CMLL on CadenaTres #272 (02/16/2013) 
Recapped: 02/21/2013

Announcers – five of them made the intro this week – welcome us to the show.

They're still running the non-violence promo.

Match 1: Acero, Bam Bam, Fantasy vs Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Warrior
Arena Mexico, 02/12/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 13:07
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Bam Bam's not wearing a shirt. He's not in any better shape, but baby steps. Pequeño Warrior is some post apocalyptic warrior today.

1: Acero and Warrior start on the mat, though they're interrupted by many crowd shots early. Warrior leads Acero thru it, including his casadora blocked into a cristo bit. They're okay for the most part but seem to stumble after the zero trips section, and a weak Warrior dropkick sends Acero out. Back and forth trips set up a Fantasy headscissors from the mat on Universo. He's booed as he handspring fakes a dive. Olímpico swings and misses as Bam Bam runs, then Bam decks Olímpico with a superkick. Rope spin causes Olímpico throw himself out. Universo comes in with a dropkick which nearly hits Bam Bam, and Universo seems thrown by Bam Bam backing away. Chests slap battle, won by Universo shoulder to the midsection. Universo dumps Acero as he comes in and ties him up for submission. Good times for Pequeño Universo! Fantasy flattens him with a plancha, but Warrior throws Fantasy with a German suplex and sits on top for the pin.

2: Rudos stay in control. Acero's given a jawbreaker. Fantasy doesn't take much and gets out before Warrior is done with him. Bam Bam, realizing Warrior is only one doing anything, brushes off his punches and takes him down for punches. Olímpico is forced to come into help, but Bam Bam still gets in a wild shot on Universo before Olímpico punches him out. Olímpico follows Bam Bam out to kick and slap him on the outside, kicking Fantasy for just standing around. Rudos only come in when it's time for them to miss a double clothesline. Bam missile dropkicks two, and lets Universo hang himself in the ropes for the legdrop. Universo is right near the ropes, but Bam Bam holds him in. There's very little to Fantasy's hold. Warrior runs away from Acero.

I didn’t picked this up until the replay, but Bam Bam gave some rude hand signals to the front row while covering Universo. He also has some angry words and gestures towards the area while waiting for the third fall to start.

3: Pequeño Warrior, who's put his mask back on, pulls Fantasy in and runs him into all the buckles. Warrior is ready to do it again, but fantasy collapses. Warrior tags out and removes his mask. Olímpico headbutts Fantasy in the back of the head. Acero is in and out quick. Bam Bam evades a corner charge to start that comeback, though it settles down quick and switches to everyone getting in their usual spots. Acero looks better than Fantasy, but gets pulled out for Warrior's guillotine legdrop. Olímpico and Bam Bam aren't totally on the same page as they fight, but they manage their way to the ropes, Bam Bam on Olímpico’s shoulders, and Warrior goes all the way up for a super 'rana. Universo runs in for that senton and the pin while Olímpico clears off the disinterested técnicos and Warrior poses.

Thunder vignette #1, again.

Match 2: Diamante, Rey Cometa, Sagrado vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Skándalo, Vangelis
Arena Mexico, 02/12/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 14:25
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Rafael el Maya.

1: Arkangel works hard for an arm hold on Cometa, gets it, then Cometa counters to a leg hold and Arkangel immediately gets the ropes. They restart, and this time Cometa gets the armscissors. Arkangel tries rolling him up but Cometa reverses to a headscissors. Arkangel mockingly claps for him and offers a handshake. Don't do it! Cometa does not do it. Skándalo and Diamante take their turn, accomplish little more than an armdrag. Sagrado and Vangelis speed up his action, Sagrado springboard headscissoring Vangelis out and following with a tope. Tuareg double team Diamante, but miss the corner charge and Arkangel clotheslines Skándalo by mistake. Diamante is now using a cristo variant. Cometa's 450 splash lands well.

2: Diamante gets in his headscissors and a four bounce spinning armdrag on Skándalo before chasing him around ringside. Isis, who is here but not shown until now, is unhappy. She also distracts Cometa to let Arkangel get in the first shot, but Cometa gets in his offense soon, including the handspring backflip headscissors to send Arkangel out. Arkangel ducks down to avoid a dive, so Cometa slide out and confronts Isis. Arkangel interprets and gets slapped, and takes an apron headstand headscissors before scaring Isis again. Sagrado blows it for his team by moonsaulting into a Vangelis dropkick (which looks pretty spectacular). Sagrado is the captain, so that's it for this fall

3: Skándalo says Cometa into the post, then brings him in for his run of low blow dropkicks. Rudos pound Sagrado. Diamante takes the wheel kick. Arkangel holds Skándalo in a tapatía for another low blow dropkick. Cometa's given from to slap Arkangel in the corner, but misses the charge, is taken to he mat and knee dropped. More low blow dropkick before Sagrado turns it around to bodyscissors out Vangelis . The other four guys kill some time in the ring before Cometa boost dropkicks them out, and both do tornillos out of the ring. Sagrado and Vangelis back in, Sagrado torito blocked and dropped forward. Vangelis pears Sagrado and poses, but goes for the leg lock he never uses and gets cradled for the pin.

Thunder promo #2. If we're going to have five more weeks of these, could they film some new ones?

Match 3: Fuego, Marco Corleone, Máximo vs Rey Escorpión, Terrible, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 02/12/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:15
Rating: okay
Notes: Entrances are shown. Odd for a semifinal, but possibly to establish Fuego is taking Rush's place. They start to play Máximo's video, so everyone's paying attention tonight. They never do play Fuego's video. Rush does make a cameo to high ten his replacement. Rey Escorpion is wearing his belt and it looks shiny. He's also wearing one of his masks from Japan. Terrible is not wearing his title belt. Comandante is with Tiger and Terrible. Maybe it can be TCT? Tirantes is referee.

1: Escorpion starts with Máximo, but spits at Fuego. Spit so hard he took him off the apron. Fuego storms in, and then goes down to one chop. Escorpion kicks his bad shoulder and throws Fuego out! Rey Escorpion celebrates being Rey Escorpion and he should. Fuego recovers and comes back in for chops, but Escorpión kicks him down and stomps him. Escorpion take shots at the técnicos on the apron. Tiger decides he might as well help, though Terrible just watches from the apron. It goes well for the other two técnicos, then Marco starts punching Tiger in the face repeatedly and it's not going well. Terrible steps in and slaps Marco down. Terrible and Tiger take care of the guys who are supposed to be in this match while Escorpion works over Fuego. Escorpión slaps down Marco, and the other two put him in a double Boston crab. It seems like Marco might have given up, but apparently not. Tiger puts him in a casita for the pin. Marco's apparently captain.

2: Terrible messes with Máximo before punching him out of the ring. Escorpion slaps and clothesline Fuego, then Tiger comes in to help big boot him out. Terrible tease licking Máximo again. Rudos take turns chopping Fuego. Fuego flips Terrible to the apron on a corner charge, Marco punches Terrible down, Fuego and the other rudos hesitate awkwardly, then Fuego boost dropkicks Tiger out. That was not smooth. Over the back armdrag goes a lot better, and Fuego throws himself into a tope on Rey Escorpion. Marco loads up for Aero Italiano, Comandante tries to cut him off with a clothesline, Marco ducks and then lands on Terrible. One two three. Máximo teases doing something lewd with Tiger's face, but Tiger escapes in time. Máximo tries to kiss Terrible instead, but Terrible covers up.

Thunder promo #3.

3: Fuego shows off a backwards roll into an armdrag, and a tope rope flip escape. Fuego dances before he back bridges under the clothesline, a dramatic shift. Escorpion still takes his monkey flip to the floor. Máximo armdrags Tiger around, then falls into Terrible's arm. Terrible is very upset with Máximo’s foolishness and slaps Máximo around. Máximo comes back with his wacky jumping armdrags, then blocks everything and nearly gets the kiss. Terrible shoves him off to Comandante, who kiss Máximo instead. Máximo is horrified. Terrible is amused. Comandante is very proud of herself. Announcers laugh. Tiger and Marco have a pose off. Tiger end up just giving up. Marco does the LOL shoulderblock bump, Tiger mocks his dance, I'm pretty sure I've seen this all before. After everyone's done with the usual routines, Máximo reverses a sunset flip to send Rey Escorpion into a Fuego springboard plancha. Ranita finishes him, kiss cradle takes care of Terrible, and Marco and Tiger go thru an eight step thing despite the fall being well over.

CMLL History: El Gladiador

Stellar Moments

Llave: Super Comando step over hammerlock on Oro Jr.

Doloroso: Olímpico & Demus' spinning face first death valley driver on Fantasy

Lance: Stuka Jr. monkey flip on Namajague on the rope

Sensactional: Rey Cometa tornillo

Espectacular: Guerrero Maya tope con giro into the crowd.

Match 4: Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs Blue Panther, Máscara Dorada, Shocker
Arena Mexico, 02/12/2013

  1. Peste Negra

  2. técnicos
  3. Peste Negra

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:57
Rating: okay
Notes: Peste Negra dance out with Zacarias, as always. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Dorada and Felino start, but Panther and Negro is the real focus here. Panther traps Negro an in a kneebar, Nero kicks panther, and Shocker kicks Negro in revenge. Shocker and Niebla go back and forth on this for a while, before Negro gets up and shoves Niebla for getting him kicked so much. Niebla slaps Negro, and Felino splits between them to kick panther. Felino tries to settle his guys down, but Shocker solves everything by slapping them into violence. Niebla slaps him down, then takes Dorada out side and throws him in the barricade. Casas brothers, lay out Shocker in the middle for the ring, presumably waiting for Niebla to get back and splash him, but Niebla's busy crotching Dorada on the post. Felino chokes shocker instead, letting Zacarisa gets in his shots. Negro works over Panther for the front row, then brings him back in and submits him. Felino is busy talking to people near the ramp and no one's really around to get their arms raised.

2: Panther has been thrown into the crowd, and on the crowd. Crowd is amused. Negro leads over the barricade to headbutt Panther on the floor, which doesn’t seem very effective. Brawling beatdown. Rudos settle down a bit, but still kicks the técnicos around easily. Shocker turns it around by flipping Dorada to the apron and double clotheslining the Casa brothers. Niebla slaps him down and does his dance, but takes the Dorada floating headscissors and a springboard tope con giro. Técnicos beat the remaining rudos.

3: Negro and Panther continue to brawl. Panther tries to kick Negro's face off in the corner, and Felino has to stop him with chops. Felino brings Panther to the tecnico corner for no reason, and Dorada is able to tag in. Felino takes a chop, asks for a handshake. Dorada doesn't understand, then offers his own handshake, and pulls it away before Felino can get to it. That goes nowhere. Niebla cheap shots Dorada from the outside, and the rudos chop Dorada. Shocker comes into yell at the rudos, expecting to be stopped by the ref but never really being stopped. Shocker just backs up on his own. Dorada does a front flip to escape a double clothesline, leads the rudos on a merry chase around the ring and they tease the accidentally slap spots a few time before Felino and Niebla just give up and kiss instead. Dorada boost dropkicks Felino out, armdrags Niebla out, and fakes the dive into taunt on Negro. Negro comes in, but so does Panther. Panther gets Negro with a slow speed spear and some punches, but puts his head down too soon on a whip and gets kicked. Panther recovers to put on a hold, but Niebla breaks that up with a kick. Shocker is all fired up to face Niebla, but it takes a moment for them to actual get to fighting. Niebla slaps around Shocker until Shocker goes down. Niebla spits and catches for the second time this match. It's been a long match. Niebla goes back for slaps, but shocker comes back with forearm and slaps of his own. Crowd boos. Shocker cups his year, then armdrags Niebla around. Double chop knocks Niebla down. Felino in, Felino takes two quebradoras. Zacarias in and hitting. Shocker goes to his knees to double chop the parrot. Negro in, but panther back in for the técnicos again. Negro gets in a heel kicks, chops Panther in the corner and heel kicks him again. Panther comes out of to the corner with a clothesline. Sleeper, Negro up kick to escape, panther goes picks a leg, Negro enziguris him with the other. Whip, reversed, Panther armdrag, holding for an armbar. Negro backs him to the ropes, whip, Negro blocks and stops Panther. Negro manages to trip Panther out of the ring and goes to apron – silla from there. Felino in, missing a corner charge eon Dorada. Niebla in, and tosses Dorada into a top rope clothesline by Felino. Niebla slams Shocker and lands the top rope splash to end it.

Announcers wrap it up.