CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #335 (01/05/2013) 
Recapped: 01/10/13

Bucanero, Magadan and JCR welcome us to the show. Maybe they've just shuffled the crews for the new year? I wish I had a dress jacket half as cool as Rey Bucanero. Announcers mention the matches, and then talk briefly about Emilio Charles. Bucanero reminds us Emilio was his partner when he won the Gran Alternativa, and then they with Satanico won the trios titles in his first big wins and thanks Emilio for everything.

After the usual open, they show the moment of applause for Emilio from the show. The ring is full with wrestlers applauding him, and they clap (as do the fans) when his photo is shown on the screen.

Match 1: Fuego, Rey Cometa ©, Tritón vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura ©, Vangelis
Arena Mexico, 12/28/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:49
Rating: ok
Notes: Rey Cometa carries and shows off a framed photo of grandfather, who passed away recently. Monito is with the técnicos. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Triton and Okumura start off the mat evenly, though Triton and Namajague do almost go after each when Triton circles too close to the rudo corner. Even exchange ends with a Triton standing moonsault onto Okumura – or a knee to the chest, in true Triton fashion. Okumura grabs his ribs and backs out. Vangelis and Fuego are briefly in. Cometa flips in, and Namajague marches right over to go forehead to forehead. He's in an ornery mood. Cometa shoves Namajague away, then evasion leads to a Cometa headscissors. Cometa handspring causes Namajague to throw himself out, and Cometa follows right with a tornillo. Other four in lead to Fuego dumping Vangelis for Triton, Triton's tornillo moonsault sort of landing (Vangelis leaning back and forth to try and figure out how to catch it), and Fuego submitting Okumura to the Fuego lock.

2: Fuego gets a long showcase here – dance, get hit by Okumura, Okumura mocks the dance of course. JCR calls them “Gran Rivals”, in that they fight all the time. Fuego has a taped up right shoulder. Fuego springboard dropkicks sends Okumura rolling out to the ramp. Also as usual, Vangelis bails out the rudo team with a well timed spear. Triton springboards into it and it look good. It doesn't stick, and Triton comes back with a walk up the ropes double bounce springboard headscissors, and then shows off a new pose. Crowd does not approve. Cometa and Namajague back in, Cometa doing front rolls to show off. Namajague, still angry, unzips Cometa's top and chops him hard. Cometa chops Namajague hard back. This gets Namajague nowhere. Whip, reversed, and Cometa gives Namajague two quebradoras, then drops him in the corner. Técnicos help Monito up – top rope splash! Vangelis and Okumura, angered about this rule breaking, rush the técnicos and knock them all out of the ring. Monito, who's too busy slapping Namajague in the back of the head, does not know until he's surrounded – but then he decides to challenge them. Vangelis just kicks Monito down, and the rudos all stomp Monito. Fans boo so much. Tecnicos return, so Triton can nearly break his neck taking the Buca Storm – this has been some match for that man. (It does not look as deadly in slow motion, so maybe just good work.) That's one pin.

Vangelis kicks Cometa way, but Fuego dropkicks Vangelis out. Namajague in and armdragged, but Okumura ducks his and german suplexes Fuego for the other pin.

3: Vangelis flapjacks and dropkicks Rey Cometa out. Okumura cleans his nose on Fuego, then wrings his arms with Fuego. Namajague's double chop causes Fuego to slowly and dramatically collapse to the mat. Triton spends around on a corner whip (just totally losing track of the corner.) Namajague back elbows him, then sends Triton back the other way, but Triton reverses it and monkey flips Namajague away. Okumura manages to stop that from increasing by knocking Triton into the ropes for a Vangelis kick. Vangelis suplexes Cometa for a near fall, then dropkicks him out. Okumura runs Fuego from corner to corner for clotheslines and boots him out. Rudos attack Triton from behind and boot him out. Rudos celebrate with a triple pose, only for Cometa to come in and take out two of them with a superkick and a slap. Namajauge's left by himself, and is really sick of this guy. Chop fight again, but this time the whip sets up a Namajague clothesline to flip Cometa out. Namajague poses on the middle rope while the others whip Cometa - that does bad, of course, and Cometa dropkicks Namajague to the floor. Rudos kick Cometa out, Técnicos springboard in and sends them out. Fuego springboard planchas onto Okumura, Triton with a Valiente Special – and that one actually hits the target. Cometa back in with a plancha on Namajague, clothesline ducks, Namajague foot caught and pulled into the splits, Namajague ducks Cometa's kick, Namajague upset cut foul and inside cradle – great idea, but the referee was watching. Poor Namajague's lost again.

Namajague argues, then decides the solution is to stomp Cometa. Triton tries to cover up Cometa, so Namajague kicks him too before slightly calming down. Fuego and Triton turn to celebrate, and Namajague just starts crazy stomping Cometa again! Triton protests to Tigre Hispano, who so not going to do anything. Namajague throws Cometa out to the ramp and slaps him down there. Replays of the match.

Match 2: La Máscara, Marco Corleone ©, Máximo vs Kráneo, Psicosis, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 12/28/2012

  1. tecnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:39
Rating: ok
Notes: Kraneo & Mije are dedicated to their dance. Tirantes is referee.

1: Máximo starts with his usual tricks with Psicosis. Kraneo breaks that up, Marco shoulderblocks him, Volador tries to clothesline him, Marco ducks and Volador runs into a Máscara a superkick. Máximo topes Volador on the outside. Marco springboard clotheslines Kraneo, tosses Mije on top (revenge) and covers with one hand for the win. Mascara has no problem with Psicosis. Crowd is pretty split.

2: Tecnico dominated, highlighted by Volador getting tossed out, Mije getting slide out to him, and Volador just tossing Mije into the front row for no reason. Kraneo is there to stick up for his friend, but everything remains okay on the rudo side. Marco's inside out Aero Italiano onto Kraneo looks good. Rudos randomly take over with an Psicosis axhandle to Mascara's back. Swinging gate bomb on Mascara send him roll out. Maximo's lifted up for Psicosis' senton for one pin. Kraneo chokeslams Marco (!) and Volador tosses Mije on top for the pin.

3: Volador completely unmasks Mascara on the turnbuckle, but Tirantes helpfully just lets it go. Rudos beat the técnicos up separately, then come back to the ring to work together. Shot of the announce desk – hey, they do call these live. Or at least they do the week there's no Televisa guys there. Rudos dominate the fall for a while. Volador gets in his corner superkick on Mascara. Volador taunts in Marco, and lets his partners attack Marco from behind. It backfires, Marco going on his usual two on one bit. Volador catches Marco with his springboard dropkick, Mascara superkicks Volador almost onto Marco, Kraneo corner splash misses Mascara, Máximo tries to kiss Kraneo, rudos break that up. Triple boot for Máximo. Rudos roll and pose, just like last match, but then turn around and to see Marco flying at them. Psicosis and Volador get hit with it. Kraneo avoids, but Mascara boost dropkicks him out. Máximo kiss for Volador, Mascara top rope Kraneo. Máximo headscissors – no, Psicosis blocks it to a faceslam. Marco over, Psicosis sunset flip, Marco blocks it and dances, grabs Mije and keeps dancing, but Volador backcrackers the whole pile. Máximo is – still? - down, so Psicosis covers him while Volador does with Marco. Rudo fans seem surprised by happy, especially the two in the booth.

Replays and they're done.