CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #373 (01/12/2013) 
Recapped: 01/16/13

Match 1: Aereo vs Pequeño OlímpicoBam BamPequeño ViolenciaMercurioFantasyPequeño WarriorPequeño NitroShockercitoAceroPequeño Universo 2000Pequeño Halcón in a Pequeno Reyes del Aire match
Arena Mexico, 01/06/2013

  1. Mercurio Storm on Pequeño Halcón (7:03)

  2. Shockercito reinera Pequeño Universo (7:27)
  3. Pequeño Nitro backcracker Acero (8:43)
  4. Pequeño Warrior slingshot elbow drop Shockercito (10:44)
  5. Fantasy top rope moonsault Pequeño Nitro (11:18)
  6. Bam Bam middle rope 'rana Pequeño Warrior (12:5)
  7. Pequeño Violencia inverted figure four Fantasy (15:25)
  8. Aereo modified tapatía Mercurio (16:10)
  9. Bam Bam elbowscissors Pequeño Violencia (17:47)
  10. Pequeño Olímpico step over double armbar (19:22)
  11. Aereo inverted legscissors cristo Pequeño Olímpico (23:29)

Winner: Aereo
Match Time: 23:29
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Referee inside the ring is Tiger Hispano. No referees on the outside.

Olímpico and Fantasy start with chain wrestling. Fantasy's green outfit is good in making him stand out. It is not good in any other way. They don't accomplish a lot before Olímpico dropkicks Fantasy out. Acero takes his place for more exciting chain wrestling. Olímpico tags out to Universo, who gets in a chop before Acero casadora armdrags him out. Both make tags, to Halcón and Nitro. Halcón has trouble with leapfrogs as Universo and Warrior argue with the técnicos about something or other. Halcón plancha and headscissors sends Nitro out. Shockercito comes in with a missed dropkick to Violencia. The técnico turns it around, rope bounce armdrag, flapjack escape armdrag, out goes the rudo. Aereo and Mercurio, the two losers of 2012, are in next, and Acero quickly headscissors the rudo. Mercurio comes back with a dropkick, which causes Aereo to ragdoll out of the ring. Mercurio looks like he's added some weight, but Bam Bam makes him seem perfectly thin. Bam Bam's added tonnage adds to his chopping partner anyway. 619 fakeout sends Mercurio out, but Bam Bam opts not to dive onto the rudos. He backs up, and Pequeño Warrior tags in. I think that's everyone? Warrior wants a handshake, Bam Bam slaps it away. Evasion, Bam Bam headscissors sends Warrior out, and Halcón comes in for his own tope con giro not Warrior. Acero and Universo come in on their own and compete on poses. This match isn’t quite clicking. Casadora armdrag sends Universo to the ropes, Acero charges, Universo flips him, Acero slingshot flip/twists in with an armdrag. Acero corner springboard plancha onto Universo, not a lot of spring in it. Halcón and Mercurio back in, chopping, Mercurio gets in the bigger shot and Halcón bounce off the ropes. Headscissors causes Mercurio to freak out but stay in. Mercurio wristlock walk up the ropes bouncing armdrag, though Mercurio stays in again. Halcón flips out of a backside, but casadora meets Mercurio Storm, and that's that. JCR says Halcón was a favorite! Maybe Halcón thought he was a favorite...

Shockercito armdrags Universo, then easily puts him in a reinera for the submission. Think the clips might have started.

Fantasy flipping run and headscissors on Nitro. Rebound faceslam drops Nitro in the center of the ring, and Fantasy turns him over – for two. Fantasy wastes no time and stomps Nitro. Tag to Acero. Acero slaps Nitro in the back, and Nitro does not fall over until Acero is about to chop him. Crowd is amused. Acero stands Nitro in the corner so he can fore sure get in his chops. Corner whip, reversed, Acero gets his feet up, Nitro catches him, spins him and drops him with a backcracker. Three count.

Shockercito dropkicks Nitro out before they can even get to a replay. After that break, Olímpico is all over Shockercito - and he misses as a clothesline. Spinning headscissors into an armdrag sends Olímpico out, and Shockercito sends Olímpico toppling over the barricade with a tope. Replay of that. Bam Bam and Violencia in. Violencia fired up for some reason, and upset when Bam Bam chops him. Bam Bam could use a more flattering shirt. Bam Bam outsmarts Violencia and sneaks behind for a superkick to send him out. Warrior in, demanding a handshake he's never going to get. He does distract Bam Bam long enough to dropkick him out. Shockercito in with a flying headscissors. Off the ropes, inverted spinning headscissors. Shock off the ropes again, Warrior whiffs on the dropkick to the knee but Shockercito sells it anyway and tumbles out. Warrior flying legdrop to the back of the head is more like sitting on the neck. Warrior throws Shockercito in, and Shockercito is still getting in position as Warrior lands the slingshot elbow drop. One two three, and now one of the favorites is truly out. Off in the background, Pequeño Halcón is being stretchered away.

Acero flies in with an armdrag on Warrior to send him out, but gets speared by Nitro. Whip, Acero back with his own spear. Acero tags in Fantasy, who moonsaults off the top and sort of crushes Nitro's head. It's enough for three.

Mercurio in, and he wants a big face off with the guy who unmasked him. The problem is Nitro's face is broken and he's understandable slow to move out of the way. Tigre Hispano helps Nitro roll out, and Fantasy and Mercurio have their dramatic chop bout. Fantasy finally ducks one and knocks Mercurio down with a shot to the head. Whip, Mercurio has the ropes and flips Fantasy to the apron, but Fantasy chops him from there. Fantasy slingshot up, but Mercurio superkicks him off, then Asai tornillos onto Fantasy. Warrior in, and dropkicking Aereo in the knee as he charges. Warrior celebrates and slaps Aereo in the face. Corner whip, reversed, Warrior kips up and flips out, then dropkicks Acero back out. Bam Bam in with a big plancha onto Warrior. Warrior sent into the ropes, up to the middle rope, and ‘rana-ed off by Bam Bam, one two three. Announcers talk about another favorite out.

Down to Bam Bam, Fantasy, Aereo on the técnico side, Mercurio, Olímpico and Violencia on the rudo side. An odd mix, though not helped by Demus, Pierrothito and Ultimo Dragoncito being mysteriously absent (and Eléctrico not so mysteriously out.) Olimpico comes into slap Bam Bam in the face and taken down. Dropkick to the face sends Bam Bam out on the rudo side, and Olímpico throws himself on a tope. Fantasy in, spinning around and waiting to face Mercurio. Mercurio's chop blocked, Fantasy slaps him a couple times, then uses his wristlock to climb to the top rope - springboard double tornillo onto Bam Bam and Olímpico. Aereo knocks Mercurio out of the ring, and faces off with Violencia. Chop fight is not going Violencia’s way, since he's about three times Aeero's side. Aereo hangs in there, off the ropes, flipping armdrag by the técnicos. Violencia flips him to the apron, Aereo waits for Violencia to stop checking his hair to slap him. Slingshot headscissors in, waved by, and back with a boot into a - well, Violencia powerbomb him, though that didn’t seem right. Violencia slowly sets up a nudo lagunero, slow enough for Fantasy to break it up. Fantasy chops Violencia around, whip, evasion, and Violencia chops fantasy down. Violencia shoulderblock stopped, and Fantasy pulls Violencia down by the head. Fantasy off the ropes, headscissors sends Violencia into the corner, but he's quick enough to dodge the follow up dropkick. Violencia chops Fantasy. Corner whip, reversed, Fantasy charges in, Violencia tosses him up and spinebusters him. Violencia puts on an inverted figure four, and no one (Acero!) comes in to save him, so Fantasy is done.

Aereo dropkicks Violencia out, too late. Mercurio superkicks Aereo in the shoulder, shown too well by the camera. (Break/clip) Mercurio goes for the double cradle piledriver, but Aereo backdrops out of it. Aereo rebound casadora into an inverted figure four, into a tapatía! Sort of, anyway. Mercurio gives. Nice hold.

Down to Bam Bam and Aereo vs Pequeño Vioencia and Olímpico. Violencia dropkicks Aereo away, then circles with Bam Bam until Olímpico can come in and get in a shot. Violencia and Olímpico walk Bam Bam around the ring and seem to change their mind on what they're doing a couple times. Corner whip, Bam Bam stops short, ducks under and Aereo missile dropkicks the rudos. Técnicos set up, run, and tope the técnicos. Olímpico goes down grabbing a knee. Violencia doesn't, so he’s in when Bam Bam tries a plancha. Violencia rolls thru one two NO. Violencia clothesline blocked, and turned into Bam Bam elbowscissors. Violencia gives.

Olímpico back in. Any injury he had has been edited out here, though there seem to be another obvious flip to start in. Olímpico turns into a corner charge into a super flapjack on Bam Bam, and dropkicks him to the ropes. Aereo in with a plancha. Olímpico rolls thru and slaps Aereo, who takes a delayed trip thru the ropes. Bam Bam has disappeared, so there’s no one for Olímpico to fight for a moment. Aereo fights back from the apron, slingshot armdrag back in, off the ropes, Aereo flips off the apron to the floor, clothesline misses, and Olímpico gives Aereo a big side slam on the floor. He's hurting. Clip. Olímpico in, and Bam Bam springboard dropkick misses. Olímpico sits Bam Bam up, and stands over of a double armbar. Bam Bam gives.

Olímpico poses as if the match is over, but does seem aware Aereo is struggling to come back in. They fight with Aereo in on the apron, and Olímpico punches the young tecnico down. Aereo back up again, Olímpico tries to run him into the post, but Aereo blocks it and smacks Olímpico into the buckle. Aereo goes up, but Olímpico crotches him and hangs him in the tree of woe. Low speed dropkick. Aereo is out. Tigre Hispano checks Aereo’s arm, sees it drop, and just shrugs. That's not good work! Off the rope evasion, gets complicated Aereo gets a simple armdrag and a not simple tope con giro to the floor. Replay of that. Aereo in first, Olímpico knocks him down from the outside, but slingshots in to feet. Aereo leg lock of self doom, Olímpico messy cradle, one two NO. Crowd somewhat into it but not strong. Olímpico kicks Aereo around, then headbutts him. Olímpico wants the crowd to rally for Aereo and it's not coming across if they are. Whip, Olímpico spinebuster, leglock of self doom, Aereo punches Olímpico in the head instead of cradling. Both slow up, Aereo chops Olímpico down. Off the ropes, under a clothesline, Olímpico into a powerslam, Aereo into a messy unclear hold, then backwards into a sort of leg cristo negro. Olímpico gives.

Bam Bam, who had watched the last few minutes from near the exit, comes back to congratulate Aereo. Replays of the finish. Aereo gets a trophy, thanks his family for his support, says it was a difficult match especially with a legend like Pequeño Olímpico but he got the trophy. Aereo thanks his maestro, Virus!

JCR interviews Mr. Niebla and Zacarias backstage. Well, just Mr. Niebla, Zacarias is too busy dancing. Mr. Niebla has no time for these técnicos. Odd how JCR disappears from the picture when Zacarias finally talks – he's got bird issues with Marco.

Miguel and an edecan hype the main event.

Match 2: Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas vs Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Super Porky
Arena Mexico, 01/06/2013

  1. Peste Negra

  2. tecnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:55
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Negro and Porky fool around a bit before the rudos decide to start the beatdown. Negro kicks Porky so many times. Niebla beats up Marco on the outside. Negro submits Máximo. Niebla slaps around Marco, slams him, and lands the top rope splash for the fall. Rudos pose on Marco, Zacarias sitting on Marco's face. That's going to hurt him later.

2: Rudos remain in control. Double headbutts for Marco. Máximo makes the Pimpinela butt bump come back. Porky is slow, but the rudos manage to go slower. Porky splashes the Casas brothers, Niebla slaps Porky, Marco takes out Niebla for three. I don’t think Tigre Hispano saw that coming and was just barely out of the way.

Mr. Niebla goes into the crowd to kiss a fan, which she is not so thrilled about.

3: Porky comedy, Marco comedy, Máximo comedy. Vests are sexually assaulted. Stink is offered. Marco and Negro do a bit where Negro grabs a leg and Marco hops up and down and flaps like a bird. Marco catches a fainting Marco, tosses him to Mr. Niebla, and Mr. Niebla just lets him drop. Mr. Niebla faints on a delay from Marco's punches. Marco is unaware of Zacarias hitting him until his partners let him know. Marco kicks Zacarias down and Máximo goes for the kiss, but we don't get to see that part. Something goes wrong with Felino and Máximo, Máximo not where Felino expected for a shoulderblock, and Felino stumbles and hits the middle rope with his stomach full speed. He's hurting quite a bit and the match takes a moment to get going. Felino takes a spinning armdrag and gets out of there. Niebla dance, Niebla spit catch. Niebla licks Máximo’s face. Marco punches Niebla out, Casas brothers kick him, Porky whipped at Marco, but Marco just leaps over to start his leaping run. Rudos line up on the mat for the run of splashes. Porky splashes to end it. No complaints about multiple people covering by the referee.

Brazo de Plata thanks all the kids for coming out. Porky promises more topes. Announcers interview fan who was kiss by Mr. Niebla to end the show.