CMLL on CadenaTres #269 (01/26/2013)
Recapped: 01/27/2013

Announcers welcome us to the show and preview the top matches. No Bucanero this week.

Match 1: Dark Angel, Lady Afrodita, Marcela vs La Comandante, Tiffany, Zeuxis
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2013

  1. rudas

  2. técnicas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 14:27
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Marcela puts Zeuxis in holds to start the fall, rudas keep breaking it them up, and then just take over the fall and beat up the técnicas for a few minutes. Lady Afrodita has new gear, and seems to find out it's hard to keep her pants up while wrestling in them. Zeuxis gives her a good front cracker with help from Comandante. Marcela takes Comandante's giant swing, Comandante getting her high off the mat. Comandante chokeslams Afrodita, then drags her in position for Zeuxis' finish. Maybe not the greatest position, because Zeuxis just kills her. Tiffany beats Marcela, then just kicks Afrodita in the face as she's being checked on.

2: Afrodita does continue, just to be humiliated by Tiffany some. Comandante squashes her in the corner. Rudas aren't as interesting with Dark Angel, and she gets the better of a two on one to start the weird comeback. Afrodita leaps at Tiffany and Zeuxis, is caught, and Dark Angel dropkicks them all over. Comandante misses a clothesline and runs into a Marcela dropkick. Lesser técnicas get submissions for the win.

3: Tiffany gives Afrodita a sit down faceslam, but Afrodita comes back with less than great offense. One legged dropkick! Comandante squashes Marcela until Marcela gets in a missile dropkick. Springboard double knee drop sends the ruda out. Dark Angel and Zeuxis fast, and Dark Angel traps Zeuxis in a hold until the rudas break it up. Zeuxis knocks Marcela over with her run by kick and poses on top for a two count. Marcela bridging double arm suplex back for two, and her high speed dropkick to the face sends Zeuxis tumbling thru the ropes and out. Marcela headscissors Comandante out and goes for a dive, but Tiffany pulls her out before she can. Afrodita is late landing her plancha on Tiffany. Casadora cradle is slow one two NO. Afrodita blows some spot, and then Tiffany gives up and takes over – cristo slam variation. Afrodita rolls out, Tiffany kicking her way. Tiffany looks the wrong way and Dark Angel rolls her up. Tiffany rolls thru, but Dark Angel slams her and tags in Marcela for the double stomp, but Comandante breaks it up, attacking Dark Angel. Tiffany snap mare and pulls her over for the inverted crucifix bomb as Comandante puts on her inverted campana. Pompin calls that pin and doesn’t count Marcela down, even though she's captain – Tiffany shoves him for that. Tiffany gets her arm raised, then punches Marcela bit too.

Thunder vignette #1

Match 2: Delta, Felino, La Máscara, Mephisto, Mr. Águila, Rey Escorpión, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr.,  Atlantis, Blue Panther, Diamante, Euforia, Máximo, Morphosis, Psicosis, Sagrado  in a seeding battle royal
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2013

  1. Sagrado out (by Rey Escorpion) (1:39)

  2. Blue Panther out (by Psicosis) (1:47)
  3. Euforia out (by Atlantis) (2:03)
  4. Máximo out (by Mr. Aguila) (2:29)
  5. Morphosis out (by Diamante) (2:43)
  6. Diamante out (by Rey Escorpion) (2:53)
  7. Atlantis out (by Psicosis) (2:59)
  8. Psicosis out (by Atlantis) (2:59)

Winner: no one. No one wins a seeding battle royal.
Match Time: 2:59
Rating: dumb
Notes: Bestia Negra and Pompin is in the ring for god knows what reason. What possible call does they have to make? The match ends when there are eight people outside the ring, there's nothing to call inside the ring. Terror Chino turns out to be the third referee, smart enough to be outside the ring already.

Everyone fights in a small space. Pompin gets squashed by Máximo & Volador fighting (not by accident) and decides he's had enough of this, making him the first elimination of this match. Bestia Negra just wanders the rings, telling people to get off the ropes in a battle royal. What a goofball. He's the only one moving about, as everyone else just stands near the ropes and pretends to be trying to get them out. Bestia Negra warns Delta for choking, then wanders over to talk to Blue Panther. Blue Panther is busy, fool. Sagrado out first, and then they start going over every 15-20 seconds from there. Not sure breaking out new gear is a great idea for a match with 15 other people, Diamante. CMLL seems to be allowing Diamante and Diamante Azul (Televisa) to wear something other than the clone gear this week. Atlantis takes himself and Psicosis out with a bodyscissors, and that's that. Everyone keeps fighting because no one knows the rules of their match (or Rey Escorpion and La Mascara just have a lot hatred in their heart, I guess.)

Match 3: Delta, Felino, La Máscara, Mephisto, Mr. Águila, Rey Escorpión, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. vs Atlantis, Blue Panther, Diamante, Euforia, Máximo, Morphosis, Psicosis, Sagrado to determine the finalists for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2013

  1. Delta grounded crucifix Sagrado (4:27)

  2. Morphosis casita Felino (5:49)
  3. Rey Escorpion 'rana Atlantis (6:52)
  4. Euforia Nirvanalock Delta (8:15)
  5. Blue Panther farmer's roll Mephisto (9:29)
  6. Mr. Aguila quebrada Morphosis (9:56)
  7. Stuka torpedo splash Diamante (10:56)
  8. Volador backcracker Blue Panther (11:56)
  9. Máximo kiss of death Mr. Aguila (12:43)
  10. Máximo double pin Stuka (13:08)
  11. Stuka double pin Máximo (13:08)
  12. La Mascara campana Psicosis (14:22)
  13. Volador top rope 'rana La Mascara (16:36)
  14. DQ Euforia [low blow on Rey Escorpion] (19:24)

Winner: Rey Escorpion & Volador
Match Time: 19:24
Rating: okay
Notes: Sides are up there, but to make it clear

A: Sagrado, Blue Panther, Euforia, Máximo, Morphosis, Diamante, Atlantis, Psicosis
B: Delta, Felino, La Mascara, Mephisto, Mr. Aguila, Rey Escorpion, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr.

Takes a bit of time to get the teams settled. Rey Escorpion seems to exist to cause tension for his team. Panther and Felino get going while the argument is still going. Felino is in serious mode and battles Panther to a draw. Atlantis and Mephisto are next in, but not for more than a single armdrag. Atlantis thinks about a dive, but Mephisto comes back in helpful. Mephisto misses a corner charge and takes Atlantis' monkey flips. He's getting that in early. Tags to Psicosis and La Mascara. They go fast but equal. Mascara is a little faster, but Psicosis kicks him instead of facing off, so he wins in my book. Máscara comes back with a headscissors to send Psicosis out on his team's side, follows with his tope, and gets attacked by the rudos on Team A. Mascara gets away pretty quick. Diamante and Escorpion chop fight in the ring. Diamante shoulderblock, off the ropes, and into a hard Escorpion clothesline. Escorpion celebrates and kicks at Team A. Calling a spot! Corner whip, Diamante kicks Escorpion as he comes in, charge out, and Diamante flips out of a monkey flip to land on his feet. Clothesline ducks, and Diamante with a jumping sort of leg drag. Escorpion out camera side, and Diamante surprises everyone with a tope con giro into him. Máximo and Volador in, Volador not happy for this. Máximo goes for the kiss quick, seems like they get lost for a second but just keep going, and Máximo pulls off the double springboard headscissors and a big shoulder first tope into Volador. Delta and Sagrado pick up for the first técnico vs técnico match up. Evasion spots end with a big Sagrado kicks to the face. Fans have no idea which man to boo! Corner whip, another Sagrado big boot. Sagrado wants to be cheered, but then he's wanted that for years to no avail. Break.

Sagrado's got Delta set up for a springboard (ropes, not corner) moonsault, and actually lands it. One two NO. Sagrado argues the count, and gets pulled into a grounded crucifix one two NO. Delta clothesline misses, and he runs into Sagrado's quebradora. Bestia Negra gets in the middle - and says he's out. I have to go back to figure this out, but Bestia Negra counted three on Delta's pinfall, even though Sagrado clearly kicked out at two. Bestia Negra did this because he was way out of position, behind Delta, and couldn't possibly see Sagrado's shoulders, and because he was looking straight down at the mat anyway and couldn't see much of anything. This is clearly a screw up. Sagrado is ticked enough to argue this in the ring for about 15 seconds, and longer outside the ring. 1 down.

Euforia keeps the match going by running in and kicking Delta in the shoulder. Stuka comes in to face him – first time both guys are in, which is another tip off that Sagrado shouldn't be eliminated yet, since those traditionally don't happen until everyone's been in once. Stuka takes a monkey flip off the ropes and rolls back the other way, then springboard flip armdrags Euforia out. Stuka tope nails Euforia into the barricade. Rey Escorpion stomps Stuka, even though they're on the same team! Morphosis and Felino in. Actually, maybe Histeria and Felino, because now that we get our first real look at him tonight, he's back in the Histeria mask or something very close to it. Evasion, Felino dropkick to the knee, casita, Mephisto shoves him off, dropkick to the knee, casita by Morphosis one two three. Wow, Morphosis actually beat someone! 2 down.

Aguila, last guy in, boots Blue Panther in the chest. Another kicks misses, Panther shrugs him off the ropes, clothesline him, and pulls him back up. Corner whip, reversed, Panther to the middle rope and off with a plancha. Aguila kicks Panther back, charge in with a kick misses when Panther drops down, and tumbles out. Escorpion in, and Atlantis tags in Rey Escorpion. Escorpion not happy. Escorpion takedown, evasion, Atlantis monkey flip. Atlantis another monkey flip – he's just giving them out like candy, though Escorpion didn't go that far on the last one. Quebradora by Atlantis, 'rana, Escorpion rolls thru one two three! Rey Escorpion is thrilled. 3 down, 11 more to go, and Escorpion already has a big win.

Delta and Psicosis evade, though it's mostly Delta does the running. Walk up the ropes flipping armdrag sends the rudo out. Euforia rushes in, but gets tripped up by Delta. Delta boot rope moonsault, middle rope moonsault, top rope moonsault – gets Euforia's legs. Don't know how he survived the first two ones to hit him on the third. Whip, reversed, Delta clotheslines Euforia. Lots of sudden surges of strength here. Delta and Euforia lose each other for a second, then both the next post they try. Euforia just runs Delta into one corner, then runs him all the way to the opposite corner chest first, to pull him back into the Nirvanalock, though Delta his all sorts of problem with this. Bad 30 seconds for Delta. 4 down, 10 to go.

Máximo and Mascara are already in and facing off before Delta and Euforia have a chance to leave. Evasion includes a Máximo cartwheel ands ends with a Máximo hiptoss. Double jump butt bump, Máximo off the ropes, clothesline misses, Mascara superkick. Another one of those fast recovery times! Mephisto and Volador rush in and attack Mascara, which is extra notable because they're all on the same team. Double whip, double rebound hiptoss faceslam, and boo tout. Mephisto stays in to face Panther,but quickly gets caught by an elbow drop. Mephisto chops Panther back in the corner, corner whips are reversed, Panther push off headscissors, then the fireman's roll. Panther holds him in one place enough to get the pin. 5 down, 9 to go (and 2 to be left in the end, in case the math isn't making sense.)

Mr. Aguila and Morphosis in. Invasors vs Invasors! Morphosis misses a dropkick, reversals end with an eh Aguila quebradora. Aguila jumping heel kick, quebrada one two three. This time, Bestia Negra is in the right place, but looking down, so he doesn't notice Mr. Aguila has Morphosis so far off the mat that his he can put his arm under Morphosis's right shoulder. Morphosis is laying on his side, more or less. 6 down, 8 to go.

Diamante and Stuka in next. Diamante springboard moonsault bodyblock almost goes over Stuka and doesn't impact him much. Stuka stops moving and just watching watching Diamante sling himself to the apron, . Diamante slaps Stuka back when he approaches, big springboard plancha one two kickout. Stuka grabs the ropes on a whip, and flips Diamante to the apron, where Diamante cranks Stuka's neck over the top rope. Diamante can't do anything but springboard right now, so springboard 450 – misses, Stuka moves. Stuka drops Diamante in position and heads up. Torpedo splash, one two three. 7 down, 7 to go.

Stuka reaches to tag Volador, but Volador is already standing in the ring, and Volador has a definite “don't touch me” vibe. Stuka thinks better of it. Máximo in to face him again. Crowd chants for Máximo, the most they've been in the crowd. Volador spits at someone off camera – ah, Blue Panther, so he's coming in instead. Good way of getting out of facing Máximo. Lots of crowd shots, not a lot of action suddenly. Off the ropes, Volador flipping run, Panther quebradoras him twice anyway. Panther tries the armbar, Volador rolls away and superkicks Panther. Panther does go around, but staggers, so Volador gives him the backcracker. One two three. Last 3 eliminations have all been exactly 1 minute apart, which is weird. Even if they're a second off, tells you how fast this match is moving right now. 8 down, 6 to go, and these are the teams remaining

A: Euforia, Máximo, Psicosis
B: La Mascara, Mr. Aguila, Rey Escorpion, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr.

It's rare to see them this unbalanced, and it's a motley trio remaining for Team A.

Máximo comes back in to face Mr. Aguila. Remember when these guys had a hair feud for about two weeks? Máximo goes for the kiss, Aguila breaks free but misses his big kick, Máximo inside cradle for two. Máximo blocks everything and goes for the kiss, but Mr. . Aguila small packages him, one two NO. Máximo and Aguila seem lost for a second, then Aguila picks up Máximo in an – well, announcers go with suástica variant, but it's kind of a reinera variant to me, if you were holding the victim in front of you but still had him facing out. Aguila doesn't spin. It doesn't look much convincing, to be honest, and Aguila doesn't hold it long, though it kind seems like Máximo gives up. Anyway, Máximo kiss cradle, one two three. 9 down, 5 eliminations left.

Stuka immediately flies in with a top rope plancha on Máximo. Inside cradle, one two NO. Máximo gets in the kiss on Stuka, then tries a reverse rolling cradle with a bridge, but pins himself in the process. Referee counts one, then starts counting both all over, one two three. Stuka and Máximo are briefly confused. Máximo leaves, Psicosis ejects Stuka with a kick. 11 down, 3 eliminations to go.

La Mascara, the last técnico standing, comes in to face Psicosis. Headscissors is turned into a counter faceslam by Psicosis for two. Máscara trips up Psicosis, casita shoved off, Psicosis scoops Máscara on his shoulders and drops him for a slam. Psicosis up top, stopping to pose, then missing the senton! That looked painful. Mascara covers, one tow NO. Máscara superkicks Psicosis into the corner, charges, Psicosis lifts him up for the Psicosis Buster, Mascara breaks free somehow and throws Psicosis back in towards the center of the ring. Casadora into a campana, Psicosis is done. Boos. Who know there were all these Psicosis fans. 12 down, 2 eliminations to go.

Volador is in right away, telling Mascara he wants him – which is odd because they're definitely on the same team. Bestia Negra does not react to this, and just lets it go. Break.

Upon return, Mije is in the ring. Didn't even know he was here. He kicks at Mascara, who holds him at arms length. Máscara throws Mije by his head. Volador doesn't care much, and just has a chop fight. Volador demands to takes it outside, and Máscara takes off his shirt first. They fight other there, and Volador wants it back inside. Mascara has had enough of this man's silliness, so he's slow in - and is kicked in the head as he goes thru the ropes. Máscara recovers to swing kick Volador and superkick Rey Escorpion off the apron – Mascara superkicks Rey Escorpion off the apron a lot! - , then lands a top rope plancha on Volador. Drop toe hold, casita, Volador shrugs him off, Volador pulls him towards the center before trying his casita one two NO. Volador tries to get the crowd clapping. Volador pulls Máscara into an inverted Gori stretch, but that just allows Mascara to rolls thru to the campana. Volador breaks away just in time. Both up in opposite corners. Mascara charges, Volador flips him to the apron, Máscara battles back with a forearm, Volador battles back with a swing kick, both up top, this is bad news for La Mascara, Volador off the top rope 'rana, one two three.

Down to Euforia, Volador, and Rey Escorpion. Euforia finally comes in for his side – it's been a while, and waits for Volador to turn around. This takes some time, and Euforia never really catches him by surprise. Sunset flip, Euforia holds Volador for far longer than three because that's how long it takes for Rey Escorpion to turn in and dropkick his 'partners' by mistake. Euforia powerbombs Rey Escorpion for two, puts him in a hold, and uses him as a shield from Volador's superkick. Euforia' rana on Volador is a bad idea, but Volador rolls thru for a pin. Escorpion stops the pin at two – the one that might give him the win – to kick Volador. Escorpion is kind of a jerk. Volador and Escorpion shove each other, Euforia tries to inside cradle Volador, Volador rolls thru and superkicks Escorpion totally on purpose. Euforia escapes a Volador spot and monkey flips Rey Escorpion all the way to the floor. Volador runs, and tope con giros his partner. Euforia tells the ref to move, and topes Volador. Well, this is crazy, but it doesn't really make much sense. Euforia makes it in first, while Volador checks to see if he's bleeding under his mask. He's in next, Euforia casadora cradle one two NO. Volador stops to look at the fans. Euforia looks tagged. Volador charges, Euforia reverse waistlock into a bridging pin – are both men down? What would happen if they drew? Looks like just Volador, one two NO. Rey Escorpion looks like he realized he might as well just let the other two fight - wait, no, he just tripped up Euforia, then dropkicks Volador. Rey Escorpion starts to put on a casita, and stops until Euforia is able to push him over Volador. Euforia knocks Rey Escorpion down in the corner, and Volador gives him a running kick to the face. Euforia grabs Volador – Euforia Special! Rey Escorpion pops up and breaks up the pin. Rey Escorpion kicks Euforia in the corner, misses the charge, and Euforia tries to pull him into the Niravanalock. Volador kicks Euforia in the face before it can happen. Volador makes a motion which seems like he wants to work with Rey Escorpion now, but then turns out to be he wants to fight Rey Escorpion to settle this. No, you goofballs, you work together this week and you fight next week. Bestia Negra has given up trying to get someone out of the ring, and now is just lurching out of the ring. Volador flips out of a quebradora, Rey Escorpion points to the stage, Volador looks that way, Bestia Negra does not. He may not see Escorpion pulling Volador's mask, but he definitely sees Escorpion tossing it to Euforia. Euforia foul kicks Escorpion, and Bestia Negra calls it. A lame ending. CROWD BOOS. Hooray, the streak continues.

Euforia leaves without much of an argument. Volador and Rey Escorpion recover quick. Volador says he's proven to the fan that he's better and Rey Escorpion is just an indian, Rey Escorpion says he may be an Indian, but he [bleep] Volador's mom. Referee holds them apart, though they're not trying that hard.

History Capsule: Huracan Ramirez, Daniel Garcia. They mention that Pompin is the son of the man who came up with the character. The movie footage helps them out there. Tigre Hispano talks about Garcia in the ring.

Stellar Moments

Llave: Cameleon headscissors into an armbar on Super Comando

Novato: Soberano top rope guillotine moonsault onto Super Comando

Combination: Cometa and Fuego dives, Stuka top rope splash on Namajague

Sensacional: Guerrero Maya Jr. tope con giro into Puma.

Match 4: La Sombra, Shocker, Super Porky vs Mr. Niebla, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:32
Rating: ok
Notes: Rudos have jumped the técnicos. Pompin is referee. Zacarias is with Niebla, though out of the way early.

1: Separated brawling ends early, but Niebla seems focuses on Sombra while the Guerreros take care of the other two. Sombra and Niebla stay together while everyone else goes to their corners on their own. Niebla slaps Sombra hard in various body parts, slams him, and lands the top rope splash for three.

Replays. Niebla slaps Sombra down on the outside.

Thunder vignette #2.

2: Roja – that's his name this match, I just realized – slams Porky but wipes himself out in the process. Shocker plays to the crowd and is attacked from behind. Senton de la muerte for him. Mr. Niebla offers a handshake to Sombra, who passes. Guerreros attack Sombra from behind, though it's not totally clear Niebla needs that help. Mr. Niebla tease a mask pull, but doesn’t act on it. Whip, reverses, Sombra quebradora, he goes for the mask, rudos break it up. Niebla shoulderblocks Sombra down and he rolls out. Porky's trapped in the ropes for Niebla Roja's front flip double heel kick, which hits a lot of stomach. A lot of stomach to hit. Rudos walk Shocker around the ring,then miss the corner charge and he starts the comeback. Lots of boos for Shocker this week. Niebla stops Shocker with a slap to the face just as Porky clotheslines the other rudos. Niebla slaps Porky too, but gets hit by a Sombra springboard dropkick. Niebla out, Sombra out with a tope con giro, and he almost tips over the barrier and into the crowd. Other for our in, técnicos finish up quick.

Sombra attack Niebla and goes for his mask between falls, dropkicking him just as they go to break.

3: Niebla rolls out to get away from Sombra. Shocker does his stunner/dropkick bit with the Guerreros. Shocker and UG have a big stare down, the UG chops Shocker down. Shocker begs the fans, slows gets up, and gets slapped right down again. Shocker up a little slower this time but not backing down. Instead, he ducks, punches UG a lot, and chops him down. Lots of boos for Shocker. Shocker and UG do their trademark counter spot, and Shocker clotheslines UG to end their sequence. Sombra in, but Niebla Roja comes in to face him, and that's not the Niebla Sombra wants. Mr. Niebla is cajoled in, but leaves at the first chance, and then falls off the apron. Porky gets in his 1 on 2 offense. Back to Sombra and Niebla. Loud Niebla chant. Zacarias tries to sneak attack Sombra, and Sombra throws him around, but Niebla gets in a shot in the meantime. Corner whip, reverse, Niebla tot he middle rope, then telling Sombra to stop so he can dance. He does, Sombra joins him up there, chop fight, both slip, and both fall out of the ring. Shocker and Niebla Roja is slow paced, but Niebla Roja does a a take a big hiptoss directly to the floor. Shocker planchas onto him. Porky belly bumps UG out and planchas onto both Guerreros. Sombra and Mr. Niebla out to face finish it. Sombra armdrags, casadora – no, Niebla gets away, though almost gets his pants pulled down. No one wants that. Niebla immediately follows Sombra, and that's it.

Match 5: Terrible vs Rush for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 01/22/2013

  1. Rush escalera (3:44)

  2. Terrible Dos Caras Clutch (2:20)
  3. Terrible foul (13:41)

Winner: Terrible (2-1)
Match Time: 19:45
Rating: great
Notes: Comandante is Terrible's second. Sombra has recovered from the low blow to beat Rush's second. Rambo is commissioner. Tirantes is referee, and he and Rush are yelling at each other before they've even taking the photo. Rush gets in Terrible's face next.

1: Rush forces a chest to chest confrontation. Quick slaps lead to a Rush armdrag and armbar. To the surprise of none, fans boo Rush. They grapple for holds,, fighting for each one and trying to fight each other. It's not the normal mat battle to start the match, though they're doing the usual holds. Rush holds Terrible in a kneeling surfboard and tries a chinlock, but Terrible grabs one of the hands and turns it into a wristlock. Terrible shoves Rush away, and Rush gets in Terrible's face to slap him. Terrible licks his hand and wipes his face. Crowd is into the match. Lockup, battling waistlocks, no one can get much going on the ground, dueling light clotheslines and no one goes down. Chop fight, Rush telling Terrible to bring it and both switching to punches. Terrible off the ropes, Rush goes low to trip him up, but misses the dropkick to the head, and Terrible kicks him in the spine. Corner whip, reversed, Rush charges in, Terrible flips him to the outside, Rush slaps him back and steps in the ropes, but Terrible catches him with a kick as he comes thru. Whip, Rush kicks at Terrible, Terrible spins around and throws a punch, Rush grabs it and turns into an escalera. Terrible gives, though Rush still takes as long as he can to let go.

Thunder promo #3.

2: Rush batters Terrible with punches in the corner before he can escape it, even kicking Comandante off the apron. Terrible break free to slap him with starts a slap battle. Rush wins via headbutt. Double stomp, and invisible kick. Terrible's invisible head is getting bigger. Crowd gets on Rush, which he does not appreciate, and it gives Terrible some time to recover. Rush runs over and kicks him in the ribs before the champion can get up. Rush and Tirantes argue. Rush kicks Terrible in the chest repeatedly. Rush with big punches, knocking Terrible to the corner. Corner whip, Rush charges in to Terrible's kicks, Terrible charges out into Rush's overhead belly to belly suplex. Rush looks confident, until they start chanting at him again. Rush batters Terrible with punches as he gets up. Rush clotheslines Terrible twice, but is caught the third time, and turned into a Dos Caras clutch one two three. That catches Rush by surprise, and it caches the production team by surprise, because they cover up the pin with promos for upcoming shows.

3: Terrible knocks Rush out of the ring before he can get out of his corner. Terrible is all fired up. Terrible kicks Rush around on the outside. Sombra talks to Rush, but stays out of the way. Terrible runs Rush back first into the barricade, and kicks him in the chest a bit more. Rush thrown back in. Terrible slips thru the ropes, grabs a leg, and turns Rush over for a half crab. This is where Rush might get some sympathy, if Rush was ever sympathetic. Rush crawls towards the ropes, only for Terrible to pull him right back in the center. Terrible gives up on the hold because Rush won't give. Rush gets back to his feet and exchange slaps, but Terrible knocks him out with the off hand big slap to the head. Cover, one count! Terrible looks around as if expecting a chant. Crowd starting to get to a Terrible chant. Corner whip, Terrible charge, no one home, and Rush dropkicks Terrible out. Rush runs, big, tope, Terrible taking a big bounce into the barricade. Replay is not so good, the action hidden behind the replay graphic. Rush stomps Terrible and throws him into the barricade. Rush throws Terrible in, and has a word with Tirantes - which allows Terrible to escape! Rush goes after Terrible, kicking him and throwing him into the barricade. Stomps to the head. Rush throws Terrible back in, head first, then has a stare for the crowd before going him instead. Rush clothesline Terrible from corner to corner, then pulls him out for a bulldog. Cover, one two NO. Sombra learning the ring and talking to Rush, though it's not clear if Rush is actually listening. Rush kicks Terrible's legs out from underneath him. Rush punches Terrible in the gut again. Corner whip – Terrible is having trouble running from corner to corner and is more jogging – Rush teases the charge, but stop to spit at Terrible and slap him in the face. Rush must look around some more, because we come back from a crowd shot to see Terrible nailing him with a dropkick. Rush out, Terrible up to the top rope, top rope plancha onto Rush. Replay of the dive. Terrible rolls in to break the count, then rolls back out to grab Rush and throw him in. Terrible stumbles and drops to one knee, drained by the match. Terrible kicks (or knees) Rush in the chest a couple times, one two NO. Both men looking exhausted and you can actually believe it this time. Terrible Michinoku Driver one two NO. Corner whip, Rush gets in a corner sunset flip, Terrible reverses and grabs the middle rope one two NO. Terrible can't believe it. Sombra is livid about Terrible almost getting away with it, not that Tirantes is listening much. Terrible slaps Rush in the side of the head and fires up again. Another big slap, and Rush sinks to the mat, with only the bottom rope to hold him up. Corner whip, Terrible charges in, Rush moves, Terrible takes th hip bounce out, Rush tope con giro! Comandante runs around the ring to check on there guys. Replay of the nice dive. Rush kicks Terrible as he tries to get up, and turns him shoulder first into the barricade. A second time! Rush reaches over the barrier, grabs a drink, and just chucks it at Terrible. It's not like he threw the liquids in Terrible's face or even aimed, Rush just spiked it at Terrible's back. Sombra extorts Rush to take it in the ring, and Rush pays him no mind, stealing Sombra's towel to check out Terrible! Sombra grabs the towel back before Rush gets himself disqualified. Rush yells at Terrible, stomps him, and goes up to the middle rope. Senton, one ...two..NO. What a slow count, Sombra was freaking out about it before the kickout. That was absurd. Rush pays it no mind and double stomps Terrible. Rush signaling he's going up, which Sombra thinks this a a horrible idea. Super senton misses! Listen to Sombra! One two NO. Those are really like four or five counts, because Tirantes is counting slow and also inspecting the pin very carefully before even counting. Comandante is distraught. What's Terrible going to do? He's going up! Rush is laid out I the middle of the ring, but this seem a poor idea - and sure enough, Rush moves out of the way of Terrible's splash. Sombra and Rush talking again, and Rush might actually be listening this time. Rush up first, but only because he has the corner to fall back into. Both guys circle, drunkenly stumbling around. Chop fight, both guys barely standing on their feet with each blow. Terrible slaps Rush in the face, Rush falls to one knee but still gets in the gut punch from there. They slap each other on their knees, back and forth, sweat flying off on some of the blows. Double slap collapses spot isn't as dramatic as the Yujiro match, both guys slowly crumbling instead of falling over. Both slow up, but Rush a little after, and kicks Terrible in the chest a couple times. Rush off the ropes, but Terrible dropkick him once more one two NO. Comandante is not happy with that count. Terrible pulls Rush up, press powerbomb, feet on the ropes, one two NO! Sombra about jumped in the ring on hat one, and is very upset about the ropes again. Tirantes has no idea what his problem is. Terrible scops up Rush – announcers call the Schwein a Terrible Driver, I believe – one two NO. Terrible looks frustrated, but he's up first. Terrible goes for the Rush Driver! Rush escapes, kneelifts Terrible twice, and locks it on himself. Terrible locks it, backdrop, Rush rolls thru with a sunset flip, they both roll away. Terrible clothesline turned into Rush' own Dos Caras clutch (announcer have a proper name for this! I can't make it out!) , not as well done, one two NO and Rush shoved off onto Tirantes! Terrible wastes no time – foul kick, Tirantes recovers and quick counts one two three!

Sombra grabs Tirantes by the shirt in anger, and Tirantes swings at him. They manage to to separate from each other enough for Tirantes to raise Terrible's arm. Drink cups are thrown in the ring – can't think of the last time I saw that, not sure it happened when Terrible got his hair shaved. Terrible gets his are raised twice. A cameraman gets soaked by a thrown drink. Terrible raises his title over his head, and then points to his head. Terrible is just thrilled with life. Rush is very slow up. Tirantes is sure to be long gone. Mixed reaction to Rush, who responds by giving the crowd a rude gesture.

Announcers wrap up.