CMLL on Televisa #1138 (01/26/2013) 
Recapped: 01/27/13

Match 1: Pegasso ©, Starman, Stigma vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro ©, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 01/18/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:40
Rating: eh
Notes: Show starts with the whistle, and there seems to be an early clip. Edgar, shirt tucked in, is the referee. Isis is at ringside, but not shown until the second fall and not really ackowledged by the announcers.

1: Pairs are Pegasso/Nitro, Starman/Arkangel,

Nitro's gained some weight, or just hasn't been able to work out because of his knee. Those two are in brief, or only shown briefly. Arkangel is wearing a mask with his original look. Tuareg all have new gear. Arkangel works the arm, Starman armdrags out and armdrags him around, then leads Arkangel into a kick to Skándalo. Rudos get it together long enough for a corner whip to backfire, but then the técnicos chop Starman may by mistake. Pegasso & Stigma are wiped into each other, turn it around and give Arkangel & Skandalo 'ranas for two. Crowd is not reacting to this match. Tecnicos dropkick the rudos out in stereo and run for topes, but Nitro cuts them off with a double clothesline (or they just run into his arms, Nitro barely moving.) Starman planchas Nitro. Nitro gets up right away, kicks Starman, slaps him in the back, calls for something, and gets lifted up into Starman's Schwein. That's that. Crowd does react, booing the técnicos.

2: Stigma gets in some offense on Nitro. Pegasso headscissors Skándalo around. Starman slingshot rolls right into an Arkangel clothesline. Starman comes with monkey flips and armdrags. Ad for the debuting new guy lists him as “Thunder”, so there we go. Stigma pulls off the running front flip and an enziguri on Arkangel, but Skándalo sneaks in to take him down. Dropkick to the knee, bridging inverted chinlock, dropkick to the face combo on the Puebla youngster. Pegasso takes the low blow dropkick in the ropes, so different than the one in the corner. That one's saved for Starman. Nitro gets in the second rope version on Pegasso. Arkangel sits down on top of Pegasso for the pin, then picks him up before three. Nitro does a little with Pegasso and throws him out. Low blow elbow drop for Starman, and that's finally enough for a pin. Rudos go to celebrate, unaware or uncaring that Pegasso is the captain. Isis even comes in to celebrate. Edgar gamely tries to count out Pegasso while alerting everyone the situation. Pegasso decides to come back in, and gets dropped on his head by Skandalo's other piledriver. Should've taken the countout!

3: Nitro batters Stigma with chops and punches, then just shoves him over. Whip, big kick to the face. Skándalo gets in another questionable dropkick on Starman. Stigma flips and causes Nitro to hit Arkangel by mistake. Skándalo sends him out, but Starman causes more rudo bumbling. All three end up line on the mat for a Stigma springboard splash, with the other técnicos piling on top, but the rudos all kick out. Stigma tries to chop Arkangel down, but Arkangel hits him once and tosses him out of the ring. Arkangel keeps him out while Starman runs into Skandalo's finish and Nitro submits Pegasso. Skándalo teases his finish a while, so it doesn't really count by the time he does it.

Announcers stand up includes an odd (but probably mandated) plug for Televisa Deportes Network,, W Radio and SKY.


CMLL Cartela – Sunday @ Arena Coliseo: Mascara Dorada, Valiente, Shocker vs Los Revolucionarios

CMLL Cartela – Monday @ Arena Puebla: Thunder debuts w/Rush, La Mascara vs Mephisto, Averno, and Terrible.

Match 2: Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Puma in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 01/18/2013

Winner: Guerrero Maya Jr.
Match Time: 6:57
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

Maya does a neat bit of trapping Puma's arm behind his leg, but misses with a senton and Puma covers for two. Maya armdrags Puma, Puma takes back control, and Maya spins his arm until he armdrags him. Maya spins before delivering a hiptoss, which is delightfully ridiculous. Chop battle is even, then they both run off the ropes and hit each with planchas. Maya armdrags Puma out, runs, and easily hits the tope con giro thru the ropes. Maya was going like 75% speed there, so his feet only hit the barricade instead of crashing into the front row. Also, it was to the right side, so more distance. Maya makes it first, but lets Puma in first. Chop battle turns to a punch battle quick. Maya shoulderblocks Puma, but Puma pulls him down by the mask, dropkicks him, and stomps on him a bit. Puma stares out at the crowd while Maya recovers. Corner whip, Puma superkick knocks Maya back into the corner. Corner whip, Maya moves, Puma throws himself to the apron and clotheslines Maya from there. Slingshot dropkick in looks nice. Puma covers for two. Crowd has a slight chant for Puma. Whip, reversed, Maya spins around while delivering a quebradora. Two count. Evasion, Maya flips over Puma's back for an armdrag. Maya walk up the ropes armdrag, no Puma shoves him off, but Puma runs into backdrop anyway. Two count. Maya rebound hiptoss is shrugged off, Maya rolls back, Puma up kick superkick combo knocks the gum from Puma's mouth and sends him clear for the ring. Puma tope con giro to the floor! Nice one. Nice pants on Alexis too, looks like he stole them from Magnifico's Bret Hart collection. Corner whip, reversed, Puma goes in chest first then gets knocked in hard by Puma's running double knees. One two Puma grabs the bottom rope. Maya off the ropes, Puma tosses him up, lets him drop, and puts on casita one two NO. Puma signals for a chant, which does come. Maya heel kicks him as he turns around. Suplex. Senton! One two NO. Puma off the ropes, under, dropkicking Maya in the his backside. Puma puts on the Felino four – referee counting Maya down while Puma was putting on the hold, because the referee is not good – but too close to the ropes and Maya grabs them without a long struggle. Puma is very annoyed and argues about the call. Whip, Puma tosses Maya up, big powerbomb one two shoved off. Both slow up, Puma's clothesline blocked, and Maya turns int into the inverted suástica! Puma's done, Maya wins.

Miguel calls the move Sacrifica Maya. You can not call every move Guerrero Maya does the Sacrifica Maya, that's not going to work.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico: Marco, Sombra, Atlantis vs Peste Negra

Match 3: Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas vs Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone ©, Shocker
Arena Mexico, 01/18/2013

  1. Peste Negra

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:48
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Babe Richard. Monito is with the técnicos, Zacarias is with the rudos.

1: Crowd is crazy loud for Marco and his weird beard. He and Niebla have a pose off, and Marco is actually more over (and more booed.) Marco does his dance move a lot, but he and Niebla don't get in many more moves. Test of strength and punch spot is fun. Shocker and Negro start off even, then Shocker hiptosses Negro into bailing. Niebla comes back in, so Marcos comes in to dance with him. Chop vs punch battle end quickly and badly for Marco, but Marco makes the mistake of chasing Niebla out and gets beat up on the ramp. Niebla's all happy when he's got Marco down and goes back to the ring to celebrate – so of course Marco Aero Italiano him. Niebla is able to roll thru, and hangs on top for the three. Felino and Azul didn't get in, as far as we saw. Rudos try to celebrate and slip on the ropes instead.

2: Azul, who has new pants, drags Negro around bin a headlock. Negro comes back with strikes, but then runs into a belly to belly suplex. Negro takes down Azul with an armscissors. Azul fights it, lifts him up with one arm, and powerbombs Negro. Azul choke throws Negro across the ring, then quebradoras Felino two times and superkicks him. Niebla clotheslines Azul and does his dance. Spit is – not caught! Niebla kisses Negro, who faints, hang then Azul slaps him down the corner for the corner senton. Zacarias tries attacking, and Azul throws him by his neck. Rudos check on a woozy Zacarias and recover while Shocker waits. Felino strips, then Negro tries chopping Shocker, but Shocker just no-sells it. Shocker fights back with chops and forearms, then runs over Negro with a shoulderblock one two Felino breaks it up. Shocker gets the best of both Casas with their own bumbling. Negro tries biting Marco's leg – ducking his punch and running seems to work better. Marco chases Negro about, gets kicked and kneed low, but pulls Negro around by his hair. Punch, suplex in. Loud mixed reaction to Marco posing. Felino tries a sunset flip and regrets, but begs off from the punch. Felino tastes Marco's armpit, then gets punched out anyway. Niebla chops Marco, Marco is unmoved. Marco punches Niebla, Niebla is moved, Niebla flips Marco to the apron, and this time the Aero Italiano works as intended.

3: Niebla slams Shocker and Zacarias gets in a middle rope dropkick to the face. Casas brother shoulderblock Shocker out of the ring, then batter Azul with kicks and headbutt him. Marco comes back with the leapfrogs, and the técnicos all get the better of a brawl with the rudos. Niebla tries walking the ropes again, but make is it no steps before crotching him. Zacarias tries to make the save, Marco crotches him next to Niebla, punches Niebla, and Niebla takes them both to the floor. Azul wipes out Niebla with a big tope. Shocker submits Felino. Negro goes after Marco with punch and kicks, but Marco pulls him back into a Mark of Excellence, and that's it.


Thunder vignette.