CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #334 (12/29/2012) 
Recapped: 01/01/13

Announcers are Rey Bucanero, Magadan (!) and JCR this week, and they'll all present for the standup.

Match 1: Fuego, Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr. ©  vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura ©, Vangelis
Arena Mexico, 12/21/2012

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  2. rudos
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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:53
Rating: good
Notes: Rey Cometa is now using El Consejo's music. Referee is Rafael el Maya. Monitito hands out with the técnicos.

1: Pairs are Rey Cometa/Vangelis, Fuego/Namajague, then Okumura and Namajague just fail when time comes to Stuka and Stuka topes Okumura. Fuego dumps Namajague for the Cometa 450 splash, and then puts Vangelis in the Fuego lock. Rey Bucanero name drops Hayabusa during the replays.

2: Fuego demands the card girl either spin or hurry up and leave. I have no idea. Maybe she was late? Rudos are entirely to thrilled over an Okumura shoulderblock to Stuka. Stuka shoulderblocks Okumura and crotch chops, because he's seen Okumura do that one too many times. Headscissors sends Okumura out, Stuka decide to chase him out and whips Okumura into the barricade. Namajague decided to charge Stuka, and takes backdrop on the floor because he's a crazy man. Quebradora for Vangelis too. Stuka is fired up and walks into the ring to celebrate. Cometa backflip armdrag sends Vangelis back out, and Cometa follows with a diving headscissors off the apron. Now Magadan is too fired up. Everyone needs to take it down just a notch for this one, we've seen it a few times. Fuego does some illegal hair pulling with Namajague. Hair looks new this week. Fuego fights Namajague off and flips him to the apron, but Okumura slips in for a kick and a Michinoku driver and Namajague adds the frog splash for three.

Namajague celebrate and gets back elbowed out. By Stuka. Stuka runs right into Vangelis' wheel kick. Rudos boot Stuka down. Cometa rushes into dropkick Okumura, but his quebrada meets Vangelis' dropkick. Northern light suplex one two three. Graphic is up way too soon for the fall.

3: Rudos take control. Namajague enjoys chopping Stuka, and back elbows him out. Fuego and Okumura get lost on a corner whip, or at least change direction halfway thru. It was just weird. Fiebre Amarilla break out their armwringer bit again. Cometa's flapjacked and dropkicked. Vangelis takes a break to kick Stuka off the apron before clotheslining Cometa. Cometa does manage to turn around aw hip and Namajague and give him a (sort of) quebradora. Cometa drops Namajague into the splits and kicks him in the face, then flips around Vangelis until Vangelis just spears him. Fuego 'ranas Vangelis, Vangelis escapes in time. Fuego casadora armdrag sends Vangelis out, Okumura DDT drops Fuego. Okumura yells, and awkwardly clothesline Fuego out. Stuka quebradoras Okumura. Rudos hit each other by mistake. Okumura is late tripping Stuka out, Stuka helpful crawls back towards the ropes to allow Okumura to pull him out. Namajague runs in tope con giro gets Stuka. Is that his first tope con giro? It doesn't seem like he does many. Cometa follows with a tornillo, almost busting his ankle. Vangelis stops him, hitting the ropes on the way thru. Fuego topes Vangelis. Monito in! Monito going for a dive! - Okumura dropkicks Monito. What a horrible man, Okumura. Crowd very unhappy. Vangelis holds Monito near the ropes, Okumura runs, and Stuka trips him up. Stuka clotheslines caught by Okumura, kick, safe brainbuster one two there.

Namajague rolls Monito back in, and the rudos put a foot on Monito while they pose.

Match 2: Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone ©, Máximo vs Mr. Águila, Psicosis, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 12/21/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:27
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Mr. Aguila has joined Volador in his Na'vi cosplay, at least facepaint wise. Psicosis instead continues to dress up as Psicosis. Mije is with him. Maya is ref.

1: Máximo gets in a little bit of Máximo silliness before the rudos all decided to beat him up. Quick corner clotheslines and Psicosis senton, but Maximo's stomped out instead of being pinned. Volador superkicks Azul. Marco comes in swinging (and Psicosis clearly falls without being hit, oops), but Aguila ducks his punch and heel kicks Marco. Volador adds the backcracker, and Psicosis rushes across the ring for a tope rope splash to get the pin.

2: Volador, behaving as usual, walk away from the ring to slap hands with fans. Ring girl does the best as he can get to get people to pay attention to her. Rudos remain in control, Volador tossing Mije onto Máximo. Volador tossing Azul down and holds him for Mije middle rope headbutt drop. Psicosis gives Marco the ol' corner clothesline, bulldog out for a two count. Rudos triple kick Marco out to the ramp. Máximo grabs Volador, rudos attack him, but fall on the next double team. Máximo topes Volador, Marco ramp planchas Psicosis and Aguila walks into Azul's submission.

3: Máximo armdrags and headscissors Psicosis around. Aguila chopping Marco does not work out well for him, and somehow launches Marco into doing a Dusty Rhodes like dance, but only after pointing to the cameraman and Maya first. Marco blocks an Aguila sunset flip with his dance, Mije tries to break it up, Marco stops, picks up Mije, and goes back to dancing. Psicosis finally breaks that up. Mije almost dies multiple times in the usual Marco corner leaping bit,., I think it throws their timing off a little bit. Volador makes it clear he's not impressed by Diamante Azul, and tells Mije to take it. Mije leg kicks don't do much, so Volador decides he'll handle it. Flipping run looks more cool with a tail. Azul gorilla press, but Volador fights out. Volador can't fight out of a monkey flip, but then he can roll out. Mije attacks Azul again, Azul tosses him out of the ring for Volador to catch him just in time. Volador puts Mije down off camera, while they show Azul getting ready for his dive. Crowd reacts at something we don't see, followed by everyone seeing Azul's ramp dive. Aguila fools around in the ring to give Azul time to recover, and then follows with his corner tope con giro. Marco just drops to the floor to get out of the way. Psicosis flips Máximo to the ramp, where his planchas onto Aguila. Psicosis tope con giro onto Máximo and Aguila, turning over late. Marco flaps for his dive, and pulls it off onto the last three. Volador looks like he's going to dive, but spots Azul coming on the apron. They fight up to the the top tope, and Volador pulls off a top rope 'rana. Máximo in, kiss of death. Volador rolls thru to escape. Psicosis layout frontcracker doesn't quite work, but Máximo lands chest first on the mat. Marco springboard clothesline connects. Aguila's jumping spinning heel kick is a bit more iffy. Azul back in, quebradora for Aguila. Aguila up again, so Azul press slam him and tosses him onto – well, no one, Volador and Mije move. Azul and Volador have a tug of war over Mije that Volador wins, but Azul German suplexes them both once again. Mije landed hard that time, Volador couldn't (or didn't) pull him in enough to protect him.) Psicosis dropkick Azul out and this time does an over the top rope tope that goes a little better. Volador and Aguila fail on a hold/superkick spot, but Máximo and Marco fail on the Aero Italianio, only the técnicos hitting each other. Volador covers Máximo immediately, while Aguila kicks Marco down and lands quebrada for the pin.

Replays. Rudos carry off Mije while Marco blames himself for the loss. The shows ending replays show a Monito splash to the floor that didn't seem to be shown in the match.