CMLL on CadenaTres #266 (01/05/2013) 
Recapped: 01/14/2013

Announcers say hello.

Match 1: Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Tritón vs Kráneo, Olímpico, Psicosis
Arena Mexico, 01/01/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:48
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. Mije is elsewhere?

1: Pairs are Delta/Olímpico for a bit, then Maya/Psicosis very briefly. Think they're keeping Maya and Kraneo separated so it doesn't go nuclear hot this soon, got to stretch it out to September. Kraneo does shoulderblock Maya to start everyone hitting everyone else. That culminates with a triple tope by the técnicos. Lots of big crowd shots today, hmmm. Back inside, Delta powerslammed Psicosis for two, but then runs into the Psicosis Buster for three - and Delta turns out to be captain! I guess he makes as much sense as the other two and Maya has been losing a lot lately, but that surprised me for some reason.

2: Rudos stay in control. Maya is beat up, and flipped with the swinging gate bomb. Delta takes a spinebusters and Olimpico's slingshot elbow before being sent out. Rudos stomp Maya some. Kraneo slams and legdrops him before stopping to do his dance. Maya recovers quickly, dropkick Kraneo out from behind, and tope con giros him. They manage to land without colliding into the barricade, a first. Triton's boosted into a 'rana on Psicosis, while Delta cradles Olímpico for his own pin.

3: Triton's teacup pose needs something more. Kraneo and Maya face off because there's no bigger match in CMLL. And then Maya drops down too soon and Kraneo flattens him and it's very sad. Kraneo knocks Maya down with chops and dances, but again his dance is his undoing. Maya chops himself, then starts with the evasion. Big powerslam, but not enough for three. Maya starts the armdrags, Kraneo slides out, Maya poses. Delta walk up the ropes flipping armdrag sends Psicosis out, and Delta follows with a moonsault to the floor. His partners lose it behind him in the ring – Kraneo slams Triton and middle rope sentons him as Olímpico submits Maya.

Match 2: Pólvora vs Titán for the CMLL World Welterweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 01/01/2013

  1. Titan neck crank arm trap submission (4:45)

  2. Pólvora nudo lagunero (2:32)
  3. Pólvora Inquisidor Storm (12:09)

Winner: Pólvora
Match Time: 19:26
Rating: excellent
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Triton is Titan's second. Artillero is Polvora's second. He should've worn his beret. Match joined right before the whistle.

1: first couple lockups end with each guy ending in the ropes. They go to the mat and battle over headscissors and double armbars. Pólvora hiptosses Titan away the first time, Titan armdrags Pólvora the next time. Pólvora is annoyed. Pólvora off the ropes, Titan puts his head down too soon, Pólvora holds up and grabs titan as if for a piledriver, but Titan frees himself and trips hims up Pólvora. Arm/legdrag in one by Titan, Pólvora monkey flip, Titan lands on his feet, off the ropes, clothesline turned into a short kick, and a Pólvora Gori Special. Titan holds on, then breaks free for a sunset flip for two. Mutual clapping, though Pólvora seems less than sincere. Both off the ropes, Pólvora dropkick to the knee. Pólvora whip, Titan out, Pólvora out, Titan back in and kicking, Pólvora sidesteps and chops him down. Pólvora going up – bad idea – and Titan connects on the jumping kick to the head. Titan pounds Pólvora around the head, climbs up top with him, top rope front flip stunner, kind of. Titan puts on neck hook armbar submission for the fall.

2: Titan charges and rolls over Pólvora, but is tossed up and flapjacked down. Pólvora with a legscissors chinlock, but Titan won't give quite yet. Whip, Titan jumps over the top rope and rolls to the apron. Pólvora can't believe the nerve of this guy, but goes out to chase and takes a monkey flip on the ramp. Titan pulls down his straps, backs up the ramp and dives off the ramp – into a roll one the floor, because Polvora's moved past him back up the ramp. Pólvora ramp plancha! Pólvora in first, Titan kicks Pólvora away, climbs up, plancha meets counter dropkick. Pólvora puts on the nudo lagunero for good measure. That's more than enough to take the fall.

3: Titan and Pólvora chop fight, with Titan coming back with a flurry of shots. Crowd more anti-Titan than usual, though it's more just pro-rudo. Titan off the ropes, but right into a big boot. Pólvora yells at the crowd. Triton shakes his head no. Michinoku Driver! Well, that's early. One two NO. Pólvora tries a suplex, but Titan small packages him one two NO. Pólvora dropkicks Titan on the mat. Whip, Titan rolls over the rope too the apron, leaps over Pólvora as he slides out, climbs to the middle rope, kicks titan way, and headscissors him off the apron to the floor. Titan moonsault to the floor, right into Polvora's boots! Both recover for a moment. Pólvora charges Titan, Titan goes up top, double stomp – no, Pólvora moves out of the way, Titan rolls thru, Pólvora charges, Titan roll into a half crab! Pólvora in trouble, Titan cranking it in, Pólvora gets to the bottom rope. Titan grabs the other knees and tires a less than efficient half crab on it, but Pólvora is able to roll thru and kick him away. Triton rants to the camera. Crowd into to it. Both slow up. Titan off the ropes, Pólvora back drop. Pólvora grabs the legs, scorpion with a knee to the head to make it extra pinfall. Titan is able to kick away a lot easier. Pólvora up to his feet but looking sad. Pólvora charges, Titan moves, Pólvora to the middle rope, Titan leaps up, Pólvora shoves him away, then jumps into a sort of sit down powerbomb. Pólvora pretty much took that on his own, but Titan still covers one two NO. Titan grabs Pólvora by the head mask, stands him up, half straight jacket lift into torture rack, then Pólvora tossed and dropped down on his face. Titan goes up, Triton frantically warns him that Pólvora has gotten up behind him, but it's no good – Pólvora shoves Titan out before he can react. Pólvora waits in the ring as Titan stands up. Pólvora stops waiting climbs up – plancha to the floor! Polvora's done more successful dives here than Titan, no one figured that. Seconds check on both men. Pólvora back in first, hiptosses Titan into a backbreaker one two NO. Titan rests in the corner as the crowd starts to get into the match again. Pólvora distracted, then charges – kick caught, Pólvora hurks up Titan to his shoulders, Pólvora Driver! One two NO. Pólvora can't believe it. Pólvora charges , Titan moves out of the way, waistlock roll up one two NO. Crowd making noise, Pólvora trying to keep Titan down. Whip, clothesline misses, Titan back with a headscissors. Titan runs – tope to Polvora's back sends him flying into the crowd! Artillero and security fish Pólvora out as we see a replay of the dive. Pólvora went over the barricade like a grenade was going to go off. Titan in first, and still some boos, though it seemed like more earlier. Pólvora rolls in with a little bit of help. Titan charges, misses, Pólvora sit down flapjack, cavernaria . Lots of mask pulling on that, which seems illegal, but Pólvora clears it up. Titan waves, fades, and breaks the facelock in time. Loud TI TAN chant. Pólvora misses a clothesline evasion, Titan handwalk backflip headscissors cradle one two NO. Crowd thought that was it. Pólvora shakes, then charges into a titan boot. Titan backs up, charges, Pólvora moves, Titan stands on the middle rope, Pólvora slips under him, walks him to the center of the ring Inquisidor Storm one two THREE.

Pólvora celebrates on the ropes, then gets his belt put back on. Rambo gives him a hug after he finishes. Triton covers up Titan and shakes his head no. No real acknowledgment between the two.

Match 3: Leono & Tigre Blanco vs Bobby Zavala & Disturbio for the hair
Arena Mexico, 01/01/2013

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 17:03
Rating: good
Notes: Joined at the whistle, and it's clear they've been fighting before then. Referee is Maya. Rudos are wearing black CMLL shirts with a CMLL logo, kind of odd attire.

1: Tecnicos are throwing around the rudos, focusing on the hair. Disturbio gets thrown around first, then Zavala takes a double backdrop. Leono follows Zavala out with a springboard plancha. Distubrio gets in a chop, but is taken down and submitted quickly. Zavala doesn't return, and the twenty count seems fair.

2: Leono grinds his boot into Bobby's face. Announcers talk about his past hair wins as he rips up Zavala's shirt. Tigre comes in to help with a double chop. Disturbio leaps at the rudos and just gets kicked down in the corner. They're not in the mood to fool around. Drop toe hold, dropkick to the face. Corner whip, corner clotheslines. Rudos chop Zavala hard in the corner, causing him to spit like Mr. Niebla. Corner whip, Disturbio flips his friend to safety and evades Blanco, but Leono superkicks him. Zavala knocks down Blanco from the outside, and missile dropkicks Leono out. Zavala fired up, but Blanco chops him. Zavala blocks a second, chops back, wristlock, walk up the ropes and plancha off onto Leono. Disturbio left in with Tigre Blanco, Tiger Blanco tries a jumping snap mare but it's turned into a front backbreaker. One two three. Rudos celebrate as Leono's counted out.

Zavala waits until after the 20 count to go after Leono. Disturbio also beats up Blanco on the outside.

3: Dropkick/dropkick to the face to Leono. Rudos stomp down Blanco, and Zavala goes after his shirt. Can't rip that one up as easily. Blanco's boosted into a Zavala dropkick. Rudos slowing it down to celebrate. Zavala accidentally chops Disturbio, but the two get it together to hold Leono and hit him a bit. Zavala goes to the ropes for more, but Blanco pulls him out on his stomach, and Leono sends Disturbio out. Stereo springboard moonsaults to the floor – cameras only catch Leono's, unfortunately. Leono back in and dropkicking Zavala twice, but only a two count on the pin. This is moving quick if we're already to serious near falls. As serious as they can be off two dropkicks. Leono chops Zavala in the ropes, and holds him there despite Zavala’s trying to put a hand in his face. Whip, Zavala backdrop, dropkick to the head, one two NO. Zavala small package one two NO. Zavala knocks down Leono and tags in Disturbio. Axhandle to the back. Whip, quick reverse into a trip on the ropes, and stomps on the ropes. Disturbio poses and legdrops Leono on the back of the head. Cover one two Tigre break sit up. Whip, backdrop, Blanco senton one two NO. Blanco tirabuzón, but Zavala breaks it up. Zavala chops Blanco into the ropes. Corner whip, clothesline misses, Zavala casadora armdrag and out goes Zavala. Blanco off the ropes, roll to the ropes, backwards over the ropes into a headscissors, like old times. Leono plancha in and on Disturbio, Disturbio rolls thru one two NO. Disturbio clothesline misses, Leono quebradora does not. Leono yanks at Disturbio’s hair, but he may want to try pining him – ah, there we go, one two NO. Leono casita one two NO. Leono up on Disturbio's shoulders, forward roll, then rolled back with Disturbio on top one two three. Way to choke, Leono.

Tigre Blanco comes in and pounds Disturbio, but Zavala is on him, and is finally able to rip up that shirt. Zavala gives Disturbio congratulatory kiss. Whip, Disturbio back elbow, Zavala grabs him, Disturbio swings and Zavala takes the chop. Zavala tumbles out, Blanco kicks Disturbio, suplexes into a powerbomb one two three.

All down to Zavala and Tigre Blanco. Zavala dropkicks Zavala into the corner and stomps him there, going a bit mad. Zavala looks around at the crowd, posing on the buckle to some boos. Blanco chopped into the corner. All out corner whip, charge, no one him, and Zavala tumbles to the floor. Tigre Blanco up top, top rope plancha onto Zavala. Blanco back in first, Zavala up on the apron. Blanco charges in and kicks Zavala. Blanco fireman drops Zavala in the center of the ring and heads up. Blanco all the way up – top rope plancha connects one two NO! Bucanero, at the announce desk, can not believe it. Blanco casadora cradle, one two NO. I don't know what he hast left, but it's not much. Armbar, forward rolls into the kneebar, Zavala crawls free before he can get it. Disturbio is up on the apron arguing something. Zavala chops down Blanco, looks at the crowd, off the ropes, Leono trips him up! Zavala leans out to argue, Blanco inside cradle one two NO. Leono is such a cheater. Leono up and arguing something or other,. Both legal men up, and Blanco clotheslines Zavala. Blanco off the ropes, Disturbio grabs his leg, then act shocked when he’s caught. Referee turns around to reprimand Disturbio, Blanco garbs Disturbio by the hair, Zavala foul kick, referee turns around to count, one two three.

Disturbio is thrilled and hugs Zavala. Tigre Blanco rolls around in pain. Rafael el Maya knows he missed something but can't do it. Leono is furious, and backs the referee up like he's Rush. Disturbio kisses his hair. Referee raises the rudos hands as the Barber walks out. Leono slaps and kicks at Zavala. Disturbio charges and attacks, taking out the cameraman in the process. Both rudos are barely able to hold off Leono, who should be fined and suspended for such behavior. Replay of the finish. Tecnicos stall a bit, and Leono wants not part of the scissors, taking his case to Rambo. Leono is the idiot who lost on a cradle, he shouldn't be complaining here. Leono gets part of his hair cut first, but won't give it to Disturbio. Blanco shaves his own head. Leono gets almost all of it shaved off in the ring – just a patch to get later, I guess. Still, better job the average. 0:

Stellar Moments

Llave: Amapola armscissors on Estrellita

Tecnico: Rey Cometa tornillo on Namajague

Admirable: Okumura German suplex on Fuego

Espectacular: Triton moonsault onto Vangelis

Sensactional: Mr. Aguila corner tope con giro onto Valiente

Match 4: Atlantis, La Máscara, Shocker vs Averno, Mephisto, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 01/01/2013

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:03
Rating: ok
Notes: Graphic forgets the “C” in Shocker. Atlantis' music has fake crowd noise. Well, I guess the crowd noise is not fake, but it sure sounds that way here. Rudos jump the técnicos, including Mephisto beating up Atlantis while wearing his Bane winter coat. Referee is Tiger Hispano

1: Brawling around ringside. For the short time this lasts. Mephisto's running kick to Shocker's face on the mat is not particularly strong but enough for the pin. Mephisto just holds Atlantis up for the other submission.

2: Corner clotheslines for Atlantis. Mascara is kept up on the ramp while the rudos kicks around Shocker a bit. Shocker fights back, but it doesn't work out for him. Dropkick off the aprons end him to the floor, but leaves Averno alone in the ring, and Mascara strikes – plancha, casadora campana, tied up.

Técnicos go for some revenge on the rudos in between falls, though they stick with Máscara sticking around Averno and doing nothing for a while. Shocker suplexes Tiger on the ramp.

3: Tecnico showcases go Atlantis (quebradoras for everyone), Shocker, Mascara. Mascara flip armdrags Averno out, then gives him a diving headscissors. Other four in, time killing tecnico holds, Averno and Máscara back in. Averno fights off the casadora, goes for the foul kick, blocked, so Averno pulls off the mask instead. DQ to end it.

Rudos attack Mascara after the match until Shocker stops dancing long enough to fight them off. He starts doing his struts and the rudos do run him off.

Announcers wrap up.