CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #377 (02/09/2013) 
Recapped: 02/13/2013

JCC and two edecanes preview the opener.

Match 1: Diamante, Máscara Dorada, Super Porky © vs Ephesto ©, Misterioso Jr., Puma
Arena Coliseo, 02/03/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:05
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Dorada/Misterioso start, accomplish little. Diamante/Puma seems clipped, with a lot of crowd shots of chanting people taking us to Porky/Ephesto. They focus on stomping hands. Ephesto rolls out, técnicos spread the ropes for a porky tope, but Misterio trips up Porky and Puma dropkick him. Dorada and Diamante come in, but go right into the rudos moves. Dropkick to the backside is a weak finish.

2: Ephesto and Super Porky do slow armbars and tag teases, until Porky breaks free and runs all the way to his corner to tag. Puma begs off form Diamante, then kicks him in the back of the leg and goes for his mask. Dorada takes his required flapjack from Misterioso. Misterioso knocks Porky down, but Porky shoulderblocks him on the next pass. Rudos drop down too soon on the next whip and get splashes. Dorada springboard headscissors Ephesto out, and follows with a top rope Brillo Dorada. Diamante and Porky hit their moves to end it.

3: Puma and Diamante do the clothesline in the clothesline no sell superkick bit. Diamante is not to hurt himself, pulling off his five bounce armdrag to send Diamante into the bottom rope and out. Diamante chases him out. Ephesto throws himself into a Porky belly bump. Dorada evades Puma for a moment, but takes his up kick/superkicks combo. Puma climbs up across the top rope, but Dorada runs, turns on the ropes, and leaps into a super 'rana for a two count. Misterioso breaks up that pin. Diamante sends Misterioso out with a rebound armdrag, but Puma punches him around. Misterioso comes back, just so he can hit the post on a corner charge. Diamante swing kicks Puma to the floor, and tope con giros both of them. Porky teases the Asai, but just does a plancha onto the three. Dorada and Ephesto in, Dorada pulls off a a springboard bounce casadora cradle for three.

Rush seems unconcerned about their opponents tonight. Marco says they're world champions, so they'll take on anyone. Máximo says they're champion.

Miguel and an edecan preview the main event.

Match 2: Pólvora vs Valiente for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship
Arena Coliseo, 02/03/2013

  1. Valiente nudo variation (2:56)

  2. Pólvora sit down powerbomb (2:11)
  3. Pólvora Inquisidor Storm (6:00)

Winner: Pólvora (2-1)
Match Time: 11:07
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Seconds are Stigma and Super Comando.

1: Pólvora and Valiente start with leg holds, while the announcers start by talking the history of Tigre Hispano. Some photographer has a crazy amount of flash going. Pólvora is able to turn Valiente over for a pin, but the challenger easier kicks out at two. Valiente armdrag starts another battle on the mat, though they can't quite get the bridge they want on the first try. It goes better on the second, leading to a Pólvora sunset flip and a face off. Battling armdrags, Valiente ducks a clothesline, pausing shoulder and springboard reverse plancha for two. Pólvora clothesline, Valiente bars the arm, taking Pólvora down, crosses his arms and sits on top – I guess this is a nudo, and it's enough for the submission.

2: Valiente waved by, and flips off the ropes. Pólvora is unhappy, then on the mat after a dropkick to the knee. Cover for two. Corner whip, Pólvora flips Valiente to the apron, Valiente shoulders back, and in with top rope front flip into an armdrag. Pólvora out, Valiente runs – TOPE. Valiente didn't go thru Pólvora, but slid on his shin and went down just as hard on landing. It's like his lower body caught up to the rest of him. Replay – and then a real life replay, Valiente rushing back into tope Pólvora even farther up the ramp. Replay of that one too. Valiente slaps Pólvora and throws him back in. Valiente cuts his throat. Pólvora lifted up on Valiente's shoulders, and dropped near the corner. Valiente slaps the buckle, heads up, and moonsaults – into Polvora's knees. Pólvora picks up Valiente, sit down powerbomb one tow three.

3: Looks like we've joined the fall in progress. Valiente cradles Pólvora for two. Both slow up. Valiente inside cradle, one two NO, and and Pólvora turns into a reverse armscissors. Valiente is in a lot of pain, but keeps turning his body and finds the bottom rope with his foot. Valiente off the ropes, into Pólvora flapjack. Pólvora with a modified cloverleaf, let's say, more just grabbing the lower legs and pulling them back and together. Again, Valiente gets to the ropes, but he's taken some punishment. Pólvora clothesline misses, Valiente suástica, Pólvora reverses to one of his own, Valiente reverses again and in to a cradle one two NO. Corner whip, reversed, Pólvora flipped to the outside but slapping Valiente back. Long crowd shot, and Pólvora is on the floor when they're back. Valiente Special! Back live, Pólvora kicks Valiente into the ropes. Hard chest slap. Pólvora off the ropes, clothesline takes Valiente out, and almost takes Pólvora out as well. Valiente dizzily spins around the corner, and Pólvora planchas him from the top rope. Replay of that as well. Valiente smacks the top buckle and goes. Top rope plancha – no, counter dropkick by Pólvora, one two NO. Super Comando is very unhappy with that count, but the announcers note Negro Casas must like what he's seeing here. Pólvora clotheslines Valiente, one two NO. Pólvora stops to walk to the ropes and yell at the crowd - the first time we've seen him do that today – and then runs back at Valiente. Clothesline caught, and turns into a swinging cradle neckbreaker one two NO. Lots of different moves here. Valiente picks up Pólvora for a sit down powerbomb (see what I mean), but Pólvora slips out the back for a sunset flip one two NO! Pólvora fires up. Valiente backs up into the corner, Pólvora charges, Valiente kicks him away, Valiente charges the other corner, Pólvora tosses Valiente on the buckles, lifts him on his shoulders, almost loses Valiente, then destroys him with the Inquisidor Storm. Brutal. One two three.

Pólvora says he is the best.

JCR and an edecan who forgets her lines preview the main event.

Match 3: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis
Arena Coliseo, 02/03/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:49
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Rafael el Maya. Mije is in the Invasors corner.

1: Rudos throw around Máximo, but allow him to escape, and rush comes in to hit everyone. It takes both Psicosis and Kraneo to punch him. Marco is even more of a problem, but the rudos get him down for a triple snap kick. Aguila whips Marco and kicks him in the face. Triple boot knocks Marco down, though not out off the ring for whatever reason. Marco instead plays corner avoidance with Kraneo, Kraneo ducking the springboard clothesline and chokeslamming Marco. Mije splash, and that's it.

2: Rudos beat up Maximo. Rush tries slapping everyone and is taken out. Marco does his dance, and manages to punch down Aguila, but Aguila shoves him into the corner and gets some help. Corner whip the other way, and a jumping hip block. Máximo back in and kicked around. Corner whip, Máximo avoids Kraneo's charge, and spins around Aguila into a Rush superkick. That bit was really well timed. Marco returns to lay out Psicosis with a clothesline and springboard clothesline Kraneo. Marco abducts Mije, and tosses him on top of Kraneo for the pin! Rush also takes care of Aguila to tie it up.

Rush teases killing Mije, and then just kicks him into the ropes.

3: Marco lays out Aguila with a punch. Aguila's hair spikes are falling part, very sad. It's been a tough match. Marco punches him out, then starts to dance on Aguila sunset flip. The other rudos run in to help. They tell Aguila to take a break and whip Marco in the corner, but of course Marco leaps over them and punches Aguila in the face. Springboard double clothesline takes out the other rudos. They get back up, and Marco lays them out high jumping dropkicks, then one more for Aguila after Rush and Máximo lift him up. Crowd shot clip, and back for Rush laying out Aguila with an elbow smash. Kraneo and Rush slap each other. Kraneo clothesline, but Rush won't go down and just shoves Kraneo. Kraneo goes again, miss, and Rush powerslam him. Rush off the ropes, double stomp. Psicosis in, but badly missing on a clothesline. Mije tries to make the save, and Rush just kicks him down with no mercy. Crowd shot, and back to Máximo and Psicosis in. Máximo jumping armdrags, everything blocked, Máximo goes for the kiss, Psicosis ducks out, Aguila charge in with a clothesline, Máximo blocks it and pins him with a kiss. Rush comes in a Psicosis and Aguila regroup. Rudos misses the dropkicks, técnicos kicks them out. High ten by the tecnicos, but Kraneo lays them both out with clotheslines. Kraneo does the Gangman style dance, with Marco sneaking in and dancing behind him. Kraneo turns, right into a Marco punch. Mije attacks Marco, and Marco just scoops and throws Mije out hard into the group outside. They do catch him. Aero Italiano on the outside. Tecnicos back in to celebrate and pose, but they still need to win the match. In fact, while they pose, Mije attacks again, straight fouling Marco as he stands behind the other two. Aguila adds his spinning kick to the face, Psicosis shoves the other técnicos down, and jumps on Marco for the pin. Kraneo keeps the técnico at bay and picks up the win.

Psicosis says they'll win the World trios titles. Aguila challenges Marco. Kraneo says they're the team to win the championship.