CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #371 (12/29/2012) 
Recapped: 12/29/2012

Match 1: Marcela vs Princesa Blanca in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 12/23/2012

Winner: Princesa Blanca
Match Time: 6:43
Rating: good
Notes: Entrances. Edgar is ref.

Early chain wrestling ends with a Marcel armdrag. Blanca recovers, and they go back and forth on the mat until Blanca lands a kick to the face two minutes in. Whip, leads to a missed a clothesline and a Marcela dropkick. Marcela bounces off the ropes on an armdrag, but Blanca pushes Marcela all the way out as she goes to the top rope again. Blanca, proud of her work, walks to the apron and pulls Marcela up there by her chair. Chop fight on the apron. Blanca goes for that kick Marcela slides in thru the ropes and slaps Blanca to the floor. Marcela up top, top rope plancha to the floor. Replay.

Blanca in first, Marcela ducks her shot from the apron and pulls her down by the hair. Top rope headscissors works, middle rope springboard meets upraised boots. Blanca throws Marcela around by the hair, pinwheeling the champ. Cover for two. Blanca lax reaching for Marcela, and Marcela inside cradles her for two. Marcela scoops Blanca up for a slam, but Blanca just recovers into a casadora cradle one two NO. Marcela kicks Blanca way, charges, and Blanca kicks her in the midsection. Spinning powerbomb one two NO! I think that's how Blanca won the title, way back when. Whip, quick reverse into Marcela's pair of running knee lifts. Blanca arranged near the ropes, and Marcela adds her springboard double knee drop one two NO. Marcela scoops and slams Blanca successfully this time, then heads up – top rope leap meets upraised feet. Blanca pulls Marcela back in the middle of the inverted figure four take some work to get over, but Marcela is done one it's on right. Win for Blanca. Announcers suggest Blanca should get a title shot.

Replays. JCR interviews Princesa Blanca, who quickly talks about her year – she lost her belt, but she kept her hair and she beat Marcela. She wants to go after that title next year.

Match 2: Fuego & Stuka Jr. vs Cancerbero & Raziel for the Arena Coliseo (DF) Tag Team Championship
Arena Mexico, 12/23/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 17:26
Rating: great
Notes: Bombarderos have their US Air Force jackets. Cancerberos have new red gear – which look like they're supposed to match the red gear Euforia was wearing during after En Busca de un Idolo, now that I think about it. Clipped entrances. Referee is Terror Chino, wearing a bow tie and a white shirt for the occasion.

1: And clipped start of the match. Raziel somehow gets himself warned while holding a sit down armbar. Raziel takes it down to the mat, and Fuego is able to roll Raziel over to his shoulder for a pin, then escape to tie the legs and around to a headlock. Raziel slips out enough to cradle Fuego for a two count. They break apart, and get up, where Raziel puts Fuego in a sort of cruz nipona, then rolls him around on the mat for a Skayde Special, two count. Hmm. Fuego grabs Raziel's back, and rolls them both over for a bridging pin for two. Fuego armbar Raziel and tags in Stuka to hit the arm. Snap mare, whip, back elbow knocks the rudo down. Stuka says 'hey' to the crowd. Corner whip, reversed, Raziel runs into a Stuka double boot. Stuka out with a sunset flip, Raziel rolls thru, and then moves out of h way for a Cancerbero top rope splash. Two count there. Fuego missile dropkicks Cancerbero out, Stuka dropkicks Raziel out, slips to the apron, stands on the middle rope, and moves his legs to allow Fuego to dive right thru them. Raziel down there, Cancerbero taken down for an Stuka Asai moonsault. Replay for that.

Raziel and Stuka back in, Raziel clothesline misses, Stuka kicks him, off the ropes, flipping neckbreaker. Stuka covers one two Fuego steps off him to tope Cancerbero and stop him from breaking the pin three. Not sure how that doesn’t break up the pin by usual rules but okay. Fuego lock on Cancerbero to end it.

2: It's so weird they still haven't filmed new fall graphics when changing everything else. Fuego goes on his usual armdrag run with Cancerbero. Crowd boos him a little bit. Raziel jumps in, so Fuego tags Stuka to deal with him. Stuka flipping run, Raziel grabs him, Cancerbero chops just gets his partner, and a Stuka rope bounce armdrags them both out. Técnicos go for dives again, rudos rush in, Stuka dropkicks Cancerbero while Raziel clotheslines Raziel. Stuka charges Raziel, Raziel flips him to the ramp, chops Stuka back and slings out to monkey flip Stuka up the ramp. Cancerbero back elbows Fuego, corner whip, corner clothesline by the rudos. Whip, double flapjack on Fuego, and the rudos set Fuego into the tapatía/neckbreaker. Fuego gives somewhere in here, but Stuka also crawls into the ring and sneaks on top of Raziel for a pin, so both teams are down one member.

Cancerbero is the last man to find out what's happen, of course. But he just spinebusters Stuka and pulls him into a motocicleta anyway.

3: Stuka gives Raziel a quebradora, but Cancerbero clotheslines him from behind. Cancerbero pulls Fuego in an armbar, and hammers at the right arm with forearms. Yell at the crowd. Whip, backdrop. Cancerbero holds Fuego in a reverse headlock, and Raziel tags in for a slingshot kick. Raziel stomps Fuego down. Whip, leapfrog, back elbow knocks Fuego down, and Raziel grabs at Fuego's mask to rip it. Terror Chino quickly starts counting, and Raziel backs off. Raziel dumps Fuego face first on the ropes instead, and taunts Stuka into coming in. Raziel knocks him down with another back elbow. Whip, fireman's carry drop, running dropkick to the face, one two NO. Tag to Cancerbero. Raziel holds Stuka, Cancerbero swings, both men duck, Stuka breaks free, Raziel charges after him and rips up the técnicos. Cancerberos add a dropkick to the face, Fuego adds a springboard splash onto Cancerbero one two no. Fuego elbows Cancerbero into the head as he picks him up. Corner whip, Fuego corner clothesline, Stuka hard clothesline. Stuka tries to monkey flip Cancerbero into a Fuego dropkick, but the timing is off and Fuego misses. Fuego elbow drops Cancerbero instead. Raziel breaks up the pin, double underhook backbreaker, one two no. Stuka, late to break ti up, kicks Raziel away and leaves. Raziel takedown on Fuego, Cancerbero roll over the back elbow drop, and then Cancerbero tosses Raziel into a spinning splash on Fuego. Stuka dropkick to break up the pin, says something to Cancerberos (back on the apron now)and grabs Raziel. Whip, back elbow, tag for Fuego. Whip, double flapjack, Stuka elbow drop, Fuego off the ropes, casadora into an legdrop on the face. Fuego covers, Cancerbero attacks Stuka instead of breaking up the pin, but Raziel still kicks up at two. Match is good, even with the occasional either, but the crowd is not reacting to it. Whip, Stuka and Raziel collide, others cover, one two NO. Raziel stomps Fuego on, and Stuka dumps Cancerbero. Raziel shoulderblocks Stuka, Stuka dropkicks him to the ropes, runs, and Cancerbero trips him up. Cancerbero pulls Stuka out, Raziel goes for a dive, Fuego trips him up and slaps Raziel away. Fuego in, running – tope hits Stuka! Cancerbero throws Fuego in. Whip, double back elbow, rudos tie Fuego in the ropes, go to the middle rope, middle rope dropkicks to each side of the head. Fuego's down, but out on the ramp. Stuka slowly coming in. Rudos try the hold and hit spot for a third time and fail for the third time. Stuka fireman’s drops Cancerbero in the ring, and Raziel decides he should roll out (though out of of Stuka's deadman suicide plancha range.) Stuka torpedo splash mets feet! Raziel back in, grabbing a leg, yelling at the crowd, and getting inside cradled one two NO. Fuego has started to stir and is headed back to his corner. Raziel throws Stuka into the corner. Chest slap. Corner whip, Stuka puts Raziel on top, chop up there. Stuka forearms Raziel, Raziel fights back , Super Raziel Driver! One two three! Cancerberos are one pin away from winning these titles.

Rudos both in and whipping Fuego, then flipping him high for a double backdrop. Whip again, double back elbow, two man faceslam turns into a Fuego casadora cradle when Cancerbero leaves too soon one two three. Crowd more into the match. Cancerbero again celebrate,s again is surprised as what's happened.

Cancerbero clothesline misses, Fuego, 'rana, Cancerbero rolls thru one two NO. Fuego off the ropes, headscissors reversed into a Cancerbero faceslam one two NO. Corner whip, Cancerbero charges in and land a clothesline, Fuego pulled off for an inverted crucifix powerbomb one two NO. Cancerbero points to the crowd, which has rallied for Fuego. Stuka starts a Fuego chant. Whip, Fuego dropkick, Fuego dropkick again. Fuego dumps Cancerbero in the center of the ring and heads out. Stuka stops Fuego and says this is a bad idea, but Fuego wont' heed the advice. Cancerbero forearms Stuka and goes up – super armdrag! Cancerbero covers one two NO. Stuka panicking for a second and restarts that Fuego chant. Cancerbero goes for a leg hold, Fuego shoves him off, drop toe hold, Flashina one two three!

JCC interviews the champs. Stuka says the Cancerbero are good, but bring on more challengers. Fuego says about the same.

Match 3: Mephisto, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. © vs La Máscara ©, Máximo, Super Porky
Arena Mexico, 12/23/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:06
Rating: ok
Notes: No entrances. Referee is Rafael el Maya.

1: highlight of the Porky/Casas exchange is Negro's delayed sell of running into Porky. Mephisto and Máximo are in for about fifteen seconds, breaking up that open and one continuous sequence with Máscara and Volador that ends in the campana.

2: a lot of comedy with Porky/Mephisto and Máximo/Volador. Negro and Mascara yank each other around by each other's eye holes and hairs, then Negro gives himself up in the most obvious way for a Mascara superkick, then Volador missile dropkicks Mascara right in the back of the head. Backcracker should end the fall, so both Negro and Volador cover. Referee informs them only one may cover – so Volador and Negro both leave! Mephisto, who rushed in to cut off the rudos, walks back to his corner, then notices no one's covering Mascara, and does it himself. Three count.

3: Mephisto and Mascara have disappeared, so there's as a long segment of Volador sitting on top of Máximo on apron, while Porky splashes Negro in the corner and suplexes him out. Splash misses, Negro covers, and Volador stops whatever he was doing with Máximo to let him break it up. I have no idea. It sounds like Mephisto threw Máscara into the barricade in here, bu we don't see it. Rudos bumble their way into taking Porky's corner sit, but then bail before he actually does it. Máximo and Porky leap off the apron onto various rudos. Volador and Mascara strip, then fight. Casadora cradle escaped, Volador superkick connects, back cracker does as well, but Máximo comes back in and kisses Volador. No immediate cradle, giving time for Volador stumble around, then to roll thru the inside cradle and escape. Mephisto kicks Máximo and gives him the Devil's wings, but holds Máximo in an odd position so Porky can splash him. Negro somehow manges to give Porky a casita, but Mascara breaks that up. Back to the captains. Volador gets in his flipping run, and headscissors Mascara out. Tope con giro follows. Mephisto sunset flips Porky, but Negro kicks Porky and that makes him unable to sit down somehow. Mephisto Rosa on Porky, Negro fouls Máximo while the referee is looking at and submits him when the ref is looking. That's the match.

Replay shows Negro aimed for a foul but pulled up well short. Not sure why you would show that replay. Announcers wrap up on camera and that's the show.