AAA Fusion #19 (02/14/2013) 
Recapped: 02/18/2013

Announcers welcome us to the show.

Lolita and Fenix talk about going to Japan with AAA. Both are pretty emotional about it.

Ayako Hamada interviews CIMA and Bachiko before the match. CIMA tries Spanish, Bachiko does not. Mostly comedy.

Match 1: Ayako Hamada, Bachiko, CIMA vs Fenix (AAA), Lolita, Pimpinela Escarlata
Korakuen Hall, 11/27/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 10:42
Rating: eh
Notes: It becomes easier to figure out how this show lasts for near an hour when the short entrances still take so long. Many streamers for Ayako. Bachiko is dressed more like a Mexican exotico than Dino. Pimpi goes into the crowd to dance, who's into his performance but in a different way than the Mexican fans – the guy has no problem being kissed and thinks it's all a laugh. The young girl seconding Pimpi can barely keep up with her. Pimpi goes for the kiss on Jose but Jose is able to talk his way out of it. CIMA doesn’t get as loud as UH as I'd think, and has to run form Pimpinela. CIMA is not happy with Jose for trying the Beso chant, and runs out of the arena rather than get kissed. Referee is the same referee. Bachiko has someone in a school girl outfit seconding her, who does get involved but is never identified.

Everyone takes a turn acting as if they're going to start before we end up with Ayako and Lolita. Lolita puts on a quick cradle, but Ayako escapes and headbutts her around. Whip, back elbow, and then to a test of strength. Improbably, this is even until Ayako trips up Lolita. Lolita uses a leverage spot to get a casadora, but Ayako and Lolita struggle with whatever spot they're trying and Ayako just stops it for a sit down pin. The two switch to holds on the mat, with Lolita trapped but Ayako letting up to try something else. Zero pins and tags. Fenix and CIMA in, CIMA not impressed by Fenix's springboards. Chop fight, CIMA doing in the Mexican open hand slap way, and Fenix doing it the knife edge way. Fenix walk up the ropes spinning armdrag, then a spin thru the ropes to trick CIMA out and a shoulders into the ropes dive fake. Pimpi and Bachiko in. Brief chop might shows Bachiko doesn't have much of a chop. Pimpi shoulderblocks Bachiko and the mystery second. Bachiko get in an armdrag, but Pimpi fights him off the the rope walk armdrag. Out goes Bachiko, Pimpi teases a dive but pulls up. Fenix and CIMA show off fancy responses to shoves until CIMA just kicks Fenix. CIMA gives us a mad face. Corner whip, Fenix slips out, CIMA hits the corner, Fenix up top, double springboard dropkick. Bachiko in, swings and misses, Fenix jumping enziguri. Ayako in, Fenix kicks her and uses her for the Gori Special toss/legdrop combo. Fenix rope flip teases a dive and poses. Lolita and Ayako teases looking up, but Lolita dances instead. Ayako complains to her corner, teases dancing, and kicks Lolita in the head. Corner counters, Lolita middle rope headscissors – fails, she doesn't get high enough, and Ayako just drops her and stomps her. Ayako has had enough of this, kick to the side of the head, kick to the back of the head. Ayako sends Lolita into boots from CIMA and Bachiko. Slam, and Ayako is going up. Moonsault, but no one's home. Lolita is moving like someone thinking very hard about everything she's doing. Dropkick sends Ayako out. CIMA in, and Lolita backs off, so Pimpic an sneak behind, Pimpi grabs CIMA, and CIMA tries to run away. Pimpi stops to get the crowd to hceer, and CIMA hits him. CIMA grabs Pimpi. Ayako comes in, and slaps Pimpi. The second time, he's meant to be catch it for a wristlock, and it doesn't go so great but they make do. Plancha on CIMA, duck a double clothesline, Pimpi dances, Pimpi is chopped own. Pimpi rope flip double armdrag to send Ayako out and to spin CIMA. CIMA jumps at Pimpi – Pimpi's meant to catch him and go for the kiss, but they can't quite get it on two tries. Pimpi holds CIMA down on them instead, CIMA begging off, but taking the kiss. Fenix and Bachiko run in and blow an armdrag. Bachiko goes for the kiss, Fenix gets free and Lolita dropkicks Bachiko out. Fenix flip for Lolita, and he lands he tope con giro thru the ropes. Ayako up top, top rope moonsault on the group. Pimpinela top rope tope con giro onto the group. CIMA's made his way to the group, so Fenix is the only one left. Running up the ropes turning moonsault tornillo to the floor! Announcers go crazy, fans are appreciative. Pimpi and CIMA back in, CIMA runs into Pimpi's backside, , then slaps it a few times. CIMA into the ropes, Fenix kicks him and grabs him. Pimpi runs for a kiss, and gets Fenix instead. CIMA kisses Pimpi, Pimpi bends over, CIMA starts to untie his shorts (!?!), then gives him Pimpi a groin thrust to the backside. Ayako Hamada small package one two three.

Fenix wants a handshake, and then is in tears even before CIMA gives him one.

Jose interviews a tearful Fenix backstage. He talks about it being his dream to wrestle in Japan, and he did it. “I'm very happy”, says the man sobbing tears. Fenix has seen CIMA in videos for years, and it was great to wrestle again him and for the Japanese public. Fenix worked very hard to this moment, and thanks WAVE and AAA for this opportunity and hopes there's more to come. He got to live his dreams, the though of which causes him to break down again.

Jose interviews CIMA, who says [in English and Spanish] he had a very fun time in Mexico. CIMA says this was his first time in a match with Pimpinela, so he was very scared before the match but after it, he liked it. He likes women, but he also likes Pimpinela. CIMA says Lolita was a little nervous but she has a very high potential, because AAA is a high level lucha libre. CIMA was very surprised to find out Fenix is only 21, so young, and he has a bright future. Jose says CIMA is known as a Dragon Gate guy, but CIMA says he's at home in any company. It was his first time in a women's company, so the dressing room had a lot of women in it, and – [makes awed sound]. CIMA says it's tough to pick the Reina de Reinas winner, then picks Sexi Star. CIMA says he wants to go back to Mexico soon – maybe he'll come back with AAA. He'll see Pimpinela back at the hotel! CIMA thanks the Mexicans fans and hope they remember his name and face.

Reina de Reinas recap.

Bernardo interviews Sexi Star. Sexi says Kaguya is very strong, but she's trained too. Sexi likes Japan and the tough fans. Sexi talks about no sleep and no good food, but she's coming home with her championship.

Match 2: Sexy Star vs Kaguya in a AAA's Reina de Reinas Tournament match and in a tournament final match
Korakuen Hall, 11/27/2012

Winner: Sexi Star
Match Time: 11:05
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is the same referee. We shall never learn her name.

Sexi Star, foreign ruda, wants the crowd to cheer for her. Slow start. Kaguya sends Sexi across the ring with a jumping snap mare. Sexi does rolls for no reason. Sexi throws Kaguya down, and Kaguya headscissors her from the mat. Sexi goes outside to stall and talk to people. Sexi is getting the crowd to chant for her, but I'm not sure that should be her role here. Kaguya comes out of the ring and kicks Sexi. Corner whip, reversed, and Kaguya goes head first into the post. Sexi stomps Kaguya and kicks her around ringside. Chair shot to the head is pretty random. Sex goes back in, goes to the top, claps her hands a lot, slips on the top rope, then does a plancha to the bunch of people assembled below. Back in, snap mare, dropkick to the back of the head. Whip, boot, one knee pin for two. Corner whip, big boot to the face, stop for clapping, middle rope sit, middle rope knees to the face, and butt wipe. Sexi pulls Kaguya by the hair and kicks her in the back of the head. Kaguya pops up , knees her in the midsection, and pound her with forearms. This got more interesting. Dueling chokes. Kaguya gets in a punch and backs away, Sexi kicks Kaguya in her knee and down she goes. Sexi kicks Kaguya in the face and throws her by her hair. Hair toss again. Arm stretch around the ropes. Punches to the belt. Sexi's told to back away form the ropes, and Kaguya trips her up and tries to put on armscissors, but Sexi has the ropes. Boot choke in the corner. I wonder if Kaguya is ever going to get a run of offense here, and how that will go. Sexi holds Kaguya in a facelock. Kaguya escapes and starts kicking, which the crowd gets into. Sexi gets in a kick, then whiffs on an ax kick. Knee to the face. One two NO. Cradle suplex, no bridge. Sexi sits on top one two NO. Corner whip, Sexi charges in, Kaguya moves and kickers in the back of the head. Kaguya climbs on Sexi's shoulders, and gives her a headscissors choke over the top rope. Totally illegal, but Kaguya holds on for as long as possible. Kaguya up top, top rope missile dropkick misses, and Sexi kicks Kaguya around. Kaguya and Sexi trade kicks and forearms. Kaguya wins with a forearm, and a standing a kick, then a running boot to the face. Cover for two. Kicks to the side of the head, two count, Sexi starts kicks back, suplex, one two, suplex two, cover one two NO. Kaguya knees and kicks Kaguya in the head. Sexi fireman's carry, Kaguya break free, her kicks miss (I guess), Sexi kicks her, Kaguya knees Sexi, Sexi kicks Kaguya in the face. Gori Special, one two NO. Cradle neckbreaker, Kaguya breaks free, Sexi knee her a couple times and pulls off the cradle neckbreaker one two there. Wow.

Sexi Star gets a trophy from Dorian. The AAA luchadors come back to the ring as Dorian thanks the people. Everyone throws out the usual balls to the people.

Sexi says she's happy to have won and thanks the people for her support.