AAA on Televisa (Regional) #63 (01/20/2013)
Recapped: 01/23/2013

Previously: Consejo had problems. Psycho Circus beat the Rockers. Octagon Jr. debuted with a win. Texano won the heavyweight title. Chessman won the cage match with some help. Sociedad held all the titles.

In an AAA Classicos..

Match 1: Salsero, Super Calo, Winners vs Baby Sharon, May Flowers, Rudy Reyna
Plaza De Toros Mexico City, 04/30/1993

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:33
Rating: ok
Notes: This match is shown in a giant picture frame. I understand wanting to frame it looks better in HD, but it reduces the picture to half the normal screen size. It's highly annoying. Everyone dances in. Winners seems the most over of the group. Or maybe his music is. The técnicos are more hilarious dancers, though the exoticos should get plenty of credit as well. Referees are el Chocolate and Pepe Casas. Two referees seems odd now. Match starts ten minutes into this clip and now I realize I should've been paying more attention tot he exotico names since they look scarcely like they might today.

May and Winners have an even exchange, with Winners stopping a kiss. Sharon harasses Chocolate. Salsero just can't stop dancing. He is a man always dedicated to his gimmick. They do more than the first two, Salsero doing an interesting headscissors from the outside of the middle rope and then a big helicopter one from the mat. Super Calo also can not stop dancing. He's got the dance fever, it's very contagious. Lots of headscissors here, including a brief corner headstand one. Calo gets punched while dancing to set up some Reyna offense, but when Reyna climbs the ropes, Calo dropkick Reyna, and Reyna takes a slow bump down the ring post. That was amazing on a couple different levels. Winners randomly misses a corner charge to give May Flowers an opening, but then starts with his sown own casadora and armdrags. May takes a big bump into the ropes on a monkey flip before being sent out. Salsero has some 1 on 2 offense, which leads to all three exoticos being lead into a Super Calo plancha, and then everyone just starts plancha-ing the rudos. Dancers dance, then armdrag and dropkick to the técnicos out. Triple dive is teased, exoticos jump the barrier to escape, técnicos pose and/or dance. Exotico regroup and/or hit on the people in the front row. May dropkick Salsero, and the rudos finally get the advantage. Which is mostly Flowers holding Salsero for the rudos to slap Calo is clotheslined and top rope elbow drops by May Flowers. Winners is backdropped, elbow drops, and legdropped. Lot of drop. May seems more interested in doing moves, while his partners are content to slap and do moves where the técnicos take the bumps. There's an obvious age difference here. Winners is shoulderblocks out of the ring. Sharon slams Salsero, and may land as a top rope splash for a sure win, but Calo breaks up the pin. Calo comes in without a tag or even much of an acknowledgment, and gives May a quebradora. Crowd is thrilled. Calo does another one – it's much slower than usual, but because he purposefully holds up May to tease the backbreaker before it happens. Sharon knocks Calo out, and lets Winners take a crazy corner flip on a charge, then a hard spear to the post on another corner charge. Calo returns to dropkick out Sharon, and bowls her over with a thru the ropes tope con giro. Winners and Salsero check it out from the ring, wait for them to get up, and Winners throws Salsero into a pescado. Rudy Reyna runs the ropes exotico-like, then steps thru the ropes and plancahs the pile form the apron. Maya and Winners left, Winners gives May the hamstring bump and May lands just about on her head. That was crazy. Winners torito, May flails as she falls into it, but Winners holds on for three. Crowd is happy.

AAA Upcoming Lineup

02/03: Pachuca, Hidalgo

15 preview of the match we're about to see.

Match 2: Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Unidad Deportiva Acapulco, Guerrero, 12/21/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 7:06
Rating: good
Notes: Mini Vipers enter together. Referee is Pepe Casas.

This is a bit of a speed changefrom the last match. Dinastía runs circles around Histeria, gets a neat sunset flip for zero, rolls out on a Histeria one and dropkicks him, then standing moonsaults for a two count. Dinastía ties up Histeria, but Psicosis breaks it up, then kicks Dorada on the apron. Octagoncito comes in himself and shows off the multiple kip up. Psicosis charge Octagon, Octagoncito fireman's carry and slaps for zero. Spinning armdrag, out goes Psicosis, Octagoncito teases the dive and rolls back to the center to pose. Dorada in, with a diving headscissors on Charly. Rebound bounce armdrag into a bridging pin, but I guess Pepe Cass doesn't see it as a pin because he doesn’t count. Charly's shoulder is way off the mat, seems fair. They pause for the count that doesn't happen and get going. Dorada slaps and suplexes Charly. Dorada slaps Charly into the ropes and kicks him in the knee. Dorada whip, reversed, off the ropes, back with a headscissors and giving Charly a 'rana on his head. Well, partially took it like that too. Dorada kicks Charly in the face and hooks on a inverted figure four. These guys are moving absurdly quick, like someone sped up the footage slightly. Histeria kicks Dorada to break up the hold, the punches both técnicos on the apron to clear them out. Corner whip, double clothesline, Psicosis laying out for it far more than Charly. Octagoncito rush in to get a shot on Charly, but is dropped and stomped. Rudos all leave to pose and no one pays attention to Octagoncito, but he doesn't do much with it. Short clothesline for Octagoncito to send him out. Dinastía is dropkicked as he comes in. Forearm into the corner. Whip, Psicosis spinning side slam with Histeria flying legdrop to take him out. Replay of that to cover up a clip. Back live, Dinastía rolls out to the way of a charge, and Histeria spears the ringpost very hard. He seems to have shook up himself. Dorada cuts off Psicosis with a springboard dropkick, and Octagoncito clotheslines Charly. Octagoncito dumps Charly in the corner, but Charly goes rolls out, as do the other rudos. Another clip here? Everyone gets back to their corners really fast. Dorada springboard planchas Histeria, under a leapfrog, shoulderblocks off the ropes, rolling faceslam. Histeria misses another clothesline and takes a double rotation headscissors out. Dorada points at him, but doesn't dive. Tag to Dinastía, who walks on his hands for no real reason. Psicosis misses a dropkick and Dinastía superkicks him. Corner whip, reversed, Dinastía kip up and out, and flips for good measure, then powerslam Psicosis. Roll to a leap to the middle rope for a moonsault cover, and Histeria breaks it up with a kick. Dinastía yells like he's been stalled. Forearms, Dinastía back with a whole bunch of strikes of his own, of the ropes under a boot, back bend under a clothesline into a spinning headscissors. Charly dropkicks out Dinastía, Dorada top rope 'rana blocked, puled back up and turned into a sunset flip one two NO. Dorada kicks Charly around, who screams on every easy kick. Dorada chops Charly, corner whip, reversed, Charly yells as he charges in, and yells as his hits the post on this way out. Dorada springboard moonsault to the floor! Replay of that. Octagoncito headscissors Histeria and follows with a springboard tornillo of his own. Nice one, replay of that. Psicosis with a Wagner Driver on Dinastía, and he heads up. Dinastía recovers immediately and forearms Psicosis, then climbs up with him. Top rope Spanish fly, Dinastía sits on top one two three.

Cut to Dinastía getting the microphone. Dinastía says good night to the people, points out he beat Mini Psicosis, and asks for a shot at his minis title. Mini Psicosis doesn't have much time to react before Psicosis runs in and attacks Dinastía from behind. Dinastía is knocked down, and Psicosis goes for his mask. The other técnicos try to help out, but Mini Psicosis fights them both off. Psicosis whips Dinastía into Mini Psicosis clothesline. 4 rudos beat up the 3 técnicos for about 20 seconds, then Drago runs in for a top rope flying DDT on Psicosis. Drago poses, which is enough for the técnicos minis to fight off the rudo minis. Triple dive spot too, since they didn't get that in during the match. Drago does a big turning tornillo onto Psicosis as well. Jesus calls him “Drago Boy”, which even Andres finds weird. Mega Psicosis accepts the title match for the next show (hmmm) but he'll second his mini. Drago immediately says he'll be Dinastia's second. Replays of the match, including a springboard reverse tope by Mascarita Dorada that was definitely never shown during the match. Alas.

Upcoming Events.

Backstage, Toscano is all positive, but Texano warns no more mistake. Toscano reminds them he started Consejo, he wants to it to be successful as long as they're clam. Texano and Mascara seem skeptical but go along with it.

Match 3: Drago, El Elegido, Fénix vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Unidad Deportiva Acapulco, Guerrero, 12/21/2012

Winner: técnicos by DQ
Match Time: 4:07
Rating: fine for the time it lasted
Notes: Referee is Piero. Devil is an especially weird mood.

Drago evades Soul, and kicks him in the face. Drago leaps off him to headscissors Devil, then gives Devil a backflip into a reverse DDT. Rolling faceslam for Machine. Drago off of the ropes, double rotation headscissors send shim out, and Drago rolls to a pose. Fenix has a little trouble slipping thru the ropes on a whip, but recovers and springboard double stomps Soul. Pose, which definitely covers up a clip. Rudos are suddenly in control of the match as they return, and kicking around Elegido. Long set up to a double chop that sends Devil out, so we've skipped the entire beatdown. Elegido topes Devil. Replay of that. Back live, Fenix misses a corner charge and – oh my gosh, Machine is going for the Infernio Suplex already. Fenix breaks it out before I freak out how quick this match is going, then Drago dropkicks Machine out. Fenix claps his hands, runs, and lands a backflip over the ropes into a tornillo on Machine, nicely. Dragon headscissors Devil out, then follows with an Asai tornillo of his own. Elegido wheelbarrow faceslam on Soul, but the other Rockers return to break up the pin and beat up Elegido. Not sure when the técnicos are. Rockers shove Piero, then Piero shoves the Rockers, and calls for the DQ. Well then.

Drago, who is hurt and recovering at ringside for reasons unexplained, is now hurt for an explained reason – Psicosis cracks him with a chair. Psicosis throws Drago back in, Psicosis off the ropes, Destroyer. Jesus: “Canadian. Canadian!” Andres: “Canadian!” Jesus: “Canadian.” Well, half right. Psicosis staples Drago in the repeatedly while the Rockers beat up the other two. Psicosis does something to Drago's face – maybe even staple it – but the cameras don’t move to a position where we could actually see it. Strong work, everyone. Clip ahead to staples being removed from Elegido – did we see him being stapled? Replays again include a spot cut out of the match. The post match, at least on regional, goes nearly as long as the match did.

Match 4: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano Jr., Toscano
Unidad Deportiva Acapulco, Guerrero, 12/21/2012

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 11:00
Rating: ok
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes, who seems to be bulking up in a different way for him, walks with Consejo to the ring. Mini Clown is with the Psycho Circus. The ad on Tirantes shirt has either been covered up by yellow tape, which is not a good sign. Toscano dropkicks Monster before the bell, which sets off a domino affect

Which stops when Texano backs down after than attack Psycho Clown. Texano tries a dropkick after a moment, Psycho moves, and Psycho crazy stomps him anyway. Texano comes back enough ell, but gets pulled down by his hair and then wheel kicked. Psycho poses right next to Texano on the mat, throwing off Tirantes who's all ready to count. Toscano breaks up the eventual pin, and 'ranas Psycho for a two count. Casita, one two Monster breaks it up. Monster argues with Tirantes about the count. Corner whip, Monster charges in. Toscano kicks away, Monster does a bad backflip (?!?!) and armdrags Toscano as he comes out. Toscano slips out a quebradora, dropkicks Monster in the ring, goes for a casita, but Monster doesn't really go with him, then puts on an arm trap armbar anyway. Máscara breaks it up. Corner whip, reverses, Mascara push off headscissors. Mascara armdrags Monster around and pump kicks him for a pin. Murder breaks it up. Corner whip, corner splash, corner splash in the opposite corner. Murder presses Máscara and teases throwing up him out before dropping him in the ring. Murder signals he's going up, but Toscano trips him up. Toscano superplex is blocked, and Murder tease his own superplex. Toscano blocks that and climbs up too. Clowns sneak in, because they must do the stacked up superplex in every match with these guys. No Mascara splash on murder, but he rushes into stomp the clowns to break up non-existent pins. Corner whip, but Toscano jumps in to clothesline Psycho before Máscara can get there, and he stomps Psycho out. Toscano is fired up, but his pannters aren't too thrilled with him. Monster in, and the Consejo get it together to kick him. Mascara and Texano tells Toscano to climb down. Texano calls for a low blow dropkick. Corner whip the other way, Mascara in with a back elbow, Toscano win with a jumping clothesline, Mascara sets up Monster for a low blow dropkick, but Toscano sneaks in and low blow dropkicks him instead. Toscano is fired up, but his partners want him to calm down. Toscano rushes past them to clothesline Murder, but Murder's not going down. Toscano tries again, no luck. Toscano wants some help, but his partners are happy to let Toscano stall the move this time. Toscano turns around into a choke hold, but Consejo break it up before a chokeslam. Whip, double backdrop, two man tapatía, and Texano kicks to the face. Monster backdropped and bullwhipped. Tirantes turns away, to not see it, which seems unnecessary. Bullwhip shot for Psycho too. Murder in, Toscano tries to dropkick him but gets mascara instead. Murder slams Toscano, and Texano bullwhips him by mistake. Now who's the screw up? Psycho and Monster slow speed spears Texano and Mascara. Murder pulls Toscano back in, having some trouble, then figure out a spinebuster. Catapult into a Psycho slap into a Murder kneedrop, and it seems like he forgot how to do a legdrop there. Texano tries hitting everyone, but Psycho gets the ropes and this Texano with it. Texano begs off. Psycho teases for a while, then hit Texano in the chest. Boosted sit for Mini, and Murder does his sit on top of both Mini and Texano. Clown celebrate, except poor squashed Mini Clown. Mascara comes in gets Monster and Psycho to throw themselves out, then pump kicks Murder for two. Corner whip, Máscara misses a clothesline, Murder charges, misses, and tries to take the bump out but can't quite make it, Máscara pump kicks him out. That looked awkward. Máscara tries an Asai (!) and gets tripped up on his face. Monster teases a dive, but backdrops a charging Toscano first, then tope con giros the two guys on the outside. Toscano off the ropes, tope onto Monster. Psycho climbs up the ropes while Texano argues with Tirantes. Texano runs a dive, but then slows, and stops, and Psycho planchas him. Not so great timing. Psycho casadora, Texano breaks free but gets his pants yanked (and they show it from as far away as possible.) Texano up, Tornado Texano. Texano covers, but Tirantes – just always a stickler for the rules! - stops counting because Toscano is standing on the bottom rope. Texano argues, then turns around to get kicked by Psycho Clown. Psycho Clown powerbomb, cover, but Tirantes doesn't count because Toscano is coming with a top rope splash. And hitting Texano. Schwein on Toscano, one two three.

Toscano and Texano argue, then Toscano slaps Texano back. Toscano blocks and fires back with his own shots. Mascara shoves them both, not appearing to take sides. Toscano strips off his Consejo shirt and throws it and Texano. Mascara wants Toscano to calm down and use his brain, but Toscano walks out. Meanwhile, psycho gets the microphone, says good evening, and says he's not interested in the Consejo problems. He wants a trios championship match, so they can win the title back. Texano says they need to show more respect to the Mega Champion. Texano says they are the best, because they're from Arena Mexico, and accepts the challenge. Replays and show recap.