CMLL on CadenaTres #268 (01/19/2013) 
Recapped: 01/21/2013

Announcers hype the matches.

Match 1: Leono, Metálico ©, Molotov vs Apocalipsis, Inquisidor, Taurus
Arena Mexico, 01/15/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:40
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Tiger Hispano.

1: Pairs are Metálico/Inquisidor, Leono/Apocalispis, Molotov/Taurus.

Metálico looks less like Metálico than usual, with black pants with multicolor lightning and a silver mask with the same multicolor. Leono's hair is still very short and Apocalipsis mocks him for it. What exactly have you done with your life, Apocalipsis? Taurus is earing the gold mask and long tights from his Toryumon appearance, but is also wearing he long sleeve shirt and has hair hidden. He's also in for seconds before Molotov headscissors him out. Apocalipsis planchas Molotov and dropkicks him out. Leono springboard armdrags Apocalipsis and headscissors him out. Inquisidor dropkick Leono out. Inquisidor knocks down Metálico down before he can do his turn. Apocalipsis holds up Metálico for a boost frontcracker from Inquisidor, but Taurus & Inquisidor conspire to screw up the boost. They got with it as the finish anyway. Metálico turns out to be the captain, hooray. It's even more horrible in slow motion replay.

2: Taurus does UG's top rope beg bit to call Leono up and give him his finisher. Which might make sense if it wasn't one minute into this fall and actually the finish. Rudos triple stomp Metálico only for him to make his own comeback, and then sled out rather than do more. Metálico casadora small package on Taurus finishes it, and Taurus keeps on holding on for like 7 count. Wanted to make sure it counted. Chaos leads to a Leono silla on Apocalipsis, then a spinebuster and a motocicleta to finish it.

3: Tecnico showcases go Molotov, Metálico, Leono. Metálico has a nice diving headscissors to the floor on Taurus. Leono is rolling along with high armdrags until Apocalipsis chops him one good. Chop battle is won by Apocalipsis shoulderblock. Apocalipsis off the ropes, Leono reverse rollup with bridge, but he pins himself too – one two three, they're both done. When did this become a cibernetico? Molotov armdrags Taurus out and gets in a diving headscissors. Taurus has some timing issues, but he’s better taking moves than giving them right now. Inquisidor clotheslines Metálico a couple times, but goes for an urange, and Metálico reverses to a headscissors armbar. Inquisidor gives.

Match 2: Dalis la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Silueta vs Amapola, La Comandante, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 01/15/2013

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Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 17:45
Rating: bad
Notes: Referee is Rafael el Maya. Dalis has nice new gear.

1: Pairs are Comandante/Dalis, Tiffany/Goya and then Amapola/Goya because life is unfair. Comandante rolls out on an armdrag sooner than must be expected, because everyone just stops for a while and waits for her to come back instead of moving on. Got a script, got to stick to it. Dalis' nice near gear doesn't help her speed up at all sadly; she's slower her than usual if anything. Tiffany presents her chest for Goya to slap, and that seems to be a gigantic target today. Goya misses a sit, and it doesn't lead to the pin, a rarity. Silueta does make it in after Amapola's whipped Goya back to the tecnica corner, but they're only in for a couple minutes before we're back to the Dalis show. Rudas manage to hit each other twice in staged bits instead of Dalis, then flip her into a pescado. Announcer enthusiastically call the Rosa Driver. Silueta's submission is not very clean or clear, and may not matter since Amapola is probably the captain.

2: Amapola gets into an argument with the camera person, perhaps sensing that's her best chance for a good opponent tonight. Dalis gets a showcase run until the rudas decided that's over and beat her up for a while. Goya's hung off the ropes for a flying axhandle to the midsection from Comandante. Fans are loudly behind the rudas. Silueta takes Tiffany's split legged faceslam, then Comandante's chokeslam and giant swing. They can actually do moves with her, it's crazy. Tiffany submits Dalis. Amapola spears Silueta, then submits her too. Rudas choke Goya just to have done something to her.

3: Announcers go crazy for Amapola's sit on Dalis. Rudas kick around Goya because there's not much more they can do with her, and then she runs back to her corner fine because that's the next spot. Dalis makes the comeback with a headscissors/headlock spot. Rudas go thru the motions of hitting each other, then Goya this everyone for real. Silueta springboard splash sets up the multiple splash spot, but the rudas move before Goya can hit hers. Hooray. Tiffany and Amapola clear out Silueta and Dalis while Comandante splashes Goya for the win. Announcers declare this an epic win. Did feel like it lasted a couple of those.

History capsule: Rene Guajarado

Stellar Moments

Doloroso: Hombre Bala Jr. top rope tornillo to beat Inquisidor

Llave: Estrellita head trap armbar on Amapola

Admirable: Valiente Special on Puma, Fantasma tope on Tiger, and Stuka giving Namajague his mask back and pinning him.

Triunfo: Diamante Azul german suplex Rey Escorpion

Alevoso: Invasors triple powerbomb on Rush

Match 3: Delta, Hijo del Fantasma, Tritón vs Ephesto, Euforia, Misterioso Jr.
Arena Mexico, 01/15/2013

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 15:49
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

1: Pairs are Delta/Euforia (active if not complicated), Fantasma/Ephesto (lower energy, with Misterioso getting in a shot from the outside – setting up a Euforia dropkick thru the ropes and the rudos running Fantasma backside first into the post.) No real showcase for Triton for his fall, since the rudos have taken over by the time he's in. He's knocked around and kicked in the head. Misterioso rips up Triton's shirt and slaps him good. Triton rolls out, and Delta comes in, thinking that's the end of that, but Misterioso tells Delta to leave and brings Triton back for more of a beating. Triton either helps out Misterioso or rolls the wrong way to screw up his cradle – it's not clear what's going on there.

Delta dropkicks Misterioso out, but that just sets up Euforia to run over the técnico. Euforia whips Delta to Ephesto for the shoulderbreaker, and that's it.

2: Euforia is wearing his gold gear, which the announcers are noting looks a bit like Solitario. Misterioso hammers Delta with corner clotheslines. Misterioso slaps Triton around, puts him in an armbar, and hits his arm from top and bottom. Ephesto goes after the arm too before clotheslining Triton. Euforia shoulderblocks Triton out. Rudos aren't doing just basic stuff but do feel like they're destroying these técnicos. Fantasma is corner clotehsliend, held with a side backbreaker, and Ephesto adds his old legdrop. Doesn't seem like he breaks that out much anymore. Misterioso finishes destroying Triton's shirt, and everyone stomps Triton for a bit. Triton recovers to duck a double clothesline and dropkick Misterioso out. Delta boost headscissors Euforia out of the way, and Fantasma comes in to tope Misterioso on the outside. Delta seems to have switch to a crossface.

3: Triton headscissors Misterioso out and sets up for an Asai dive, but Misterioso walks away and hides near the announce booth. It's tough to actually high, so Triton just walks over and slaps him. Delta front rolls a lot with Euforia, including into a slingshot headscissors. Delta's slide out into a casadora armdrag does not look like it's going well, but Euforia admirably salvages it. Fantasma comes back with headscissors on Ephesto, but Misterioso randomly pulls down the middle rope as Fantasma is running it, and Fantasma takes a hard fall to the ramp. That's surely to set up the lariat, but came off as a real jerk move. Triton ducks Misterioso's clothesline, then slowly flips over to the ropes on a corner whip. (He tried to go back first over, and it didn't quite work on the first try.) Triton fights Misterioso off and comes back in with a springboard armdrag. Triton goes for that Asai again, but Misterioso pulls him to the floor. Delta dropkicks Misterioso thru the ropes (missed by the camera, and Triton lands the Asai moonsault after (mostly missed by the camera.) Ephesto takes the knee bump out, and Delta follows with a ringpost tope con giro. Euforia and Fantasma fight on the ramp, Fantasma hiptosses Euforia in, backs up, charges, and - no one's home for the Phantom Lariat. Euforia picks Fantasma up, fouls him, and takes off his mask for good measure. Euforia is very proud of himself, but Tirantes is right there.

Match 4: La Máscara, La Sombra ©, Rush vs Rey Escorpión, Terrible ©, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 01/15/2013

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:18
Rating: good
Notes: La Mascara, Rush and Terrible have their belts. How unusual. Rey Escorpion has his Revolucionario outfit. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Sombra is slightly better than Volador in their opening even exchange. Rush wants to face Terrible. Escorpion is already in and not backing down, but Terrible encourages him to tag out. Terrible comes in – and Rush leaves! Huh. Camera doesn't keep up with Rush, but his partners look confused. Rush yells at fans, smiles, and tags Mascara. Mascara and Rey Escorpion in instead, but Escorpion gets distracted taunting Rush and rolled up by Escorpion. He kicked out in time, then tags a swing and decks Rush. Rush wants go now, and doesn't want for a tag, but Escorpion tags in Terrible. Rush doesn't like this and leaves. Mascara stays in. Sombra wants to what the deal is here, and it's unclear if he gets an answer. Escorpion and Mascara resume, Escorpion puts on a hold, and Rush storms in to kick him. Terrible shoves Rush, so Rush goes face to face with him. Rey Escorpion wants to fight Rush in, and Sombra comes in to stand by his crazy partner. Everyone backs down, and back to Mascara and Rey Escorpion. Circle – no, Rey Escorpion is going to spit at Rush. Crowd is all “OOOH”. Rush smiles, and brushes himself off. Sombra tries to calm down Rush, while Tigre Hispano tells him not to come in without a tag. Rush seems calm, but puts one foot in the ring. Rey Escorpion puts Mascara in a half crab, which is just begging to be hit. Rush takes him up on it, chopping Escorpion away. Terrible storms in, and they face off again. Terrible's ready to go. Rush is thinking about it. Sombra and Volador break up the big standoff with springboard dropkicks to each man, and then they have their own standoff. This one doesn't last as long, because they must point to the crowd. Dueling flipping runs, Mascara sneaks in and cradles Volador, Volador rolls thru and superkicks Mascara, Rey Escorpion charges in but misses a clothesline, Sombra 'rana turned into a sit down powerbomb right the same time Volador backcrackers Mascara. Both cover for three. Terrible walks towards Rush, who backs up.

2: Escorpion asks for a handshake from Mascara, gets a foot, catches it anyway, and the other rudos kick Mascara's leg. Whip, double trip, Escorpion legdrop and punch to knock Mascara out of the ring. Sombra kicks at Escorpion, but is kicked down from behind. Catapult hold/legdrop for him. Rush chops everyone, everyone attacks Rush. Rush swings, until he's knocked down, and then he's stomped into oblivion Escorpion makes sure to lean down and get in a punch. Whip, double clothesline is bad, Rush superkicks Terrible, Rush duck the double clothesline again and tope con giro Terrible. Mascara instantly puts Volador into the campana. It takes Sombra bit longer to set up and hit the rope flip moonsault.

Rush kicks, punches and chokes Terrible on the outside.

3: Neither side in a hurry to start this fall. Sombra and Escorpion face off. Sombra starts flipping, and Volador just superkicks as he lands. A lot of people hitting others by surprise. Escorpion celebrates being the decoy. Sombra fights back 1 on 2, kicks Escorpion away, and pushing off him into a headscissors on Volador. Backspring headscissors sends Escorpion out the other way, and Sombra teases the dive. Terrible comes in, so Sombra tags Rush, who actually wants to be in. So now Terrible poses and tags out. Volador in, so Rush tags mascara. Both stop for crowd chants and point to them. Volador asks for a handshake. Máscara fakes it for a while, then accepts! Volador gives him a hug, raises Mascara's arm and slaps him in the chest. Slap fight, Mascara stops to take off his shirt. Volador picks up the shirt, teas throwing it to the crowd, and then just drops it. Chop fight on the outside, Volador says they should take it back in, and Mascara tells him off. Máscara reconsiders, and dives into a Volador boot. Mascara waits for Volador to charge, swings kicks him, superkicks Escorpion and top rope headscissors Mascara. Volador rolls out to near to Rush, who gets in a few stomps. Máscara rolling dropkick on Escorpion, Terrible in, Rush comes in to face him, Terrible misses a dropkick and Rush gets on him with stomps and punches. Invisible football kick! Rush is crazed and booed as usual. Rush kicks and punches Terrible. Terrible fights back with his own chops, and Rush resorts to head butting him to the corner. Gut punches. Whip, Rush charges into a boot. Terrible runs out into a belly to belly suplex. Rush calls his superkick, then his superkick. Terrible out, other rudos in to boot Rush out. Other técnicos miss dropkicks on the rudos. Headlocks, rudos shot off into each other, Sombra boost dropkick sends them both out. High ten, run – tope con giro tope out by the técnicos. Rush and Terrible in to finish it. Crowd into this. Chop fight. Rush ducks a shot to the head, slaps down Terrible, and kicks him in the ribs. Boos, which Rush reacts angrily too. Terrible dropkick, Rush flying on impact. Terrible says this is it. Terrible fits up Rush for his finish, but Rush rolls right thru with a sunset flip, clothesline caught and turned into a back suplex. Rush senton, hanging on top for a pin, one two three. Three! I didn't expect that to be it.

Rush screams into the microphone to get everyone's attention. Rush says he beat Terrible for his hair in front of these people, and he's clearly better, so he wants a shot at his heavyweight championship. Terrible says he heard what Rush had to say, but the people didn't want to hear it and no one likes Rush. Terrible decides Rush isn't heavy enough to wrestle – he's only a light heavyweight champion, he should eat so more frijoles. Terrible and Escorpion celebrate. Rush tells Terrible and the dogs in the audience to listen. Rush renounces the light heavyweight title – he's not interested in the title, there's no one who could challenge him – and he'll give it up to get a shot at Terrible, because he doesn’t care about the light heavyweights. Terrible leaves without giving an answer, but the announcers know it's going to happen.

Announcers wrap up.