring as they pick up.

1: Namajague and Okumura stomp on Stuka, and Okumura throws him into the barricade and the ringpost. Inside, Namajague backdrops Fuego and covers him, but Edgar grabs his arm own arm and argues with Maya for some reason. Misterioso goes for Fuego’s mask, Maya goes in to stop him, and Misterioso slaps Maya down. Whip, Misterioso breezes Maya with a dropkick and stomps him out. Stuka in, Namajague axhandle to his arm. Corner whip, Namajague charges in and lands a high speed back elbow. Namajague slaps his own chest in pride. Fuego trivia question: what was his old name and when did he change it? It's scary it's been long enough that might be a trivia question. Namajague slams Stuka and coves him for a two count. Stuka tags Maya, referee tries to disallow the tag, everyone just ignores him. Rudos all swarm Maya and stomp him, so it works out just as fair. Everyone but Namajague leaves, Namajague holds Maya in armbar close enough to the corner, Maya tags in Fuego. Namajague whips Maya to the rudo corner, but Fuego kicks him from behind anyway. Misterioso helps out Namajague with Okumura takes care of Maya. Namajague sets Fuego in the ropes for the double chop, then drags him to the rudo corner. Whip, Okumura back elbows Fuego. Fuego crawls away and tags in Stuka, but we get a replay of the double chop instead. Back live, each rudos clotheslines Stuka, Namajague is last. Maya kicks at the resulting pin, but seems to break it up too late. Misterioso belly to belly suplexes Maya to end it anyway.

2: Namajague whips Stuka to the corner and monkey flips him out. He's learned the ways of the Mexicans, he can do monkey flips. Namajague armdrags Stuka and goes for his mask, with Misterioso helpfully getting in Edgar's way. Misterioso's better as help than he is in some matches. Namajague puts Stuka up on the buckle and goes for the mask again, with Maya arguing about it but going back to his corner without Edgar doing all that much. Namajague pulls Stuka down and kicks him while he's hanging. Whip, back elbow. Stuka rolls out to the apron. Fuego in, but his kicks caught, and the rudos kick his thigh. Fuego tries to crawl out, but Okumura stops that and spits at Maya. Whip, spinebuster, Okumura grounded punches to the face. Misterioso adds some corner clothesline and kicks him in the back of the head. Trivia answer – I had it right! Good for me. Maya tagged in, but his kick is caught too and he's tripped to the mat. Whip, double head down too soon, Maya rolls over the top, double chop gets Misterioso. Rudos kick Maya out, Fuego and Stuka dropkicks them out, técnicos run – topes by the tag champs, Maya sliding out because out Misterioso slides in. Maya back in, springboard plancha, Misterioso kicks Maya as he gets up, Gori Special – no, Maya rolls thru for the ranita, one two three. Maya tracks Fuego down to bring him in, but Stuka is too busy sending Namajague into the barricade. Fuego goes out and does the same with Okumura.

3: Stuka gets in his revenge double stomp, and furiously stomps Namajague. Namajague slides out at the first whip and taunts Stuka. Stuka is more than happy to dive on to Namajague, but Okumura cuts him with off with a quebradora and a lot of clotheslines. Corner whip, Fuego flips Stuka to the apron and kicks Okumura back. Corner whip, Stuka charges in, no one home, Fuego does the fake out push off headscissors. Okumura dropkicked around, spinebuster, Fuego lock! Misterioso breaks it up and stomps Fuego. Maya protests loudly from the corner. Fuego turns around a Misterioso, Misterioso grabs the ropes, Fuego looks confused, jumping shoulderblock, Fuego runs, stops and Misterioso gives him his reverse powerslam one two NO, Maya too late to break it up but Fuego kicking out in time. May gives Edgar a piece of his mind while he's there. Heel kick to Misterioso. Whip, Maya step up headscissors. Maya 'rana, Misterioso rolls thru one two NO. Misterioso misses a clothesline, Fuego flips over Misterioso's back by slips. Misterioso grabs him and whips him, Maya back with a headscissors. Maya does his bit of posing, runs, and topes Misterioso into the barricade. Fuego and Okumura in, Fuego tossed into an Okumura foul kick. Edgar looked out, missed it. It's been a tough match for Edgar.

Stuka dropkicks Namajague, ducks a clothesline, backdrops Namajague over. Stuka tosses Namajague by his mask . Off the ropes, Okumura trips up Stuka, Stuka yells and dropkicks him over, Edgar look at that, and Namajague pulls Stuka's mask and cradles him for the win.

Okumura gets the microphone and puts the bad mouth on Stuka. Okumura is now okay with doing the apuesta match, if they get the Arena Coliseo tag team title match first. Stuka yells at him for disrespecting the people, and demands the mask match with Namajague first. Okumura and Stuka go back and forth on this, Stuka saying they've never beat him cleanly in the ring.

This edecan is clearly not paying attention to what Miguel is even saying.

Match 3: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis © for the CMLL World Trios Championship
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:31
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Monito is with the técnico, perhaps to count Mije.

1: Aguila – who has quite the face paint - and Rush battle over holds and toss each around. Rush flattens Aguila's spikes on a crucifix cradle, but they just pop back in to place. All the hair spray in the world, I guess. Aguila armdrags Rush to a standoff. Psicosis and Máximo take it even more to the mat, and Máximo is serious (except for the standoffs, where he can't help himself.) This is a slow start at this point. Máximo tries to speed up with a cartwheel and a headscissors, but Psicosis blocked the last part into a faceslam. Marco in, Psicosis sunset flips him, Marco blocks and dances, rudos try to break that up, Marco spots them coming and clothesline them (sort of, Kraneo not in the right spot.) Marco punches Psicosis out of the ring. Kraneo grabs Marco, Aguila spinning heel kick just gets Kraneo. Rush back suplexes Aguila and senton him, while Marco doe Aero Italiano onto Kraneo. Técnicos celebrate with Monito, and do their group pose.

2: Rush poses, and he actually gets more female cheers than male boos. Arena Mexico fans are slipping! Chop fight with Aguila, with Rush wins by headbutts as usual. Rush kicks Aguila while he's down, and spits at the rudos. Kraneo comes in to face Rush, but he's talked into leaving. Rush hits Aguila near the técnicos corners, and Máximo walk over to get some shots. Rush likes that idea, so he distracts the ref so Máximo can yank Aguila around by his hair. Aguila turns to argue, and Rush hits him from behind. Whip, Aguila flipping run, Aguila clothesline misses, Rush overhead belly to belly suplex. Rush kicks Aguila out. Psicosis in, but Rush sticks around. Psicosis clothesline misses, Rush powerslams him. Kraneo in, grabbing Rush by the hair. Chest slap fight, both swing at the same time, Kraneo goes down. Mije kicks at Rush, and Rush angrily kicks him down. Rush is so mean. Rush threatens to hit Tigre Hispano next, Tigre Hispano is not scared, and Rush lets go. Clip to Marco and Psicosis in and dancing. Psicosis does his dance first. Clip again? Psicosis tries the sunset flip, Marco actually is pulled down and pinned after his dance (1), and rolled back to into a dropkick. Corner whip, Psicosis charges in, Marco flips him to the apron and punches him off. Other rudos in, but they’re just run thru Marco's leaping rung. Mije tries to help out, but Marco grabs him on and tosses him on top of the rudos. Clip again here? Máximo and Psicosis in. Crowd wants a kiss. Máximo fakes out Psicosis handwalks instead. Máximo and Psicosis have trouble with the spinning armdrag, but figure it out better to the next pass. Máximo duck's Aguila's jumping heel kicks and gives him a kiss. Psicosis kicks Máximo down, and all three rudos attack Marco as he comes in. Corner whip, Marco leaps out over Kraneo, under the other two's clothesline, springboard clothesline – no, rudos kicks him and Kraneo rolls him up Other técnicos come in, Tigre Hispano stops to watch them in cradles, then stops watching and counts one, two, three? This didn't stick out as much live, but Marco definitely didn't kick out and Psicosis might have not either (though his pin started later too.) Anyway, it was supposed to be a two count and Tigre Hispano doesn’t press the issue so they keep going – Kraneo chokeslam on Marco, Psicosis powerbomb on Máximo, Aguila jumping heel kick on Rush, all pins for three. Mije ran in to stay something to Kraneo, which just confused Kraneo, but it worked out. Mije kicks at Monito in between falls.

3: Marco is the only man on his team standing, so he starts in, but gets grabbed from behind by Kraneo. Kraneo and Psicosis gets in shots. Whip – no, corner whip – Kraneo corner clothesline, Psicosis spinebuster, Aguila legdrop. Rush in, Aguila tries to take out his legs, Rush move and brawls with all the rudos at once. This works for a little bit. Rush is stomped on the mat, and is unable or unwilling to put any weight on his left leg when he gets up. Corner whip, Rush hobbling into the corner. Psicosis turns him around so Mije can get in his headbutt drop, and Rush rolls out of there. Máximo in and hit by everyone. Corner whip, Aguila charges in with a jumping back elbow. Kraneo corner splashes Máximo, then walks him back to get booted by Psicosis. Aguila and Marco in, but Psicosis takes out his legs and Aguila punches m in the face. Whip, double boot sends Marco towards the ramp. This seems like a bad idea. Kraneo headbutts and stomps Marco on the ramp, which is at least a partial solution, but they still may be in trouble here. Rush back in and limping – rudos send him out fast. Máximo back in, and slapped around. Match has slowed down a bit. Máximo misses a clothesline, but back with a headscissors to send Aguila out. Máximo runs – tope sends Aguila into the ramp. Rush leave over and yells at Aguila, unaware Psicosis is behind him. Psicosis dropkicks him out, and topes him. Kraneo dive? Mije cuts him off, but Kraneo just picks up his small friend and tosses him out onto the Psicosis and Máximo. Kraneo pescado! Marco claps his hands on the ramp, and dives onto anyone, though he really only seems to hit Aguila. Psicosis take a phantom bump, while Rush makes sure to get out of the way. Máximo the first one back in. Psicosis in with him, Máximo reverse roll up, Aguila breaks up the pin. Aguila Back suplex front slam, one two rush breaks it up with a kick to the head. Invisible football kick! Kraneo waits for Rush to stop looking at this invisible football and back elbows him out. Marco, realizing he had much less time than he thought, turns around the side of the ring, up the ramp, and back for an Aero Italiano – but Kraneo rolls thru one two NO! Kraneo chokeslam, no, Marco blocks, Mark of Excellence! Aguila breaks that pin up, but Rush superkicks Aguila. Aguila out, Rush – Rush runs, tope con giro! On one leg, even. Kraneo looks out at that, and Marco sneaks behind him. Both do the Gangnam style dance, Kraneo turns around, Marco's slipped behind him again and punches Kraneo him out. Marco runs for a dive, but Aguila trips him up and pulls Corleone out for a heel kick. Máximo and Psicosis back in, Máximo blocks everything and kisses Psicosis. Máximo double springboard butt bump, and he drags Psicosis towards the corner. Máximo goes up, Psicosis shoves him, Máximo doesn't get crotched on the corner as usual, but falls off to the side, hitting the apron and to the floor. Rush is immediately putting a hand up to tell Psicosis to stop, but Psicosis comes out and grabs Máximo. Rush hits Psicosis, but Psicosis ignores it and pulls Máximo back in. Tiger Hispano looks like he's going to let it go, but pulls Psicosis off the pin and raises Máximo’s arm.