CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #340 (02/09/2013) 
Recapped: 02/14/13

Announcers – Rey Bucanero and JCR - welcome us to the show and preview the one match. No mention of the opener, which was also taped of this show. Either this bit is done later, or they had some good foresight not to mention it. JCC joins them when the match starts.

Match 1: La Sombra vs La MáscaraTitánHijo del FantasmaRey CometaDeltaStuka Jr.SagradoAvernoEuforiaDragón Rojo Jr.Mr. ÁguilaPólvoraNamajagueFelinoTiger in CMLL's Reyes del Aire Block A
Arena Mexico, 02/01/2013

  1. Tiger powerbomb Sagrado (7:14)

  2. Namajague foul kick Stuka (10:31)
  3. Titan headstand rope flip moonsault (12:13)
  4. Rey Cometa quebrada Namajague (13:21)
  5. Pólvora Driver on Fantasma (14:23)
  6. La Mascara casita Felino (14:53)
  7. Euforia Nirvanalock Rey Cometa (16:04)
  8. Dragon Rojo Dragon Bomb Delta (17:27)
  9. Sombra Destroyer Mr. Aguila (20:45)
  10. Titan headscissors cradle Pólvora (24:23)
  11. La Mascara campana Euforia (25:58)
  12. Averno Super Devil's Wings Titan (27:12)
  13. DQ La Mascara (30:50)
  14. DQ Dragon Rojo (30:50)
  15. Sombra double moonsault Averno (36:27)

Winner: Sombra
Match Time: 36:27
Rating: great
Notes: Sombra enters last, gets a single spotlight on him as he poses on the buckle. Subtle! Mr. Aguila has a crazy face paint design. Mije and Zacarias are with the rudos. Averno really should be in the back of the rudo line, because everyone behind him has to hold up as he slow walks to the ring. Tiger has a new/old split mask. Babe Richard is the referee in the ring.

Sombra and Dragon Rojo stay in to start, but Namajague rushes across the ring to shove Stuka, then takes him outside for slaps. Whip, reversed, and Namajague tumbles over the barricade! That's a start. Everyone else mostly ignores them, but they wait until Namajague is returned to ringside to get started. Rojo backs Sombra into the ropes and cheap shots him as the announcers talk about Sombra's recent title win. Sombra steps over and flips out to an armbar, they grab for each other and miss on the ground, and tags. Delta and Pólvora next, though Pólvora has to talk to the crowd first. JCR calls Delta a favorite to win. Nah. Even battle turns into Pólvora dragging Pólvora into annoyance. Shoves, and tags. Mascara and Felino are in next. Armbar reveals end with Felino stinking Mascara. Tags to Sagrado and Averno. Evasion, Averno back elbow and chop to knock Sagrado into the corner. Corner whip, Averno charges in, Sagrado kicks them away, handspring backflip over over Averno, Sagrado to the corner, Averno runs in and this the corner, then Sagrado hits him with his boot. Springboard headscissors sends Averno out, Sagrado out after with a tope. Dives already. Euforia and Fantasma take over, with Euforia clotheslining the técnico hard in the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Fantasma charge in, Euforia flips him to the apron, Fantasma back with a spin kick, and hurries up the ramp. You're going to your one move this early? That's a bad sign! Fantasma. Phantom Lariat connects, though Fantasma just makes it. Fantasma gets up, and Aguila kicks him in the face. Aguila tope con giro – into the técnico side! Someone kicks at him, but we see Cometa springboard dropkicking out Euforia instead. Double tornillo out! Stuka and Namajague in, this time legally, Stuka flipping around, Namajague clothesline misses, Stuka shoves him, and Namajague goes tumbling thru the ropes. Stuka seems a bit surprised, but waits for Namajague to get up and topes him. Namajague almost going over the barricade for a second time. Sagrado and Dragon Rojo in, Dragon Rojo kick misses, Sagrado grabs Dragon Rojo, but Pólvora saves his ally with a dropkick. Double team stomping on Sagrado, w with Dragon Rojo kicking at the técnicos out. Rudos walk around a bit, then grabs Sagrado. Sagrado kips up for a double armbar, springboards, nearly looses his footing,t hen can't get anything on the spring off with an armdrag. That looked poor, but the next spot Sagrado has to do is a top rope springboard tope con giro and that goes well. Felino goes thru the ring and out to attack Sagrado,then throws him back in. Tag to Tiger, and the family members boost Sagrado into a Tiger powerbomb one two three. Tough to be Sagrado. 15 left.

Felino celebrates. Titan – the only gut not to be in yet - flips in, but Aguila kicks him down. Aguila charges, Titan flips him to the apron, slaps and chops him, Aguila pulls pulls Titan down by his mask, Titan hops up and backflip kicks him. Titan teas dive, rudos all move, and Titan rolls and pose instead. Tag to Cometa, in with Euforia. Evasion, Cometa flipping headscissors, and Euforia's spun out. Euforia misses a clothesline, Cometa quebradora caught by Euforia, but Cometa still turns into a headscissors. Dive fake pose and taunt to Averno. Fantasma in, and taking off his shirt to face Averno. Averno smirks. Break.

Averno and Fantasma escape, Fantasma headscissors Averno out and follows with a middle rope tope con giro. Rudos all stomp Fantasma this time, with the referee and the técnicos getting involved to break that up. Back inside, Stuka is on the mat thanks to Namajague. Corner whip, Namajague charges in, Stuka flips him to the apron, Namajague chops Stuka away, Stuka fights up to join him on the turnbuckle, superplex one two NO. Whip, Stuka back with a hard clothesline. Another clothesline, no, caught, Namajague kicks Stuka, scoops, and slams him. Namajague goes up, frog splash – meets knees! Stuka covers one two NO. Stuka goes for a casita, Namajague blocks and shoves him into Babe Richard – Namajague foul, cover, one two three! Namajague has learned the ways of the Mexicans! 14, técnicos down lose the first two men.

Sombra complains to Babe Richard, but that's getting him nowhere. Namajague faces off with Sombra, the dream matchup you never knew you wanted to see. Namajague chops, but Sombra is not impressed. Chop back, and Namajague is hurt. Back and forth, going badly for Namajague, so he flicks Sombra in the nose. Sombra is shook, and starts forearming Namajague in the head. Forearms back and forth, Namajague kneelift, into the ropes, and Sombra cuts him off with a knee. Whip, quick reverse, Namajague kick, whip, Namajague leaps over, drops down, and Sombra dropkicks him there. Namajague into the corner, Sombra charges into a kick, Namajague charges out to a powerslam. Sombra off the ropes, clothesline take them both over! Tiger and Titan in, Tiger trips up Titan immediately but gets shoves to the corner trying the casita. Titan gets flipped to the apron, but pulls of a Soul Food boot to the face and the headstand rope flip moonsault lands relatively well and gets three. 13.

Namajague dropkicks out Titan, Cometa gets him with a plancha. Cometa off the ropes, Namajague misses a clothesline, Namajague runs into a – oh no, running Spanish Fly and Namajague landed right on his head. Cometa covers him and Babe Richard is happy to count the pinfall, even though Namajague is laying on his side. Cometa stops covering at one and pulls Namajague around, but Namajague looks mostly out of it. Cometa struggles but manages to lift and drop Namajague in the spot for his 450. Namajague rolls out of the way – which is unbelievable, but Cometa dropkicks him anyway. Cometa grabs Namajague for a suplex, which seems like a very bad idea, and Namajague slowly reverses it to a small package for another one count. Namajague is going thru the spots but not all the way there, and Cometa seems unaware. Cometa drops Namajague in the center of the ring, lands a quebrada, and covers Namajague while clearly looking at him and saying something - stay down, I'd guess. Namajague does, and he's out of the match. 12.

Fantasma knocks Pólvora over with a running tope. Fantasma goes for a headscissors roll, but Pólvora shoves him of and dropkicks Fantasma in the knee. Pólvora hurks up Fantasma for the (normal) Pólvora Driver but Fantasma flips out before impact. Fantasma kicks Pólvora in the face, runs up the ramp again, runs back, and Pólvora rolls and ducks under the Phantom Lariat. Pólvora kicks Fantasma and lifts him up again – Pólvora Driver, one two three. 11 left.

Pólvora takes a Mascara plancha. Mascara off the ropes and over a couple times, but cut off by Felino for quebradora con giros. Casita, shoves off, Mascara dropkick, casita of his own one two three. Lot of failed casitas so far, but Mascara gets his to work. 10 left.

Euforia boots down Mascara, but runs into a Mascara kick. Cometa up to the top rope a beat late, but off with a headscissors. Cometa torito one two NO. Cometa kicks Euforia in the midsection, Code Red (called as such by Bucanero) one two NO. Cometa drops Euforia in the corner and goes up again. 405 splash misses again, Cometa rolls thru again and charge, Euforia runs him into the corner and pulls him out – Nirvanalock! Cometa gives away right away. 9 left

Delta dropkicks Euforia, and covers for two. Delta off the ropes, sunset flip, and rolled back in time for Dragon Rojo dropkick. Rojo acts like it was an accident, but Euforia immediately accuses him for doing it in purpose. Delta and Dragon Rojo are the ones who end up shoving. Both off the ropes, both shoulderblock, neither guy goes down. Delta and Dragon Rojo chop fight, Delta winning with discus punch (!). Whip, Delta clothesline misses, Dragon Rojo drops Delta with a full nelson bomb. Dragon Rojo pulls Delta up, suplex is sloppy and so Delta easily slips out the back for a waistlock. Dragon Rojo back elbows until he's free. Delta 'rana blocked into the Dragon Bomb one two three. Down to 8, and it's lopsided at the moment – Sombra, Mascara and Titan vs Averno, Mr. Aguila, Dragon Rojo, Pólvora and Euforia.

Mascara and Averno in, and fired up to match up again. Mascara strips off shirt. Averno knocks him down and attempts to take off Mascara's mask as well. Announcers note Rey Cometa is still down at ringside, and we see the stretcher being brought over to him. In the ring, Mascara gets Averno with a fast flipping armdrag, then follows out with a tope. Dragon Rojo kicks Máscara before he escapes back in the ring, where Aguila kicks Máscara down. Sombra in, but calling someone in. He wants Euforia? OK. They face off just as the show heads to break.

It's Dragon Rojo now in. We missed a few seconds, because the stretcher carrying Cometa is now on the ramp and quickly heading to the back. Rojo and Sombra exchange forearms to the face. Rojo and Sombra evade until Sombra lands a dropkick, and then follows the rudo out with a Asia moonsault. Mascara and Pólvora in leads to a pose off. Evasion, Mascara headscissors Pólvora out and wipes him out with a big tope. Aguila in, and Sombra in again. Is Titan on break? Sombra and Aguila exchange face slaps, Sombra stopping to ask the crowd I they want more. They want more, so back to the faceslapping. This gets them nowhere. Off the rope evasion, dueling flipping runs, Sombra headscissors blocked right into a powerbomb, one two no. That was well timed, and coming at an unexpected moment. Sombra grabs his head and is slow to get up – looks like it may have bounced off the mat on replay. Aguila waits. Clothesline misses, and Aguila kicks Sombra in the face. Aguila calls for the Destroyer, but calls for it too long, and Sombra backdrops out. Sombra Destroyer! One two three- Aguila loses to his own move. 7 left.

Euforia attacks Sombra right away. Averno, who hasn't been in a while himself, helps stomp Sombra down in the corner. Rudos get Titan to back off from the apron. Corner whip, Sombra charges out with a headscissors on Averno. Sombra tries whipping, Euforia blocks the whip and sends Sombra into the corner, so he just jumps up to the top rope and moonsault on Averno. Titan in, springboard 'rana on Euforia, one tow Dragon Rojo break it up. Dragon Rojo wants some credit from Euforia bout being on the same side. Euforia high tens him – then slaps Dragon Rojo down! Euforia whips Dragon, charges, and take a hiptoss out. Titan tries to dropkick Dragon Rojo, misses, waved by, and out with a big tope con giro in to Euforia. Mascara kicks Dragon Rojo around. And out. Pólvora back in again to slow own the action. Chop fight. Pólvora wins by kick to the leg. Crowd boos Pólvora. Whip, dropkick sends Mascara out. Pólvora calls titan in. Titan drops the straps and calls Pólvora on. Pólvora chops Titan, Titan chops Pólvora. Pólvora kicks Titan and forearm and kicks him in the front and side. Headlock Pólvora shot off, Titan drops down, Pólvora tries to dropkick but Tia moves. Titan rolls to the apron, Pólvora charge into a kick, Titan springboard – into a counter dropkick. One two NO. It would've really been sad for titan to go down having gotten to do so little. Replay of the dropkick. Pólvora slaps Titan into the ropes. Whip, Pólvora clothesline misses, Titan handwalk, backflip headscissors roll one two three! 6 left, the técnicos having beat two rudos in a row to even the sides.

Averno kicks Titan down, Mascara superkicks Averno, other rudos kick down Mascara, Sombra springboard dropkicks both of them. Técnicos assemble, run – three tope con giros, Titan running a little bit behind. Break.

Everyone is still recovering on the outside. Replay of the triple dive. Mascara and Euforia make it back in and face off. Euforia clothesline blocked, Máscara clothesline blocked, Euforica Special! One two NO. Euforia is very frustrated, screaming. Mascara of the ropes, tossed up into a 'rana one tow NO. Euforia confirms it was a two count. Euforia clotheslines misses, Máscara superkicks him, then climbs on his shoulder – forward rolls into the campana, and Euforia is done. 5 left.

Titan back in with Averno. Averno misses a dropkick, Titan flipped to the apron, Titan slaps him back, springboard in, and just off Averno's shoulders for a sunset flip one two NO. Both slow up. Titan slaps Averno into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Averno charges in, Titan slips out, Titan jumping spin kick to knock Averno back into the corner. Titan sets up Averno on the top rope and chops him a few times. This is always a dangerous idea. Titan backs up, runs up Averno shoves him off, Titan backflips onto his feet and climbs up again, Averno jabs to the midsection, Super Devil's Wings one two three. Down to Sombra, Mascara, Averno and Dragon Rojo.

Sombra springboard headscissors Averno, Dragon Rojo dropkick Sombra, Máscara quebradora Dragon Rojo and goes for his mask, but Averno breaks that up. Corner whip for Mascara, Sombra flips him to safety, but turns into an Averno slam. Dragon Rojo attacks Máscara and takes a swing kick. Averno stops that with a forearm to Mascara's face and starts to head up, but Sombra shoves him off and out. Sombra goes up, but Dragon Rojo trips him up, but Mascara dives onto Averno with a headscissors anyway and Dragon Rojo low blow dropkicks Sombra at the same time. One two NO. So many things to once. Dragon Rojo looking staggered but moving. Off the ropes, Sombra surprise casadora 'rana one two no. Sombra 'rana one two NO. Both try clotheslines, but Dragon Rojo wipes out Sombra with his. Dragon Rojo covers one two NO. Dragon Rojo tries to shake some sense back into his head. Rojo off the ropes, Sombra hops up, Dragon Bomb one two Máscara breaks it up! Máscara rolls Sombra away and covers Dragon Rojo one two NO., Dragon Rojo kicking out very late. Whip, clothesline blocked with a kick, Dragon Rojo stunner (?), Dragon Rojo casadora cradle one two NO. Break.

Mascara ducks a clothesline, casadora into a – no, Dragon Rojo breaks free before he can put on the campana. Mascara clothesline misses, Dragon Rojo tries a foul kick that's blocked (maybe) and spun, Rojo connects on a spinning clothesline one two no. Dragon Rojo grabs Mascara by the mask, Mascara uppercut fouls him, and Dragon Rojo falls backwards with Mascara's mask in hand. Double disqualification, they're both out. (If you slow down the previous sequence, you can see they tried the same bit there, but Rojo couldn't get the mask, Mascara couldn't really out to foul, and they had to keep going.)

Averno and Sombra protest, then just help the others leave. Averno is happy with this match up. Big face off while waiting for Dragon Rojo and Máscara to get out of the way. Sombra pulls off his rebound headscissors quickly, and follows with a really fast tope on Averno. Replay shows Sombra brushed the ropes, but it didn't stop him much. Averno back in, first, Sombra springboards into a powerbomb one two NO. Averno calls for the end, Devil's Wings, but Sombra won't stand up for them. Averno forearms him down and goes for the mask instead. Averno unties it well, but Sombra breaks free and kicks him. Fireman's carry drop, Sombra goes up, rope flip moonsault – into knees! One two NO. Averno charges Sombra, and Sombra tosses him straight to the floor. Sombra up top, top rope moonsault to the floor. Replay. Sombra in first time, Averno behind him. Sombra is looking tired awaiting for Averno, but quickly gives him the Brillante Driver one two NO! Sombra can't believe it. Averno is feeling it. Sombra charge Averno and corner clotheslines him. Sombra puts Averno on top, climbs up with him, Averno super Devil's Wings one two NO. Averno is a bit fired up,a bit frustrated. Crowd is VERY loud, they've been into for a while. Averno unites the mask again, then sets up for Devil's Wings – but Sombra blocks and turns it into a double arm suplex, one two NO. Averno slaps Sombra in the face as he gets up, and tries to get the mask. No luck on that, so off the ropes, and into a powerslam. Double moonsault lands one two three!

Lots and lots of replays, and that's the show.