AAA on Televisa (Regional) #64 (01/27/2013) 
Recapped: 01/28/13

Announcers – from AAA's studios because this taping is four weeks old and they've got time to fill – get to be on camera for once to hype the show. They show both men's names and Twitter handles, though good luck making those Twitter handles out with how small they're written and how quick they disappear. (And it's not like there's a big reward in following them.)

Much like the CMLL show, Jesus does a promotion for the other Televisa offerings.

Recap of the Halloween/Mari Apache love affair, leading to them winning the tag team titles, and Fabi costing Cuervo his hair. Then, a recap of Dinastía asking for a title shot on the next show and Psicosis & Drago getting involved. Drago getting stapled. Perro attacking Cibernético at Guerra de Titanes. Consejo warning Toscano, Toscano screwing up, Toscano leaving Consejo.

Backstage, the doctor is working on Elegido's right shoulder. He's in some pain. Elegido, not the doctor. Toscano comes by to get his wrist checked, but he's told to come back later. Elegido stops Toscano, says he saw what Toscano did after his match, notes they're both from Monterrey, and offers him his card. THIS IS A BAD IDEA, TOSCANO. Toscano takes the card.

Upcoming events:

02/03: Pachuca, Hidalgo

02/18: Irapuato, Guanajuato

Match 1: Máscarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada 2000, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Chessman
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 03/18/2007

Not shown complete due to problems recording. I think this was good? I seem to remember it was good. I guess I could look at my recap. Now I have, and it's not very good. Not the match, the recap. This was early on for Divina and Charly, but far enough on that I was bored with Charly and Divina just doing spots with each other. This was followed by an Espantapajaros I, Ghefar, Policeman, Toxico vs Aero Star, Jesse, Nemesis AAA, Orion match off all things. I still don't understand why they have the giant frame around this.

Match 2: Billy Boy vs Gran Apache for the hair
Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, 03/18/2007

Seen it. It was good! Maybe Great in the scheme I'm using now.

Match 3: Cuervo, Fabi Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Halloween, Mari Apache, Polvo de Estrellas
Unidad Deportiva Acapulco, Guerrero, 12/21/2012

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:19
Rating: okay
Notes: Entrances because they're in no hurry. Tag champs come out to Mari's music, wearing the belts, and with Hijo de Tirantes. Jesus announces Mari's sister as 'Dark Fabi', even though she's not wearing the facepaint or anything. Jesus is hard to figure. Halloween demands the microphone to ask where the Perros are. That established, Halloween notes how romantic Acapulco is, and sings a song to his little pumpkin. Pimpi saves us all from more by kissing Halloween.

Cuevo and Mari start, and Cuervo is lucky to keep it even. Halloween tags in after one armdrag. I guess the idea is Cuervo and Fabi have matching gear? I just now realized that, and Fabi's had this gear for a couple tapings. Fabi ties up Halloween on the ground, and pulls him around by his head. Rolling armdrags don’t work right, and Halloween is able to take Fabi down, but Fabi armdrags him away better this time. Zero pin standoff, Halloween pratfalling instead of standing off, and Fabi kicking him in the head. Pólvora runs into attack, and the rudos takes over in two minuets. Polvo is no longer wearing the body suit, but maybe more a jump suit. We're all getting old. Rudos chop around Pimpi and dropkick her backside. Fabi's thrown around by her hair. Halloween gives her a big spinning slam. Cuervo this everyone, and slides Halloween almost out – out enough for Pimpi to try and kiss him. Halloween begs off, so Pimpi just drops him on the floor. Técnicos brawl for a few seconds, and annoy Tirantes for many seconds longer. Match resumes, Mari big booting Cuervo. Whip, clothesline misses, Cuervo spinning armdrag. Halloween waits for Cuervo to turn back around, and superkicks him. Low rider strut. Halloween chops Cuervo into the corner, corner whip, reversed, Cuervo throws Halloween down by the back of his neck. Corner whip, Cuervo charges in, Halloween flips him to the apron, Cuervo slaps Halloween back, and Fabi comes in to replace him with a top rope headscissors. Mari cuts off Fabi with a big boot. Pimpi leads the cheers, but the crowd isn't much reacting. Fabi back with a few armdrags, and a headscissors sends Mari stumbling out. Fabi runs, and gives Tirantes a casadora armdrag for no reason. Even that doesn’t get the usual reaction, but maybe because it came out of completely nowhere. Exoticos fight for a few seconds before Cuervo feels like getting involved, and it turns it into a slap fight. Halloween runs into Pimpi's backside, then Pimpi walks off his his back to armdrag Polvo. Mari's double clotheslined by mistake, Pimpi screams as he runs around and rebound armdrags the the men. Pimpi spanks Mari, Mari turns around and sees Halloween, decides he must've done it and slaps him, Halloween swings at Tirantes, Tirantes ducks and argues with Halloween, Pimpi kisses Tirantes. Crowd actually reacted to that. Pimpi barely avoids being caught in the ropes on a tope to Polvo. Fabi 'rana on Mari, one two NO. Fabi headscissors Mari out, tease a whip, and Halloween spears her out of nowhere. Halloween struts. Cuervo, showing no particular anger, ducks a clothesline and DDTs Halloween. One two no. Cuervo ducks and DDTs Halloween again, but then just look around. Doesn't seem that mad about Fabi being hurt. Both guys battle back and forth on wristlocks, Halloween shoves Cuervo to the ropes, both stand there with their heads ducked in, someone off camera hits Halloween with a chair. I guess it was Mari by accident, but that was not well timed and not well shot. Cuervo cradles Halloween for three. Mari freaks out, and it looked like her wrist tape, so that solves that mystery.

Replay also misses the chair shot. Strong work.

Konnan (wearing a Perros del Mal shirt) tells Perro Jr. (with Psicosis and Taya) that it was a great year for Perros del Mal. Perrito won Rey de Reyes, they're the best faction in lucha libre. Perro credits his man Halloween, who is now wearing a straw hat, drinking what must be a fruity drink, and pointing to his mixed tag team title. Taya is all over Perro. Psicosis says he finished Joe Lider at TripleMania and shoots off his stapler. Konnan points out the first Perra del Mal. Perro says they have the best women and the best luchador. Someone remembers they also have the cruiserweight champion (not pictured.) Konnan notes they've eliminated their enemies. Chessman took care of Vampiro (with help from Konnan, Konnan points out) and Jeff Jarrett took LA Park's mask. There's just one more to go – Konnan's dream is to get rid of Cibernético. Perro Jr. says they'll get rid of that naco Cibernético in 2013.

Match 4: Cibernético, El Mesías, La Parka vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Psicosis
Unidad Deportiva Acapulco, Guerrero, 12/21/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 14:48
Rating: ok
Notes: Poor Chessman, not invited to stand around and make dog noises. Psicosis has his own music? He also has his staplers. He must have a lot fo those. Piero is the referee. Psicosis is announced as Nicho el Millionario, even though the gimmick is he's Psicosis. Taya is with Perro. Cibernético really hopes they put in a ramp in 2013. Cibernético tries to get in the ring with the Perros standing there, but that's not going to work. Mesías' beard is huge. Parka is last, and the rudos rush out of the ring to attack the tecnicos when he gets to ringside.

Rudos beat up the técnicos with chairs for about three and a half minutes. Crowd is way behind the rudos, who try to antagonize the crowd anyway. Crowd is loudest they've been all night, anyway. Piero watches people hit each other with chairs, but won't let Cibernético come in without a tag. Priorities. Chessman and Psicosis finally just straight goof around punching Parka until Parka makes his comeback. Perro runs from Cibernético a lot, leaving the other two tao take the beating. Replays of chair shots to the back. People are yelling directly into the microphone, and I'd guess the sound levels might have been messed with. Match settles down enough for Cibernético to go thru the lesser rudos,. He doesn't get a hand on Perro, but chessman punches him by mistake, and Perro goes into a mad rage on Chessman. Perro settles down, only to be hit again by mistake. Cibernético clears the ring, then Mesías and Parka get their offense in, but I've lost interest and it's about the same thing they do every match. Parka topes Chessman to end his bit, then then somehow tumbles over the barricade. Mesías planchas Cibernético and Perro. Perro and Cibernético are left, though Taya jumps in as soon as Perro is in trouble. She gets her trunks pulled and spanked by Cibernético, then Perro dropkicks her by mistake. Perro misses a corner charge, Cibernético clotheslines him, chokeslams him (badly) and pins him for the clean three.

Show recap and they're done.