CMLL on CadenaTres #270 (02/02/2013) 
Recapped: 02/05/2013

Announcers – Enrique, Gerardo, and Bucanero here, more later – welcome us to the show. Bucanero talking about a tournament for an unused Light Heavyweight championship is kind of strange given his current circumstance.

Match 1: Diamante ©, Pegasso, Starman vs Cancerbero, Raziel ©, Sangre Azteca
Arena Mexico, 01/29/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:07
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Starman is yelled many times.

1: Diamante demands to face Raziel for some reason. This mat wrestling is highlighted by Diamante falling down backwards while taking down Raziel forward. I have no idea how it worked, but at least Raziel's knees didn't break. The rest goes better than that, though it feels like it goes a while (3:30ish in reality). Raziel does nearly beat Diamante on a backslide and sort of saves him. Cancerbero and Pegasso work on the mat as well. Oddly, the onscreen promos promote Valiente's title shot on Sunday, but just say “many stars” for Monday's card. Sangre takes monkey flips from Sangre. Rudos break up a Starman pin, then assault the other técnico. They stomp Starman until it looks like they're both to be disqualified, then Raziel goes for a leg hold he never puts on and gets badly cradled for three. Eh.

2: Despite losing that fall, or maybe because they loss, rudos take over the match. Rey Bucanero calls Sangre Azteca the leader of Poder Mexica. I am the leader of this recap. Sangre dropkicks a lot, including Diamante as he's being held by the other two. Announcers are aware Diamante is the captain, the rudos do not appear to know.

3: Sangre Azteca unties Diamante's mask and teases pulling it off. We get a nice long look at Diamante's chin beard. Rudos go after Pegasso's right knee, which at least gives him a reason to be limping. Pegasso side steps a corner charge and starts a low speed comeback, finishing with a slingshot tope con giro on Raziel. Diamante dropkicks Sangre out, teases a dive, and lets Starman do it when Sangre goes around the corner. Diamante headscissors and tope con giros Cancerbero himself. Pegasso and Raziel come back in, with Pegasso getting a push off 'rana for 2. Headscissors into an inside cradle for two, Cancerbero breaking that up and kicking Pegasso out. Diamante flattens Cancerbero with a plancha for another two count. Diamante bad 'rana for two – timing just off on that, and Sangre broke it up in the end. Starman flips Diamante to safety, quebradoras Sangre and holds him in a time killing hold. Diamante goes to cut of the other rudos with another plancha, but they just move. Rudos finish técnicos all around. Sangre gets his pinfall counted before Bestia counts Raziel or Cancerbero's submissions, so that's it.

Match 2: Blue Panther, Guerrero Maya Jr., Tritón vs Black Warrior, Misterioso Jr., Olímpico
Arena Mexico, 01/29/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:19
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Blue Panther is much faster than Olímpico on the opening bit of wrestling, which is fun to see. Olímpico, grabbed by the leg, pulls himself up from the mat for a sunset flip, only for Panther to roll thru immediately. Triton and Misterioso counter to a standoff. Warrior seems annoyed by the existence of high energy Guerrero Maya. (This is where #porraTitan gets mentioned and I'm just thrown for a while.) Maya's roll out of the corner doesn't get speared for once between them, Warrior opting for a clothesline instead. Warrior immediately misses a a corner charge and takes a rebound hiptoss and a Maya hiptoss. Crowd is huge Black Warrior fans tonight for some reason. Warrior leads Maya on a chase in and out, then slide past Maya once again and trips him of the apron. Warrior comes back in, bu takes a Triton plancha. Misterioso cuts him off with a clothesline. Olímpico tries to add his springboard splash, but slips on the ropes and falls on the mat. Crowd goes into hysterics as Rey calls his old tag team partner a clown in a nice way. Olímpico is hurt and everyone else is not quite sure what they want to do, Panther just runs in, puts on the armbar, and Olímpico gives before Misterioso can break it up. Well then.

The doctor checks on Olímpico's shoulder. He doesn't seem to be in that much pain and waves away the help. Replay shows Warrior had a hold of the top rope as he was leaving the ring, and unthinkingly shook it as Olímpico was jumping on it. Bucanero points this out. Rudos beat up the técnicos to make themselves feel better.

2: Rudos stay in control, though there's a fair bit of talking going on figuring out what's next. Rudos stick with kicks. Olímpico keeps checking his left shoulder as he wrestles, but still manages to slam Triton. Misterioso gives Triton a fireman’s carry side drop, and all the rudos stomp Triton for a moment. Pretty clear that Panther tells the rudos to beat him when he comes in last, and he's quickly beat with a catapult hold/legdrop combo.

Warrior, who seems increasingly psychopathic, walks around half of the ring just so he can sneak up on Guerrero Maya and beat him up some more.

3: Olímpico knocks Panther around the ring, only stopping to do about half his dance move. Olímpico sucks Warrior in a kick from Warrior, but Misterioso misses a corner charge on Triton and Warrior misses a half speed clothesline. Triton headscissors Olímpico, but Warrior stops him with a chop. Triton whipped into a flipping run, but he slips going for a springboard and crashes out just as bad as Olímpico. Warrior takes advantage with a low blow headbutt. Triton redeems himself with a cool back roll to the apron, and a springboard tornillo in. Quebradora for Olímpico too, and Triton really ought to make a tag. He brings in Panther for the double tope. Maya in, evasion leads to armdrags and his big twisting quebradora. One more armdrag sends Olímpico out. Warrior races into face Maya, but slides out on the first whip. Maya charges him and headscissors Warrior on the floor, then gives Warrior his usual catapult into the ringpost, which looks more painful than usual. The two remaining técnicos get the better of Misterioso, boost dropkicking him out, and Triton flips panther into a pescado onto the rudo. Warrior back in,he and Triton look slightly lost until Warrior just dropkicks him. Back to running the ropes, Warrior spears Triton this time, and that's just it. Olímpico cradles Maya to end it.

Match 3: Volador Jr. vs Rey Escorpión for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 01/29/2013

  1. Rey Escorpion sit down powerbomb (4:16)

  2. Volador torito (5:05)
  3. Rey Escorpion Aguijón Mortal (16:41)

Winner: Rey Escorpion (2-1)
Match Time: 26:02
Rating: excellent
Notes: Joined with the match about to start; no belt presentation shown. Seconds are Olímpico (Volador) and Misterioso (Escorpion) Referee is Maya.

1: Both men point to the crowd, but Volador is the clear crowd favorite. Rey Escorpion offers a handshake. Volador accepts, and it goes without any problem. Crowd loudly chants for Volador as the match slowly starts. Both men trade cradles for two before a standoff. Another scrum on the ground leads to another standoff. Volador armdrag sets up zero trips and another face off. Escorpion seems to be getting annoyed with Volador's posing, crowd support, and maybe the stop start nature of the fight so far. Volador into the ropes, flipping run, under a clothesline and back with a headscissors into an armdrag. Volador sets for a dive, Escorpion goes around the corner to escape, Volador just switches direction and lands a tope. Volador doesn't get held up at all by Escorpion and breaks his fall with his hands, while Escorpion topples over the barricade and into the crowd. Replays. Escorpion makes it back over the barricade and in the ring first. Volador shoulders him away from the apron, flying sunset flip, Escorpion rolls thru, Volador of the ropes, 'rana – blocked into the sit down powerbomb. One two three! Crowd hisses.

2: Escorpion slaps Volador out of the ring, then throws him into the barricade. Crowd boos Escorpion, which he soaks in a bit. It's so rare for a rudo to get booed here. Escorpion throws Volador in, who looks dead, and then puts him on the top rope. Shots to the back of the head, and Escorpion goes for his mask. Escorpion pulls Volador down to the tree of woe, and kicks him in the shoulder. Escorpion chokes Volador on the ropes, then throws him to the barricade and slams him there. Misterioso likes what he's seeing here. Olímpico steps on the ramp to check on Volador, and an argument ensues with the referee about him getting in the way. Volador back all the way up the ramp, ducks an Escorpion clothesline, headscissors him here, runs up the stairs, and gets in the big plancha. Replay. Misterioso argues – about something. Maybe he thinks Volador was out of bounds. It does stop Maya from counting the guys out, which is probably the point. Escorpion manages to clothesline Volador back in, so the dive off the stage didn't seem to help all that much at the moment. Crowd chants for Volador loudly again, and Escorpion taunts them for doing so. Whip, clothesline misses, backspin headscissors by Volador. Escorpion out, and wiped out by a Volador tope con giro. Replay. Both take a while to recover. This is a long second fall by CMLL standards, but I bet it's not much longer. Escorpion makes it back in first, again, but just stands there as Volador springboard planchas him. Volador off the ropes, torito one two three.

3: Rey Escorpion stalls on the outside as the fall is supposed to start. Misterioso works hard at delaying the count and makes angry faces at the Volador chant. Escorpion returns, but Volador has to pose first Escorpion tells the crowd he doesn't want cheers, and tells Volador he wants to go. Volador insists he pose, Escorpion does, and Escorpion gets booed. Volador poses some more, and you're kind left wanting to see someone attack. Nope. Evasion spots lead into a double rotation headscissors. Volador seems like he should be getting up and following up, but he's instead down and fixing his left knee brace., under his gear He's slow to his feet. Volador charges, but Escorpion slides in, and hits Volador with his own tope con giro. Replays. Escorpion makes it in the ring while Volador is still down on the ground. Volador makes it up, springboards in, and is dropped right into a powerbomb. Escorpion lifts him up, turns, and drops him with the sit down powerbomb, one two NO. Maya threatens to eject Misterioso for reasons unclear – if he got involved, it wasn't shown. Volador gets up and runs away, Escorpion side cradle, Volador rolls thru, front cracker Escorpion staggers around, Volador bandanna yanking backcracker, one two NO. Escorpion fixes his hair before getting up. Crowd chants for Volador again. Volador misses a clothesline, Escorpion dropkicks to the knee, casita, Volador shrugs him off, Volador casadora cradle one two NO. Misterioso demands a faster count. Olímpico also exists. Volador off the ropes, 'rana, Escorpion rolls thru, one two NO. Escorpion argues about the count, and threatens to hit Maya, who first covers up and then threatens to kick Escorpion. Escorpion calms down a bit. Volador rolls around the mat recovering. Escorpion grabs Volador, but Volador trips him up on the mat. Volador recovers on the mat for a long second – Escorpion turns around to see what's keeping Volador – then gets up and runs, and Escorpion tosses Volador out of the ring. Both guys catch their breath, and Escorpion steps back from the ropes and Volador comes in. Escorpion springboard dropkick, dance move (?), charge, and monkey flip all the way to the floor. Misterioso again tries to slow down the count. Volador to the apron, up to the top buckle, and off with a moonsault bodyblock onto Escorpion. They've shown the same Volador fan in the crowd about 10 times this fall. Volador makes it back in first, but waits for Escorpion. Escorpion slaps him for the apron, but Volador smashes Escorpion into the apron a few times, then steps up on the buckle by himself – flying headscissors off the apron to the floor! Volador brings Escorpion back in, leg lock counter to a small package, one two NO. Escorpion up first, and slamming Volador. Ugly quebrada! One two NO. Escorpion tries covering again, but still two. Escorpion drags Volador near the corner, then takes his time going up. Volador pops up to kick him, they battle on the ropes, and Volador gives Escorpion an off the top rope 'rana one two NO. Crowd thought that was it. Escorpion hammers Volador with a corner clotheslines, Volador pops out to superkick Escorpion, then assassinates him with a running kick to the face while Escorpion is slumped in the corner. Maya is shocked by the brutality of that blow and checks to make sure Escorpion is still conscious. Replay of the boot to the face. Both men are slow up, giving time for that replay. Volador off the ropes, roll forward roll into a leap onto Escorpion's shoulders, and around into a 'rana one two NO. Volador fans are beside themselves. Crowd starts the Volador chant again. They're now up to 15 times showing that fan. Volador leans on the ropes, talking to the crowd. He turns around , charge, misses his clothesline and Escorpion powerslams him – for zero? Huh. Escorpion punches Volador in the face and goes up. Super legdrop! One two t-NO. Escorpion smacks the mat, and Misterioso is very angry. Escorpion goes out again, and heads up again. Escorpion missile dropkick, one two NO. Both men down and looking at each other. Escorpion struggles to his feet first, to whistles form the crowd. Escorpion starts to go up again, but Volador cuts him off with a wheel kick. Both up top, though footing isn't great at he first. Top rope Spanish Fly one two NO! Crowd shrieks. Olímpico is beside himself. Volador looks around one more time as the Volador chant comes back. Escorpion struggles to his feet. Escorpion clothesline misses, Volador superkick to the face, backcracker, Escorpion stumbles around – no, kick to Volador, package piledriver! One two three. Volador fans are so sad.

Volador stirs, but does not get up from the mat, and Maya calls for the stretcher. Escorpion is so happy, and celebrates on the ropes. The commissioner – not one of the regular ones - put the belt on Escorpion quick, though it takes him longer to get it snapped together. Volador's stretchered out. Escorpion rants to the camera, though we can't hear it.

CMLL History: Black Shadow vs El Santo

Stellar Moments

Castigo: Mercurio package piledriver on Astral. That's going around.

Triunfo: Triton beats Virus with a standing moonsault

Alevoso: Amapola slapping down Tigre Hispano

Tecnico: Guerrero Maya Jr. 'rana on Mephisto

Espectacular: Rey Cometa Brillo tornillo on Ephesto

Match 4: Atlantis ©, La Sombra, Marco Corleone vs Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas
Arena Mexico, 01/29/2013

  1. Peste Negra

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:10
Rating: eh
Notes: Zacarias leads Peste Negra out. Sombra catches everyone by surprise by charing Niebla and taking him down. The rest of the técnicos are slow to catch up.

1: Niebla suplexes Sombra near the stairs while the Casas brothers get the better of the other técnicos, though Felino takes some punches form Marco first. Niebla brings Sombra in and unties his mask while everyone else clears out. Niebla takes Sombra out to slap him and send him into the barricade. Felino – who puts his mask on for a few seconds before handing it to Zacarias – go back to messing with the other two, though it takes combined effort to keep Marco contained. Felino drops a thrown in Sombra in position for Niebla's splash. Niebla connects, and Niebla stays on for three. Negro and Felino take care of Atlantis.

2: Tirantes obstructs Negro from kicking the middle rope as Marco comes in, so Negro just latches onto Marco and uses him as a shield for a moment. Sombra starts the comeback by avoiding a Niebla corner charge, and clears out the three rudos by himself. Well, he gets help form Niebla climb the ropes for no reason, making it easy for Sombra to kick him out. Sombra follows with an Asai moonsault, celebrating while holding an arm in. Rudos dump Marco to the ramp, and Atlantis just quebradoras them until it's time for the Aero Italiano. Both técnicos cover the rudos together, and Tirantes has no problem counting both.

3: Sombra quebradoras (sort of) Niebla and goes for his mask, but Felino breaks it up. Atlantis makes Felino run a lot and then drops him with quebradora. Negro doesn’t know what to do with Marco. He tires kicking, he tires leaving, he gets punched a lot. Marco mocks Zacarias' dizzy shake after being kicked by Felino, then punches him. Marco punches Felino out after some comedy, Niebla steps in, and Marco brings Sombra in. Sombra flipping run and escapes of a backdrop, Niebla rolls out escape and Sombra topes him right into the barricade. Negro kicks Atlantis, but Atlantis dropkicks him out and go e out to throw him into the barricade. Felino flips Marco to the apron, Marco punches, Felino kicks him off the apron, and then Sombra accidentally backdrops Felino into a pescado on Marco. At least, I think Sombra just wanted Felino to go out, but didn't know he'd take out his partner. Sombra quebradoras Niebla, but Niebla clotheslines him and dances. . Spit is caught, more or less. Sombra 'rana on Niebla, one two NO. Sombra goes to block a foul kick Niebla doesn't actually try, and Niebla pulls of Sombra's mask. That's an easy DQ.

Niebla leaves with the mask, so Sombra's hoodie is actually useful for once! He uses it to cover his face while he challenges Niebla to a match. Niebla says Sombra is good, but he can never match the power of Mr. Niebla. Sombra presses the issue, and Niebla changes to a mask vs mask match. Sombra suggests they do it right now, one more fall, and Niebla teases the issue before walking out. He keeps Sombra's mask.

Announcers wrap it up.