CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #338 (01/26/2013) 
Recapped: 01/27/13

Rey Bucanero and JCR welcome us to the show and introduce the matches. JCC joins later.

Match 1: Fuego, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. © vs Namajague ©, Vangelis, Virus
Arena Mexico, 01/18/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:30
Rating: very good
Notes: Fuego has his shoulder brace. Everyone uses the side entrances. Namajague is last out, and Stuka tries to attack him on the apron, but Namajague backs off. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Stuka wants to start with Namajague, so Namajague takes off again. Virus and Rey Cometa start off – then break.

Cometa has Virus in a facelock when they return. They battle on the mat for a while, with Cometa having to get his shoulders up while applying a headscissors from the mat. Virus pulls off a bridging pin which almost gets Cometa, then they exchange cradles for a moment before getting to the face off. Bucanero praises Fuego for working thru the injury. I'm not sure he has a choice. He and Vangelis trade holds, Vangelis not afraid to armbar the bar arm. Fuego comes back with armdrags and headscissors. Namajague is very upset when he realizes he's got to face Stuka, ut manages to spinebuster him and stomp his rival. Namajague signs he's going for the mask, then works at untying it. He doesn't get far before he's warned, but Virus and Vangelis help by distracting the ref to give Namajague some more untying time. Namajague batters Stuka with chops in the corner, but Stuka comes back with his own. They go back and forth fiercely until Namajague sneaks in a kick. Whip, flipping run by Stuka, and headscissors to send Namajague out. Virus kicks Stuka down, Cometa rolls in, gets in his own flipping urn, then barely pulls off a headscissors on Virus. Virus flips him to the apron, charge, kick misses, Cometa swing kick does not. Cometa shoves Vangelis away from the corner and comes in with a top rope tornillo. Vangelis in, wheel kick connects to Cometa's face, but Fuego dropkicks him. Fuego off the ropes, flipping urn, back bend under a dropkick, Salsa dance, slight jumping shoulderblock, and then a springboard tope reverse one two no. He didn't get all off that. Whip, evasion, Fuego rolls backwards int on an armdrag to send Vangelis out. Namajague slaps Fuego to stop that and send Fuego out. Stuka back in and swinging Namajague ducks under, inside cradle, Stuka rolls thru, and Namajague kick and he pulls Stuka's mask off! Namajague is very happy with himself.

Virus and Vangelis converse with the referee; I'm not sure what they could be arguing, and they may just want to back him away from Stuka, because all the rudos end up stomping Stuka. Cometa rushes in to pushed him away and cover up, Stuka, bu they all just stomp him for a while and Virus throws Cometa out by his hair. Fuego tries to help his friend, but Virus kicks him right back out. Vangelis puts on the Stuka mask backwards, but it doesn't fit.

2: Rudos are still stomping the técnicos, and Namajague has kept the Stuka mask. Stuka rolls around on the ramp, covering his face while getting stomped. Namajague forearms him in the direction of the stage, and Stuka goes backstage to get a new mask. Meanwhile, Virus gives Cometa a big layout front suplex for two. Namajague nails Cometa with a back elbow for a two count, Cometa getting the ropes. Cometa takes Namajague's double chop. Fuego, the only other técnico left for the moment, tags in but takes Vangelis' clothesline. Leaping corner clothesline by Vangelis, and an inverted powerslam for two. He's no Pólvora. Virus slaps Fuego on the back. Fuego rolls in pain towards his corner for a tag, but no one's there! I guess Cometa is on the floor. Whip, Virus chop block and dropkick to the face. Virus cover for two. Cometa comes in without a legal tag, and Bestia Negra distracts Cometa into being attacked by Namajague. Namajague has stuffed the Stuka mask in to the back of his pants! Namajague chops Cometa around. Stuka returns, leaping and rolling into the ring only for Namajague to right away clothesline him. Namajague immediately rises up Stuka's new mask! Rudos stomp Stuka, but he ducks a double clothesline and dropkicks Vangelis out. Namajague drops Virus by his mistake, and Stuka springboard armdrags out his rival,. Namajague stumbles around on the outside, and Stuka kills him with a tope. Back inside, Cometa flips around but gets laid out by a well timed Vangelis spear. Two count, somehow. Cometa torito takes them both into the ropes, so Cometa angrily slaps Vangelis on the backside. Cometa springboard flip meets Vangelis counter dropkick one two NO. I didn't know how Cometa is kicking out here. Cometa charges Vangelis, Vangelis catches him and puts Cometa on the top rope, slap by Vangelis but bodyscissors by Cometa to pull them both out. Virus clothesline Fuego for a near fall, misses a clothesline, and Fuego knocks him over with a quebrada one two NO. Fuego headscissors cradle, still two. Fuego inside cradle, no Virus reverses it to the Skayde Special one two NO. Virus chest slaps Fuego, corner charge, Fuego moves and Virus hits the corner hard. Virus flip Fuego to the apron, Fuego slaps him away and comes in with a springboard plancha. Fuego stops to argue the count. Shoulderblock, back off the ropes, Vangelis trips up and pulls Fuego out. Vangelis holds Fuego for a Virus dropkick, but Fuego moves and Vangelis gets knocked down. Cometa dropkicks Virus out, and Fuego and Cometa comes back in – big tope con giros. Namajague in with a plancha on Stuka, Stuka shoves him of before a count could be made. Namajague kicks caught, dropped in to splits and knocked over with a kick to the face. Stuka up top – torpedo plash! Stuka almost did a headstand on the bounce. One two three.

Replay shows Stuka did pretty much do a headstand.

Match 2: Blue Panther ©, Super Porky, Valiente vs Averno, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Mexico, 01/18/2013

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:43
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

1: Pairs are Valiente/Niebla Roja, Super Porky/Averno, and theoretically Panther/UG, but UG brings in his partners to group stomp Stuka. UG then immediately misses a corner charge, taking the knee bump out, and Panther topes him on the outside. Panther comes back in to celebrates, UG is right behind him, Panther grabs his arm and submits him with an elbow lock.

2: Valiente goes on run with a lot of armdrags and a few hops. Panther gets the best of Averno with side headscissors and a front backbreaker. Crowd is really excited to see Ultimo Guerrero vs Super Porky, and UG knocks Porky over right away with a shoulderblock. Porky comes back with a little bit of his usual. Rudos randomly take over to give Panther the boosted sit on the outside; announcers points out to Bucanero (and us) that's the move that caused his current knee injury. UG dodges Porky's sit and Niebla dropkicks him over for the pin, while Averno finishes Valiente.

3: Rudos have trouble with a drop toe hold/legdrop bit on Panther, then the técnicos have trouble with a legal tag. Porky's stomach starts the comeback, with everyone taking out everyone else. Panther goes for UG's mask, until Niebla Roja breaks it up, then Valiente headscissors out Niebla Roja. Valiente Tope wipes both of them out. Averno fires up, the runs right into Porky's stomach and goes out. Porky tease the Asai again and just does a plancha instead. Panther and UG left into finish it,. They seem to be lost at the first moment, then UG scoops up Panther into an inverted Gori Special and spins until he gets the win.

Highlight reel and that's it.